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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 26, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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are. the debate over immigration reform hits a bay area college camp in the form of signs. those feeling targeted are pushing back. good evening thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. . poverties with an anti-immigrant message have surfaced on the campus of santa clara
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university. undocumented students are pushing back with post-ers and banner of their own. david louie has the story. >> >> reporter: this post-er appeared in two places on campus. it did not sit well with lan o students. >> there is a fine line between hate sfeech and free speech this is clearly hate speech. >> the unthorsoned post-er came down quickly opposed by this banner in the ongoing debate. it too was taken down because post-ed on aabling without perms. but he reappeaed in a free speech zone near the student dining hall. inside a staircase is filled with post-ers. >> i feel like it's important we need to to voice our opinions in a respectful manner where we can get a point across. but still allow ourselves to grow and really learn from each other. >> dialogue is exactly what the university administration sees as constructive. in a statement the prove oft said although various individuals on campus have chose
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ton express views in ways disrespectful, hostile or intentionally hurtful, i remain hopeful that every one of us will commit to hold ourselves to higher standards of behavior in our dialogue with one another. >> i think that's really beautiful to see that when we have these incidents of issues of blatant hate that we can have members of the community come together to show the love that these members of our community so desperately need right now. >> the chair of the ethnic studies department mass said the heated debate habs a distract for lanto students. >> there is concern over there their ability to complete their education free from the unwanted burdens other students don't have to carry. >> alert of that incident. the doctor hopes the university will consider a longstanding request to assign a full time staff person or create a resource center to help address latina issues. abc 7 news was outside
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i.c.e. office fs in san francisco when religious leaders from faiths called for the release of a man held by immigration authorities. this follows the arrest of fernando carillo in san jose. he was a undocumented immigrant. all tlae of his children were born in the united states. homeland security says in a statement that it respects -- it respects the protesters rights to express themselves. it also issued this statement on the man. the department homeland security the database show he has been removed to native mexico three times since 2003. records indicate mr. carirlo has prior criminal convictions including possession of fraudulent identification and driving under the influence. president trump meantime is discussing details of his administration's latest immigration plan while overseas at the world economic forum in davos switzerland. >> we must replace our current system of extended family chain migration with a merit-based
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system of admissions. >> the proposal includes limiting americans to sponsoring only spouses or minor children for legal citizenship. as well as ending the visa lottery program. the white h asking for $25 billion to billed trump's border wall and increase border security. the plan is set to be presented to the senate on monday. in exchange for offering a path to citizenship over the next decade to nearly 2 million d.r.e.a.m.ers brought to the united states illegally as children. that's more than double the number protected by daca right now. moving on the roads have been especially dangerous for chp officers lately. the most recent just this morning. two officers injured during a chase in hayward. also in hayward, an officer killed as we reported to you on krms eve. another officer was pinned under a car after being hit on a highway 4 stretch of road on january 16th. a few days later another officers was hit in san jose.
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in three crashes officers say driving under the influence is believed to be the cause. as abc 7 news reporter melly wood row explains this prompted the chp to take further action to crackdown on dui. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is focused on enhanced enforcement patrols for impaired drivers even more so now. out of four recent crashes involving chp officers, three of them involved drivers suspected of being under the influence. one of the crashes was fatal. >> it's been a tough month. >> reporter: christmas eve 33-year-old andrew camilleri, a husband and father was killed when a suspected drunk and possibly high driver slammed into his patrol car on the shoulder of southbound i-880. camilleri's partner jangten velasquez was injured. they were on a maximum enforcement patrol, looking for drivers under the influence. >> it really galvanizes you makes you have a sense of mission what you're doing. >> reporter: three weeks after
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the deg chp officer martin was investigate ago crash on highway 4 when an alleged intoxicated driver crashed into his motorcycle break bowing his legs. today the chp tweeted rain or shine bringing the officer some of his favorite grub. last friday the night a chp officer was investigating a collision in southbound 101 when he was struck by a vehicle sending him over an embankment. >> another foot or so and he could have been killed. >> the driver of that vehicle was also arrested on suspicion of dui. and just this morning, two chp officers and a civilian suffered minor injuries following a pursuit and crash on the 8th street off ramp from northbound i-880 in hayward. the enhanced enforcement patrols continue through super bowl weekend. in san francisco, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. a driver crashed into a house this evening after a
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high-speed chase in san ramon. you can see the c car inside a bashed in driveway wall there. police stay li say is started when they tried to stop the driver for speeding. they say the driver took off in heavy fog losing control and hitting the house. again in the east bay in san ramon. officers tracked him to apartments nearby. they say he was wanted on two felony warrants now under arrest. san jose police arrested a man on four charges related to child pornography. 36-year-old nathan smith allegedly used yahoo! messenger to trade sexual images of children younger than five years ol. smith is a registered sex offender. he was convicted of child pornography back in 2010. in sonoma county today a hearing about a subject so many people know all too well talking about wildfires. the questions how can government and utilities work together to prevent them? here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman with the process
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of finding the answers. >> reporter: most of the time we see fire prevention as dangerous physical work. today in santa rosa. >> today we turn our attention once again to the recurring issue of utility wildfire prevention. >> reporter: call it firefightering of the legislative kind as the state senate subcommittee on gas electric and transportation safety came to town. in the city now known for last october's fire storm disaster senator jerry hill and assemblyman mark leveren and others asked what laws the state might pass to prevent tragedies like the one last fall. >> should utilities providing electricity manage the trns mission and distribution. do they have the resources to do so protect all californians. >> among those answering questions pg&e vice president of electrical operations pat hogan. >> these are statewide issues. and we need statewide solutions. >> mr. hogan is the only person who appeared today to declined to be interviewed by abc 7.
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pg&e faces possible legal action in connection with charges with their power lines may have caused the fires that burned through neighborhoods like this. mr. hogan did say the utility has been proactive before and after the fires by cutting down trees and installing circuit breakers to reduce risk. >> we don't want to paint bull's-eyes what we want to do is work toward solutions. that's going to take partnering with pg&e to figure out how to do things better. >> sonoma county supervisor lind aif hopkins emphasized this ws about mind finding solutions. she and any agreed that california needs to be proactive in fighting fires and managing fire prone areas like western sonoma county. >> the question is not whether the county burns it's when. >> abc 7 news. a lot more to come this friday night process. parking for a price. facewood jam packed parking lots. b.a.r.t. is considering an interesting solution to free up some of the spots. find out how that would work.
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we'll explain. and check out this video. the place in northern california that saw a waterspout blow through during yesterday's storm. wild weather there. i'm krb 7 news meteorologist. sandhya patel. temperatures in the above average category coming your way. the weekend coming up. the price tag keeps going up. the new estimated cost to repair the extensive
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ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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well, commuters taking b.a.r.t. know it's almost impossible to find a parking most stations after 6:00 in morning. it looks like that. jam packed. thes transit agency for ways to free up space. . one solution, the b.a.r.t. would change the daley parking fee to , sr. 3 to one that goes up or down based on demand. eric thomas has more. >> reporter: it costs $3 a day to park at a b.a.r.t. station. commuters have a love hate relationship with the fee. >> i guess it depends on your circumstances. for me it's okay. >> that's more than enough as far as i'm concerned. and raising it would just be atrocious. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is discussing the idea of raising and sometimes lowering the parking fee based on demand. currently the lots are full by
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6:00 a.m. each station has a waiting list for parking permits averaging 3,000. >> the idea is let's look at parking. is there something we can do with the policies, fees, to help alleviate the crowding situation. >> reporter: the hope is a higher fee would discourage people from driving to b.a.r.t. and encourage biking and walking. versely prices would drop when demand is light. >> on fridays in the middle of the day we charge the same amount the lots don't fill up on friday. especially during holiday break, spring break, the lots doesn't fill you union fridays. >> a trip from walnut creek to the embarcadero station is almost $12 round trip plus parking nearly $15 a day total. that's why the concept is getting mixed reviews. >> i commute to the city every tai to work at a hospital in the city. so it's expensive to add on to already the b.a.r.t. fees going up anyways. >> i think, you know, another dollar would be not that much more that i could -- i could pay
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that. >> b.a.r.t. says license plate cameras would also be installed to make sure people are paying to park. right now, this is all just an idea. the b.a.r.t. board discuss to do yesterday but took no action. some members want to explore the impact it would have on the poor. and there is no agreement on how much would be charged. the proposal is being put aside for now but could resurface again this smr. in walnut creek, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a lawmaker from san francisco wants to make it easier to build homes near transit corridors. state senate democrat scott wiener has introduce add bill to override zoning laws when it comes to transit systems. they believe it will help the housing crisis making homes affordable while helping the environment at the same time. >> if we're meeting our climate goals we need to have more people living close to public transportation. that's how we reduce driving, how we will reduce congestion. how we'll stop pushing people into sprawl and crushing
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commutes. some local cities oppose this bill. claiming it promotes jent trify indication. a 2016 study says california has room to add 3 million homes near major transit hubs. wheel the east bay's first dedicated transit lane is now complete. it stretches for three blocks along ban christofer way in berkeley between dana and fulton streets as you can see on the map. it's painted red as a signal to cars and bikes to go around. several lanes like this already exist in san francisco. you've probably seen them. where they purportedly help public transit run more than 25% faster. fedex is the latest big company to announce bonuses force workers as a result of the federal tax changes which lowered the correspondent income tax rate. fedex says it stands hands hout bonuses raise wages and donate $1.5 billion to the pension plan. companies like wal-mart, southwest abstarbucks and disney have followed a similar path.
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disney we remind as you the parent company of abc 7. all right you've heard that old adage when you at first you don't succeed try, try again. well jose hernandez took that to heart and took those words with him into space. today the formerly astronaut some of immigrant farm workers talked to students at concord high about his journey and the value of education. here is abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez. >> finally, you know my number came up. >> jose hernandez has described himself as the first migrant farm worker into space. in august 2009 he went on a 14-day mission to the international space station. he was a flight engineer. >> i want to be an astronaut. >> those words surprised his father who at the time knew only about life as a poor farm worker in stockton. but soon words of encouragement followed >> define what you want to be in life recognize how far you are from that goal. draw yourself a road map so you know how to get there.
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education. no substitute for a good education. work hard process. >> hernandez applied to nasa and was rejected 11 times. when he finall got in, he added perseverance as another so-called rest pie for success. students at concord high found his message inspiring. >> him talking about his parents education because i come from a family of high school dropouts and such pup but i'm -- i'm intending on going to college. >> it's not just getting the bare minimum. it's trying to find out what -- what -- what further you can do to actually better it. >> tos dreamers stuck in the mist of a heated debate over immigration reform hernandez reminded them to deliver more than what people expect of them. >> focus on yourself. keep staying in school. get yourself that education. get yourself prepared, because when that political pendulum swings the other way you got to
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be prepared to take advantage of it. >> that's how this son of immigrant farm workers ended up harvests stars instead. in concord, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> vir inspiring for the young people today. this is something we don't see everyday da in cal are california. while getting rain in the bay area there was wild weather to the north. surveillance cameras caught a waterspout over humboldt bay. moving through the marina before breaking up after a mint or so. you can see the mist rise from the water and move across the screen. there are no reports of any damage from that storm. but certainly a fascinating glimpse into what happened. we had strange weather all day all around the bay area but things calmed down consider by. the weekend is here. sandhya patel has the forecast. we're not seeing the cold unstable air that caused the waterspout return in the bay area. that caused the hail yesterday.
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snow from the higher efrlgss and showers along with thunder. i want to show you the time laps worth just watching over and over again. so what was left of yesterday's storm along with the heating from the sun created these reheated left overs if you will over mount diebold o this afternoon. as we head to the weekend ewe see the combination of sun and clouds particularly tomorrow and britter skies going into sunday. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. skies pretty much clear other than fog in parts of the bay area like fairfield. your 48 hour rainfall totals .5 inches in san jose and sanity rosa. livermore got .459 of an inches. did it make a difference in since october 1st here is where we stand season to date yes we went up but not near average by any stretch of imagination. 62% of normal in san jose. 73% at. sfo and 68 in san francisco. now, as we head into the weekend
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we're seeing some changes. so santa rosa's average high is 58 dree degrees. tomorrow at average. but look at the temperatures soar. sunday really continuing up and down through most of next week. you're seeing the temperatures well above average for this time of year. so major changes in our pattern is coming our way. as you take a look at the live picture from krb 7 news explore storm camera. looks different from last night when we had rain drops. it's 49 degrees in san francisco. getting chilly in pastors bay area. oakland 48. 49 in san jose. 39 in half moon bay. a sparkling view of downtowns here? san francisco. 37 in napa mp. most of the rest you of you in 40s. concord 49. you can see the bay bridge here. . part lir cloudy and chilly overnight. milder days ahead beginning tomorrow. looking at near 70 degrees inland early next week.
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hour by hour forecast, 11:00 tonight yes clouds around and some fog. we go to tomorrow morning and as the weekend begins there might be a few light showers or sprinkles around mendocino county. basically 5:00 a.m. and 9:30. it's a week system just going to brush the northern end of the viewing area. then it winds down heading to the afternoon. it's not a game changer but keep that in mind. first thing in the morning that's the area where the precipitation for the rest of you dry mix and clouds in the fog of the case of fairfield antioch concord, the usual spots. temperatures starting off in the mid-30s to mid-40s. definitely cold enough to where you need to bumble up to start off the weekend plans. later in the day it's shades and sun screen. south bay 61. san jose morgan hill on the peninsula upper 50s within redwood city designate o. 56 in pacifica. sun shining mp 58 in downtown san francisco. north bay you see heavier cloud cover. then the rest of the bay area upper 50s santa rosa sonoma
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vallejo in the east bay and oakland, 60 in fremont. heading i meanland sunny. the temperature trend for sunday, trending higher milder weather. many 60s there and be then a little dip on monday before the temperatures rebound with near 70 degree warmth. accuweather seven had day forecast. milder weather for the afternoons. do expect myren flukt aches in the temperatures for the next seven days. no rain in the forecast. as of right now. so you can download the app and keep track of all the changes. dan. >> sandhya thanks very much. nice calm period for a few days. >> we deserve a break. >> we'll enjoy it. well the orville dam is turning into an expense oef fix. the price tag on the massive fix. >> fake news. >> president trump to reports he was trying to fire
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the cost to repair and reconstruct the ruptured orville dam has sky rocketed. california department of water resources says tonight it will now cost -- brace yourself -- $870 million, up 32% from the last estimate. a spokesperson tells the sacramento bee that it's just how now been able to figure out the cost of recovery that including removal of debris and relocating power lines. the largest expense is the reconstruction of two damaged spillways. that will top $500 million. more to come as we continue here. the president is back home tonight but facing tough questions. what we have learned about mr. trump's reported desire to oust special counsel robert mueller
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and the explanation behind it. fuming marijuana growers finding out why california is face ago lawsuit from those trying to cash in on proposition 64. and new fallout tonight from the gymnastics sexual assault scannedland. what has happened on one college campus and the response from the usa gym for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it.
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because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. and good evening once again. we'll start this half hour with president trump who is back in the united states tonight after returning from switzerland. he is facing serious question base reports he moved to fire robert mueller last june. the president is denying that claim. however multiple news outlines
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have confirmed the president wanted mueller out. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has the story. >> reporter: appearing before a gathering in davos switzerland of some of the world's richest and most powerful the president took credit for an american comeback. >> america is open for business. and we are competitive once again. >> but his message was overshadowed by news back home a report first in "the new york times" that last summer he had sought to fire special counsel robert mueller. >> did you seek to fire mueller. >> why did you try to fire robert mueller. >> fake news. typical "new york times" fake stories. >> presidential denial but a story confirmed by abc news that the president sought to have mueller dismissed in june. just one month after he was appointed to the job. so why didn't it happen? according to the "times," white house counsel don mcgahn refused
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to ask the justice department to carry out the president's wishes, even threatening to quit himself. the president's desire to push mueller aside wasn't exactly a secret. at the time chris ruddy a long-term friend of the president's went public warning him not to do it. >> i think he is considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. i think he is weighing that option. i personally think it would be a very significant mistake. >> a couple months later trump denied even thinking about firing mueller. >> i haven't given it any thought. >> some of the president's tom aides defied it too. >> he has not discussed firing bob mueller. >> "the new york times" reports trump even had come up with a rationale for firing mueller, a list of three alleged conflicts of interest, including the fact that mueller had come to the white house the day before he was named special counsel to talk to the president about returning to his old job of fbi director. over the summer, the president fumed about that in an
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interview. >> mueller wanted the job. what the hell is this all about? talk about conflicts? he was interviewing for the job. >> tonight at the white house the president's lawyers remain mum, leaving it to the president alone to deny the story. but "the new york times" reports there is one person who is known about it for months. robert mueller himself. >> jonathan karl, abc news be the white house. back in august the launches introduced legislation to rimt limit the president's power to remove a special counsel. a group of cannabis growers is suing the state over large scale pot farms. they filed the lawsuit this week claiming state officials are in violation of proposition 64 which calls for growth sites no big are than one acre. but new rules adopted by the department of food and agricultural let grower apply for multiple licenses. the group says the limits are necessary for small scale
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farmers to compete in the rapidly growing industry. >> if the marketplace is saturated and the mechanicplace is bill it's harder to break into the market after the fact. california's new legalized cannabis market opened january 1st as you know legislative analysts say the industry will add nearly $1.0 billion to the state's tax revenue. after more than a decade the president of planned parent hood is stepping down. cease i will richards saying she will leave by the ended of the year. she calls her time leading the planned parenthood the honor of my lifetime and says she would remain committed to political activism. she worked as a deputy chief of staff to nancy pelosi. today pelosi fweeted to richards never doubt that your energy intellect and determination have inspired millions and helped so many stand up for rights and
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their health care. more ahead for you, the item put on sale that caused chaos in france. plus we'll take to you a big celebration for a bay area landmark, the story behind the name and the new
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well you've seen brawls break out on blalack friday the day after thanksgiving. but what about a fight over nutella. check this out. a chaotic scene after a french supermarket discounted that popular hazel nut spread by 70%. so it was a great deal. this video post-ed online you can see customers pushing and shoving and shouting to try to get as many jars as possible. police had to step in. they love it. today marks the 160th
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anniversary for a local landmark with a storied past in brings bane. abc 7 news at the seven mile house for this afternoon's celebration. the restaurant and bar opened on the same spot in 1858. today the seven mile house debuted a book tell the story of a place that once served stage coach passengers between san francisco and san jose. the seven mile house getset its name because itself miles from the center of san francisco. really cool rich history. a new alarming statistics about the flu tonight. and what is wrong with this magazine us.
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more fallout tonight from the larry nassar sexual abuse
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scandal. campus of michigan state hours after the athletic director announced his retirement. the students want the board of trustees to be more proactive with allegations of sexual assault. nassar worked as the team doctor. this comes the same day at entire usa gichltic board said it will comply with the olympic committee and resign. aly riceman indicated on the view there is more to come. she says we still have to hold the organizations accountable. michigan state university, usa gymnastics enabled this monster, took his side over us, in her words today. on wednesday long timement lou anna simon submitted her resignation, the same day nassar was sentenced. today jackie speier demanded
9:45 pm
the gymnastic committee and take action. it comes days after the doctor was sentenced up to 175 years in prison for sexual abuse. 2020 anchor elizabeth varga sat down with 19 of nassar as accusers and found something positive in their conversation. >> the good news about this and what's extraordinary about our hour tonight is when you see them come together and draw strength from each other. they have said they feel closer to these women, some of whom they've never met -- because let's be honest we had one of the very first women we abused in the group of 19 and one of the very last women he abused in our group of 19. >> and you can hear from those 19 survivors tonight on a special edition of 2020, investigates at 10:00 p.m. on abc 7. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. well stock and wynn resorts tanked after reports of steve
9:46 pm
wynn sexually assault andrea harassed women. wynn blames his ex-wife for launch ago smear campaign while in a legal battle. according to the "wall street journal" wynn did settle a complaint with one employee for more than $7 million for reportedly pressuring her to have sex with him. in a statement steve wynn writes, quote, we found ourselves in a world where people can make allegations regardless of the truth and a person is left with a choice of weathering insulting publicity or engaging in multiyear lawsuits. end quote. well new numbers from the centers for disease control show the flu epidemic, the worst in nearly a decade. the most intense since the swine flu outbrea in 2009. and it hasn't even peaked yet. 39 states reporting high flu activity and the deaths of seven more children last we can. 37 so far this season. it's been bad. here is abc news reporter lindsey janice. >> reporter: tonight, 37-year-old mother carly slaven
9:47 pm
from indiana, one of the flu epidemic's latest victims. her father said she had been taking her care of her husband and children who had the virus when she felt sick. >> my wife called and said get over here right away. they put her in icu in critical condition. >> she died three days after testing positive for the flu. >> we all were there standing around her. and she left about 6:30 in the morning. >> carly's story highlighting the danger to caregivers and others at home. tonight the c.d.c. recommending that some people at higher risk take a preventative dose of tamiflu. even if they don't have the flu. a step could cut the chances of getting the virz up to an estimated 80%. >> if there are infections in the household and you're concerned about an older individual in the home talk with doctors and see if the medicines are something that would be useful. >> across the country nearly 12,000 flu patients so sick they've had to be hospitalized.
9:48 pm
the c.d.c. says the number of children reported to have died from the flu this season has climbed to 37. 12-year-old dylan winnox family said i he had a fever monday and died tuesday. >> shocking you get a call that he passed. how the hell does that happen. >> >> reporter: something unique to this flu season. the hospitalization rates for people between the ages of 50 and 64 are higher than for the very young. it's usually the other way around. the hardest hit group still those 65 and older. be lindsey janice, abc news new york. "vanity fair" magazine is apologizing for what appeared to be a digital manipulation of a cover. the spread on hollywood features numerous stores. look closely and reese witherspoon appears to have a third leg. oprah looks like she has an extra hand. .
9:49 pm
they say the third leg is lining of the dress. at for oprah the magazine is updated. both ladies had fun over swirt li twitter about the cover and additional limbs. one last check on the weather. let's go to sandhya patel. two arms and two legs. >> last time i checked. hi everyone let's look at live doppler 7 right now. a few cloids and to the north you notice that yes the pacific northwest is getting slammed by rain. and snow and so far the line of precipitation is across the northern portion of the state. most of it stays there. but a little bit may slip in mendocino c.t. tomorrow morning. we're keeping a chance of sthours there. here is how we did in january compared to december. really well for the month of january. san francisco 144% of average. san jose 129. oakland 1323% of normal. but overall season to date, is running behind. we can use storms not going to
9:50 pm
see them tomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid-50s to low 60s, mix of sun and clouds. and for the accuweather seven-day forecast it starts off chilly but mild on sunday when temperatures are near 70. up and down for about seven days then. and i looked at the extended computer model, dan. you have to wait until february 10th or 11th. >> really. >> before we see rain. that's a long stretch of dry conditions. >> all right we don't need that. >> we don't but that's what it looks like. >> thanks a lot. all right saunterring up to the bar sports director larry beil. >> i will be at 11:35 that's where i will be. sports tonightpy will show you what a $175 million injury looks like. damarkus boogie cousins free agent this summer. now he spends it rehabbing a devastating injury. that's next in sports.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer rmgts good evening warriors best record in the league 39-10 leading the score 116 points a game. three-point shooting number one 40%. they also happen to have the leaders in technical fouls. draymond green number one kevin durant is second. along those lines. the nba announced a plans to smooth over frustration between players and reves. frustration high on both ends. meetings held by both ends over the next month. they would like to see the players respect the game more.
9:55 pm
reaction today from the warriors. >> nobody is going home thinking about a ref or going to sleep mad at a ref and vice versa. i think they need to make sure all the rults are clear. they switched the rule up this year process. the rules need to be clear and guys get used to them we'll be fine. >> like anything else in life it's easier to just talk something out. and that way each side brings up what's important to them. and then you just -- initiate a conversation and you figure some things out. >> this is funny when the all star teams announced yesterday russell westbrook of the thunder he got mad because he was listed last on team le brown. giving the impression he was selected last. lebron was funny with the response in a moment. but the list in alphabetical order. westbrook, w, last and russell was bres pleased to find out about that. >> i was last pick on the list. i was figuring out. >> alphabetical. >> see, i told you, man.
9:56 pm
alphabetical order, of course i was first. >> only thing i know for sure russell went last. he is crazy. >> that's funny stuff. nba tonight rockets and new orleans fear the beard. houston down 20. coming you'llet all the way back. trevor ties up at 109 with a minute:15 to go. the he will pelicans wouldn't polled. demarcus cousins, the muscle inside the former sacramento king. here is where goes wrong. boogie misses the free throw, the hustle for the rebound watch him land. he will tear his left achilles tendon right there. season over for boogie cousins. free agent to be. that could be a $$175 million injury. pelicans win 115-113 but loose one of the the best players.
9:57 pm
>>s the hosting arizona state big night for brittany mcphee storing the 1,000th point in a stanford uniform. over the 1,000 barrier 24 points as stanford rolls 74-50 in the cal women over arizona oefrp. espn came out with a scathing report indicated michigan state athletic covered up numerous sexual assault cases in the past decade. one report says the basketball coach would retire. but tonight he is not going anywhere. the football coach made a similar remark saying they would cooperate with investigations denying wrong doing opinion 789 oejd a's hold the fan fess tomorrow at jack london square. they get a lookty new jerseys, worn during the friday home game in upcoming season. let us reveal right now, leading off the lead off hit he marcus sim onhalf tucked in half outlook. best runway model matt chapman.
9:58 pm
let's see zoolander. thank you very much with the pose. a little golf. tiger woods his return after a year of rehab trying to get that back fixed. round 2 at torrey pines looked bad. slammed his club on 13 into rough. took a drop next shot. bounces off took a double bogey. at one point tiger was three shots off the cut line. he had to rally. his final 9 better, long birdie here. got him going. woods rally makes birdie on the final who will. a little-in to finish 1 under. ten strokes off the lead. >> at the time i think there were over 80 some odd guy was within seven shots of the lead at the time which is crazy. everyone is so stacked up anybody can win the tournament it if you make thet. you know hopefully tomorrow i can go out and post a little number. >> abc 7 sports brought to you
9:59 pm
by toyota. we used to wonder -- would you take tiger or the restore of the field now he just hopes to make the cut. >> things have changed but at least you pointed out his back is not bothers. >> he is pain free it's a start. >> thanks very much. yes. >> coming up and abc 7 news at 11:00 a big reason to smile for a local man. exonerated well after he completed 13 years in prison. how a south bay organization was able to help him get his charges reversed process. also, some may be pushing 80 but they got moves. the bay area dance troop loves giving back. but tonight they need help of their own. we'll explain. the stories and a lot more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. but that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. we appreciate your time. hope to see you in one hour over on the big 7.
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- [narrator] today the stories of two murder cases. one in westchester county, new york, the other in wellesley, massachusetts. in our first case a wife begins an affair with a coworker.


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