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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 25, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> justice delayed. new at 6:00 a 180 by the with him who claims foster hit her. new details on the concord construction site fire that is still burning a day later. this is still a very active investigation. as we speak, there are warrants
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being served and interviews conducted. the golden state killer suspect is identified, located and captured. the case that has terrified california for years is far from over. good evening, i am dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz. >> his name is joseph james de angelo. years ago, he was more widely known as the east area rapist and the golden state killer. responsible for 50 rapes and a dozen murders. >> spanning from 1984 to 1986. bruce harrington whose brothers and sisters were victims had a
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message. >> sleep better tonight. he isn't coming through the window. >> more charges could follow as investigation continue. >> de angelo is a former police department. >> that work may have been instrumental in helping him allude detectives. >> reporter: the turnover in residents. in 1978 and 1979. those years were significant because the suspect was a police officer at that time. before going to work as an auburn police officer. >> if he can be a police officer and a notorious killers of all
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time. that is the most surprising part of the case. >> reporter: the string of more than 45apes abruptly end in the summer of 1979. >> there seems to be a direct correlation between the rape crimes stopping and his dismissal from the police force both of which happened in july of 1979. it was possible he was using his position or things that he had access to, to help facilitate the commission of these crimes. >> if he was able to come partmentalize so well within his job and his community, his family probably had no idea.
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i feel bad for them. this map shows every city where the golden state city attacked. the numbers indicate the amount of incident in each location. sacramento nine different times. the golden state killer is linked to rapes and murder in orange county. newlyweds believed to be the fit victims there. keith's brother says this news tonight has helped bring some closure. >> it is time for all victims to grieve. and to take measure 1 last time. >> the golden state killer is also connected to the rape and murder of two other women in orange county. >> the case that got him
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arrested is out of ventura county. being held for a warrant of a double murder. husband and wife were bludgeoned to death in their home. neighbors say they never speak about the crime but relieved about the arrest. >> they are caught, even if it takes year. >> investigators say they have given up hope. >> visalia believes he is the man they called the ransacker. police officer survived being shot by the ransacker. >> he would use dishes and alarm systems that would alert someone
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if someone came home. >> de angelo worked as a police officer in nearby exeter. >> a survivor of the east area rapist is speaking out. describing to sacramento tv station how a masked man tied her up inside her home when she was 13-years old. >> he just said this isn't a joke. this isn't a joke. i said quit joking a couple of times. and i realized this wasn't a joke. >> she was assaulted in 1977. dna received a lot of credit for leading to this arrest. i spoke with dna legal consultant about how quickly a dna match was made. >> once you have the profile of
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the individual from the evidence of a crime it sits there and it is static. making the comparison depending on the type of technology they were using is relatively straightforward. >> some are crediting a true crime journalist for helping to solve this case. michelle mcnammara wrote a book called "i'll be gone in the dark." she died in the midst of writing it. her colleague finished it. her husband posted this video to instagram today. you did it michelle. your book helped get this thing closed. >> actor rob lowe tweeted congratulations michelle did it and possibly also proved heaven is real.
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and steven king tweeted it appears police have caught the golden state killer. go get michelle mcnammara's excellentook about the case. this was the push alert we sent out at 8:54 this morning. download the abc7 news app. it is free. a team of investigators from all over the country have descended on yesterday's big construction fire in concord. officials now say several major streets around the areas will be closed up to a week including a section of willow pass road. laura anthony has the new details from concord. >> fire investigation is
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>> reporter: investigators still can't go in. this video from tuesday shows a wall of scaffolding collapsing on a row of parked cars. >> we can't get into the burn area until the structural engineer has made hisinal determination and we have taken acti to make sure we are as safe as we can be. >> reporter: the atf has arrived with a national response team. >> the first part will be making the scene safe through video and through witnesses, they generally have an idea where to start looking. based on the amount of damage of the structure. >> reporter: in the meantime, the 250 residents who live in the renaissance square apartments next door were allowed in briefly tuesday to retrieve belongings.
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but otherwise remain evacuated. >> get those walls down in a safe manner. that is right next to the apartment that people are evacuated from. >> the damage was on the inside. >> reporter: reyes owns the restaurant. >> hopefully it will be open by the weekend. >> reporter: officials hope to remove the dangerous debris tomorrow morning. at that point investigators can get in and hopefully a determination can be made about when neighboring residents can return home. new at 6:00, the woman at the center of the domestic violence case against ruben foster now say he never hit her. she claims her injuries were caused by another woman and there is video to prove it. foster tried to end the
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relationship after he learned of the fight. in february, ennis told police that foster dragged her by the hair and punched her in the head eight to ten times. prosecutors filed domestic violence charges two weeks ago. and foster remains on the 49er roster. on monday general manager said he will remain so unless it is proven that he hit her. a contractor accused of mishandling a billion dollar clean up of toxic soil. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: when jason freed walks his dog every day through a new neighborhood, the last thing he wants to worry about is toxic waste. and lately he has had no choice.
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>> we clean everything up. >> reporter: but is it cleaned up? that is william brownley, chief engineer of the company that received millions of dollarsor toxic clean up. >> i am convinced that things are not above board. and convincesed that we need to be asking more thoughtful probing questions. >> reporter: the company has been under increasing criticism. it is all about numbers. earlier this month, the epa got involved questioning 97% of the samples. the clean up material included radioactive waste from ships involved in nuclear testing and also from a lab on the base. with growing questions about the quality of the clean up.
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tetra tech announced it will pay for an independent soil test on the navy's terms. >> what we did is proper and followed all navy guidelines. >> reporter: in san francisco wayne freedman abc7 news. stay with us. the cambridge analytica scandal. >> see the numbers from facebook. clearing up the backlog, i am chris nguyen in santa clara county. with a proposal to make rape kits a priority. cooling temperatures are
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lawmakers and state officials in their best denim i honor of the annual denim day. day named after a 1999 supreme court rape conviction. since the victim was wearing tight jeans she must have as assisted her rapist in removing her jeans. hear their claims and find solutions. lyanne melendez reports. she calls herself jane doe a
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sexual assault survivor. >> for the police to insinuate that it was somehow my fault. that i maybe forgot that i consented. >> reporter: telling investigators that at least one other woman had been raped by the same man. >> brought up the ft that how much drinks she has a week. talks about how much alcohol she conses. >> reporter: it was revealed that data collected found that from 2016, 2017 a 20% increase.
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>> the burden of proof, the evidence we has is what leads us to making an arrest. >> reporter: survivors said they repeatedly told them where evidence. the police department says it made changes in that unit and is committed to improve training to make sure that all sexual assault survivors are treated with empathy. the market kind of wobbled its way through tradin trading . the market's reaction to facebook's latest quarterly
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earning report, lades tonight's bay area business watch. facebook released its number after the closing bell and despite the scandal, it is better than expected. revenue is up 50% year after year. now, numbering about half a billion total. one and a half billion i should say. stock is rising about 7%. twitter just anunsed a profitable quarter for only a second time. twitter stock today dropped about 2%. time to check on our forecast. >> gorgeous. inches closer to the weekend. >> we are indeed. maybe some drizzle happening.
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here is a look at live doppler 7. conditions dry. and skies are bright. expanding over the bay and some areas. looking at our south beach camera. the fog that swallowed sutro tower. 54 degrees in half moon bay. here is another view of the fog. we have mid-60s at napa and novato. view from sutro tower looking west ward. the fog is getting lower and thicker. forecast seeing morning fogs and low clouds. cooling trend continues through saturday. and sprinkles are possible
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friday and early saturday. overnight we will see a picture like the one we saw last night. overnight lows will be mainly in the lows to upper 40s. and fog forecast shows starting at 7:00 this evening, the fog making its surge west ward. 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the commute gets under way, we will see wide spread fog. the fog will burn back to the coastline much as it does by midday. on we go, high temperatures tomorrow 56 at half moon bay. mid to upper 60s around the bay shoreline. now, let's look ahead. and i talked about the precipitation psibility at the end of the week. right now the storm system that
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may produce sprinkes offshore. that storm is going to move into the pacific north west. and the extreme northern part of california. but we may get sprinkles out of that system. friday and early saturday. projected rainfall estimate, it looks like one to two hundreds of an inch of rain. mainly along the coastline. north bay it could be wetter. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow will be still fairly mild in our inland areas where highs reach into the low 70s. but continue cooling down on friday. and then we will start to get a milder pattern developing on monday and by wednesday of next week look for high temperatures back up around 80 degrees in our inland area. coming up next, the stories
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of super commuters. and we want your perspective. >> go to and tell us how long your commute is. under a hour, over two
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if you think your bay area compute is long and getting longer, a new study suggests you
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are not alone. >> commutes longer than 90 minutes. go to and weigh in. >> for now, abc7 news kristen sze has more on the rise of super commuting. >> rides longer than 90 minutes are considered super commutes and becoming the norm instead of the nightmare. showing the stockton region is number one in the nation with 10% of commuters being super commuters. modesto is next with seven%. san francisco with 5%. other cities include sacramento, santa rosa and san jose. many of these super commuters use more than one mode of transportation. >> total commute time is about
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an hour and a half. >> leading cause is housing shortage especially affordable housing where the jobs are. stockton residents often drive into san francisco or silicon valley. researchers say they hope this study will trigger policy debates in urban planning. kristen sze, abc7 news. what is surprising is that 18% of those who have weighed in have commutes of over two hours. >> that is rough. comg up. cleaning up san francisco. the physical improvements the city hopes will change its reputation. also ahead. a local family fears for their grandchildren's safety
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after unsuccessfuleplacing after unsuccessfuleplacing
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swabs and slides could hold the key evidence of solving sex assault crimes. a new proposal in santa clara county will change that. >> the county is already faster in the state's average o processing these kits but as chris nguyen reports, they still want to do better. >> reporter: a new proposal to speed up the process of rape kits. >> we can assess for injuries and swab the area for touch dna or sweat. >> reporter: and the difference it could make in solving crimes could be a game changer. >> we don't have much information on them, and dna is extremely collection in order to identify that person. >> reporter: thousands of rape kits go untested every year.
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locally a recent push to prioritize has brought it down to 200 cases in the queue. >> we are going to be responsive. we are going to be trauma informed and get as much support to you as possible. >> reporter: currently, it tas the county crime lab three months to process a kit. >> the proposal calls for testing to be done in 30 days. at a cost of $400,000 a year, the plan includes adding new analyst. advocates say this shows how santa clara county is leading by example. >> systems change and ensuring survivors have access to the support they need for healing and justice. and today we are committed to taking another step forward.
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>> reporter: in san jose chris nguyen, abc7 news. a bill to create a public bank for cannabis businesses. sb 930 authorizes limited charter banks. cannab cannabis merchants are operating on a cash only basis. expecting to generate as much as $4 billion a year in california. the mayor in san francisco is waging war on the city's filthy streets. abc7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> reporter: the city's convention and visitors agency. we took a short walk down market street. we didn't have to look far before we found trash blocking
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part of the radioway. the dirty unsafe streets are taking a toll. the streets of san francisco. >> are filthy. filled with debris, litter and human waste and drug paraphernalia. >> reporter: the mayor wants to spend $13 million in tw years to clean up the filleth. $3.5 million will be earmarked for new steam street cleaning equipment. dpw says they are getting hundreds of calls for service every day. >> and we are double and triple shifting our steam cleaners and a lot of equipment. with this funding we will be able to buy more equipment. >> reporter: the plan is to include hiring 44 new cleaners
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who target the areas. >> i have to walk through human feces. >> reporter: some residents are skeptical. >> they are putting a lot of money into programs that aren't working. >> reporter: the message from the mayor, time to stop talking trash and time to do something about it. vic lee, abc7 news. recall of fire extinguishers set off an alarm. when trying it get it replaced they contacted "7 on your side" michael finney. >> this recall involved 37 million fire he cextinguishers across the country.
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he is equipped his own with a fire extinguisher, sprinkler system and smoke alarm. >> my younger sister was burned severely on her arm. >> reporter: seeing the voluntary recall. the nozzles can become clogged. and also warned those same nozzles can break off. eddie called kidde. they told him to call back the xt day. it was then he says the company told him he could expect a new fire extinguisher in 15 days. >> i waited 20 days and i called back. oh, what was your name again? we don't have record of you calling. >> reporter: they were especially concerned because
7:37 pm
their grandchildren lived with them at the time. >> in case there was a fire, that would be horrible. for something that was that senseless. >> reporter: the couple blamed their weight ait on a crashed cr system. the couple contacted "7 on your side." and we contacted kidde. a spokeswoman saidt appears there was some information missing from his recall submission. once we were made aware of it. we expedited. >> nothing would be resolved unless you came in and helped us. so thank you. >> kidde tells us the safety of its customers are its priority. i want to hear from you. you know the telephone number,
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(415) 954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page. >> excellent. coming up next, a doctor becomes the patient. >> the key ingredient. stay with us on that. also ahead. when was the last time you grbed coffee in one of these? with berkeley's new you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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a bay area surgeon is viewing tho the ordeal of breas cancer from a new angle. >> reporter: reaching the finish line of this 10k run involved twists and turns she never expected. she was diagnosed with breast cancer >> doing the exact same surgery on other people that i was going to have to done myself. >> reporter: we first met her as she was preparing to go in the operating room last year.
7:42 pm
she showed us a small device she believes can improve the treatment like radiation. it is placed in the cavity as a tumor is removed. tiny titanium pins embedded in the impact acting like a gps. increased precision. >> it allows us to focus the radiation exactly where the tumor was. and at the time avoid the structures like the lungs, the heart, the ribs. >> reporter: and shortly after her own diagnoses she made the same choice for herself. having the technology she implanted in others placed in her chest. >> the field she made for my treatment was smaller than she would have otherwise. >> reporter: also taught her other valuable lessons about
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recovery. the healing power of exercise. she decided to sign up for the 10k race not long after the successful surgery >> i tell all my patients the same thing. >> incredible thnology and also pointing out that the implant can give women advantages in moving forward. news to cheer about. >> napa valley can make you feel unstoppable.
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san francisco conservatory of music shared its vision for music in the future. this follows the -- construction begins this summer. >> it is really special to us to be able to have a facility that we can call our own and we are so grateful to everyone in this room. >> we are exciting about preparing artist for a brilliant future and giving them an education for life. >> plans call for demolishing this apartment building.
7:47 pm
the 27 residents will move into new homes across the street and rent remains the same now. sky map 7 shows you where the intersection of foothill and seminary avenue. the city has worked for years and spent millions of dollars to turn this into a shopping center for that neighborhood. plastic forks, take out containers and plastic coffee cups are in the cross hairs. >> the boldest attempt ever to cut down food served with a side of garbage. >> reporter: for a few short minutes this cup will hold cappuccino. global issue with garbage polluting the ocean. >> single use disposable food
7:48 pm
and packaging. >> we want to dump disposables all together. >> reporter: requiring food and drinks here to come in dpofood containers. >> a list of pre approved material that the city can come post or recycle. >> trying push people to bring their own things like metal or their own glass or tupperware. >> reporter: some people do that now and they use metal silverware. >> we have to switch out our
7:49 pm
straws. >> reporter: berkeley did consider a plastic straw ban after video of this wounded turtle went viral. . remember, berkeley voted to ban styrofoam in 1986. >> everybody was saying the world is going to end. and it didn't. >> reporter: in berkeley, jonathan bloom abc7 news. napa valley celebrating a record setting year. the agriculture production value in the county was $757 million. wine grapes predominately cab nay sauvignon accounted for the cultural value. >> i could smell the bquet. we have got mainly sunny skies
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er the bay area. but the fog is getting deeper along the coastline. and about to make its evening push. overnight lows will be mainly in the lows to upper 40s. ranging mid-50s at the coast and some low, even low to mid-70s inland. thinking about going to tahoe, here is your forecast. no falling snow, maybe a thunderstorm or two. highs getting up into the 50s for most othe forecast period. some sprinkles possible here in the bay area. widely scattered and very light because they are just sprinkles. drizly on saturday morning, but the remainder of the weekend dry and milder weather building in next week. >> thank you. >> let's talk baseball. >> the a's are in texas and it
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is dinner time so we thought you might like a taste of the boom stick. two feet long and
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good evening, the saying if baseball is that momentum is only as good as tomorrow. as the giant sent samardzija to the mound. perfect day for a float in mccovey cove. going to be a huge day for adams and a bad day for the shark. 3-1 now. squaring off once again. 6-1nats. pab pablo sandoval. striking out krafcrawford. allowed only the two runs. back to adams.
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he doubles again in the top of the eighth. six rbis. halting that win streak. how about at the ballpark in arlington. the home of the boom stick. two-foot long hot-dog. $26. it is your cardiologt dream dinner. chris davis. there is his boom stick. 2-1 homer. his seventh of the year. the warriors have a few days to prepare for a dangerous foe will steph curry be ready for game one saturday night? who knows. still anyboin the early stages rehabbing his knee. the pels they were desperate for a win to stay in playoff contention. squeaking by.
7:56 pm
34 from the unibrow. new orleans head coach couldn't wait to spark this rivalry. >> i just want to outcoach steve kerr. if we do that then, i don't care. fortunatelily, he doesn't know what he is doing. and that's a joke. >> that was steve last night. is it possible steph might be back for game one? . today on his weekly radio station, saying he would not rule out a curry return. >> if he doesn't play, i mean we are prepared. if he does play, hallelujah. but we got to go in this week with the mindset that he is not playing. because that's what we have been
7:57 pm
doing this post season and it will make us better when we come back. but we sincerely miss him. seconds ago, 95 ball. rejected by lebron james. three seconds left of the game, good night, game over. drive home safely. wins it for the cav 98-95. they take a 3-2 series lead. nfl draft is tomorrow in dallas. middle line backer, may have been vanished with the charges dropped with foster. raiders pick tenth. for the niners or the riders. speaking of the silver and black. sporting those colors and a new quarterback as well. nelson is in lock step with
7:58 pm
derek carr. >> it is great. the energy level is amazing and somehow i think he is consistent with it day in and day out which is impressive. that is fun and i think wwill feed off of that and that's why we are successful today in our tempo and what we are able to accomplish. >> jon gruden one of a kind for sure as for lebron james. >> join us tonight on kofy-tv 20. why ford is giving up on all but two passenger cars. >> at 11:00, we have live team coverage of the arrest of the golden state killer. hear from the daughter of two of his victims. tonight it is the goldbergs,
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alex. >> that will do it. i am ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley. >> and i am dan ashley. for
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