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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 18, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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you can see the contrast right there, the beach and snowy mountains a different place to be. the constant is the cold. the mountains the bay area could see record temperatures late irtonight and tomorrow. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. even here in the bay area could see snow later tonight. let's take a live look now from our mount tamme cam where you can see there. you can't see the cold. you can see it shaking around in the wind, though.
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let's get a check now with meteorologist drew tuma for the latest on our frigid forecast. >> yeah, we're tracking temperatures that continue to drop. the winds continue to crank. it just continues to bring the colder air in from canada. right now wind, you can see gusting to 33 miles per hour at sfo, 17 san carlos, 30 that current gust in san jose. livermore current wind gust of 25 miles per hour. as this cold front moves through, live doppler 7 showing you we have some showers along the coast that may try and touch off a sprinkle and even a snow flake in the santa cruz mountains. it's for that fact a winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight tonight whereas much as 2 to 4 inches of snow is possible at a thousand feet. delays are possible on state route 9, 17 and 35. what to expect those north winds continue, lows will drop into the 20s and 30s and overnight is a chance of coastal shower and flurries flying in the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow night colder than
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tonight. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> all right, drew, thank you. >> mostly moderate climate we sometimes forget to prepare for problems colder weather can cause. >> alyssa harris has the story where folks in napa are taking no chances. >> reporter: at the garden center in napa, nursery workers covered rows of citrus trees to protect them from the overnight temperature and wind chill. they moved avocado plants and other vulnerable trees and flowers inside. cold overnight freezing temperatures are expected over the next few days. >> for the last few weeks everybody thought it was spring so here come all the buds. you look around the nursery everything is blooming. that is about to change. >> reporter: edward fields said people at home can cover their plants with a sheet. he said you can warm them up by wrapping them with christmas lights. it is also important to keep plants hydrated. >> freezing temperature draws water oust of the ground, water out of everything. if the water is not monday night football it will go after the plant, draw whatever water it
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can after r out of that. >> reporter: bob wolff at ace hard way said they have been scooping up pipes for insulation. >> it stops water from going into the pipe and freezing the water. the water freezes, expands the pipe and bursts the pipe. >> reporter: wolff said they're selling a lot of frost protection for plants. the napa office of emergency services wants to remind people of the risk of hypothermia and to make sure space heaters and fireplaces are working properly. and as always, during a cold spell it's best to bring pets inside. the city's homeless shelters including this one behind me have increased their number of beds to make sure that everyone has the chance to get out of this cold weather. in napa, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> gusty winds very likely brought down scaffolding in a san francisco construction site. abc7 news was at church and market this afternoon as fire crews checked out the aftermath. we're told the scaffolding came down just after 3:00 this afternoon. nobody was hurt. >> a veteran pilot rented a
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small plane in the middle of a highway after the aircraft developed mechanical problems in the south bay. you're seeing what drivers saw along u.s. highway 101 after the single engine aircraft made its emergency landing in the freeway's median. the plane lost power at about 11:15 this morning. you can also see on the map on your screen where the plane landed and where the pilot wanted to land at the san martin airport. the pilot tried to glide toward the runway but realized his plane couldn't make it that far. >> i wasn't going to be able to make it so i was going to set it down on the freeway but the freeway traffic started backing up. i couldn't set it down without hitting cars. so i landed on the shoulder in the opposite direction and fortunately nobody got hurt. >> it was the safest location, no crashes, nobody got hurt. didn't see any property damage. >> now, a golf cart towed the plane to the airport. the pilot was flying alone from davis to watsonville. he praised drivers for moving to
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the right when they realized the wing tip was hanging over the fast lane of 101. >> it's been a somber weekend for family and friends for a 19-year-old murder victim who named her suspected killers with her last breath. those who loved liz gathered in tracy to honor her memory. >> reporter: with every candle lit and prayer said out loud or the silence of their hearts, many remember liz for one thing. >> a picture says a thousand words. she was always smiling in every picture. >> reporter: that smile they knew is gone far too soon. a tragedy causing friends and family to gather with candles to show their support for the family. >> it means a lot. over the last few days we found out that, you know, we have a lot of support. people that we know, people we don't know. we want to thank them, every single one. we know there's no words to find the feeling, the support that we are getting. it's just great. >> reporter: her dad would call her tornado because of her
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infectious energy. something nelson will miss most about his cousin. >> we used to be really close as kids. i still love her. and i'll miss her a lot. >> reporter: the family says they're still in shock, but will use the memory of her will to survive as a reason to push forward. >> right now we're doing a little bit better. you know, we're following her spirit, the fighting spirit. she never gave up. that's what we're going to dorks we're going to always think about that, the willpower she had. >> reporter: the short vigil ended with the release of balloons and a simple message. >> we love you, lisette. >> it was very emotional. it's like saying good-bye to somebody you really love symbolically, saying good-bye, it was tough. but at the same time seeing all the people here, it was a little comforting. >> reporter: a community finding comfort in each other with candles lighting the way to
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healing. >> that was ken reporting. a gofundme account has been set up to raise money to help her family. you can find a link to the page on our website, >> a warning tonight from authorities in southern california after a buffalo gorda man there. it happened as a man was sitting on a log on catalina island. officers say the buffalo was grazing nearby and as it came closer, the man tried to move, but the buffalo charged. the man was treated at the scene and air lifted to a hospital. buffalo are common and freely rome on the backside of the island, but don't usually charge at humans. >> next at 9:00, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a -- giant inflatable chicken. >> uh-huh. >> you may have noticed this sailing around the bay this weekend. no, it wasn't you. it really was there. why it was there and the message organizers hope to convey. >> also, why the warriors reversed course and plan to let a g refresh your home and save at ross.
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and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. we talk about a sight on san francisco bay yesterday. a group of protesters set off for alcatraz with an inflaterable chicken that's supposed to look like president trump. it even came with a prison uniform and the number 00045, a reference to the 45th president. the chicken is nicknamed donny the chicken and has popped up at numerous tax pro testings across the country now. the protesters have been demanding the president release his tax returns. >> facebook will soon rely on the post office to try to prevent foreign meddling in u.s. elections. a facebook executive said yesterday the company will send postcards to potential ad buyers to confirm that they reside in the u.s. recipient would then have to enter a code in facebook. this move comes after it was discovered that thousands of ads linked to russian accounts were purchased during last year's
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presidential election. >> the warriors are rethinking charging some bay area children who want to see the national anthem for tickets. third grade students at dover elementary at san pablo got an invite then came another message telling the school it would cost $85 for each student who wanted to attend. family and friends would have to pay $95, and there was a 75-ticket minimum. the chronicle said the story got back to warriors management and the team backed off those ticket demands. >> coming up at 9:00, ground control to major tesla. the way you can track this unique tesla roadster's journey through the solar system. >> and our meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the frigid accuweather forecast. stay with us. >> mike shumann, new nba all-star game, that includes defense until game's end. including klay thompson caught fire in the first half and it was k.d. and steph at game's
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end. i'll have your highlights comi
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we have some good news to share with you tonight about two young black bears that were badly burned during the thomas fire in southern california back in december. veterinarians from uc davis stitched fish skin onto the bear's paws to help healing. both bears are doing well after being released back into the wild. the uc davis treated a mountain lion the same way after they heard about fish skin being used to treat human burn victims in brazil. >> you may remember earlier this month elon musk launched this tesla into space. if you're curious where it currently is someone has created a website to track its exact whereabouts. it's where is
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>> corresponding to the website it is currently more than 2.3 million miles from earth, moving towards mars at 42,000 miles an hour. it's still going to take a few hours because it's 137 million miles away. so, i was just kidding about the hours. >> just a few. >> this was the last time the roadster was captured. that dot you see there, that's the roadster. a telescope picked it up about a week ago. it is carrying a pay load of books. those books are expected to be preserved for millions of years. one day and thousands of year old copy of i-robot could be the only memory of the human race. millions of years old copy. >> now your accuweatr forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather tonight it is chilly out there. temperatures continue to drop over the next couple of hours and the winds continue to be rather gusty. live doppler 7 showing you this cold front that moved through here earlier today. behind it it's trying to touch off a couple of coastal sprinkles out there. unfortunately it is not going to
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be anything widespread. in tahoe there is still snow falling this hour. a couple flakes flying around kirk wood, even bear valley. a couple of inches of fresh powder has been added to the sierra but still need several more inches till we makeup for the deficit we had this winter. picture outside tonight, east bay hills, camera shaking, rockin ag rolling. we have winds gusting over 30 miles per hour in some spots. so, the air temperature right now, we're kind of in the 30s and 40s right now, but you can kind of forget these numbers because it's all about the wind chill, how it feels out there with the cold temperatures and those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. feels like 34 in santa rosa right now. feels like 38 in oakland. 36 in clear lake. feels like a chilly 40 in san jose and san francisco, feels like 39 in antioch and livermore. winds continue to crank the next 12 hours. future track and wind gusts will get you to 7:00 in the morning on monday, and winds still gusting over 30 miles per hour
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in spots. the strongest winds will likely be along the coast, but still area wide it's a rather breezy start to the day. and even throughout the afternoon, the closer to the coast you are, the stronger those winds will be likely gusting near if not over 30 miles per hour. so, those winds will continue to hold that cold air in place. here's a call from accuweather. we're dropping into the 20s in our coldest spots like santa rosa and napa. 4r09 of 30s on the board. 39 the low overnight, 39 in san francisco, dropping to about 34 in antioch, but mind you talk about 5 to 10 grizzlidegrees of these numbers that's how the wind chill will feel tomorrow morning. future weather, tomorrow afternoon we're noticing something interesting. along mount hamilton there could be the chance tomorrow afternoon of a couple of flakes popping up as that cold front kind of exits the region. kind of cool to see if you do see flakes. use #abc now if you see a picture. it stays breezy. a lot of sunshine, nice looking
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day, but temperature wise we're kind of stuck in the low to mid 50s. 54 the high in oakland on your monday. 56 in san jose. about 52 in san francisco. 51 the high in napa and concord up to about 56 degrees. as we go into monday night and tuesday morning, colder air will arrive. so, a frost advisory goes into effect tomorrow night. this does include mill valley, oakland, san leandro, san jose, palo alto, san mateo, half moon bay where temperatures will drop pretty close to freezing. so, bring in your pets, protect the plants because these cold numbers are sticking with us for a couple of nights. a freeze warning will go into effect away from the coast and the bay shoreline, and this is a majority of the region monday night into tuesday morning, from santa rosa over to concord down to livermore, morgan hill, even gilroy. numbers will drop below freezing if not in the mid 20s so it will be a very frigid start to our day on tuesday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow it's cold, it's breezy, it's a sunny day but
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temperatures only limited to the 50s. to that trend of brisk mornings and cool afternoons through wednesday, chance of a shower possible on thursday. isolated at best. then we're back to average next weekend. >> now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> well, a new for matt this year. new nba lebron and steph picked their own teams. another high-scoring affair. defense played at game's end. came down with k.d. defending steph. get your popcorn ready. team lebron down. the captain knows how to throw down the alley-oop. i'll say so. klay thompson 15 points in the first half courtesy of five three's. but on the other end of the floor weak defense against dubs teammate nokds down the jumper, he had 19. steph 11 points of four shooting. hits a three. his team up three after three. minute 33 left. team lebron down three. he'll stop and launch, hits the triple, 29 points, eight boards,
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we're tied at 84. team lebron down, up one. no defense here. go up the court russell westbrook lays it in. now five seconds left. steph with the ball down three. lebron durant can't get the shot off. gives it to de rosen. too late. team lebron wins it 148-145. lebron, his third in this contest. >> 14 straight years my fans voted in me in as an all-star starter. it's up to me to go out and let them know and show them, listen, i appreciate that. here's what i'm going to give to you every time you vote me. so it's a good time to be alive, i can tell you that. >> that was great defense by myself. i like myself on the back. the game was so good. it was so competitive. it was the best one i've been a part of. it was great i got this opportunity and, you know, we all played a great game so it's no trash talking.
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>> there will be. all right. college hoops big game co-hosting stanford second track reid travis. 13 points. ten boinds. led davis. 22 points, lefty layup, plus one. cal leading score was don coleman. he misses here but on the put back tying it at 44. coleman finished with 17 points this time he drives, gets fouled and the roll. his lone field goal and stanford goes on to win 77-73, bears now 2-12 in conference play. stanford 8-6. today sharks the big game against dallas. how cute is that? a win would be big in the stanley cup. 27 seconds in, joe pavelski. we're going with the big game again. all right. do we have sharks? all right. let's move on to the daytona 500.
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60th running of the 500 had all the usual drama. lead changes 27 different cars involved in three major wrekz with the final mix up with two laps to go. the great american race, nascar's great showcae. pickup with two laps to go. led 218 of the last spins. curt bush sets off a chain reaction, multiple cars involved, will not get a chance to compete for the checkered flag. so, it's a two-lap race. final lap, eric had the lead but gets bumped by the three car of austin dillon. dale earnhardt, three cars back in victory lane. austin dillon holds on for the checkered flag. dale senior's owner 20 years ago. we have the sharks highlights. they beat dallas 5-2. we'll have those for at 11:00 and more from the all-star coming up. you know k.d. is going to be talking trash to steph afternoon checking him.
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send it into overtime. >> lebron is patting him on the back for drafting k.d. against steph. >> it will be fun. the season starts back on thursday, 24 more games for the warriors. >> thank you, sir. >> next at 9:00, "black panther" excitement sweeping across the world tonight. this movie rooted in oakland is already setting multiple already setting multiple records.
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, wind is rattling the bay area as temperatures plummet making for dangerous traveling on the ground and in the air. >> and the crosswalk buttons in your community actually do anything? 7 on your side's michael finney investigates and has some surprising results. >> a record setting holiday weekend for the marvel superhero movie directed by oakland's very own ryan kugler.
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>> north america says it exceeded $92 million this weekend. after tomorrow it is become the highest grossing movie ever directed by a black director featuring a largely black cast. it is also the most successful february opening ever. >> peter rabbit was second with 000,050 shades freed was third with just under 17 million. >> i can't wait to see "black panther." read the comic growing up and like what they've done with the character in the marvel movies. >> it's incredible. $192 million in one weekend. >> all the reviews, perfect. >> that's some pretty good folding money there. >> eric thomas money. >> yes. >> that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. we played monopoly together. >> now he's wrapping the show, uh-huh. >> see y:0on channel 7. >> cheers.
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