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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> it's going to be a rain in night ahead. a storm hitting parts of the bay area could be a taste of what's to come later this week. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm deonlynn. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. as you head back to work and the kids back to school, this is what you'll be facing. live doppler 7 tracking some scattered light showers. right now, we're going into street level radar in ukiah, all the way to old river road. you're seeing some wet roadways as you look at street level from santa rosa, to roner park, west sierra avenue. it's slippery out there.
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there's more rain coming. it's up to the north of us. this is a level one, a light system through early tomorrow morning. less than 0.015 expected for most of you with the light wind and the scattered showers. this is the first of three storms. i'll be back with how they rank on our impact scale. >> you can track the storms on the go. enable the abc 7 news app. ryan joseph of college park high school is now paralyzed from the neck-down. lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: this was ryan joseph's second year on the j.v. wrestling team. he was competing on campus when something happened that kept him on the floor. his friend since kindergarten was there. >> the guy took him down and got him in a hold. the ref got him off. he shook his head like, i can't
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get up. he just laid there. and then, the ambulance had to come and take him. >> reporter: ryan suffered a c4 spinal cord injury. he is current lly paralyzed fro the neckdown and requires assistance breathing. he is unable to receive visitors but cards are welcome. he also plays lalacrosse. he is known for his wit and sense of humor. adam says he's eager to visit his good friend. >> everyone likes him. he's outgoing, everything. he's a nice dude. all the teachers love him. a smart guy. never showed off in front of others. he was a nice guy overall. >> reporter: ryan's road to recovery could be a long one. a gofundme page has been set up to help the family with medical expenses. in pleasant hill, lillian kim, abc 7 news. in developing news now, this is the aftermath of two crashes
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that left a chp motorcycle officer seriously injured. that officer was responding to a crash in concord and was hit by another vehicle. it happened tonight near the port chicago highway. eastbound lanes were shut down for two hours. and chp says the officer is expected to survive. a couple in riverside county faces torture charges in what is called a disturbing cales of abuse involving 13 children. police arrested the parents after a daughter escaped and called 911. the children, ranging in age from 2 to 29 were shackled to their beds amidst their own filth. neighbors say they rarely saw the kids. >> the older kids, i thought they were like 12.ed malnourish
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peal. >> it's so sad. >> david ran a school from the family home. tonight, the couple is being held on $9 million bail each. a plan in pleasanton faces attempted murder charges after police say he beat his mother. you see him here, he is accused of punching her this morning. he was covered in blood, highly agitated. his mother suffered cuts and bruising. a beloved tennis coach from san jose is missing and presumed b dead. he was tandem skydiving with an instructor when something went wrong. >> try to keep it away from the mid. >> reporter: jose can't believe he may ever play tennis, let alone, never see his friend again. he was a friend of tyler nii,
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who went to new zealand. >> we weren't sure if it were true or not. but then, i look through facebook and i went on his page because i was curious, i saw a post that his mother put up. that's when i knew that something terrible had happened. >> reporter: now, a police diving squad in queenstown is searching for nii at a lake. last wednesday, he went tandem skydi skydiving. the instructor was rescued but nii sank into the lake and is presumed dead. >> he went to have fun in a different country. he went to enjoy life and be free for a little bit from work and have some fun. it all turned out to be an accident. >> reporter: nii's family and friends are devastated. the 27-year-old was the varsity tennis coach in san jose and coached students on the peninsula. >> these were the kids that were going to text him after a tournament because they wanted to say, guess how great i did.
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not because he was the coach, but because he was their friend. >> reporter: his fellow coaches are teaching his students. it has been emotionally difficult. >> what students love about him most was how kind he was and how soft he was and how patient a personal he was. >> reporter: his family is heading to new zealand in hopes of finding his body. >> we need to find him and bring him back home. >> new zealand's dive squad is leading the search. a southwest flight had to be diverted to oakland tonight after a bird went into an engine. that flight was going from sacramento to phoenix when the crew noticed a smell in the cabin. the flight landed just fine. and the passengers were put on another plane. the bay area honored martin luther king jr. today. >> hundreds of people took part in a traditional march. the group headed to the gardens for a rally and speeches.
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sky 7 shows the hundreds taking part. abc 7 news was in san jose where many boarded the celebration train. this event has been going on for yearsnd takes passengers up the peninsula to san francisco for a march. >> the holiday is considered a day of service. volunteers in oakland cleaned up a park. many of them, children who only know of dr. king through books or videos of his speeches. martin luther king jr. would have turned 89 years old today. edwin hawkins has died. he is best known for the song "oh happy day" and is credited with fathering modern gospel roots. >> reporter: edwin hawkins took music global. >> they had a 12-year-old from brazil singing "oh, happy day." >> he recorded the song in 1968, in this berkeley church.
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>> the right people heard it. and before you know it, the kids in berkeley were sensations. and you saw them on "the ed sullivan show." >> reporter: hawkins died monday from pancreatic cancer. his nephew notes the music. >> he's a genius. listening back to his catalog and all the music that he made, way before his time. >> reporter: known for blending gosp gosp gosp gosp gospel hymns with modern sound. "oh, happy day" hit the big screen in "sister act ii." but the four-time grammy winner always brought it back to the bay area. seen here, producing a song to raise funds for world environment day. >> i had part of a melody. but the lyrics just can't seem
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to flow. >> they do now. >> it seems to work now. >> reporter: hawkins performed as recently as december and was working on new recordings before he died. >> he never stopped. that's what he loved to do. he loved to glorify god with his gift. >> reporter: gospel for the masses, music for good. ♪ oh, happy day >> reporter: in the east day, kat katie utis, abc 7 news. hawkins was not the only singing star to pass away. ♪ do you have to let it linger >> coming up, we say good-bye to a musician's whose voice helped sell 40 million albums. and a rescue that has a joyful ending. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, the eagles are back. first, a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel
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live." >> thanks. watch this and discuss it with your friends. >> i have a lot of funny barbra streisand stories. >> what? give us one. why do you have funny barbra streisand storieie
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♪ ♪ never quite as it seems never quite as it seems ♪ the cranberries lead singer died in london where she was recording. she was 46 years old. the cranberries rose to fame with songs like "dreams" and "linger." the cause of death is unknown. firefighters make all sorts of daring rescues this one in
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sonoma county was different. crews saved a baby cow that was trapped at the bottom of a well. they rigged up some ropes and lifted the 300-pound animal out of the well. the well was cover bud the calf fell through the covering, landing 16 feet below. an elementary school has become a hot spot for bird watchers, again. a nest of bald eagles has come to nest for the second year in a row. >> reporter: as dusk arrived, so did they. a graceful return to their newly built nest in milpitas. >> it's breathtaking to see them play. >> reporter: rex brought his 6-year-old son-in-law, darius. >> i have a little camera. it doesn't have a big lens. >> we get so busy with our lives. kind of take in what you see around us and not forget about the small things. >> reporter: these photos, taken by susan chung, show the birds
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in spectacular detail. she has been following the pair since last year when they first arrived at the school. >> they do form long-term bonds. >> reporter: especially if the location proved successful and there's a good food source. it's great because it shows that the species is coming back. >> reporter: for michael, the eagles present an exciting challenge. >> i think birds in flight are one of the most interesting things in photography you can do. >> reporter: his work is far from over. >> i'll be back here again. >> reporter: while bird watchers and photographers are flocking to the area, it's important to note there are signs posted, telling people to keep their distance. ensuring the eagles can safely bring their eaglets into the world in a few months. >> they are so majestic up there. >> they are. now, they're probably a little wet up there. >> oh, yeah. trying to seek some cover. it's all about the rain, isn't it? >> that's right. and this is the first of a
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series of systems. let's look at live doppler 7 right now. i want to show you where we're seeing damp roadways. in the north bay, it's not very heavy, heading out towards the geysers road area, it's slippery. from ukiah to old river road, going towards lakeport, you might notice there's a good cell here. it's not going to hit the ground yet. but it could. keep that in mind. we have a dense fog advisory for the carquinez strait. fog is thick and in parts of the bay area, we're seeing reduced visibility. down to one mile in santa rosa and in half moon bay. you'll need extra time on the commute. we have a high surf advisory until 4:00 p.m. swell heights, 9 to 13 feet the could see breakers up to 20
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feet. there's a risk of rip currents. our exploratorium camera, we look towards the bay. cold rain, breezy conditions thursday/friday, as the second storm comes in. and the third one is stronger for sunday. this is our current system a level 1 system. tomorrow morning, shattered light showers. 1 11:30 tonight. you see scattered light showers. this continues into 4:00 a.m., spotty in nature. 5:00 a.m., morning commute is going to start around slow. you notice damp roadways out there. by 8:00 a.m., isolated showers. and it's gone by 9:00, 10:00 arrives. in terms of the thursday system, this one is going to be colder and hold more moisture. noonti noontime, wet across the bay
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area. look at the snow coming down in the sierras. the snow level will be running low. friday, the rain continues. and we switch over to showers on friday night. the sierra has up to 18 inches as possible. snow down to 4,000 feet. and there could be accumulation as low as 3,000. a winter storm watch will be going up for thursday and friday afternoon. they need the snow. temperatures, low 40s and low 50s. don't leave home without a jacket or a sweater. and allow extra time. the morning commute will be dicey. here's your seven-day forecast. early morning showers and fog. a break on wednesday. and then, a level 1 system, cold showers thursday, friday. notice the temperatures plunging. friday, only in the low 50s for highs. that's winter for you. short break saturday. moderate storm level 2 on our scale. brings us wet conditions on
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sunday. and lingering showers, level 1 for monday. and the temperatures will be in the 50s friday through monday. download the accuweather app. >> what a change. >> yeah. big change. >> thank you. well, the new google arts and culture app has a fun new feature. eric is shaking his head. that matches your face to a classic painting. we'll test it out with our faces coming up next. tomorrow on "good morning america," dakota fanning talks about her new movie and s.a.g. awards. and dan b&p
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i've waited for this story. >> yeah, i can tell. >> you may have seen it, posts from the google arts and cultures app.
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>> it take yours picture and matches it up with a portrait. she matched up with a uyghur woman. >> here is eric. >> mine looks like a mug shot. nothing like dr. king. >> and here's mike shumann. he looks like sir walter barttelot. >> i'm here to collect taxes. >> did you have the curls, too? >> that's a fun app, right? >> it's brilliant. what picture? big holidays equal big games in the nba tonight in cleveland. but this kid
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> cavaliers and warriors got together in cleveland for a possible preview of this year's nba finals. huge rivalry match-up. this little guy stole the show. 23-23. thomas hooping to lebron james, finishing with the reverse jam. cavaliers up two. nw, up five. durant had 32 points. dwyane wade gets the dunk. cavs led by seven at the half. here's something you don't see every day. steph curry, a two-handed jam. he had 23 points. k.d. can't believe it. the dubs ran away in the fourth. swaggy p., three-pointer for the
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dagger. dubs win 118-108, sweep the season series against the cavalie cavaliers. >> we respect each other. we go out and compete. that's what we do. only got to think about that. we go out and play our games. and may the best man win. >> you want to play well against them every time. at the end of the day, it's the last three finals appearances. for the most part, they've been playing well for a long time now. so, you know, you want to get better and better and see things you can work on going forward. giants have a center fielder. they acquire andrew mccutcheon and 500 grand in cash. the pirates will send some cash to cover part of his $14.75 million salary. mccutcheon was the mvp in 2013. he is durable. he played 156 games last year.
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but he's not been an all-star since 2015 when he was selected for the fifth-straight time. men in teal in the first. a nice pass by donskoi to tyranny. kyle clifford with a break-away for the kings. huge save, that would have cut the sharks' lead in half. sharks go on to win it 4-1, your final. day two of the australian open. six-time champion, novak djokovic and his coach, andre agassi, after a six-month layoff. facing donald young. and the 14 seed looks like he never left. he wins it, moving on to round two for the 12th-straight year. maria sharapova, madison keys and halep moved on today.
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>> thanks. abc 7 news continues online on twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc 7 new


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