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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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way, it. >> plus, one area in severe damage, a storm is preparing for the worst tonight is. >> very, very sad. >> he's helping fire victims recover but is heartbroken by a victim he couldn't save. >> abc 7 news at 6:00 starts no now. >> storm tonight, and it's expected to start slowly but once it gets going has the potential to be a dangerous and district i storm. >> we'll get to the forecast in just a moment but emergency preparations are under way in the north bay.
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>> there could be flash flooding and mudslides already devastated by the wildfires. >> reporter: the biggest concern are erosion, a real fighting chance get the elements. it's a game of beat the clock for this landscaping crew working in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood. a storm is moving in. >> we most likely won't work if there's a big storm coming. >> reporter: he's pouring concrete for a new fence around his fountain grove home, the old fence burned in the fires, but his house survived. >> i tried to get ahead of the rain and some of the trees we probably just cut it down but we're not taking it out at the root so it's keeping the dirt from sliding. >> reporter: mudslides are the
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biggest worry. most of the vegetation was wiped out in the firestorm. these new signs warn of the danger. the city is improvising with miles of these straw waddles for erosion control. >> we're waiting to see what happens, what the storm brings. >> reporter: the santa rosa fire department is on alert. it plans to monitor hillsides for any runoff. most of the underground storm drains which burned have been repaired or replaced. >> we've done a lot of work. we continue to be prepared. we continue to be ready. >> mi>> reporter: mike lost his home in the fire. he sold off his lots. his thought are with his neighbors who live downhill. >> there's some lots sloping to the street where the vegetation and shrubs are all gone. so some of that will wash into the streets. >> reporter: the fire department using social media to get the word out to neighbors, it tweeted "a potent storm with heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds will develop tonight and intensify tomorrow afternoon. >> the last thing we want to do
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is evacuate based on any sort of a developing situation. but we want people to be prepared for it. >> after the fire, we don't know. we really don't know. >> reporter: a resilient community on alert once again. in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> tomorrow the storm impact scale of three. >> let's check in with drew for more on the storm. >> reporter: we' begin with the flash flood wash going into effect through portions of the bay area. it covers areas from mill valley north into santa rosa and east towards napa. so know the difference between a watch and a warning. a flash flood watch means conditions are favorable for flooding. if a flash flood warning is issued tomorrow, that means flooding is already happening or will happen so seek higher ground immediately. live doppler 7 showing you cloud cover overhead. our storm system to our south tapping into a lot of moisture and that the all headed our way.
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storm impact scale, this is a strong level three storm monday, heavy rain at times and strong winds, especially monday evening and, of course, there's the flooding concern over our recent burn scars. so let's get you out the door morn monday morning. the morning commute will have light showers, take it slow, but all eyes on the evening commute monday. heavy rains, strong winds, expect ponding on roadways. we'll go hour by hour and show you how much rainfall you can expect and the strong winds associated with it. that's in a few minutes. guys? >> drew, thank you. in preparation, santa clara count key will have extra beds available as the storm moves in. the bill wilson center is one of seven locations with those beds, there are nearly 200 available. >> that, of course, for people who don't have shelter. when a storm hits the bay area, have the newly updated abc 7 newn get customized hour-by-hour forecast and track storms with live doppler 7 and make sure you enable push alerts
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and you'll get custom mobile alerts where you live. now to a story out of ventura county tonight shows just how devastating the thomas fire has been. >> reporter: a bear cub caught in the flames has died. reporter elise martinez spoke to the person who found the bear and gave it comfort in its last moments. >> some of you may find the images and the story itself disturbing. >> reporter: trevor quirk gives this bear cub its last drink of water. >> we went up the mountain and found the poor little bear that we named sisa. >> reporter: quirk found the cub off of sisard trail in the los padres national forest in ventura county. the animal, believed to be eight months old, had burns all over its body, presumably from the thomas fire. >> the bear was immobile. its paw -- it had no paws, basically. it was very, very sad. its jaw was completely burned through on one side. >> reporter: the california
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department of fish and wildlife sent a veterinarian and a biologist to recover the bear. but they were too late. the vet says the bear was suffering and had little chance of survival. a decision was made to euthanize it. >> we put it into the back of the game warden's truck. they took it down the mountain and that was the last i saw of sisa. >> reporter: quirk is still feeling emotional about the thomas fire which nearly burned down his upper ojai home. he managed to save it and since then says he's raised money to provide relief to the fire victims. >> we've raised $100,000 for people who have lost their homes. >> reporter: quirk says the fire brought the ojai communiy together and while he's devastated by what happened to the bear, he takes solace in the fact that it's no longer suffering. >> the bear story is a very, very sad story. i think that bear is in a better
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place now so i'm hoping so. >> reporter: in ojai, elise martinez reporting. >> yeah, i think he's right. >> the thomas fire is 92% contained, firefighters hope to have it contained in another two weeks. fremont police were looking for evidence after a shooting sent two people to the hospitals this morning. detectives believe both people were shot after interrupti inin four people who broke into a car near summit drive. both victims are expected to recover. a so-called bomb cyclone -- that's a weather term -- has left the east coast but a storm hangover persists. >> millions of people are under a winter weather advisory. if that's not bad enough, travelers in new york have faced a series problems. >> reporter david daniel has more. >> reporter: the monster storm that dumped more than a foot of snow across nearly a dozen states is now bringing strong northwest winds and frigid arctic air to the region. >> i have so much layers on me.
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>> reporter: more than 2 million residents in the midwest remain under a weather advisory but there is good news, the national weather service says some reprieve is on the way for later this week. temperatures are predicted to reach 10 to 20 degrees above average. a welcome change that can't come soon enough. >> i just want to leave. i want to get my ticket and i just want to leave here. i want to go to somewhere where it's a lot warmer. >> reporter: the storm was and remains painful for travelers. many were left stranded at airports like jfk since thursday and as of saturday more than 450 flights were canceled across the country. >> i don't have clothes even to change my clothes. >> reporter: frustrated doesn't even scratch the surface. >> we know it's difficult, we know it's out of their hands, but after all, there needs to be some crisis management. >> reporter: some resorted to venting on social media. >> everyone video this, because we need answers. >> reporter: according to an faa
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spokesman, the congestion at jfk has started to clear, but with images like these, it's hard to say when travel operations will return to normal. david daniel, abc 7 news. we touched upon it a little bit earlier in that story b but you can see here that flood caused more problems at new york's jfk airport just as airlines started catching up from weather-related cancellations and delays. the flood forced international flights to use other terminals. delta operates a major hub in terminal four and it serves more than 30 foreign airlines at america's busiest airport for international flights. a long time car dealership in the south bay is reaching the end of the road. >> abc 7 news was in santa clara as customers learned st. claire cadillac is closing. employees learned about the closure earlier in the week. >> just about everything is shut down except cars are still available for sale until january 15. >> too bad they'll be closed because like i said, this dealership has been here forever so it's probably one of the
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first dealerships on steven's creek boulevard. it's -- it will be sad to see them go, yeah. >> we're told about 100 people work at this location. st. claire is owned by sonic automotive which has multiple dealerships in the bay area. >> big names in music are headed to coachella this year. >> sure to be crowd pleasers though not everyone is happy to w the festival thanks to a restriction in place. speaking of unhappy, imagine being forced to keep your garage door open or face a $200 fine. wh
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pot is now legal to smoke across california, but it won't be allowed at coachella. >> the web site says all marijuana products are banned this year and beyond. it's because the festival's home city of indio does not allow selling, cultivating, or using marijuana. >> ironically, the festival starts on april 20, also known as 420. its lineup this year features headliners like beyonce, the weekend and eminem. some northern california homeowners are angry knowing they could be fined if they don't leave their garage doors open during the day. >> this is interesting. a homeowner's association in auburn came up with the policy after discovering one of the
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residents was allowing people to live in the garage. so homeowners were told to keep their doors up between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. monday through friday. >> if they don't, they could face a fine of up to $200. some residents say they'd rather they the penalty than risk becoming burglary victims. >> let me give you the $200 fine right now. give me a month so that i can get my stuff out and i might as well empty everything out and leave the garage door open permanently because there's no point of having a garage door help the. >> reporter: the hoa hasn't commented on the policy. there's a meeting scheduled in two weeks. the bay area is going retro. >> not just to the '80s or '90s. we'll look at a unique fair taking us back with vintage flair. plus a powerful storm is headed our way. drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. wild card weekend day two. jaguars hold off the bills in a low-scaring affair while 38-year-old drew brees had the saints
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it was a trip back in time at golden gate park. >> abc 7 news was at the vintage paper fair which lived up to its name there was a wide range of collectible items from pinups to postcards around stamps. >> some items dating back to the
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1800s. this can be an eye opener for those who have never stepped into one of these fares. >> get a lot of people that walk in that have never been to one of these shows, they didn't know they exist. we have people from europe that are all stunned by the amount of beautiful graphics that existed and that they're still around. >> don't worry if you missed it. the fare is supposed to return to golden ga en gate park in ap in accuweather, we are tracking our strongest storm so far this season that will bring heavy rain and strong winds for monday. live doppler 7 tracking it the next 24 hours giving you the active sweep. it's a quiet evening at hand under mainly cloudy skies but temperature wise we've struggled to hit 50 earlier this afternoon, a lot of 40s and low 50s on the board right now so the call from accuweather overnight tonight, likely light showers after midnight and temperatures mainly holding steady in the 40s. but it's all about the storm
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impact scale on your monday. this is a level three storm. a strong storm moving in, heavy rain at times, strong winds, especially monday afternoon and monday evening and with that heavy rain does come the concern for flood iing over the north b over our recent burn scars. let's time this entire system out for you. monday morning, it's in the corner of your screen, 5:00 in the morning as the early morning commuters are under way. a lot of cloud cover the activity gets going by 9:00 in the morning, widespread showers, as we hit midday the storm is going to intensify and what that means, you see more yellows and oranges on your screen indicating the heavier downpours working into the region. by 3:00 monday afternoon, there's this widespread heavy rain across the region with those bright colors on your screen and the evening commute on your monday does look to be
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very slow and very messy with those downpours continuing even by 7:30 in the evening on monday, we are still tracking heavy rain through the region. the tail end of the storm system won't even work through our neck of the woods until late monday into early tuesday morning. after that, it's going to leave us a soaking rain. future tracker rainfall showing you one to two inches of widespread rain is a very good estimate, where we see those downpours develop i think it's likely we'll see more than two inches of rain. we're watching the south bay far rain shadow effect of the santa cruz mountains but south bay will get close to an inch or two of the storm. it's not only the rain, it's very strong winds, a wind advisory will go into effect midday monday. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour and that could likely bring trees down and also bring us isolated power outages. so we'll show those winds for
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you. future tracker wind gusts showing you by 6:00 on monday those winds are streaming out of the south 30, to 40 miles per hour, likely even higher than that along our coastline. so highs on your monday, it will be a raw, rainy day. temperatures barely getting into the 50s. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, i'll plan the next seven days for you. tomorrow there's the strong storm, intensifying in the afternoon and evening with heavy rain and wind, a lingering shower on tuesday could bring us an isolated thunderstorm, we'll keep track of that. by midweek wednesday we're drying out. by thursday and friday into the upcoming week enend it's a blenf sun and clouds but allow yourself extra time for the evening commute, it will be very slow and very messy. we kick off with wild card weekend. day two starting the nfc where the saints hosted the panthers and this is the firthird time t
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saints have met this season. drew brees with a deep throw to former panther ted ginn jr. 7-0 saints. second quarter, brees at it again, 14-3, looks like new orleans will run away with this game. go to the fourth quarter, cam newton threw for 349 and two touches. 14 yards to greg olson, 24-19 ball game. saints would score again to make it a two-possession game but four minutes remaining, newton, a former stamford star christa mccaffrey, 31-26 saints. two minutes left, fourth and two from midfield. saints go for it, brees picked off although their defender should have dropped it for better field position, new orleans catches a break. 11 seconds left. cam can only throw to the end zone but doesn't even get it off. sacked, saints win 31-26. they'll face the vikings next week. >> a hard fought win and, you know, came down to final series
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we knew this was going to be a different type of game. >> it's frustrating. we played against a football team that made plays when they needed to. we didn't make a play. we had a chance. that's all you can ask. i thought our guys rallied, very proud of the effort they gave and the way they stepped up and made things happen at the end of the game but we missed our chance. >> buffalo playing the first playoff game since 1999. jags quarterbck blake bortles playi ining his first playoff g. thursday quarter, second and fine, he keeps it for the first down. later in the drive, third and goal from the two, leonard fournette jumping to the end zone, literally pulled back by lorenzo alexander. next play, bortles will slip on the snap, regains his footing, fires a dart, only touchdown. 10-3 jags. 1:20 left in the game, bills one
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last chance to tie, tyrod taylor. peterson takes over. what does he do? he throws an interception. jalen ramsey with a pick. jaguars face the steelers next week in their divisional round. >> we have to find ways to move the ball and be more efficient and put up more points to give them more help but we found a way to win, hard fought game. that's what playoff football is. we were able to get the win at home which was big. >> you don't get anything for the effort in this game. it's won and lost on the scoreboard. we need to score more points. appreciate how hard the guys played and how hard they worked all season. this was a step. we learned a lot of valuable lessons today, ones that will carry forward as we move forward as an organization. >> sharks ending their five-game road trip in winnipeg. jets up one. the shot deflected by marco d
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dano. logan couture's one timer goes off the far post and in, san jose one down. but a very fortunate penalty call a few minutes later, chris tierney gets knocked in, gets called for goaltender interference and the jets take advantage. double deflection, the sharks fall 4-1. great weekend of playoff football only to be topped by the divisional rounds next weekend as we whittle down the final eight to our last team standing in super bowl lii. >> but no quarterback to quar
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, what drivers need to know about a faulty air bag problem that just keeps expanding. how you can find out if your vehicle is involved. at 11:00 here on abc 7, the secret payload launched into space tonight. well, it took three weeks, but "jumanji, welcome to the jungle" has finally bested "star wars" to win the box office. >> it features dwayne johnson, kevin hart and jack black. it's already topped $500 million worldwide. >> now, in the u.s., "jumanji" made $36 million. "insidious, the last key" debuted in second with an unexpected $29 million. >> "the last jedi" "the greatest
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showman" and "pitch perfect 3" rounded out in top five. and certain members of the thomas family -- not this one -- have already seen jumanji twice. >> scandalous! not what i expected. i thought you were going to say you watched "star wars" more than twice. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a great night.
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hi, everyone. welce to "on the money." i'm becky quick. baby, it's cold outside, but you knew that. why the big chill could mean a deep fries for your wallet. now that you've run up the credit card debt for the holidays how can you dig out of that debt? turning post-holiday money blues around. >> t new military mission. making sure those who serve learn a crucial lesson about a very different kind of strategy. and the big boom in bourbon. what's driving the new trends and why the industry is barreling toward success. "on the money" >> this is "on your money, your life, your future. >> we begin with the big freeze. this week, record low temperatures and winter storms have gripped much of the nation. even parts of the deep south had snowfall f t


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