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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 2, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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hamilton, yes, it has been snowing today. it is wet, wet road ways from dublin boulevard all the way to livermore and light showers there. as we look to the north bay, we are seeing a mix of rain and snow. as we go into street level radar
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here around springs road. definitely we'll continue to see the mix of precipitation, there is been snow and a winter storm warning is still in effect. when we take a look at what happened earlier this afternoon, there were some lightning strikes and thunderstorms rolling across the bay area, that is level one system. a light system on our storm impact scale tomorrow. snow in the hills, 1500 to 2,000 feet. tomorrow there is a chance of thunder and hail. tonight as you take a look here, showers will be scattered and light to moderate in nature going into tomorrow morning. none the rain showers will begin to pick up. that's not the entire time line, i will be back with the rest of it for your saturday and i will let you know how oscars sunday is looking, coming up, eric. >> sandy, thank you. squall valley rescue crew responded to an avalanche. this is an video of rescuers digging out the five people
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trapped. the rescuers used dogs and probe to make sure everybody is accounted for. it is not known what trigger the avalanche, squall is closed to for the rest of the day because of avalanche hazards. a social rescue team found a body of a snow border. friends reported of the 42-year-old, jong, missing in squall valley. this is the a video of what the condition looked like when he disappeared. rescue crew used a device of what jong had on his clothes before he disappeared this morning. officials say the man was off the run when he fell head first. the resort received five feet of snow. the resort wants skiers to be careful going off the groom
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runs. caltran traffic is being turned around at colfax due to multiple spin offs. this video is from caltran, you can see the road is empty and blanketed in snow tonight. no words on when the highway will reopen. >> it is definitely slow going from those trying to get to the ski resorts. lesley brinkley made the drive earlier today to give us a firsthand look on what it is like getting in the sierra. >> reporter: it was a slow drive to tahoe. caltran train control only at 3800 feet, spin out of the i-80 corridor everywhere. >> it is long enough to freeze over and all the snow on the road way became a sheet of ice which makes it harder to remove. >> reporter: once you are up in the mountains, it is breathtaking. >> hi. >> reporter: in this neighborhood of the quiet streets and big beautiful flakes
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falling and snow piling up on balconies and on drive ways. time to shovel. >> you are getting a work out. >> well, it keeps you young, does it? >> reporter: this coach drifted off in delivery route and got stuck. over 50 inches of the white stuff fallen since wednesday with more on the way tonight. >> this is the kind of snow of the powdery snow that skiers d love. the winds have been picking up. >> you find deep areas, i found some areas out there where it is snowing later of shoulder deep. >> reporter: sugar bowl expects big crowd here on sunday. financial relief from the warm dry february that stifles business. >> next week we have another huge storm coming in of eight feet of snow. so it is going to be a great time. >> we hope to have m and more water for the summer. >> if you warm your heart
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thinking in the future that we'll have water once this all melts, swrwe'll have water for bay area and water for southern california or where ever. i am lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. >> you can track the storm on the go with our abc 7 news app. we upgraded the app so you can customize the forecast or where ever you are. abc 7 news presents a rally in the south bay tonight where people were protesting i.c.e. operations. hundreds of agents took place in northern california. that's throughout the latino community. we have the story from san jose. >> reporter: a call to help each other and not panic. earlier this week, people spotted numerous white vans with tinted windows driving slowly through the target parking lot. a government license plate from the department of homeland
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security confirmed their fear that i.c.e. was there. the area cleared out. >> we saw seven or eight hours where the streets were empty and nobody were walking around and business was down significantly. >> reporter: the rapid response network of santa clara have received 400 calls of people who witnessed or heard of i.c.e. activities and the network says at least nine people were arrested. >> advocates are reminding people of their rights. >> you have the right to remain silence and obtain an attorney. >> reporter: that enforcement and local citisightings have be disturbing. they say parents have been nervous of taking children to school. >> it is difficult for i.c.e. to be able to be allowed to get on school campus.
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schools are considered what's a sensitive location. that means unless some specific exceptions, they should not be entering or trying to arrest individuals on campus. >> reporter: i.c.e. says the majority of people arrested were either convicted criminals and failed to leave the u.s. or previously been repromoved or return to the u.s. janine delaviga. abc 7 news. i.c.e. arrested more than 200 people between bakersville and the oregon border. yesterday, the white house says shaf's action were under review by the justice department. the mayor says he was trying to give jerresidents time to know their rights. >> it is my intention to act within the confine of the law and also do what i believe is
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right for my community. >> the mayor says her office have been flooded with angry messages. she does not believe there is a threat to her or her family. she says she also received a lot of support from people in oakland. the california state bar tonight is putting a fraud alert warning those to be careful to vet attorney that is are legal providers. first piece of advise is to ask for attorney's state bar number, something to watch out for is a provider asking for cash payment. immigrants are also advised to be aware of people calling themselves notalios. police have yet to reveal the two suspects shot today. police say two men one with a handgun showed up demanding cash. police got there as the two men were leaving. >> the suspect raised the firearm towards the officer. the officer was forced to fire
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multiple rounds at the suspect. >> police said the armed suspect was hit twice and fled to the near by creek bed where he collapsed. he's kpengtexpected to live. officers found the suspect hiding in the vehicle. the officer is on administrative leave and no one else was hurt. one of the gunshots damaged a tv in a near by department. states are inviting airlines to move over to the nra. the airlines stopped its discount programs for nra members. delta is based in atlanta and employed more than 30,000 people. so far, the mayors of birmingham and orlando florida have afteofd delta a new home. if you don't like our weather in the bay area, you should see the huge storm that's
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causiing havoc. be prepared how the nor'easter is impacting our flights. >> the san francisco landmark that's opening you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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traumatic rescues are unfolding as the major storm are flooding in. police departments are warning drivers not to under estimates the power of floodwaters. the winds from the storms are creatiing havoc as well. on the roads, there has been numerous zanaccidents. nor'easter is responsible for at least seven deaths. >> reporter: massive waves shooting in the air as the monostomon monster nor'easter flashes the east coast. it is stretches from maryland to maine. the wind starting early and getting stronger. you can just see we are already feeling these wind gusts of 30 miles per hour and probably even
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more. along the massachusetts coast, the highest gusts clocking in above 80 miles per hour. the kind of wind that you see in hurricanes. >> this is about 20 feet high. the winds are already jumping over the wall here. even peeling the sidings right off homes. the powerful mix of rain and winds, flooding streets over taking vehicles. first responders using a front in loader to rescue residents and children. a raft is used to rescue this dog. more than 2 million customers are losing power. another on its side, northeast of burglaaltimore. >> this school bus overturned in pennsylvania, the driver is injured, no students on board. >> trees crashing onto houses and tragically outside of virginia, a 6-year-old died
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after a tree fell onto his home. already more than a foot in some places. white south conditions outside of skrcranton, pennsylvania. >> if i hit that tree a few feet in front seat of me, i don't th would be here. >> this is a look in california. we have been checking on the impact it had on air travels. take a look at the sign, dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed today. oakland international airport reports cancellations and delays due to the weather. an oakland dmv office damaged by flooding will now remain remain closed until further notice. someone broke in and stole
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copper piping from the post. it was supposed to be opened this week but it has been delayed. other performance like renewing registrations must be done elsewhere. the study says the average has declined about 30%. the hardest hit regions are eastern oregon or northern nevada. california seen its most gains since 1965. the study was combined efforts of oregon state university and ucla. >> and abc have news, our sandy patel is here with our forecast. >> let's take a look here, snowfall totals over the last 72 hours, many areas reporting up to 2 to 4 feet. they'll be adding a couple more
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feet. there is an avalanche warning unfortunately across the back country of the central sierra tomorrow morning. 32% of average and just yesterday was about 23% of normal. we take a look at the winter storm warning up until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow and up to 46 inches of snow is expected and travel is discouraged. let's get to doppler 7 right now and i want to show you what has been going on across the bay area. the radar disappeared for a moment. san leandro and dublin and heading into the river more valley, you are getting light snow right now. street level radar and here is a stunning view of the sunsetting along with the shower that's coming through at 6:04. i find that to be magical.
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tomorrow, a similar set up of a mix of sun and showers. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. it is getting chilly out there by morning. it is only going to get colder so be prepared for that. >> our explore camera showing you lingering clouds and wintry mix continues tomorrow. it is dry on oscars sunday with warmer weather following up through monday and wednesday. level one system on our exclusive storm impact scale. scattered showers with snow in the hill and a chance of thunder and hail tomorrow. hour by hour tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. a few showers, tomorrow morning especially if you have early plans, just have an umbrella handy. later in the day, keep it around, you will notice some waves of showers coming through, light to moderate and we'll see snow over the highest peaks. snow levels dropping low to 1500 feet across some parts o f the bay area. freezing cold tomorrow morning and in some parts are going to
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be in the 30s and 40s for the afternoon. hang onto the jackets and umbrella. low to mid-50s is going to be a combination of snow showers and rain showers. there will be plenty of sun as well. high surf advisories for the coastline. those breakers may be up to 25 feet. watch out that surf advisory until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at your accu weather seven-day forecast, oscars sunday is bright and sunny outside, warming up as we begin the new workweek, feeling like spring by tuesday, temperatures in the mid-60s. wednesday night, we start to see a chance of a few showers, but it is a better opportunity for some light rain, breezy conditions and level one system, thursday and friday. now that storm is not coming in from the colder region. that's coming in from the west so it will be milder conditions than eric, you know you can download our accu weather app and check out live doppler 7 any
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time you want. >> i do know that. >> plus, it would not be rain for the oscars. sandhya, thank you. how a man searching for a bone marrow donor, how it is set on record. we'll give you a close up loo
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this weekend you can go back in time in san francisco, it is a third annual history day at fifth and mission. today hundreds of local school children got to the exhibit of many activities. >> they can learn from our
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comrades all the way through our remarkable diversity of the city. >> history day runs tomorrow from 11:00 to 5:00 p.m. and sunday, 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. and it is free. you know the saying when life gives you lemons, you make lemons. 20-year-old cortez has leukemia. he's having a hard time to find a bone marrow donor. he has been given one year to live. he and his friend broke the record of finding bone marrow donators in one day. everyone celebrities like danny devito took the challenge.
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you can still save looiives, we have information on how to become a donor on our website on abc 7 >> next, a story that you will only see here, assisted living facility says they are not responsible for the deaths of two people. their lawyers included 34 reasons why. and fallout of president trump's tariffs plan that could be caught in the middle of a trade war. >> we are less than 48 hours >> we are less than 48 hours from the oscars hi, i'm webberly rattenkraft. join me and tangella and the rest of the creature features crew this saturday as we watch "beast from haunted cave." you won't want to miss it! features crew this saturday as we watch "beast from haunted cave." you
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> welcome back. only on abc 7 news, the santa rosa assisted living facility is
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at a center of a lawsuit is filing its legal response. it claims the elderly resident and their family sued were at fault of the fire as well as their subsequent deaths after the fire. melody woodrow has broke this story and has this update. >> reporter: according to the october 2017 fire, an assisted living facility on falton grove resulted in two deaths. she filed a lawsuit on behalf of residents and their family members in january. now the senior living is responding. >> they're blaming the victims. >> that's what stedner says they are not responsible.
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>> reporter: one of the names, plaintiffs in the lawsuit. >> her family took this video of her in the hospital after the fire with opened wounds and broke brok broken tooth and a broken hip. she passed away two months later. >> they blamed demented people for what happened to them. >> reporter: seven other residents survived only because of the efforts made by family members like kathy allen. >> all i can think of is getting those people to safety. >> when i looked at those people, vision of "titanic" scene like the people were
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saying good-bye. >> i am going to read them these defense and i am going to ask them what it is that our client should have done differently so they would not have been injured and gone through this experience. >> reporter: depositions could began the next couple of months. >> reporter: the department of social services have opened the investigation into the in evacuation of three of the facilities. dss tells abc 7 news, those investigations are ongoing and there are no findings to report. we reached out to the attorneys of the response they filed, they did not return our message. in the newsroom. abc 7 news. take a close look at this video. the entire theft caught by the dog owner's home security camera. a male suspect opened the gate and reached out and picked out
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as french bulldog and ran offer. here ace closer look at the dog. mac is a year and a half-year-old. this happened at richmond. you see the dog or the suspect, you are urged to contact richmond police or you can send us a message on our abc 7 news, facebook page. a small company in nebraska awarded the contract for the first border wall construction project. it lists only one employee of its office in omaha. the contract is to replace about 2 miles o f the current border print in mexico. constructer is an offshoot of the u.s. based firm coastal environmental group. it was accused of 2016 government audit of shady billing practices.
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it is been a turbulent day in wall street. the dow lost a third of a point. the nasdaq posted a mild gain. part of the issues on wall street was caused by new tariffs. the u.s. will impose 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. today he tweeted that the u.s. is losing billions of -- the tax can be passed along consumers and manufactures especially those who makes and used cars building materials, soda and beers. >> we heard from a handful of companies speaking out. we are unclear yet what it will specifically do to prices and they are saying u.s. consumers would surely suffer. >> canada could be hit the a hardest, 90% of its steel export
9:35 pm
are to the u.s. eu president announced that he's weighing on potential terror on u.s. goods ranging from motorcycles and he targeted those three companies because they resigns in the district. levi's issued a statement supporting this. these measures will not only hurt american brands and workers but also have revert brags across the economy. today's funeral service for the reverend billy graham lasted just over an hour. abc news reporter has the story from north carolina.
9:36 pm
>> reporter: the world remembers billy graham of graham's final burial wishes. today personal reflection from christian leaders and his five children. >> he wrapped his arms around me and he said welcome home. >> he was faithful and available and teachable. >> i love you daddy. >> reporter: graham's oldest son gave the urology closing with this message. >> my father preached on heaven and he wrote a book about henavn and today he's in heaven. >> reporter: vice president mike pence and president trump, the
9:37 pm
only president that attended friday easter vis aft friday's service, today, a humble and private memorial for the 99-year-old protestant preacher. his faith built an empire ministering the poor and powerful. today taking his final crusade. >> graham's grandson carried his casket to his final resting place. he was buried in the library garden next to his wife, ruth. his head stone reads preacher of the gospel of our lord jesus characterize. charlotte, north carolina. >> the warriors trying to extend their
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libby shaft renewed her opposition today. our abc's reporter leanne millendez was there. >> reporter:. >> we really wanted to community to be empowered into benefit of the development. >> reporter: she and others took on bart which wanted to build a four story parking garage to protect riders. may mayor libby says that martina understood this community needed outside support. >> we must start by taking care
9:42 pm
and protecting our most vulnerable residence first. >> reporter: bart sold the land to the city of oakland which then helped to create a public private partnership to build affordable housing for seniors and a four-story apartment building will serve about 400 residence named aribella. >> this is public's land. >> primary town homes for family and 21 of the units are reserved for formally homes for veterans. >> reporter: this one will have even more units. 185. besides housing, that project will include office space for non-profit organization for the neighborhood and an urgent care clinic. in oakland, abc 7 news. the me too movement swept
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through hollywood.
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there will be plenty of feasting in his honor. they will only be poured during the ceremony and the governor's ball after party. the winery was created by the wine maker, cut collection. >> our community is one of his favorite wines and that sums up from that. i really appreciate that. >> the winery is providing 2400
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bottle bottles of wine. you can check out copius' five oscars. the oscars is less than hours away. >> reporter: the countdown is on for hollywood's big night. >> the finale of an award season focused on the me too and time's up movement. >> good evening and ladies and remaining gentlemen. the producer says sunday night will strike a different tone. >> the producer of the oscars has said that this is going to be a fun show and it is going to focus on films and while there will be moments reflecting on serious movement, that's not the focus of the broadcast. >> you clean that lab and you get out. >> reporter: t"the shape of water" with the most nominations
9:48 pm
at 13. a favorite in best picture categories. "the shape of water" has a best chance of winning but not a lot. >> "la la land." as the show's producer hopes to avoid surprises like the infamous one last year. >> "moonlight" best picture. >> safe guards are in place to make sure there is no envelope mix ups again. >> the biggest safe guard there are is is this company and warren cooper will literally run out of business if they do it a second time. >> the host, jimmy kimmel, who's back for a second year, he thinks it would be funny if it happens again. i am not sure too many people would agree with that. he wrote thousands of jokes for this yoear's show and he's tryig to figure out which 30 or so will make the cut for sunday night. darci gonzalez, abc news, hollywood. >> abc 7 is the only place that you can catch the oscars, our complete coverage begins oscars
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sunday at 1:30 p.m. and at 3:00 and we have the preshow and at 5:00 is the 90th annual academy award hosted by jimmy kimmel. for one last check on the weather are our meteorologist sandhya patel. >> it is still active on live doppler 7, not as widespread. i want to show you where we are looking at precipitation, it is a mix of rain and snw. let's get to our street radar here. we are seeing spot hi showers. california drive, as we head into the north bay, some pockets of moderate rain beginning to show up, you will notice around the bridge and as we head over to mount hamilton where they are seeing some snow right now. the snow is becoming really prevalent there and they have
9:50 pm
seeing some snow showers on the hills of napa. most of you of one and four inches. san jose of 9300th of an inch and oakland is about an inch. chance of thunder and hail tomorrow and the chill will be with us. it will be freezing and sub freezing in the valleys tomorrow and sunday morning. milder weather, here is a look below those temperatures. some of them in tuper 20s to low 30s. scattered showers in the morning and in the afternoon mixed with sun and chilly, temperatures in the 50s. accu weather of our seven-day forecast, level one system wintry mix tomorrow. cold and dry and bright for oscars sunday. >> yeah, 28 is cold. >> yeah. >> sandhya, thank you very much. >> some gasps for stephen curry's fans.
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>> five newscasters are doing it all. i went back and she's scrambling to get food. oh, i would have gotten you something and she says well, where were you half an hour ago? well, you are doing no good now. >> that's right. >> that's right. blame him. >> yeah, i have nothing to do with that. >> andthe final
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your toyota dealers. >> good evening, warriors wrapping up their three-game road trip in atlanta tonight. stephen curry tweaked his right ankle again. this game ended up going down in the wire. atlanta got my vote. curry landed and rolled his ankle and every injury somehow
9:55 pm
zaza is vofrinvolved with it. filling it up tonight, he had 14 in the first half. the second quarter, steph is back. 25 at the half, left in the third with 28 to rest his ankle and andre iguodala is doing the dance. warriors up six after three. again, it is the explorer base more is going off here with authority. a season high of 29. hawks hanging in. after kd, unkrcharacteristicall missed it. iguodala finished it off. your final warriors have won five straight since the all-star break. >> they are half a game behind
9:56 pm
houston. women's quarter finals. another buzzer beater, kerrington. >> beat the buzzer as well. usc could not stand to win. 59-69. we'll pl ucla and other quarter finals, bears taking the lead 240 to go. mccayla calen with the jumper. ucla misses jalen brown and grabs the loose ball. it is taken by kelly by the lay up. ucla is up with three. breaking ne they're making the deal and they're onto the semi finals.
9:57 pm
the 49ers and raiders finished high. they had to go to a coin flip who would get the ninth pick. they televised this thing live at the columbine, well, everything is on tv. john gruden clearly does not want to be there. >> john gruden, you asked if this is live. your thought of the fact that we are doing this live. >> let's get on with this. >> rob woodson, no need to call him on-air, simply flip the coin. >> and it is san frciano, john lynch, who are you picking at ninth overall? >> no comment. >> that was funny. gruden is still not happy that he had to be there. >> penn state running bark, barkley, man, he ran the 40-4. second fastest running back for the day.
9:58 pm
he's like vertical like he can jump off buildings. 225 pounds, did 29 reps. he said afterwards, i could have been faster and a little stronger. wow. >> madison bumgarner, mad bum in spring training looking sharp. he was not the only one. giants and reds, perfect three innings and struck out four including adam duvall. hopefully mad bum is staying he will healthy. giants are up one. steven dugger keeps on showing up in our highlights, line drive and that's going to get out. watch your margaritas out there. he's second of the spring. the minor league bull pen.
9:59 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. i would guess back in the day, you probably did some benching. >> i did. >> 225 pounds. you can knock out three? >> wow. >> three is not bad. >> that was 30 years ago. >> all right. today? >> not at all. >> today i watch people bench. >> he has people bench for him. >> that's it tonight on or abc 7 news. we have much more on the terrifying avalanche from squall valley tonight. hear from our hero rescued the snow border trapped under the snow. >> join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. thank you for joining us, tonight, i am eric thomas and
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(ominous dark music) - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head, but i've got stories to tell. - [narrator] today, the story of mike mccomas, an fbi agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a group of violent white supremacists.


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