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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 21, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. officer down, 949, officer down, barber shop. >> tonight, new video shows the dramatic moments after a shootout in a san francisco barber shop, six people injured, including a san francisco police officer. the officer, the suspect and four other victims are recovering at sf general. we have live team coverage on this for you. let's begin with our news ropter, lillian kim.
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>> reporter: this is the barber shop where it happened and right here was where the officer was seen crawling away after being hit by gunfire. cell phone video captured the moments. san francisco police officers seen crouching behind their vehicles while the injured officer is crawling on the ground after being shouldity in the leg. >> he looked like he was shot and was trying to get away from whatever happened. there was lot of cops that came. >> reporter: witnesses heard more than a dozen shots. the exchange of gunfire took place in the amazon barber shop on london street, after police received a call of a man with a gun. the suspect was shot as well as four others, including a minor. the investigators have not said if they too are suspects or innocent by-standers the people in the area did what they could to get out of harm's way. >> i heard the beggunshots. i ducked, trying to not be in
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anything. all the customers were running behind the cars. >> reporter: the department is counting on the public's help. >> there's witnesses that were out here and may have seen something, if you have not contacted a police officer, we would like you to come forward. >> reporter: a townhall meeting will be held within ten days. >> our team coverage continues with kate larson, live at sf general, where the officer, suspect, and victims were taken. >> reporter: that is right, dan, and actually, mayor mark farrell came by the hospital about an hour and a half ago and he spoke to the officer who was shot in the leg, to make sure that he was doing okay. the mayor said that right now, the officer is with his fiance, while he recovers. >> all things considered, he is about as good of spirits as one may imagine. he had a serious injury, but certainly, awake, and speaking with himself and he had his
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friends with him as well and other officers with him as well. >> reporter: i have spoken to a number of family members and friends of the five people shot and are being trooted here. according to the families, two of the men shot were barbers that were working at the barber shop when the shooting took place. another man said he heard 15 gunshots today. according to a hospital spokesman of the six people shot, two have been discharged, including the juvenile and the officer is in fair condition, and there's a man in critical can, one in serious and one in fair condition. that is the update here live at sf general. >> remember to download our abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for the latest on the developing story. we will keep you posted. let's turn to the weather, rain caused flooding in western
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sonoma county. this is what it looked like, the rain is back, and the thunder and lightning too. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. it's starting to come down. let's go to sandy. >> yes, and live doppler 7 can prove it. let's go to street level radar. moderate to heavy rain, and street level radar, dry creek road, coming down around the marin county coast, and i have been getting reports on social media, coming down hard in santa rosa and another tweet, heavy downpours and lightning, i appreciate all of your social media reports. as you look, there's been thunderstorms that cro region and they have continued to develop. here is a look at the other areas. south bay, santa cruz mountains, getting rain. and down the peninsula, seeing showers heading in to the east bay whumpt look at the wider
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picture, this storm has the pineapple connection. that moisture stretches a good 1,034 miles. that mean a level two storm will bring heavy rain at times until tomorrow. winds gusting 35-40 miles an hour, including the commute, it's gusting to 32 miles an hour in half moon bay. timeline of your commute and beyond, coming up, dan? >> see you shortly. now the south bay had a chance to dry out for the past few hours ahead of the next big rain. katie is live in the south bay tonight with the story there, katie? >> reporter: dan, no complaints about this brief reprevious from the rain. but unfortunately for some, the damage has already been done. take a look at this, a giant oak tree came crashing down on to this elementary school in felton. luckily no one was hurt.
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a different kind of tree was the focus in saratoga. >> it was a celebration of spring. >> reporter: the state and gardens has kicked off special evening hours so people can see the cherry blossoms in bloom, at night. the director was relieved that the rain held off the first night, but the weather has not been cooperating in other ways. >> the trees neat mid to high sq 60s to blossom. >> reporter: the chp is asking drivers to slow down on with wet roads. the highway was riddled with accidents as the rain fell wednesday morning. >> the initial reaction is to slam on the brakes and turn the wheel as you feel the vehicle lose control. it's the worst thing you can do. it will put you in a collision every time. >> reporter: he said let off the gas and hold on to the wheel until you regain control. >> evacuation orders have been
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issued in areas who had recent wildfires. this is a community that has been evacuated, 21 people died here when rain triggered a massive debris flow in a burn area. that was january 9th. more rain is expected through tomorrow. they are getting the rain just as we are. well, new detail tonight on facebook's data debacle, mark zuckerberg is apologizing, following a breach of 50 million facebook users. maybe you. he talked about it for the first time since the scandal broke out last week. >> this was a major breach of trust and i'm really sorry that it happened. >> reporter: he said that he takes responsibility after user information was accessed and improperly stored bay company linked to president trump's campaign. he said that he promises there been
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be an investigation in to everything that has access to a large amount of data. >> we will do a full audit. >> reporter: zuckerberg said that facebook did not dos as good a job as it should have in managing russian interference or fake news around the 2016 u.s. election and said, he is open to possible regulations. >> i think in general technology is an increasingly important trend in the world, and i actually think the question is more what is the right regulation rather than yes or no should it be regulated. >> reporter: technology security experts say this scandal should serve as an important message to facebook moving forward. >> these are very smart people with not only a lot of human smarts but tol-- but technology they should be able to anticipate the next attack and prevent it before it happens. >> stay with us, if you were concerned about your privacy on facebook, we show you what can do right now to protect your
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information, stay tuned for it and shocking video of deadly accident involving a self driving car, gives you a better idea of what happened. and smoke detector recall, an urgent warning to check what model you have inside your house. a live look at live doppler 7 storm heading our way with a lot of rain. sandy is back with the full forecast. all of it is ahead for you. first, here is a look at what is coming up tonight, jimmy? >> thank you, dan. here's a snapshot of tonight's activities. >> maybe on the count of three -- do not get underneath the expensive equipment. >> okay. >> all right, you ready? 1, 2, 3! >> whoa! get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. back now with breaking news at travis air force base in fairfield. a bomb squad is checking out a car that drove through the front gate without permission and then crashed. the base has not said if anyone has been hurt or arrested. now to a privacy alert. the #delete facebook is trending and people are concerned of what information of theirs is being shared with third party apps.
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we will tell you what need to do to protect your account. >> we have been hearing a lot about facebook, and privacy, and apps, how do you help yourself? let me try to walk you through. so, okay, go to your facebook page, right, go to the main page and then click on settings. all right, and when you get to settings, you are going to see privacy. that's where i thought i was going to click, it's not. you actually want to go to apps. go to apps and this is the screen that will come up. i don't have that many apps linked to my facebook account and you may see dozens and dozens. i did not realize i had an on here, and i don't want it here. i will hover over it and click it and then get rid of it by x'ing it out. before you leigh the page, check out apps others use. if you don't want people that you know, who are using apps to bring in your information with them, edit this to make sure
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that is cleared from your account. thanks, reggie. great information, great way to go through it. we have more privacy, facebook privacy tips on our website, abc 7 well, we are getting the first look tonight at the seconds before one of self-driving cars hit and killed a woman in arizona. you can see the back-up drive of the uber self-driving. the human driver appears to be looking down and shocked when seeing the woman in front of him. as you can tell. there's the woman, walking in to the road from a darkened area. it happened very quickly. the volvo had sensores that are designed to trigger the car's brakes. uber said the video was disturbing and heartbreaking to watch and our thoughts continue to be with elaine's loved ones. our cars remain grounded and we are assisting local, state and federal authorities in any way
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that we can. a recall has been issued for a smoke alarm sold all across the united states. make sure you do not have one of these. they want consumers to replace the model, p-120-10, and p-i 90 penn smoke -- 10 smoke alarms you can see if yours is affect bid looking for this yellow cap inside the device. can you find more information on the recall on abc 7 they will replace the alarms. but don't take changces. a new plan to honor lgbt harvey milk by naming the airport on terminal one after him. previous proposals, called for renaming the entire airport.
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he was hurded in 1978 at city hall. >> -- he was murdered in 1978 at city hall. >> we have the forecast. sandy? >> yeah, dan, it's a welcome rain and it could make for a very treacherous morning commute. we will be tracking it and right now, i'm tracking it. let me get you in to live doppler 7 and street level radar. i'm getting reports of big rain drop and heavy rain around sonoma, arnold drive, 8th street, it was coming down hard. had reports from around the region as well. now, from south san francisco, going down the peninsula, and around san matteo, and san carlos. steady rain. you will notice it around the arena and in to the south bay we go. street leve radar, these areas are getting wet. east bay, pleasant hill, crocket, these are the slippery
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road ways that we are looking at and it became severe. notice the thunderstorms that rolled through, something had that we don't see often. a rare tornado was reported in yuba county earlier this evening. now, this shows you how unstable the atmosphere is. i want to show you what is going on in southern california, downpours there as well. the rain has eased up but not for long. here are our concerns, ponding the on the road way, and mod -- mudslides and debris flows are likely. you know how warm it is right now? it's a tropical air mass. 50s and squs and mug-- 50s and muggy. it's raining and slippery right now. stormy for your morning commute. colder systems follow friday and
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saturday. on the storm impact scale, it's moderate strength storm. tonight and tomorrow, rain heavy at times. wind gusts 30-45 miles an hour. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, watch out. it will be coming down hard and wind will blow the rain sideways and this really will make for a very treacherous drive, allow the extra time, you will notice scattered showers around 10:00 in the morning continuing through the afternoon and a heavy line at 12:30, could be thunder embedded in the afternoon hours and then, the system winds down by night time. rainfall totals will add up on top of what we have already gotten here in the bay area. so, most areas will be in the half an inch to inch category. and someplaces will be a bit less than that. in the avalanche watch for to see aura a back country until 7:00 a.m. friday. watch out if you are heading up there. wind, rain snow mix will caught the potential for a avalanche
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danger. as you look at the snow totals through tomorrow night, could see up to 46 inches at kirkwood, and 15 inches in donor. the snow level coming down to 3,000 feet, friday/saturday, that's when the snow will pile up in feet. definitely mild, windy, cooler, mid 50s to low 60s. make sure you have your rain gear and a look at the forecast, it will be a level two stormy morning. moderate strength storms and switching to scattered showers. level one for friday, saturday, sunday. it will be colder with showers, potentially to have high elevation snow, locally, friday and saturday. dry out monday and wednesday, and we brighten it up. you can check out live doppler 7. >> thank you so much.
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celebrity cook and restaurant eur, served up a lesson in nutrition. she spoke to children about the importance of hlth healthy eat. the hope is that the kids take what they learn today and repeat it at home. wonderful for her to make that effort. all right, hopefully she is feeding her husband to get him back on the court. >> to fix that ankle. i warriors hope to get healthy in the next week as there's only 11 games left in the regular 11 games left in the regular season and the
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sports, brought to you by river rock casino. looks like steph curry will be back at or can against the hawks. he looked good in the first full practice session. no hitch. his shot never waivers, but once you sprain an ankle, it's weakened and there's a chance it happen again. he sprained that ankle four times this season, one of them in practice. steve kerr will probably ease him back in to action and let him get his feet under him again. >> he looks great, he is chomping at the bit. we will see how he responds the next couple of days whether we decide he plays or not. they are all kind of day-to-day steph more so. steph is closer to playing than
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kd and klay. >> all right, klay has the right thumb fracture on his shooting hand, but could return this weekend sunday against the jazz. it's a 1 millimeter fracture, and bob myers said he missed 12 games in his entire career prior to this injury, i see him back sooner than later. kevin durant has a fracture had, could be back by april 1st. it not really a fractured rib bone, but a dent in the cartila cartilage. it's painful to raise your arms bo -- your arms benefit your waste. and draymond green was too sore to practice from his pelvic contusion. he is considered day-to-day. he said after the game, it did not calm down and he has a few days before the match-ups with the hawks. and fourth quarter, raptors
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are up two, lebron down the lane for the jam. game tied@112. lbj had 30 seconds to play. cavs up one. and they kick it home for the d dagger 3. and derozan, one last chance. not going to happen. cavs on o ca cavs win. final seconds of the fourth. they drive for the game winner and called for an offensive foul. we go to overtime. they are down three, hits the game tying three. and utah now up two. a little over a minute to play. corner three. favorable bounce. utah up 63-58, 35 seconds to play, and he seals the deal, utah wins it 67-58. ending the season. >> this spos


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