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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 12, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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>> i hoped he would allow them to go which didn't happen. >> reporter: she recognized the gunman as army vet albert wong who had been discharged from the program just two weeks ago. haley can't comment why, but knew him well. >> he was just really struggling. he was dealt a really raw deal in life and had a lot of trauma. >> reporter: she doesn't know why her bosses were targeted. >> what i can say is that these three clinicians worked with him closely. one thing they had in common is they were all so caring and just incredible. >> reporter: haley hopes to come back to the pathway home to continue the good work and legacy of her three mentors.
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but right now she's not sure when that will happen. in yountville, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> and we heard today for the first time from the family of one of the victims, dr. jennifer golik, the 42-year-old served as a psychologist. she leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter. >> christine, gonzalez was expecting her first child in june. one of lober's friends said she radiated goodness. she was a wonderful person. >> anger and frustration as families react to news of a freezer malfunction at san francisco's pacific fertility center.
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it may have affected patients' eggs and embryos. the liquid nitrogen failure failed march 4 the same day cleveland experienced a similar problem. the president reached out to its 500 patients to let them know of the failure. >> i understand technology can malfunction, but i think they should have had some other back ups in place. >> the hard part is they don't know what's happening with it until they unthaw the eggs and the embryos so we don't really know if it was compromised or not. >> this woman didn't want to be identified. some of her embryos were in the failed tank. now, wre are learning more tonight about how much fertility centers help patients start or grow their families. pacific charges more than $8300 for egg freezing. in vitro fertilization or ivf procedures cost more than $11,000. >> a town hall meeting with san francisco's police chief got
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heelted tonight in the mission district. police released body camera footage of an officer involved shooting that killed 19-year-old hey seuss delgado. abc7 news kate larson has new details. >> reporter: last tuesday police shot and killed an armed robbery suspect and tonight sfpd, released body camera footage from 12 different officers. >> show me your hands. get out of the truck slowly. >> reporter: the footage shows police ordering hey seuss to hiding in trunk of the car to get out and put his hands up. >> to mr. delgado's family and friends, we are sorry for your loss. >> reporter: tonight at a town hall meeting with police chief william scott, investigators said after they fired a nonlethal bean bag round. delgado pointed a gun at the officers and fired. that's when ten officers fired 99 rounds. delgado was shot 25 times. chanting murderer in spanish, town hall attendees including delgado's brother expressed bitter anger towards police.
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>> one of the reasons you're not a felon is because you're able to go home, look at your kids in the eyes and tell them that you love them. my mom doesn't have that any more. >> reporter: many are frustrated at the amount of force that was used on a residential street. >> why was there nobody there to de-escalate the situation? why was the only response we're going to shoot you? >> reporter: the district attorney's office is still investigating the shooting. in san francisco, kate larson, abc7 news. >> warriors head coach steve kerr and a young activist from parkland, florida joined forces today and took part in a gun violence town hall. abc7 news reporter katie has the story from newark memorial high school. >> reporter: warriors coach steve kerr is multifaceted, basketball coach and activist. >> when people say stick to sports, stick to coaching, whatever, that means nothing. we all have a voice. >> reporter: kerr joined congressman rokana and activist
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from parkland, florida for a town hall discussion at newark memorial high school. >> it shows he's a citizen first, a patriot first. and i have tremendous regard for him. he has nothing to gain by doing this. he wants to make an impact. >> reporter: kerr empathizes with shooting victims. his own father was killed in a terrorist attack in lebanon. >> i know what that feels like. >> reporter: coach kerr speaks out in interviews and he has some 337,000 twitter followers and his last ten tweets were about gun violence. >> i can do more, but i'd like to know what more i can do. maybe i can get my team involved more. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: students asked how they can be involved in the discussion. >> i think it's really important if you can find a teacher at your school to sponsor some sort of activism club. douglas has multiple ones of that before any of this happened. >> reporter: kerr also urged students to register to vote. in newark, katie, abc7 news.
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>> exposed to at least two violations of san francisco sanctuary city policies. >> coming up next what the sheriff is saying about i.c.e. agents getting inside the county jail. >> also the i.c.e. spokesman in san francisco has stepped down. he claims he was ordered to spread false information. >> we don't need your racist laws. >> and protesters in california sending the president a message the day before his trip to california. governor brown offering him a personal invitation. >> now here's what's on jimmy kimmel live. >> jimmy. >> you did it again. we made a show. when you wrote hello, ways like of course he wrote hello. that's got to be what he wrote. >> you know why i wrote hello? >> you know why i wrote hello? >> because of the song.
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>> you know why i wrote hello? >> because of the song. ♪ ♪
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san francisco sheriff is promising that it will not happen again. that follows i.c.e. agents being allowed inside two jails violating the city's safrpg ready-to-wear i policy. it happened at two jails connected to the hall of justice last thursday. agents even interviewed one inmate. sheriff hennessey released a statement saying, quote, we made ff i hold myself accountable. we were investigating how and why this happened. today when i.c.e. agents tried to interview an inmate, agents were appropriately denied access, end of quote. >> the chief spokesperson for i.c.e. in san francisco has quit, claiming members of the trump administration spread false information about recent immigration sweeps here in northern california. jane swab says his resignation stems from attorney general jeff sessions' criticism of oakland mayor libby schaaf. schaaf warned of upcoming i.c.e. raids. schwab took issues with sessions saying 800 undocumented immigrants escaped capture because of schaaf. >> rallies before and against
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president trump are being planned for president trump for his first visit to the golden state since being elected. >> we reject injuyour hate. >> they meet in san diego park to reject president trump's push to condemn his visit to owe tway mesa to tour prototypes. the political group is also organizing a protest in beverley hills. >> not going to be out there protesting against him, but the message to our communities that we cannot allow either way this immigration or police or whatever it may be to continue to attack our communities without being organized and being able to defend our communities. >> governor brown sent the president a letter stating california focuses on bridges, not walls. he also invited mr. trump to the central valley to check out the high speed rail project >> conservative commentator ann coulter is speaking in the bay area tomorrow night. abc7 news was in mountain view today to check out public safety
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preparations. the city is planning to send two dozen police officers to staff the event. touch-tone be coulter's first bay area appearance since her speech was canceled last april by threats of violent protests at u.c. berkeley. >> prepare to ooh and ah a little bit. we're getting our first look at the quintuplets born at a walnut correct hospital. they were born by c-section at kaiser permanente in january. they posted these pictures of their five little bundles of joy. oh, my goodness, on youtube. their names, lincoln , noelle, preston, gabriella. they join two sisters. that is a full house. >> congratulations. how precious. getting to our weather now, a soggy evening and week ahead. >> sandhya patel is back with the forecast. >> yeah, dan and dion. we have spotty showers right now. very light, but it will become stead and i light to moderate as we head into tomorrow.
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so, let's check out what it looks like right now in the north bay. near our radar site, you'll notice porter creek road. we are seeing some light rainfall right now, really light and spotty from the peninsula. san mateo, foster city, san carlos, ralston avenue heading into bell mopt, and further down the peninsula into the south bay from cupertino and saratoga and lose gatos. cambrian park you're seeing receipt roadways. how much rainfall? ben lomond 84/100s of an inch a third of an inch in santa rosa. 1100th oakland. antioch 2 to 400th of an inch. temperatures now unbelievably mild as we do have a south wind. we have 50s and 60s, feeling mug i out there is what people are reporting on social media. golden gate bridge camera, this is what you can expect for your morning commute. wet conditions for the morning commute. p.m. you'll be looking at
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showers and possible thunder tomorrow. and a colder storm arrives mid week. here's what you need to look out for for your morning commute planner. if you're driving it's going to be bad, wet and breezy. choppy waters if you're taking the ferry across the bay. definitely need the brelz. slippery areas if you're walking to work tomorrow or taking your kids to school. overnight impact scale, light level 1 system. light to moderate rainer breezy to gusty and there is a chance of thunder tomorrow. that thunder could bring hail with it. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast. 5:00 a.m., orange and yellows indicating moderate rain in the north bay. you will notice steady rain from san francisco, east bay as we head into 7:00 a.m. that is crossing the central bay moving into the santa cruz mountains, rain is in the east bay and the south bay so your morning commute will be impacted with scattered showers following for the afternoon hours. at noontime really just scattered showers. hang onto the umbrellas. 2:00 p.m. you're looking at the same trend. by 5:00 p.m. becomes a little
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more spotty in nature and lighter in nature going into 7:00. continuing right on through about 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. additional rainfall totals on top of what is already falling will look like this, anywhere from a quarter of an inch, places like half moon bay to almost an inch in the santa cruz mountains. this does turn to snow. speaking of mountains in the sierra, 12 to 16 inches above 4,000 feet. winter storm mowarning wednesda to 1:00 p.m. gusty winds to 50 miles an hour. probably not wise trying to drive up there. i would hold off until that storm has passed. snow totals look like this, by 11:00 p.m., donner 25 inches, kirk wood 24 inches. they need it as you know. tomorrow morning don't leave home without rain gear. temperatures 40s, 50s, breezy and wet. scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. cooler upper 50s to mid 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast a level one system for tuesday, wednesday, friday, thunder chance tuesday, wednesday, cooler weather. much colder thursday.
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level 2 moderate strength storm and could see some snow showers over the highest peaks friday. look at the weekend now. that's the biggest change. it's going to dry out. doan load the acccuweather app. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. >> just ahead, beyonce and jay z are coming back to the bay area. >> and the power house couple's tour announcement is getting a lot of attention. we'll have that story next. >> and tomorrow on "good morning america," dancing with the stars co-host aaron andrews. co-host aaron andrews. >> and michael w. smith perform [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce?
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well, when something major happens in beyonce's life, she lets us know in a big way. and that includes her upcoming concert tour with husband jay z. >> this concert announcement video on beyonce's instagram
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account has received more than 5.7 million views in less than 24 hours. >> the couple's on the run 2 tour will come to the stadium april 29. >> and it will sell out fast. >> undoubtedly. >> a lot of sports going on. >> your segue, beyonce is from houston, texas and houston has become a problem for the warriors. >> good one. >> smooth. well, with the warriors facing all sorts of injuries, they continue to lose ground to the continue to lose ground to the rockets after missing a
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abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors will try to snap a rare two-game losing streak wednesday night when they host the lakelakers. to add to their injury woes,
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yesterday at minnesota nick young hurt his hip while klay thompson sprained his thumb. with just 15 games left it's looking more and more like the defending champs will have to settle for the second seed in the west. that's because the rockets have taken off with james harden back in the lineup, houston had no problem with san antonio. he sets up clint capela for the two-hand slam. when the spurs defender falls down, harden has a wide open three. he scored a game by 28 in just three quarters. chris paul finished with 18 points and nine assists. he also finds capela for the dunk. the rockets win 109-93. they now lead the warriors by two games in the race for the tp seed and home court advantage. for the 31st straight year, stan for the under head coach tower van da veer is going to the ncaa tournament. the cardinal and number 4 seed will host gonzaga saturday afternoon. stanford went 22-10 this season and finished second in the pac-12. after the week off cardinal ready to make another tournament run. >> it's all good. i mean, our team is really
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excited. i think, you know, we've learned a lot from pac-12 tournament and we've had good practices last week and we're ready to go. >> cal and coach lyndsay gottleib are going to the big dance. the seventh seeded bears will take on 10th seed virginia friday and columbia south carolina. cal went 21-10 this season. it has earned a tournament bid six of the last seven years. connecticut, notre dame, louisville, and mississippi state are the top four seeds. detroit was at the tank tonight. hurdle with the souvenir for a fan trailing 1-0 with the state, san jose draws the defense which leaves the net wide open for jonas. less than two minutes later brendan dylan with a shot. eric tips it in for his first goal as a shark. we go to the third. san jose on the power play, meyer winds up with this 18th goal of the season. an empty netter made the final 5-3 with 13 games to go. the sharks remain in second
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place in the pacific division. and this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> good stuff. thanks, rick. >> abc7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all of your moenl devices with our abc7 news app. >> our nexex


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