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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 2, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> we were running and running as far as we could. >> tears and relief for families of the survivors of the las vegas massacre. tonight a bay area woman at the concert is still missing, while sin city turns to healing following the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> just pray for the people that are still suffering. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. ama daetz is on maternity leave. so many in las vegas are doing anything they can, donating blood, holding vigils, to help bring healing to a city still reeling. >> this as investigators try to find a motive for a mass shooting that has now claimed 59 lives. >> abc news reporter elana zack is in las vegas tonight.
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♪ you are worthy of our prayers ♪ >> las vegas and the nation in mourning following this scene. a barrage of gunfire on the las vegas strip. as a lone gunman fired down on a crowd of 22,000 unsuspecting country music fans. police say 64-year-old stephen paddock hammered through a window of his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort, raised at least one rifle that functioned like an automatic machine gun and fired mercilessly. terrified people piled on top of each other, sheltering behind anything they could. >> we ran and we ran. and i still wasn't even sure if it was actually bullets until one of the times we paused, our friend, the guy next to us got shot. >> s.w.a.t. teams jumping into action. >> i'm at the suspect's door. i need everybody in the hallway to be aware of it and get back. we need to pop this and see if
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we can get any response from this guy, see if he's in here or actually moved somewhere else. >> bretche, breach, breach. >> entering the room discovering paddock's body and his arsenal. at least 23 firearms recovered from the scene. >> we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. >> las vegas now with a heartbreaking record for deadliest mass shooting in american history. and also there in the shooter's hotel room, law enforcement officials say they found thousands of rounds of ammunition and several high capacity magazines already preloaded with the ammunition. it seems that the shooter tried to inflict as much damage as possible in as short amount of time as he had. reporting from las vegas, lana zak, abc 7 news. . >> jessica castro of abc 7 mornings is live in las vegas tonight. >> you talked with people who were live at the concert when the gunman opened fire.
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>> that's right, dan and kristen. two people i spoke to said they didn't know whether they should run or hide. let me show you what it looks like out here right now. there are flashing lights behind me. that's because police have this street still blocked off there is crime scene tape and police walking the streets. >> are you all right? >> mischa captured this cell phone video as two bay area men hid underneath the bleachers and watched as people were being dragged to safety. >> grab on and bring her up with me, now. >> there was a girl laying on the ground, and someone is giving her cpr. i thought maybe she is just drunk and passed out. but then somebody else right next to her was also, you know, bloody. >> at one point the men arguing about whether to stay or make a run for it. >> hey, let's run. >> we found an escape route this high, three feet off the ground and crawled underneath the bleachers. and then my friend keeps thinking they're going to shoot through the bleachers and the
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bleachers are going to fall apart. you're hiding under there completely defenseless. >> everyone said run. >> jordan mitchell, an artist performing at the festival said she took shelter underneath the main stage. >> and all of the sudden i realize this guy behind me is bleeding and a guy is holding her saying she got shot in the head. >> this is a home coming for mitch whole grew up in las vegas. she was performing on her biggest stage yet since leaving to pursue her career in nashville. >> so it's much more serious than we ever imagined. and just to think of those families and people who were really, really affected. i mean, we got out fine. >> do you think it's hit you yet? >> no, not at all. >> and jordan, who you just heard from there, an artist who played here at the festival was actually a friend of mine who i knew ufrom when i lived in las vegas. and one of those people that you also heard from, one of the bay area men splits his time, spending half of the year here in las vegas and the other half in the bay area and on a person note, what i can tell you about
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my experience living here in las vegas for five years, and now living in san francisco is that the two cities are so similar in the fact that they are cosmopolitan cities and they are destination cities. it's probably part of the reason the bay area can empathize with what is happening here in las vegas tonight and the sadness that is really palpable. you can really feel it here in las vegas. and frankly why we're here. because what happens in las vegas affects folks in the bay area and california, all around the world. reporting live from the las vegas strip, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> absolutely. no question, jessica. thank you so much. well, the people of novato are worried about one of their own. a mother and wife who was last seen amid the chaos of last night's shooting. stacee etcheber attended the concert with her husband, a san francisco police officer. tonight a team of officers is helping to look for her. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live in novato tonight with that story. lillian? >> dan, many people here know
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stacee etcheber either through her work or through her children, and now they're all praying for her safe return. the etchebers in novato got separated during the chaos of sunday night's shooting. vinny told his wife stayee to run while he stayed back to render aid. but now he can't find her. members of the san francisco police officers association are in las vegas to help him find her. >> i can only imagine what's going through his head. this has got to be the most traumatic thing he's ever experienced in his life. we're going to do everything we can to help them. >> word of strays acee's disappearance spread quickly where she works as a hairstylist. they're keeping positive thoughts, and so are her friends. nani got to know stacee through the local motorcycle club. >> she is a very strong woman. she is fit and just a wonderful
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person. so if anything, i know she is going to be okay. >> but what has been complicating matter, stacee didn't have her phone or id on her. her brother-in-law is also in las vegas to help with the search. >> we're just praying she is okay, that she may have been injured, but it's not fatal. >> friends, family and a community all hoping for best. in novato, lilian kim, abc 7 news. officials are revealing more names of the people killed in the shooting massacre, and we're learning details about some of them this evening. denise berditas died in her husband's arms. married 32 years, they were expecting their fifth grandchild. bailey schweitzer lived in bakersfield. her employer described her as being, quote, the ray of sunshine in our office. doreen anderson of alaska went to the concert with her husband and their two daughters. nisa tonks lived in las vegas and worked for a tech firm. she leaves behind three sons. chris roybal served in the navy
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and saw action in afghanistan. jennifer parks had just begun her third year of teaching kindergarten near palmdale in northern los angeles county. hannah ollers lived in riverside county. she is survived by her three children. jordan mcadoo lived in british columbia, canada, where he worked as a mechanic for a construction company. angela gomez graduated from college in southern california two years ago. lisa romero worked as a high school secretary in new mexico. rachel parker spent the last ten years working as a records technician for the manhattan beach police department near l.a. sandy casey also worked in manhattan beach as a special education teacher. dana gardner's boss called her a, quote, dedicated civil servant with san bernardino county. susan smith worked for a school district in ventura county for the past 16 years. sonny melton was a nurse from western tennessee. he died shielding his wife healther who grew up in
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sebastopol. carrie barnett was part of our extended family with the walt disney company. she worked at california adventure. >> stephen paddock the 64-year-old nevada man identified as the shooter. there are very few key things we learned about him. here is what we have. he was a multimillionaire, interestingly enough, and strangely enough, making his money in real estate primarily. he liked to gamble. paddock played poker at $100 a hand. he led a private and quiet life. police did not know him. he never got in any trouble that we can tell. his brother lives in florida. eric paddock told reporters his bring's action makes no sense at all. >> he had a couple of handguns, i think. he had a safe with a couple of handguns. he might have had one long rifle. he had no automatic weapons that i knew of at any time. >> watch the top left of your screen. surveillance video from six years ago shows a highlighted paddock slipping at the
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cosmopolitan las vegas hotel. he sue for injury but the case was dismissed in 2014. >> we don't know what the gunman's ultimate plan was, but police say he had plenty of firepower. eric thomas has a look at the frightening arsenal authorities have found. [ gunshots ] >> the unmistakable sound of automatic weapons fire, proof that getting a machine goodbye may be tough but not impossible. and the shooter had many more weapons nearby. >> we are still going through the search warrant actively at this time. but it's in excess of ten rifles. >> the latest police briefing indicates he had 23 guns in his room at the mandalay bay hotel, including an assault rifle modified to fire like a machine gun. plus 19 guns at home. police also say he had ammunition capable of penetrating body armor. in addition, he took a sniper's perch here on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, about 1100 feet away from his victims. at this distance, an automatic
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rifle and thousands of targets below, the attack wouldn't require a lot of skill. and late today this gun store in mesquite, nevada confirms that paddock bought some guns here. it is not known if those guns were used in the rampage. but the owner says paddock passed all the background checks. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> and tonight people across america honored the victims of the las vegas shooting. ♪ like a bridge over troubled water ♪ >> keith urban joined other country stars for a tribute in country music's capital, nashville. >> if not physically, then emotionally and spiritually we're here to wrap our arms around las vegas and all those who have suffered. >> and in las vegas, city hall is lit up with the image of an american flag. but clark county commission chair started a go fund me page
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to support the victims and their families. it's raised more than $2.8 million since this morning. people who were at the las vegas concert are arriving back home now in the bay area tonight. >> it was unbelievable. the whole thing i'm just glad we're home. >> you'll hear what it was like when the gunfire started. also, keeping you safe. what cities are doing to increase security with several big events coming up. well, a breezy night is leading to heightened fire danger for some tonight. we'll track when the winds relax we'll track when the winds relax an
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tearful reunions tonight at bay area airports as flights landed from las vegas. abc 7 news reporter katie it the
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is live. >> no matter how fast they ran away from the concert scene, there was not a sense of relief for some time because there was so much confusion, issues about false reports, possible other threats. but tonight feeling relief as they return to loved ones' arms. a tearful return from what was supposed to be a raucous weekend filled with country music. >> sisters weekend. our first sisters weekend. we're 50 years old. we've never done a girls weekend before. >> the route 1 harvest festival draws tens of thousands of people to the las vegas strip, include manage from the bay area. >> all of the sudden we hear pop pop pop pop. >> many of the people mistook gunshots for fireworks. >> the first couple went off. by the time everybody ducked, it was a couple of seconds. and then they started going off, and it was bang bang bang bang bang, for almost like 10, 15 minutes. >> people running for their lives trampled others.
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both women ran to nearby hotels. but the terror didn't stop. >> we heard that there was multiple hotels that had bomb threats. so we were just trying to get as far away from the strip as possible. >> there was people with blood on their shirt. a lady came with no shirt because she gave it to somebody who was bleeding. >> survivors were corralled in conference rooms as seen in this picture. today family in the bay area anxiously awaited flights home. >> it's one thing to talk to them on the phone. but when you actually see them arrive, it's overwhelming. i had goose bumps. i was shaking. >> survivors are happily home, but still processing how the devastating shooting could happen. >> if you can see where the mandalay bay was from where we were, it's so far. i can't even believe a gun can fire that far. >> in san jose, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> some bay area residents attended the concert and lived to tell about it. kim shoup pert of petaluma was there. shoup pert says a man near her was shot in the back.
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>> i put my body over the guy, just to protect it from any more shooting. and then the people that were around him, i just kind of laid on them to make sure everybody was okay. and then i'm pretty sure one of the girls got shot. and at this point i just -- i kind of freaked out and thought i got to go. we got to go. i called my daughter and just told her i didn't think i was going to make it. >> kim thought there were at least four gunmen because of the heavy amount of gunfire. several major cities are increasing security in the wake of the vegas shooting. san francisco mayor ed lee says there are no known threats to the city. but security is being increased for fleet week and other big events this week like the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. you can get the latest information from las vegas by downloading the abc 7 news app. we've sent out push alerts all day long you. download it for free. tributes are pouring in from around the music world in memory of rock icon tom petty.
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♪ no, i stand my ground, we'll all be turned around ♪ >> petty's manager confirmed his death tonight. he was found unconscious and in cardiac arrest early this morning in his malibu home and rushed to the hospital. tom petty and the heartbreakers played in the bay area in may at the bottle rocket napa music festival and in august at the greek heater in berkeley. petty was 56 years old. >> one of the greats. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. >> drew? >> it's going to be another bright and breezy today tomorrow. once we lose that wind, we're going to introduce warmer air into the forecast. live doppler 7 along with satellite giving you the active scan tonight. coming up with no issues with precipitation. so we'll show you that picture outside right now. a live look from the exploratorium camera. today enjoy tons of sunshine. it's a similar story tonight. we have clear skies and plenty of stars out there. excuse me.
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something in my voice right now. offshore winds will pick up. and that's going to increase the fire dangers. we still have the flag warning in effect for portions of our region, specifically the north bay hills right now. that red flag warning will continue through 5:00 on your tuesday. because winds in our hills could gust as high as 35 miles per hour. but the clear skies out there tonight are giving us good radiational cooling. what that means, all that warmth we obtained earlier this afternoon, it allows to escape into the atmosphere. in for a cool night. 45 at half moon bay. 52 in novato. 52 in danville. 57 in san jose. fairfield checking in with a temperature of about 51 degrees. overnight tonight we'll keep the clear skies. 42 in santa rosa. dropped about 50 in richmond. 51 in fremont. and 48 overnight in livermore. the bus stop forecast. you need the coat early on at the bus stop. we'll have clear skies. it's breezy. it's cool. along the coast in the upper 40s. the bay in the low 50s.
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and inland, you'll feel a little chill in the air. temperature around 48 degrees. highs on your tuesday. it's bright looking. we still have that breeze with us. and that breeze is going to keep our temperatures in check. very fall-like future this time of the year. 72 the high in san francisco. 78 in fremont and san jose. antioch up to about 83 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, as you plan the next seven day, it's bright and breezy on your tuesday. the winds will diminish on wednesday. and as they do so, we're going to introduce warmer air into the picture. autumn warming on thursday. and look at friday and saturday. it's going to feel very warm around here for october. lots of 80s around the bay. going back into the low 90s inland. and the warmth slowly tapers sunday into monday. nothing but sunshine the next seven days. >> excellent. beautiful. thanks. >> enjoy it. up next, something uplifting on a day that
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today i held my annual golf tournament on behalf of friends of camp concord. that's the founder there. we were at crow canyon country club. a perfect day for golf. everybody warmed up. in the 21 years i hosted the friends of camp concord, we sent 9500 underserved kids to camp at lake tahoe, all expenses paid. with today's event we will surpass 10,000 this summer. >> that's great. >> these tournaments usual i will only last about five. >> it's tough. we've done a good job of keeping it going. larry is of course spending the week in china with the warriors as they spread their global brand. and the fans are besides themselves. themselves. raider head coach jack del rio.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> warriors are in china for a good will tour. klay thompson travelled to china by himself earlier this summer. and our larry beil explained wy it may explain klay's popularity over steph curry's. >> who is your favorite warrior player? >> klay thompson. >> why is that? >> because i think klay is so humble. and he works so hard. of course, other players, they also did good job. but i like klay. i think his personality i like. >> she likes klay. and you like? >> we too like curry. >> curry. >> mvp curry. >> why? what do you like about stef so much? >> babyface. >> babyfaced assassin, right?
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>> i don't know how to translate. i don't know if you understand that. >> babyfaced assassin. baby-faced assassin. >> killer. >> babyfaced assassin, yes. >> we have a language barrier here. just a little bit. just a little bit. the warriors' plan for tuesday, an optional practice there is also a day trip to hong kong, which is about an hour away. and we saw steph curry bringing his golf clubs. so we suspect he may be hitting the links. in china with the warrior, larry beil, abc 7 sports. all right. raiders quarterback derek carr injured. could be out two to six weeks. today jack del rio sounded as hopeful as he could after put his $20 million carr in for repairs. this report brought to you by river rock


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