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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 13, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> an emergency error tear rises hawaii. fear of an eminent missile strike sends people seeking cover, only to find out a short time later it was all a mistake. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm dion lim. >> aim eric thomas. many people walk up to a text alert or saw it on tv, the message warned of a missile headed their way. >> they found out 38 minutes later it was not real. cornell bernard has reaction to
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the error. >> had is where we stayed after we prepared. >> valerie turner shows us where she headed with her family after getting a scary alert on her phone which said ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill. >> i was overwhelmed with just the thoughts that were going through my head in that there's a missile coming our way and i don't know what to. >> she quickly got her two kids to a downstairs bathroom. downstairs and just sat there n and prayed to god. >> most of hawaii got the same frightening alert. ron who lives in the east bay was on the last dave his vaon when he got the scary news. >> my wife and daughter and her friend, her girlfriends were in tears. >> i'm here trying to drink a my tie and i'm going to have to be running for my life. >> this man is on vacation on the big island. hotel staff told him to shelter in his room. >> that's the last thing i want to hear. i want an evation evacuation
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plan. >> these tourists were told to seek shelter in the basement of this hotel. >> i swoos scared. >> she was skrieg. >> i was so scared. >> it took almost 40 minutes before the public was told the cell phone alert was a mistake. it happened when a worker at the hawaii emergency management agency hit the wrong button prompting this apology from the governor. >> this should not have happened. we are investigating the sequence of events that occurred. an error was made in management. >> she's glad it was only a false alarm, but it really scared her relatives. >> they were terrified. they had friends on other islands that were being sent to bomb shelters. >> a day many will never forget. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. california lawmakers recently introduced a bill to beef up the state alert system. jerry hill says they will ensure an accident like the false message in hawaii does not
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happen here. cal oes assured us that melt multiple layers of accountability already built into the system used in california so a false message is not likely hill. senate senator hill recently coauthored legislation to improve it statewide after so many people failed to receive warnings about the north bay wildfires. he sees today's accident in hawaii for an alert system credibility and the next time they see an emergency message they might think it's another accident. hill is confident the new bill to improve alerts would include proper checks and balances before a message was sent out. >> you need a process where it takes a couple of people to make that decision. those people are there and so you didn't have the chance and take the chance of having a false alarm. because tend of the day you want people to respond and respond quickly to the notification and not have that crying wolf syndrome where it's just another false alarm i'm not going to abide by it and i'll ignore it.
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>> hill says the silver lining to this mistake is that it provides always of us with the opportunity to think about what we would did if we got a message like that. coming up at 11:00 we're hear about the preparations all of us should make right now. abc 7 news first alerted people that the ballistic missile threat was a mistake with a push alert this morning alt 10:52 a.m. through the abc 7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts and you'll get immediate updates on breaking news. in developing news, police have made an arrest on an attack on wul walnut creek trail. then released this photo. they said grabbed the woman on the iron horse trail, grabbed her, threatened her and tried to kiss her. today an officer familiar with the case spotted 35-year-old jeremy mickens at the south broadway safe way. police identified him. the victim had identified him. he has been booked on multiple felony charges. >> residents protested against a planned relocation of a
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methadone treatment center. abc 7 news was at the civic center where they held a rally to urge local leaders to prevent barrat location to move from its current location. residents fear the clinic will impact their quality of life. >> it's going to increase crime levels. we already have a huge problem with homelessness. that homelessness problem is going to be exacerbated by the methadone clinic. >> richmond officials say the city has no role in the relocation proposal but they will have to decide whether to issue a land use permit for the new location. enjoy the sunny weather while you can. for the weekend rain is likely coming back next week as we look from our exploretoriam cam at peer 15. awe clear there tonight. it's about to change with another system moving in. let's get to meet ral lith lease with more. >> we are certainly looking at some fog moving into the east
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bay. live dopplar seven right now checking out visibility four and it is certainly reduced in the east bay. temperatures are in the 50s in san francisco. numbers are in the low 40s from heelsburg to santa rosa. and we will be looking at that fog filling in towards concord and petaluma and then we're going to bring in our storm impact scale. it's a one, it's a light system and it will be bringing some scattered showers for the holiday late in the day into tuesday. and we have more chances of rain for the week ahead. my ook caul weather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you, lisa. bay area members of congress met with their constituents to speak about what they call the negative impacts of the republican tax plan. >> we're borrowing from our children's future in order to give tax breaks to the richest people in our country and to corporate america unpaid for to them but paid for by america's children. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi joined fellow democratic
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congressman matt thompson at an event in san francisco if the they called the recently passed tax plan a tax scam. abc 7 news was at laneny college in oakland where barbara lee also held a town hall meeting there. lee called it a teach in and also called it a tax scam that needs to be repealed. >> there are certain revisions of this bill that we want to repeal that's going to have serious impact on my constituents, the state and local tax limitations, the mortgage interest rate. >> republicans argue the tax plan will give more money to the middle class. they point to major u.s. companies like walmart and airlines raising wages because of the tax plan. >> this november will select a new governor. today for the first time the main candidates faced off. coming up, the one issue that got them to riled up. >> plus california expanding community college. but it's not for usual
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top candidates for california governor faced off in a spirited debate in los angeles. healthcare ignited an intense exchange tweer former los angeles mayor and the runner up. he tried to pitch his own plan. >> and by the way, the press is here. he said he's always been for single payer. you are discussing again and again because in orange county you weren't for single payer. the first time you went for -- to the nurses you were for single payer, then you said you were against it. three or four times in the last six months you've said you were for it or against it. now you're doubling down and saying you're for it and you don't have a plan. >> look, i'm interested in
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facts. that's just factually untrue. that was -- >> it's not specific to details of sb 562. >> i don't want to -- >> it's mislead, that's untrue. >> we need to have a growing economy so that all of you can afford your own wonderful quality healthcare and not have to rely on the politicians to hand it out to you if you're good boys and girls. >> also taking part today were democrats john chiang and delane easton along with republican thomas allen. the primary is in june and the top finishers will go head to head. classes for the first online community college could begin next year. the govern november nor said set aside $120 million to launch the program. classes would be geared toward adults who don't have time to attend classes on campus. they say they're unique focussing on job skills like healthcare and manufacturing. >> this will be solely focused on short-term credentials, something that our other
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colleges are not doing right now. it will be unique, housed under one college and students will be able to access it directly through this one college. >> okay. >> the online community college is expected to kick off in fall of 2019. >> the mavericks suffer contest window is open. >> conditions they may not be perfect early this week as hoped, but that doesn't mean the week won't end without a contest. >> and we could be looking at a rainy week ahead. lisa ard din is in for drew and she'll have your accuweather forecast. i'm mike shoeman. we have two nfl teams moving to the championships next week. patriots and eagles. while the warriors blew
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mavericks is a no for ties. >> organizers say the conditions
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just won't be right for the big wave contest at half moon bay. but surf fans may not have to wait long. they'll see if thursday brings the big swells they want. if not, organizers will keep an eye on the forecast through january and february. the contest needs waves that feature 25-foot drops. this year will be historic for the surf contest because for the first time six women will be among the contest tents. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> temperatures were a little odd today. cool in the east bay, mild in the south bay and we'll have a similar pattern tomorrow. we have breezy easterly winds that has allowed for the fog to creep in through the delta. it will be back into the north bay today and upper elevation winds were not only breezy but down right gusty in spots. it was 59 in fremont today, 63 in hayward. those cities very close together and big changes in the temperatures depending on where you are. so a live look outside, pretty
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dark out there. 52 san francisco, it's 50 in oakland with 51 in san jose. 55 half moon bay and we're looking live on the embarcadero where the numbers are dropping through the 40s. so getting cool, already reporting some fog in santa rosa and livermore at 48, concord 49 degrees. certainly chilly where that fog settled in. you had those easterly winds on top of it. areas of fog north and east tonight. sunny tomorrow and mild in the south bay. you are near 70 in many locations. morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz, san jose. once again a nice day four but the wet pattern will begin for everyone late on the holiday. high surf advisory has been issued by the national weather service for an energetic swell that's going build and we'll see that 13 to 15 feet northwest swell coming in tomorrow morning through tuesday. so pretty dangerous conditions from sonoma all the way down through santa cruz. so overnight tonight we're looking at 30s and 40s and here's that fog sliding through from the valley here. and where it sits it will be
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chilly and then by the afternoon on sunday we're going to see an increase in high clouds spot sunshine early and then as we get into monday, the holiday here, thicker clouds and look what is in the afternoon, just a few scatter raindrops. and 4:00 we're looking at the rain line pushing down into sonoma and 7:00 it's close to marin getting close to vallejo. we rate the storm smds 1 through five. it's going to be one. light to moderate rain season what you can expect, a third an inch to about a half inch in the wettest locations. as we pick this up monday night most of the rain comes in through the overnight hours and then your uearly commute gets heavier but by 6:00 it begins to get a little bit lighter and scattered. we'll look for a nice tuesday and wednesday a break there in the rainfall amounts once again. about two-ten willingths of an
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inch and maybe a tenth in san jose. highs tomorrow with sunny conditions. 69 in san jose, low 60s elsewhere. snixt vallejo. it's going to take throughout the afternoon to warm up those areas that hd the fog. your seven-day forecast calls for temperatures to be mild south tomorrow, cool north and east. one on our storm impact scale. monday rain ends early, tuesday a break wednesday and cold showers thursday and friday. download our ook cue weather app so you can be up to date. >> now sports. >> brutal road game trip that started with milwaukee and toronto. they won last night against the bucks and throw down a season high 81 in the first half against the raptors. steph curry back after aggravating his right ankle in practice. he finished 24 points, 9 assists helping the doves. not all things are right, kuchb durant, the easy dunk, looked
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like eric thomas there he misses. but draymond finds him for the alley-oop. doves up 27 at the half shooting 71 frerts field. toronto dominated the second half. rose hen 42. derozan nad a one-point game but durant will ice it with this jumper he had 25. warriors hang on to win 127-125 winning 14 straight on the road. sharks hosting the coyotes, dropping the ceremonial first puck. first game back from a five-game break made for a wild first. derek step pan responds three minutes later beating jones tying it 1. two minutes later pavelski off the stick, 2-1. has the coyotes tied at two. logan couture hits the open net, 24 seconds later fisher gets a breakaway. beats jones 3-3 after one.
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second period don score racing for the puck, pokes it past wealthwood. right now sharks are up 4-3 in the second intermission. divisional play off week in the nfl. we kick off with the patriots hosting the titans who are not ready for prime time. titans, though, did draw first blood. markus mariota through two tds, 15 yards to davis, nice one handed. gloves, check it out again. 7-0 tennessee. but that was it. tom brady the patriots two tds in the first. 5 yard, 7-7 had the then four yards to hogan, 217 pass at the half. brady 30 phi of 53, 307 yards, three tds. patriots 31 first downs, first quarter brady's final td pass to ron gran kows sky. the oldest quarterback ever to win a playoff game at 40. they advance to their second
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straight afc title game to face the winner of the steelers jaguars. >> we don't really take it for granted around here. i know how hard it is to get to this game and, you know, we're very bless doe blessed do it. it takes a lot of hard work and great blessings and i think our team's proven or the course of the year we can win important teams and we did that tonight and that's why you keep moving on. >> eagles without the starting quarterback carson wentz and as a result the six seeded falcons were favored over the eagles. philly took it personal and they're moving on. second quarter fourth and goal eagles down three. blount gets the carry. later in the quarter, matt ryan pumps once, get spun around but mattie ice four-yard throw to freeman, 10-6 atlanta. 22 seconds left in the half. philly in their own territory. nick foles who through for 246
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yards should have been picked off but it rick coshade off a defender and gain of 20. that's going to lead to a 53 field goal attempt by jake elliot as time expired, good. eagles down 10-9 at the half. falcons down five. looking for jones, he falls, gets back up but the pass sin complete. eagles win it 15-10. they'll host the vikings or saints in the nfc title zblam get the stop. get the stop. just find a way whether it's pressure on the quarterback or stop the run, whatever's going to happen, find a way to get it done. >> biggest thing in our locker room is we believe in one another. everyone believes and that was shown on display tonight. >> coming up at 11:00, busy day in college hoops. no surprise with the patriots. the falcons it's tough to lose in the super bowl the previous year and get back to the afc title game. >> seven straight afc championship games. >> it's ridiculous. they're like the warriors of the
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nfl. >> good analogy. >> all right. i didn't miss dunks because i didn't dunk. >> thanks,
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 some tense nomts san francisco as a woman has to be rescued after going down a cliff. the warning tonight going out to hikers. and the false missile warning in hawaii raises questions about our own preparedness here in california. a look at what's being done to make sure everyone gets an alert and that mistakes like today don't happen here. well finally tonight the world's biggest trade show c.e.s., the tech trade show gives you a peek into the future east year. it ended yesterday with a few stand outs.
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>> toyota's e palette, this san autonomous vehicle that can be anything you want, public transportation, a feed food truck, mobile store front. epalette will get its first test run at the tokyo olympics. this year featured buddy, a robot that works like amazon alexa able to communicate and watch over your home. another rob bot had long lines to try out a ping pong tutor built in japan. unfortunately not quite available yet on the market. >> when you get yourkies into help you out, what do you need that for? >> one of the most popular demonstration a mail art machine. a company from taiwan showed it off. you apply gel, show off the images and print straight on to your nails, assuming you have some. >> i kp telling you? >> i think you and i should do that. that. >> stop
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- i'm glad you guys finally introduced us to ethiopian food. - and now that i've met ethiopian food, it's time to say good-bye forever. it feels like it's gonna be a long good-bye. - i'm rethinking opening this door. - so why don't you guys come over for dessert? - oh, we'd love to. - good call, honey. coffee or-- oh, my god. - wow... you guys are pigs. - i don't believe this. we've been robbed. what--the window... adam, did you leave it open? - did you? - no. - then, yeah, i did. - wait, wait, wait, what if they're still here? - right, you guys stay here and, uh, we'll go check it out.


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