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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, the entire state of hawaii on edge because of a missile alert fiasco. >> as people took cover in hawaii, a california lawmaker told abc 7 news he can help make sure this never happens here. >> rain is expected to return. when it's going to hit where you live. abc 7 at 6:00 starts now. an emergency error terrorizes hawaii. fear of an imminent missile strike sents people seeking cough tore find out a short time later it was all a mistake. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. many people woke up to a text alert or saw on tv the message, ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter, this is not a drill.
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>> they found out 38 minutes later the threat was not real. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at sfo with reaction to this mistaken alert. >> reporter: just imagine getting that alert from a missile was on its way. folks heading to hawaii reacting to the news, but first let's hear from the folks who lived through that false alarm. >> this is where we stayed after we prepared. >> reporter: valerie turner, who lives on kauai, shows us where she headed with her family after a scary alert on her phone which said, ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter, this is not a drill. >> i was overwhelmed with the thoughts going through my head, there's a missile coming on our way, i don't know where to go or what to do. >> reporter: valerie got her kids jacob and leah to a downstairs bathroom. >> i felt really scared and i ran down the stairs and sat there and prayed to god.
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>> reporter: most of hawaii the 2 the alert. ron, who was in the east bay, was on his last day of vacation when he got the scary news. >> my wife and daughter and friends and girlfriends were in tears. >> i'm trying to drink a mai tai and running for my life. >> reporter: garrett from florida is on vacation on the big island. hotel staff told him to shelter in his room. >> that's the last thing i wanted to hear. i wanted an evacuation plan, like what should we be doing right now? >> reporter: these tourists were told to seek shelter in the basement of this hotel. >> i was so scared. >> reporter: it took almost 40 minutes before the public was told the cell phone alert was a mistake. it happened when a worker at the hawaii emergency management agency hit the wrong button, prompting this apology from the governor. >> this should not have happened. we are investigating the sequence of events that occurred. an error was made in emergency management. >> reporter: molly watson is on her way to kauai from sfo. she's glad it was only a false alarm but it really scared her
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relatives. >> they were terrified. they had friends on other islands that were being sent to bomb shelters. >> reporter: a day many will never forget. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. california lawmakers recently introduced a bill to beef up the state alert system. state senator jerry hill says it would ensure an accident like the false message in hawaii does not hap here. tiffany wilson is live in foster city with details. >> reporter: that false alert was sent out when one man hit the wrong button. i spoke to cal oes and they told me there are already multiple levels of accountability built into the alert systems here in california, so a false message is not likely to happen here. that's very important to california state senator jerry hill. he coauthored legislation to improve alert notifications statewide after so many people failed to receive warning about the north bay wildfires. he sees today's accident in hawaii as a problem for alert
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system credibility overall. one of the reasons the messages are so effective is that people trust the information is correct. he's worried the next time people see an emergency message, they might think it's another accident. hill is confident that the new bill to improve alerts here in california would include proper checks and balances. >> you need a process where it takes a couple of people to make that decision. there's people that are there so you don't have the chance and take the chance having a false alarm. at the end of the day you want people to respond and respond quickly to the notification and not have that crying wolf syndrome, oh weabouwell, anothee alarm, i'll ignore it. >> reporter: hill says the silver lining to the mistake in hawaii is it provides all of us with an opportunity to think about what we would do if we received a message like that. coming up at 11:00, we'll hear from cal oes about the emergency plans all of us should put in place right now.
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the false alert was sent out when one man hit the wrong button. cal oes assured folks there that accountability was in place for all systems in california. make sure you follow abc 7 news and make sure you get those alerts with our abc 7 news app. in developing news, police have made an arrest in an attack in a walnut creek trail. last night police released this surveillance video you see here of the suspect. police said he grabbed a woman from behind on the iron horse trail. he made threats and dragged her and tried to kiss her and then suddenly ran off. the victim had scratches and bruises but was otherwise okay. police have not yet released the suspect's name. residents of elsobrate protest the against a planned relocation of a methadone treatment center. richmond civic center, residents held a rally to urge local leaders to prevent the baart program clinic from moving from
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its current location to el so a sobrante fearing it will impact their quality of life. >> it's going to increase crime levels. we already have a huge problem with homelessness. that homelessness problem is going to be exacerbated by the methadone clinic. >> richmond officials say that city has no role in the relocation proposal, but they will eventually have to decide whether to issue a land use permit for the new location. better enjoy the sunny weekend. rain is likely coming back next week. taking a live look from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. the skies you see there pretty clear for the most part tonight. things are about to change with another system moving in. meteorologist lisa argen has more on the conditions. >> we're going to skip to the holiday on monday. you can see there are some showers to the north of the north bay. we're keeping an eye on those. and as we go through the afternoon, this is 12:00. they're going to continue to dot the landscape and sink to the
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south. this is 5:00 monday afternoon. we bring in our storm impact scale, it's going to be warm monday night into tuesday with light to month the rat rain. less than .3 inches for most of you. that's not the whole story, we're looking at more rain, another system coming in thursday and friday. a much, much colder system. we'll be shivering here and it's going to add to some snowpack in the sierra nevada. i'll have a look at my full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. bay area members of congress met with their constituents in their districts today to talk about what they call the negative impacts of the republican tax plan. >> we're borrowing from our children's future in order to give tax breaks to the richest people in our country and to corporate america, unpaid for, to them. but paid for by america's children. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi joined fellow democratic congressman mike thompson at an event at the university of san francisco. they called the recently passed tax plan a tax scam.
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abc 7 news was at lany college in oakland where east bay congressman barbara lee held a town hall meeting. lee called it a teach-in and also phrased the tax plan as a tax scam that needs to be repealed. >> there are certain provisions of this bill that we want to repeal that's going to have serious impact on high constituen and local tax limitations, the mortgage interest rate -- >> republicans argue the tax plan will give more money to the middle class. they point to major u.s. companies like walmart and some airlines raising wages and giving bonuses to their employees because of the gop tax plan. eastern states are about to be hit by another winter storm on top of the storm they're still digging out from. a look at the winter mess affecting millions. plus california expanding community college, but it's not for the usual college-aged students. details next.
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the midwest and east coast
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are about to be hit with another winter storm. >> and it's hitting the areas already buried in show and ice. reporter kim hutcherson has more. >> reporter: chaos for millions from the east coast to the midwest. another winter storm moving in. with temperatures dropping dramatically by 40 to 50 degrees in some places. strong winds whipping up huge lakefront waves in chicago. but that didn't stop some from venturing out. >> i've never seen anything like it. i'm from michigan. i've seen big waves on that side but nothing like this. >> reporter: temperatures in the northeast are expected to plummet throughout the day as the front continues to move east. southern states are also dealing with snow, ice, and freezing rain as far south as louisiana. a weather-related accident in tennessee caused a massive car pileup. millions remain under a flood watch in the northeast as officials warn ice jams could cause river flooding. frigid temperatures are expected to stick around through the beginning of next week.
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some areas could see windchills of 30 to 45 degrees below zero. the mavericks surf contest window is open. >> conditions may not be perfect early this week as we hoped but that doesn't mean the week won't end without a contest. >> we could be looking at a rainy week ahead. you bite want to plan fit are. the city of philadelphia is beyond ecstatic. their eagles move on to the nfc title game, taking care of last year's nfc champ the falcons. at a time' first playoff win at >> what is my faith -- favorite color? >> purple. >> where is the craziest place i had sex? >> a circus. [cheers] jerry: don't you just want to have my job? [cheers] jerry: next "springer."
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classes for california's first fully online community college could begin next year. the governor set aside $120 million in his new budget to launch the program. the courses would be geared toward adults who don't have time in their daily schedule to attend classes on campus. officials say the courses are unique, focusing on job skills and fields like health care and manufacturing. >> this will be solely focused on short-term credentials. something that our other
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colleges are not doing right now. this will be unique, it will be housed under one college, and students will be able to access it directly through this one college. >> the online community college is expected to kick off in the fall of 2019. mavericks is a no for tuesday. organizers say the conditions won't be right for the big wave contest in half moon bay. but surf fans may not have to wait long. they'll see if thursday brings the big swells they want and if not, organizers will keep an eye on the forecast through january and february. the contest needs waves that feature 25-foot drops. this year will be historic for the surf contest, for the first time six women will be among the contestants. in the thick of winter, and we still have microclimates in full swing. today it was 50 in livermore. ty in the south bay. clouds, fog filling into our east bay valleys. not only did we have breezy
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offshore winds, we have that tulle fog and inversion above 1,300 feet, winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. many offhad breezy winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. we'll do it again tomorrow, then increasing clouds. right now 54 san francisco, oakland. 56 san jose. 59 half moon bay. really a wide variety of temperatures. looking at low 50s in santa rosa with some fog moving into our valleys. in fact, you didn't really get rid of it altogether today in livermore. right now 49 degrees. so our forecast highlights, we are calling for areas of dense fog, mainly in the north bay. looking at sunny and mild weather. south bay, parts of the north bay, and a wet weather pattern sets up. we're not looking at big storms, we're looking at several small storms that will add to the rainfall totals. but also the satisfactory snowpack. overnight tonight we're looking at 40th to near 50. half moon bay, you can see that
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fog sliding in from the federal valley. we'll have that early on. as we go through sunday, you'll notice the clouds begin to increase. martin luther king jr. holiday monday, we've got rain flirting with the north bay. looks to be a dry bulk of the day but you could see spotty showers here. we write in our storm impact scale, for monday night into tuesday it's a 1. this is a weak 1. it will end by early on tuesday. but we are expecting less than .3 inches in most areas. .5 inches up to the north bay. as we pick up into monday, you'll notice that the rain pushes to the south through the overnight hours and your tuesday morning commute unfortunately looking a little bit soggy. but the rest of the day on tuesday, here it is 1:00, it remains dry. this is a cold system but not as cold as the one behind it. rainfall amounts .25 inches in oakland, lesser amounts in that rain shadow area, then up to .3 to .5 inches far north around clover dale. highs tomorrow, depends where
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you are. mild in the south bay, 69 san jose, 70 morgan hill. but up to the north bay and east bay, fog and breezy offshore winds. low 60s then increasing clouds. accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at the mild day tomorrow. 1 on our storm impact scale on monday. showers end on tuesday. we're dry wednesday. then the cold system comes in thursday and friday. could see a foot of snow in the mountains. best weekend of the year in the nfl with divisional playoffs. we kick off with the top seed philadelphia hosting last year's nfc champion falcons. eagles without carson wentz. as a result, the six-seeded falcons are three-point favorites over the eagles. eagles took it personal and they're moving on. fourth and goal in the second. eagles trail trailing by three. legeegarrette blount will score 6-3 philly because jake elliot's extra point hits off the
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upright. later in the quarter, atlanta punting. it hits off two eagle players. the falcons recover with great field position. they take advantage. matt ryan pumps once, gets spun around. mattie ice, four-yard throw to devonta freeman. falcons 10 points off turnovers. ryan threw for 210 yards and that touchdown. 10-6 atlanta. 22 seconds left in the half. philly in their own territory. nick foles, who threw for 246 yards, should have been picked off here but instead it ricochets to tory smith. a gain of 20 leads to 53-yard field goal by jake elliot as the clock expired. eagles down 10-9 at the half. that was huge. they took the lead off two field goals in the second. atlanta down 5. ryan fourth and 6. 3:30 remaining. first down to julio jones. atlanta got the ball to the 2 yard line. now fourth and goal. this time ryan's pass to julio incomplete. jones had fallen down, ball went through his hands. eagles win 15-10.
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they'll host the vikings or saints in the nfc title game. first playoff win for the eagles since 2006. nick foles, first single quarterback to win a playoff game since donovan mcnabb in 2008. >> our backs against the wall, people discount us, don't give us much credit, whatever it might be. for our team to battle against a fine football team, you know, a team that was -- obviously this time of year playing extremely well, hot football team. that's one thing about this team that i love so much. they battle to the end. so that was the biggest kind of rush of emotion just thinking about the players. all right, warriors, probably their toughest road trip of the year, five games starting with a win in milwaukee last night, toronto today. steph curry back after reinjuring his right ankle. they took it 81-54 lead at the half, highest-scoring half by the ws all season. klay had 20, 15 green, warriors up 100-87 in the third.
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highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. cal on the road taking on wazzu. first half, juwan harris, first career tunnel double, 10 points, 11 boards. cal down 5 at the half, shoot 32% from the field. franks 10 of 13 from beyond the arc. 34 points. check out the bench, row boat. malachi flynn added 14. wazzu wins big 78-53. cal drops to 7-elev hi- 11, 1-4 pac-12 play. cable coached the raiders' offensive line in 2007-8, became their head coach in 2009-10. jon gruden added edgar bennett as their receiveser coach. sad news as former abc broadcaster keith jackson died at age 89. he retired in 2006 after 50 years as a play-by-play announcer for college football, major league baseball, and he
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covered ten olympics. he famously nicknamed the rose bowl the granddaddy of them all, was on the call for the nlcs game between the mets and astros in 1986. his last major league baseball broadcast. he coined the famous phrase "whoa nelly." keith jackson gone at 89 years old. the seventh annual john's march against stomach cancer january 20th at sonoma race day. a chance to walk or run the 2.52-mile course. there's a 5k and 10k run. day of registration starts at 7:30 a.m. children, pets, everyone included. for more information. it's a great day to get out to sonoma for a great cause january 20th. we'll have complete warrior highlights for you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> going to miss keith jackson. he could make a dog of a college football game interesting. >> he put abc on the map with sports. it is the top tech around. a look at some of the most
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popular exhibits a
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, on kofy-tv 20, the main gubernatorial candidates faced off. at 11:00 on abc 7, we just spoke to a bay area couple on their money moon in hawaii when they got the missile alert that was false. hear from them as they recount the fear their first days together would end up being their last. finally tonight, the world's biggest tech trade show, ces, gives us a peek into the future each year. it ended yesterday with a few standouts. >> toyota's e-palette being named best in show, autonomous vehicle that can be anything you want from public transportation, a food truck, a mobile storefront, e-palette will get its first test run at the 2020 olympics in tokyo. >> robots are always popular, this year featured buddy, a robot that works like amazon's
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alexa, able to communicate and watch over your home. another robot had long lines trying to try out his skills. a ping-pong tutor built in japan. unfortunately not quite available yet on the market. >> one of the most popular demonstrations, a new printable nail art machine. a company from taiwan showed it off applying gel, images printed straight onto your nails. straight onto your nails. that i
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- here you go, jeff. enjoy. - yeah. - russell. - what's up with you and doreen? - she asked me what i did this weekend. - and? - and i told her. [chuckles] - hey. - hey. - where's my food? - this isn't a magic diner. you have to tell the waitress what you want. - i texted you my order ten minutes ago. why do you have such a problem with texting? - it's for teenage girls. - i text all the time. - and guys with teenage-girl hair. - [laughing] i think you would embrace texting. i mean, you hate actually talking to other human beings. - i do dislike people. i'm just old school. that's all. - i think you don't like pushing those buttons with your giant gorilla thumbs.


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