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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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tonight oakland's school board debates budget cuts and while it's easy to spal c-u-t, doing the math is a lot more come political indicated. >> hear from the people evacuated from where a second gas leak was in two weeks. >> they are the sweetest people >> memories are all that remain of four people killed in a hit and run crash. tonight we are learning about the legacy they leave behind. plus. >> i'm wayne freedman and this is sonoma creek which looks pristine after last night's rain. but there is a question. what will happen when all the ash from the fires washes into here? that's coming up. >> >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> we absolutely should chop from the top. >> parents have a strong opinion
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on where to start, faced with a sudden budget crisis. the oakland school board is forced to make millions of dollars in cuts in the middle of the school year. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze in for alma dates. >> i'm dan ashley. a special board meeting is starting right now. >> the education center in oakland, the story. a lot of people there, lauren. >> they certainly are. you can probably hear them behind me. these folks just all filed in here. they are chanting, we will not stop, chop from the top. now they changed that chant. we'll let you listen to them just a second. >> no cuts to schools. no cuts to schools. >> reporter: now, this is going to be a special meeting of the oakland unified school district board. they are going to discuss potential cuts, $15 million this current school year. you can see these are parents
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and teachers. they are quite upset about these proposed cuts. they could impact students in the classrooms as well as many as 300 nonteacher positions could be cut. you can see there will be quite a bit of emotion here tonight. >> we will fight. >> reporter: teachers and parents are rallying together to protest millions of dollars in mid year budget cuts in a financially strapped oakland unified school district. among the items set to be eliminated, money for school supplies. >> our children absolutely do not deserve, our families do not deserve any dollars to come from their school sites where they are already struggling to make ends meet. >> schools simply don't get enough money to support our students, to support our staff. >> reporter: oakland school officials say they need to make $5.6 million in cuts immediately. 15.1 million in all this year, and another 11 million next year. to head off potential state
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intervention and makeup for the miss steps of a previous administration. >> it depends on who you ask. depends on what you're talking about. but there have been areas certainly thaw that you could argue there was overspending in the past and that's what we're trying to rectify. >> reporter: while the district claims two-thirds cuts would be in the central office away from the classroom, parents and teachers say any reductions at the school site should be off limits. special education teacher mark air good is especially concerned about any cuts to programs that serve his students. >> the community has stood up for the young people. these are the students that need the most services and we can't have cuts put on their back. >> reporter: the board is expected to vote on specific cuts at its next special meeting on december 13th. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> and new at 6:00, a pastor at a livermore catholic church is under police investigation for what the diocese of oakland calls a claim of inappropriate behavior. father van din of saint michael
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church is on administrative leave until the police investigation is concluded. the diocese will not disclose the claim against din, but says it does not involve somebody under age. >> some folks in san francisco are finally back in their homes after a gas explosion blew out windows and prompted a major evacuation this morning. it happened just before 10:00 a.m. on mission street near college avenue in the bernal heights neighborhood. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom is live at the scene with the latest. jonathan? >> reporter: residents may be back in their homes, but pg&e crews are still here restoring gas service to some 400 customers who were without it, and also trying to figure out what happened. there were no injuries, but a lot of questions, and now a few people who are looking for a new place to live. evacuated residents returned in time for dinner, in all except the home where the explosion happened. >> we had been in contact with the building owner. he does have about eight tenants that will now be geting services from the american red cross.
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>> reporter: the ordeal began at 10:00 a.m. on a block where one woman said it is the second gas leak in two weeks. >> s.f.p.d. is knocking on our doors and the fire guys were knocking on our door asking us to evacuate the building. >> reporter: while they told residents there was no need to panic, fire fighters say this was not a drill. >> we had fire fighters arrive on scene with the smell of gas. they started walking up and exploded. >> reporter: video from sky 7 shows the damage. two front windows shattered and a garage door blown clear out into the street. >> i would expect gas was filling up that garage and hit a pilot light and that's what caused the explosion. there is no other real reason for that. >> reporter: fire fighters said they believe the gas was coming fromnd the street. pg&e crews scrambled to dig up the pavement and cap off the gas line from both ends. it took them just over three hours before they gave fire fighters the all clear. >> this was a tedious task that included turning off two valves at an off-site location as well
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as digging up these holes behind me in order for our crews to safely access the pipe and stop the flow of gas. >> reporter: now pg&e has hired an outside firm to investigate what happened as gas remains off for 120 customers near the site of the explosion. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> the man accused of escaping a hawaii mental institution and flying to the bay area was back in court today in stockton. the maui now newspaper said the judge gave him the choice to amit his identity and agree to extradition back to hawaii or contest extradition at a hearing. the he chose the latter and the judge set a hearing for a week from tomorrow. he had been held at the hawaii state hospital since 1981 after he was acquitted of murder by reason of insanity. >> the jury in the kate steinly murder trial did not reach a verdict today. this is the jury's third day of
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deliberations. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the case from the hall of justice. >> reporter: this morning the jurors had a few questions for the attorneys in the kate steinly murder trial. the parties were called back into the courtroom to clarify a few things. typically the press is also allowed inside to hear the question and answer session. not this time. according to ann don lynn, the spokesperson for the san francisco superior court, the request was made by one of the attorneys to keep the press out of the courtroom. judge sam fang agreed to the request. the judge was then asked if that meant that we were going to be excluded from every q & a session. his response was, no comment. once the jury announces they have reached a verdict, everyone will have 30 minutes to come back to the courthouse before it is read. a spokesperson for the steinly family has said they will not be there when the verdict is heard. the family says it does not want to further politicize this case. steinly's death has become part of the immigration debate in this country. that's because the defendant jose garcia serate is an
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undocumented immigrant who was deported several times and has a number of nonviolent felony convictions. he is accused of shooting 32-year-old steinly at pier 14 on july 1st, 2015. the prosecution has called it an intentional shooting. his attorneys have called it an accident. garcia serata has been charged with second degree murder but the jury is allowed to consider first degree murder or involuntary manslaughter. he can also be found not guilty. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> and you can be the first to know when that verdict comes down by downloading our free abc7 news app and enabling push alerts. we will also bring you the verdict live on air and online at >> new details tonight about a weekend tragedy on i-80 in san pablo. a hit and run crash that ended with four family members dead, six others injured. it was just a horrific scene. abc7 news reporter dion lim spoke with those who knew them best and say they were an
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all-american family, deeply loved in their community. >> reporter: first it was the wildfires that devastated this tight knit napa community. then just days after thanksgiving, members of a prominent family here in town taken all too soon. another reason for everyone here to stay napa strong. >> my thoughts are with him and his family. it's just like everyone in town is like really devastated. >> reporter: this is the sentiment echoed by so many in napa who knew 14-year-old joe horn and his father darryl horn. the news of their passing almost too much to bear. >> i wish people would have had a chance to see what joe was going to do. a real special kid. >> reporter: just days after thanksgiving, darryl was on a family trip with joe and his older son jared and two relatives from washington state. 52-year-old troy and his 12-year-old son david. while driving down i-80 they were hit by fred, he was drunk, his license suspended from a prior drunk driving offense.
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the family's car crossed the median and flipped. everyone inside except jared who was driving was killed. >> words just can't express. it's utter sadness. >> reporter: the devastation felt perhaps deepest in the sports community at vintage high school where darryl was a beloved coach. >> there are few people that had a connection with kids the way darryl did. he had a nickname for every single kid he ever coached. >> reporter: a community's hearts are with the surviving members. mom denise and jared, a star baseball player at cal. the family releasing this the tatement on behalf of the h and bid l families. saying, these men were dedicated to youth sports and mentoring children. through the years they have had tremendous impact on the lives of young boys and girls that their communities will benefit from for generations. >> there's quite a legacy that they left behind. >> reporter: in napa, dion lim, abc7 news. >> a sacramento area man who was arrested for flying a drone over the 49ers and raiders games this weekend spoke with us after
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being released from jail. the drone dropped leaflets, but the stunt alarmed law enforcement because of the potential danger. abc7 news reporter jeannine dai de la investigate joins us live with the story. jeannine? >> reporter: well, kristin, the 49ers are saying that this is never happened here before. they are quite pleased with how quickly police caught the suspect. we spoke with that suspect and it seems like he doesn't regret what he did. was it worth it to get arrested? >> well, i've been protesting the same thing for ten years. >> reporter: tracy mapes told us he knew flying a drone over levi stadium during a sports event offer concert was prohibited but he wanted to get his message out. the drone pilot admitted he is responsible for dropping leaflets for the first half of the 49ers game. they had a red x on them and about free speech. it was talking about his cause,
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but told us he had to take it to the next level. >> somebody doesn't do what i did yesterday because they didn't believe in what they were trying to tell you. >> reporter: but authorities were quick to track down mapes. santa clara police identified him shortly after the drop occurred and alerted neighboring authorities. they say he then used his drone to drop the same leaflets at the raiders game at the coliseum where he was arrested by oakland police. >> anything can be dropped, which is why we take the security measures that we could in place seriously. we are always on the look out for different ways that the venue can be threatened and this was a way that we had long forecasted and were prepared to deal with. >> reporter: police say mapes faces a misdemeanor for violating a misdemeanor ordinance that prohibits flying drones near stadiums. in santa clara jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> much more ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, there is plenty of time to catch cyber monday. next why it is important to do your research before clicking
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the buy button. >> i'm spencer christian. it's going to be cold in some spots. i'll have the brisk details coming up. >> a disabled man has just enough to pay for his cell phone till he gets two bills and one month.
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happening today cyber monday sales could hit a new record. in the past most online shopping was done on fast connections at work. now cyber monday is an evening phenomenon done on mobile devices instead of desk tops. abc7 news reporter david louie shows you what we are spending our money on this year. >> reporter: sales this cyber
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monday could hit a record $6 billion, making this the biggest online shopping day ever. but consumers shouldn't assume all those double percent price breaks are the best deals. if you look carefully some sites are offering an incentive not to buy online but to go to their store instead for a lower price. the director of the retail management institute at santa clara university. >> when you go online and you shop at best buy or wal-mart, you will see an item and that item will have an online price but they will also show you a store-only price and it's cheaper in the store. >> reporter: adobe analytics which is tracking cyber monday activity urges shoppers to do research for the lowest price. >> we see on the same item today up to 33% difference in the highest price to the lowest price on the same item. so, it makes sense to shop around. >> reporter: the top selling good today including the google chrome cast, apple air pod, the sony playstation vr and pj mask and pop. shoppers may be snapping them up for fear it will run out.
7:17 pm
but with liberal return and free shipping, a high number of returns might result. >> consumers are taking advantage of those things and getting everything they are considering right now to their doorstep free, and then i don't think consumers are planning on keeping everything that they're purchasing. >> reporter: primetime for cyber monday now falls in the evening after work, unlike the past when people relied on their broadband connections at the office during the day. this benefits a new generation of shopping sites designed for browsing that use your past shopping habits to suggest items to buy. this strategy is helping to boost the average transaction to $137, up 3% from last year. >> i might go back on today and see if there is anything else like more sales. but i'm running out of money so -- >> reporter: in santa clara, david louie, abc7 news. >> and abc7 news was in tracy this morning inside the amazon fulfillment center. amazon says last year the company processed 64 million items, and they know how to do it quickly.
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>> we could have items outside from receiving all the way to shipping by the time you finish singing the 12 days of christmas. >> last year amazon customers ordered 740 items per second on cyber monday. san francisco's union square is rolling out the red carpet for holiday shoppers. city officials say they want to promote a tradition of safety and cleanliness. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler has this story. >> reporter: union square is san francisco's premiere shopping destination. and the holiday season is crucial to the city's reputation and its bottom line. >> it will probably add over $6 million just in the next four weeks to our economy. >> reporter: the city's goal is to make the area clean and safe every day, but there is a special emphasis during the holiday season. >> all your trash cans will be clean. we'll be adding some additional steam cleaning. >> reporter: they've taken away
7:19 pm
the disruption of the central subway construction, placing a moratorium on the work until after the first of the year. streets have been closed off for pedestrian walkway. there is more police visibility on the streets. and ambassador's provided by the improvement district. police chief william scott is offering common sense s tips including don't be distracted, look up from your cell phone. if you use an atm, shield your pin numbers. don't leave valuables visible in your car. if you put them in the trunk, you might want to think about changing your parking spot once you've dropped off a load of gifts. >> sometimes people that are out to do harm, they will watch you put your packages in the car, you go resume your shopping, you come back and your things are gone. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of shoppers are expected to pack union square between now and christmas. carolyn tyler, abc7 news.
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>> we should have some great weather for shopping. >> we really are lucky, it looks like it's going to continue. spencer christian is here with the forecast for the week. spencer? >> clear skies are certainly going to continue. it's going to get quite chilly overnight. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have clear skies right now, but if you're going to be out and about during the overnight hours, i don't know why you would, but if you are bundle up. take a live look at our rooftop camera looking along the embarcadero. here are current temperature readings for you. mid 50s along all the locations, san francisco, oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy, half moon bay. here's another view from emeryville camera looking out over the bay. 50 degrees in santa rosa now, 46 at napa, 48 novato, 49 fairfield, are 55 concord, 54 lifr livermore. sutro tower, these are our forecast features. chilly and cold in some spots, inland valleys will see temperatures dropping to the mid 30s overnight.
7:21 pm
sunny days through friday. we'll have showers moving in over the weekend. let's look at our rainfall for the past couple days before we get to the chilly conditions tonight. nice little serving of rainfall up in the north bay there. santa rosa had over an inch of rain. ukiah over an inch. san rafael nearly an inch. across the bay in oakland 6/10, lesser amounts farther south, only 1800th of an inch in san jose. snow has fallen in the sierra in the last 24 hours. mammoth mountain 10 inches, 5 inches in heavenly. small totals there. let's talk about overnight conditions. clear skies except some fog over in the central valley there. lows will drop to 36 in napa tonight, 37 in santa rosa. over in the inland east bay 38 will be the low at livermore, south at morgan hill 36 degrees. lows will be mainly in the mid 40s near the bay and the coast line. there is your 12 hour planner for the day, chilly conditions if you're out and about in the early morning hours. you'll want to bundle up.
7:22 pm
durk the midday hours into the afternoon, sunny skies and temperatures warming up into the mid 60s by mid afternoon around the bay and inland, up to maybe about 60 on the coast. and it will be cool and crisp after sunset. in the south bay tomorrow, look for highs of 64 san jose, 63 morgan hill, 62 cupertino, the peninsula 61, san mateo 63, palo alto, 59 pacifica, 60 half moon bay, downtown san francisco will top out at 61 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay we'll see highs of 62 at santa rosa, 63 novato, 62 sonoma, east bay highs 62 at oakland, 63 hayward, 63 fremont, inland east bay not much different there, low to mid 60s. 64 plez apt looks the highest of the readings there. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. there won't be much change in the high temperature range. generally low to mid 60s around the bay. mid 60s inland and about 60 on the coast line. then clouds will move in over the weekend. it will become breezy on saturday with showers likely and just an early morning chance of
7:23 pm
showers on sunday. clearing up again sunday right next monday. >> so temperate. thank you, spencer. >> coming up next what could be the turning point in a battle over this street. >> yeah, that runs through one
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♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ happening tonight, the san carlos city council will meet to discuss extending a moratorium on new gun stores to ten months. the move earlier this month to
7:26 pm
establish the 45-day moratorium effectively blocked turners outdoors men from opening the 22nd store on industrial avenue. city leaders say they received an unprecedented amount of input from residents opposed to the opening of a new gun store. there is already one gun store in san carlos. tomorrow homeowners in san francisco's affluent p/e sid yo terrace neighborhood will ask the board of supervisors to rescind the sale of their private street because of unpaid property taxes, precidio went up for auction in 2015. a san jose couple scooped up the street for $90,000. the homeowners association filed a suit challenging the sale afraid the new owners might start charging people to park. the board of supervisors say it wants to get to the bottom of what happened. so, there is a hearing tomorrow to decide on whether to rescind that sale. >> relief is in sight finally for commuters heading out of silicon valley. alameda county and cal trans awarded a $107 million contract
7:27 pm
for the construction of the interstate 680 sunol north bound express lane project. it will widen the existing freeway and construct a new nine-mile express lane between auto mall parkway and 84 in alameda county. the section of 680 is constantly ranked as one of the ten most congested bay area free ways. the work will begin next year. can't come soon enough. well, more nonstop flights are headsed to oakland international airport next year. today american airlines announced that beginning in april it will fly one flight to and from dallas fort worth every day. earlier this month southwest announced it is adding four new nonstop flights to oakland. next year as well. the airline will now serve minneapolis, indianapolis, orlando, and san antonio, texas. >> the north bay wildfires needed a lot of first responders to get the flames out. now it's time for what would be called the second responders. >> next, the round of experts whose work expands beyond the wildfire zone. also ahead.
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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc7 news. >> like many today was the day for congress to go back to work after the holiday break. congress certainly has plenty of prethanksgiving things to deal with. >> ongoing changes to america's tax code, immigration and more. reporter omar jimenez explains. >> reporter: 12 legislative days until the end of the year, and 11 calendar days until the government runs out of funding. >> the fate of the party is in our hands as well as that of the economy. the economy needs a tax cut and the republican party needs to deliver. >> reporter: senate republicans are still pushing to get their tax reform through as both republicans and president trump are in need of a major legislative win. >> i think the tax bill is going very well. we had a meeting on it today. it's going to be a tremendous tax cut. the biggest in the history of our country. >> reporter: monday the president had lunch with members of the senate finance committee and tuesday he's expected to try
7:32 pm
and rally senate republicans ahead of a possible vote this week. house republicans passed their version of tax reform before thanksgiving. now in the senate, it can only afford to lose two votes. >> i can't imagine we're not going to support this at the end as a whole, as a senate. >> reporter: and the deadline to avoid a government shutdown is december 8th and lawmakers are already talking about another potenti potential short-term extension to keep things running. they had a similar extension in september. the deadline for flood insurance is less than two weeks away in the wake of three major hurricanes and funding for some immigration related issues could be lumped into the crucial spending bill. >> for the dream act, i think you will could get strong border security and a break in chain migration. if you can put those three things together and put it on the end of the year spending bill it would be a heck of an accomplishment for 2017. >> reporter: but the clock is ticking. in washington, i'm omar jimenez. >> the cloud of sexual harassment and other allegations
7:33 pm
of misconduct looms over both chambers. senator al franken apologized again today. several women have accused him of groping them. franken says he doesn't remember the incidents. >> there are no magic words that i can say to regain your trust. and i know that is going to take time. i am ready to start that process. >> congressman john conyers, the top democrat on the house judiciary committee, has given up that role amid accusations of sexual and workplace harassment. on the republican side, a white house official says president trump will not campaign for alabama senate candidate roy moore who has been accuse of having inappropriate conduct with teenage girls. the president is being criticized for what some consider a slur offensive to native americans. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. >> that was today at an event
7:34 pm
honoring native american code talkers for their service during world war ii. mr. trump was referring to massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren and her unverified claim of having native american heritage. the national congress of american indians condemned the president's use of the name. >> members of california's congressional delegation plan to push back this week against the white house after being left out of a $44 billion disaster aid bill. the state requested more than $7 billion following last month's wildfires. the white house has said it is committed to helping the state. local lawmakers are furious saying this is no time to play politics. >> we've had a disaster in california, a federally declared presidential declared disaster. but no relief. somebody is playing games. and they're going to get whacked. we're going to stand together as californians and we're going to stand up not just for california, but throufor the pr. >> california congressional
7:35 pm
lawmakers say the bulk of the aid money is going to florida and texas to help those affected by hurricanes harvey and irma. in sunoco it might be logical to assume after the water fire is good. it is in a lot of respects, in some cases runoff can be toxic. as abc7 news reporter wayne freedman says, scientists are savi saving streams while saving them. >> reporter: nothing seems to have changed, but move back a few feet to see burned trees. a few more, the remains of o'donnell lane and glenn allen and now move up close again to the sooted ash. that's a problem. >> a time bomb of pollution waiting to travel into a place where it can do a lot of damage. >> it's close to the creek. >> reporter: caitlyn cornwall and mark new houser of the center, you might call them second responders treating creeks and streams after the rains. they've been hard at work.
7:36 pm
>> this was in the middle of a driveway next to a house. this is high priority for getting protection around it. >> reporter: they leave more than ashes and soot behind. think compounds and heavy metals. >> the thing is all that stuff that people no longer have, it didn't just disappear. it's in a different form in a place where now it can enter the environment and poison animals and plachts. >> reporter: this creek is filled with life, everything from chinook to freshwater fish. how much of that ash will damage this eco system down here? hence, a testing program underway. samples like others heading back to the state. caitlyn cornwall sounds like a realist. >> we want to see how big a hit to aquatic life this fire is. >> reporter: they'll continue testing after every storm. a strange combination of trying to minimize impact while also measuring it. from sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
7:37 pm
>> you know, a life line can take many forms and for a lot of us it's a cell phone. >> tonight 7 on your side's michael finney helps out a man who nearly had his phone service cut off and has a lesson for all of us. also ahead. >> just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. >> a royal wedding is in the works. next all the details on prince harry and his who are these people?
7:38 pm
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the spirit of the season is in full swing at the white house. first lady melania trump tweeted this video today of the holiday decorations including 53 trees adorned with 12,000 ornaments. there are also 180,000 feet of lights and even a nativity scene. the first lady tweeted a message along with the video saying, quote, wishing you a merry christmas and a joyous holiday season. >> that looks stunning.
7:41 pm
after christmas bells at the nation's capital comes the story of wedding bells overseas. >> today prince harry announced his engagement to american actress meghan markle. >> karen kafa has details on the royal couple and their wedding plans. >> she was sitting, i was like, okay, i have to up my game. >> reporter: for the first time since monday's big announcement, prince harry and meghan markle speaking with the bbc about their courtship and now a spring wedding. >> the fact that i fell in love with meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation to me that all the stars were aligned, everything was perfect. >> reporter: their engagement they told the bbc took place earlier this month on an otherwise ordinary night. >> just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> of course. >> was it instant for you? >> yes. >> president harry is 5th in line for the british line. markle an american actress known
7:42 pm
for her role in the tv show suits. markle said the couple was introduced by a friend and she had just one question. >> i didn't know much about him and so the only thing that i had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was, i have one question. was he nice? >> reporter: a wedding will take place next spring. >> i think this is the happy ending people have wished for for prince harry. he's been very vocal this year how he struggled in the years following his mother's death. his poured his heart and soul in the invictus games. as william said when he married kate it helps when you have someone beside you. >> reporter: prince william and wife kathryn are expecting their third child in april. i'm karen reporting. >> and meghan markle really bucks a lot of royal trends. all about her in 60 seconds, look for this video on our website >> another fairy tale princess.
7:43 pm
a winner from minnesota is believed to be the first person with down syndrome to compete in a miss usa state pageant. holmgren is a student at saint bethany in st. paul where she is a sport athlete. she serves as a mentor for other young women and has a passion for dancing. she didn't move on to the final round, holmgren's talent and charisma certainly didn't go unnoticed. she won two awards last night, spirit of miss usa and the director's awards. >> bravo. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, another look at the seven-day forecast. >> and when that next storm will arri really?
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keeping up with bills is really a headache and a real challenge for a lot of people. >> yeah, san francisco man said it is especially challenging when you live on a fixed income. >> and he got some help from 7 on your side's michael finney. this can be really difficult. >> i'm so glad this guy got hold of us. he's disabled, living on social security. he says he managed to stay on budget until one bill came due twice in a single month. >> i need it for my health. i need it to be able to contact my doctor. >> reporter: forest thompson depends on his oxygen pouch, his
7:47 pm
doctors and his cell phone. >> it's my life line to the world so it is critical that this cell phone is up and running all the time. >> reporter: and in order to pay for it, forest has to wait for his social security check each month. >> that's when i have money. while i have the money, let's rock. >> reporter: and so it was a real problem when his sprint phone bill came due before he got his monthly payment. >> they wanted me to pay on the 27th when i had set it up on the third. >> forest says he paid cash for october 3rd, expecting to be billed again on november 3rd. instead he got a bill due october 27th. after three weeks of service and a full week before his social security check would arrive. >> i don't have it to save. i get 1066 a month. that's it. >> when he didn't pay, sprint texted him, his account was past due. three days later it warned his phone would be disconnected. he contacted 7 on your side and we got hold of sprint. the company says the money he
7:48 pm
paid in october did not include phone service. it covered his down payment on a phone lease plus other fees. however, sprint agreed to remove the october service charge as a gesture of good will, telling us we worked with mr. thompson to help him understand his receipt. his expected future billing, and we provided him with a good will credit. we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience. >> you were immensely helpful. i will sing your praises. >> now, thompson thought he had paid for phone service, but he paid in cash and he didn't get an itemized receipt. so, this shows how importnt it is when you buy something like this, especially something complicated, that you do get and keep that itemized receipt. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. you know the telephone number, 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and >> thanks, michael. >> thanks, michael. >> you know, california is a
7:49 pm
beautiful place, and abc7 news viewers prove it all the time. >> every day. check out the snow in tahoe from this picture which has the #abc7now which hepds us find it and feature it on tv. >> look at the snow coming down outside the kings canyon post office. it sits at an elevation of more than 6500 feet east of fresno. >> boy, that's a great shot. we found this video on the post office's facebook page. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. spencer? >> it's going to be cold enough overnight. live doppler 7, we have clear skies right now. it's going to be chilly especially in our inland val eyes where temperatures will drop to the mid to upper 30s. napa, santa rosa 36, 37 degrees, as the temperatures bottom out. we'll see mainly low 40s around the bay. highs tomorrow will bounce back up into the low to mid 60 so it will be a pleasantly mild seasonally mild day. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies and mild conditions through friday and i say mild, i
7:50 pm
don't mean unusually warm but highs in the mid 60s. but as we get to the weekend we'll see more clouds, chance of showers. saturday and sunday and then another sunny day comes our way next monday. >> all right, thank you, spencer. >> all right. a lot going on of interest in sports particularly the 49ers. >> yeah, a lot of people want to see more of their new quarterback. >> the raiders, too. he finally got some playing time due to injuries. so, who starts this week against the bears and the raiders? after the cage match for the broncos yesterday we'll be without at least one wide receiver due to suspension and maybe another
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> football is considered a sport of controlled violence and it's easy to step over that line into pure violence. that's what happened yesterday in the raiders win over the broncos. the second series michael crabtree was blocking ka leib taleeb. he grabbed his necklace, did it again yesterday. both benches emptied and it was chaos. they continued to throw hay makers and was ejected along with gabe jackson. they were suspended two games today by the nfl office. it gets worse.
7:54 pm
omari cooper and concussion protocol after this hit and he tweaked his ankle. coop could also miss this week with crabtree. fortunately two guys stepped up yesterday and will have to this week in their stead. >> they came up with some big plays in the game, you know. johnny got deep again. did a nice job throughout the day. also on special teams did a nice job for us. came up with some big moments in the game. all in all it was a solid, solid job of filling in and executing with two main guys out. >> and they'll have to do it again against the giants. across the bay, niners came back to earth after beating the giants the first win. lost to seattle. fall to 1 and 10. grap low got some playing time. c.j. beathard was sacked three times. injured his knee and hip with a minute 7 left on had hit. 49ers fans were cheering when
7:55 pm
grap aloe warmed up. completed the second to lewis murphy in the 27-14 loss. jimmy grap low will play soon and have a franchise to keep him here one more year. >> jimmy has goals and believes in himself he can be one of the better quarterbacks in the league. anyone who feels that way i would assume wants to be paid that way or be paid accordingly. it's very tough to do over six games, five games, four games. i think jimmy wants his best opportunity to prove that to us and i'd like to give that to him. >> chip kelly is back in california. introduced today as the new head coach at ucla. he's a better college coach in my opinion. 46 and 7 record in on from 2009 to 12. he's happy to be the bruins head man. >> i had the opportunity at oregon to compete with the school and all the schools. the fact that i get a chance to
7:56 pm
go back to the conference where i kind of learned how to be a are so many great coaches in this league. there are so many great institutions in this conference. to be part of it again is really truly special. >> warriors host the kings tonight. without the two guys you see behind me. steph is out with a right hand brud and k.d. out because of the sprained left ankle. klay thompson, the cool est customer in the building, will have to carry the load tonight. do doesn't matter to him. he'll keep doing his thing and trust the rest of the guys on the floor will follow suit. >> what i do, i try to be myself and stick with what i do best. moving the ball, taking the right play, taking the shot when you're there, trusting the teammates. any guys can score and play the right way. no one can makeup with those two do individually so we have to do it with ten guys. >> tiger woods plans to play in the bahamas this week. he's set to tee off 9:00 a.m. on thursday. he tried to play in dubai in
7:57 pm
february but pulled out of the tournament, needed another back surgery. so, we'll see what happens here. this is abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. i thought crabtree would get one game. when you're ejected early that counts towards it. i was surprised he got two games. we'll see what happens. >> thanks. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv. artificial intelligence used for good. the new feature facebook is rolling out globally that is designed to save lives. >> then on abc7 news at 11:00, are learning more about why a police officer was targeted with an explosive in the mail. now investigators are looking at a similar incident across the bay to see if it's connected. >> now coming up tonight on abc7, here's the lineup for you. at 8:00 it's cma country christmas. some great performances on deck. followed at 10:00 by the good doctor. stay with us for naes at 11:00. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel
7:58 pm
live. tonight's guests are actors ben affleck and adam sandler. so you know it is going to be a funny one. >> that's true. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area. we'll always keep you up to date on social media as well. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. for spich and mike shumann, good night and we'll see you again at 11:00.
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