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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 1, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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new developments in the deadly sacramento shooting that led to weeks of protests. the inconsistencies in two autopsies done. feeling all kinds of love. >> she was a teenager when she was attacked by the golden state kill killer. i am jonathan bloom with the hot topics ahead of facebook conference. counting down. waiting for him to come out for a warmup. i am larry beil. and that story is live, where y live, abc7 news. this has been an intense year. >> starting with an
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understatement. the list of what is new for facebook is far from it. >> developer's conference was the first time the ceo spoke publicly inhe wake of the cambridge analytica. >> ability to clear history. and another one is watch party. and facebook is getting into the dating game as well. >> abc7 news jonathan bloom has the story. >> welcome. this has been an intense year. >> reporter: waiting no time addressing the elephant in the room. >> what happened with cambridge analytica was a major breach of trust. that developer took data that people shared with him and sold it. so we need to make sure this never happens again.
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>> reporter: all of these developers know that too well. facebook stopped approving apps. >> we are re-opening app review. >> reporter: with changes. >> going through an extra level of scrutiny. >> reporter: part of a mounting issues for facebook. for nearly 20 minutes facebook addressed all of them. >> we will never be unprepared for this again. >> reporter: all of the talk about trust may be exactly what developers needed to hear. >> did it in a nice way with humor even and it was very authentic. >> let's say that your friend is testifying in congress. >> reporter: he used current address to introduce watch party. >> and we are announcing a new set of features coming soon around dating. >> reporter: saying it is big
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news. >> match, shares did take a big plunge on the stock market as soon as the announcement was made. >> reporter: facebook knows a lot about that unless you use the new feature to clear your browsing history. >> facebook announced it is going to release a virtual reality headset called the oculus go. you don't need headphones. >> the audio is cool. we put the speakers into the headset and piped the audio through your ears so you get rich 360 spatial headphones. >> a price tag of $199 and this
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just in, abc7 news confirmed facebook fired an employee who used work granted access to stalk a woman online. that employee now fired at facebook. new developments in the officer shooting death of stephon clark. an autopsy found earlier private findings are wrong. the sacramento county coro ner had four pathologyist reviewing the autopsy. several conflicting findings. the most recent autopsy by the county shows clark was shot seven times not eight. the latest autopsy found clark was shot three times in the back
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while the earlier report indicated it was six times. the toxicology report loss found traces of cocaine, cannabis and co codeine. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has more. >> reporter: charged these two men in the murder of mark gangacat. the arrests made on thursday after investigatesers linked the two to the shooting. charges were formally fired yesterday by the district attorney's office including murder, assault with a firearm and firing into an occupied
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vehicle lying in wait >> we will be doing the background of these individuals. >>eporter: the victim's fiance worked with prasad. wednesday authorities say prasad and his accomplice followed the victim and his fiance backed to their home and opened fire. she had just finished her last day working at the airport. >> he is my life. he is everything. >> reporter: the victim's mother was inside the home at the time of the shooting. >> i saw my son with blood in his mouth and saw a hole, and i said what happened, what happened. and i called 911 and came back trying to do that to my son. >> reporter: days away from moving to las vegas with their
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two-year-old daughter. in daily city, chris nguyen, abc7 news. the arrest of the alleged golden state killer lead one of his victims to speak out. abc7 news leslie brinkley met with mary buart today this time on camera. >> well, i woke up to the sound of a man's voice in my ear. >> reporter: 52-years old right now, but she will never forget june 1979 when she was 13-years old. just making it onto the walnut creek cheer squad. the man came into her bedroom
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and put a knife to her throat. >> he tied my legs and my hands and gagged me with my training bra and told me he was going to kill my family if i made noise. and i was just as quiet as could be. and he raped me. >> reporter: her sister was across the hall. she ran down the hall to tell her dad what happened. >> approximand i blurted it out flew out of bed. and the look on his face was devastating. >> reporter: her dad tore down the play house by the bedroom window. >> because apparently that is where he was watching me or stalking me. >> he could see right into the bedroom window. i insinuated his filth and evil
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into my house and our life and our community and brought terror to everybody. >> reporter: while she is feeling empowered that the man accused is behind bars facing murder charges, she is also frustrated that the statute of limitations is run out on rape cases. >> karma, a lot of karma coming his way. >> reporter: she hopes to make her experience positive changes. >> he can sit there with it. >> reporter: leslie brinkley, abc7 news. to learn more about the golden state killer including original stories and videos from the 1970s and '80s, go to new development on scooter invasion. voting on a pilot program that would regulate these companies.
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lyanne melendez is live from city hall with more regulations. >> reporter: six weeks ago, the so-called invasion of the scoote began. the regulations voted today are meant to reel in the little bit more control. the message is clear. if you want to operate powered scooters in san francisco as a company, you must have a permit. the agency board of directors voted to offer five companies a permit to operate up to 500 scooters each. allowing for a total of 2500 scooters on our streets. >> with a limited number, i think the scooters could be viable. we are concerned about a flood and over concentration of theme. >> reporter: anyone operating them must wear a helmet. >> why don't you wear a helmet.
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>> it is harder to carry with me and it is not provided. >> reporter: but it is for your safety, right? >> yeah, but not smoking, not drinking is for my safety. >> reporter: you must use a designated bicycle lane. the board was told this is one of the main reasons why these regulations will now be imposed. >> people are riding them on the sidewalks and parking them in ways that will obstruct the path of travel. >> reporter: the board will issues fines against the companies when terms are violated. and it must insure all of these riders. she will always be a fan of the program. >> hey, i am going to go up the street and don want to wait for a bus, i will hop on a scooter. >> reporter: they will look at their findings and propose
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changes to further regulate these countries. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> today is may first. and this year's protests expands beyond worker's right to include immigrant rights and human rights. >> mayday rallies in the bay area have been peaceful. the biggest one and impactful one was in oakland. they say they brought cargo to a stand still to cause attention to worker's rights and police brutality. >> we have to think more about people instead of profit in this country. and so no, i don't feel bad at all about taking this day off and marching with brothers and sisters. >> several mayday demonstrations in san francisco. at city hall, a small group
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protested privatizization. a housing rights tweeted they demand affordable housing for workers saying it is a basic right. and in southern california, thousands took over downtown los angeles. a peaceful protest on trump administration policies. more to come. dropped calls, unset texts and spotty service. >> today trying to get them some answers. >> on some level, we want to have a little protection that are culture isn't wiped away. >> what it would mean it a leather community to have a district named for them. month of may is off to a mild and sunny start. a look at the seven-days ahead
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coming up. and we are going to join larry beil live at oracle arena. as we take a you could save energy
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this is one of the most frustrating thing to see when you are trying to get online and showing up repeatedly for verizon customers in novato for over a week. no service, dropped service, spotty service. wayne freedman finds out what is going on. >> reporter: in novato. >> it would be a lot easier to
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drop a quarter in there and make a phone call than to deal what i am feeling right now. >> reporter: they say for at least the last ten-days using a mobile device has felt like a game of russian roulette. >> you pick up the phone and there is nobody there or somebody is there and the call drops. >> reporter: only in novato. when brian clark goes to work he enters the millennial return. the company did acknowledge problems with the local transmission power. quote, we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. however some customers may continue to experience intermittent issues. we apologize for any
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inconvenience. >> they said you have to reset your phone. i went home, no service. second trip, you need a sim card. >> they are not giving us answers and we need answers of what is going on. to me, this is not acceptable. >> reporter: one of those stories we never would have imaged a few years ago back in the stone age. in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. pets will be allowed to travel in united airlines cargo hold once again. they halted cargo service after a dog died in march and three other dogs put on the wrong flights. only accepting dogs and cats. pets in the cabin will not be affected. united will not transport pets
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through the summer through airports las vegas, palm springs -- >> the game starts at 7:30. larry beil is there live. hey, larry. >> reporter: look who happens to be over my shoulder here. familiar number 30. steph is switching sides after weeks of doing his rehab routine. steph is back with his teammates doing his normal pre workout routine and did it on the bseline earlier as he gets set to return to the court for the first time in five and half weeks. we mentioned, it has been over five weeks since steph last played an nba game. the wait is over.
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everybody in oracle is going to be unglued in this place. if you thinks fans are fired up, listen to his teammates. >> i'm excited. i feel like a fan. can't wait to see him out there. knowing steph, i know it is killing him. >> seeing any of your guys come back from injury, is a boost. >> steph is a legend. he is great. he is elite and we expect that out of him. no matter how much time he misses, we expect that out of him. >> it appears as though steph's left knee does not have a brace on it. but his right knee appears to be more heavily wrapped. one other side note, he is giving away 80 of these custom sneakers tonight. they are fashioned to honor the dance cam mom, whoerforms at
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all warrior's day. 80 lucky season holders will get pairs of these exclusive steph curry sneakers. lots more on steph's return coming up later on in sports. for now, oracle arena, larry beil sports. >> steph and sneakers too? a good night. >> big night. >> thanks, larry. spencer christian has been checking out our forecast. >> sunny skies today. unsettled weather nearby. down to the foot hills, near sonora outbreak of lightning strikes. check out the 24 our temperature change. seven degrees warmer at san jose
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and up at yukiah than yesterday. nice view. temperature readings upper 50s in san francisco and oakland. 69 each at mountain view a san jose. 60 in gilroy. 54 at half moon bay. here is the view looking westward. 73 in santa rosa. 71 concord and 64 at livermore. quite windy as you can see. looking uthward on to mainly blue skies. fog near the coast. sunny and mild again tomorrow near the bay and inland. see minor ups and downs in the temperature range over the next few days taking us into the weekend. look for more fog. overnight lows generally in the mid to upper 40s. here is what is happening in the atmosphere. showing you that unsettled
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weather, yesterday the low pressure system over idaho. now over the central part of the rockies. sweeping moisture and unsettled conditions around california. going to push east ward. opens the door for this warmer air mass to move in. dominant feature over the next several days. starting tomorrow, mid-70s inland. here it is. mid to upper 70s inland. tomorrow and thursday. 80 degrees likely inland on friday. temperatures drop off a couple of degrees coming into the weekend. still a fairly steady pattern. changes from day-to-day are minor. nice, pleasant, mild, sunny, dry. >> thanks. makers of gibson guitars playing a sad
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apple led a rally around tech companies to help move towards a positive ground. apple gained 2% in value. apple revealed how it will
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spend the extra money it has thanks to the tax reform. >> shareholders will see dividends go up by the largest ever, 16%. >> gibson guitars filed for bankruptcy protection today. planning to liquidate its consumer electronic headphones business and reorganize musical instruments and professional audio business. chuck barry, jimmy page, and countless others. crews put together a house in 12 hours. it saves time, but does it
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take a look at this bird's eye view from droneview 7 over the fast changing south of market here in san francisco. it has a new name today the
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leather district celebrating a distinct part of the gay -- >> home to gay and tikink bars. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler shares what a difference it would make. >> reporter: another lgbtq district. a distinct part of the gay community. the city believes its decades long history shoul be preserved and protected. >> so just hing some recognition that this has history and as people move into it, they understand there is
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something here before them. >> reporter: jonathan schroeder is general manager of mr. s leather. other supporters who showed up at a hearing last week are hopeful the leather district will mean access to city funds and community input in community developments. >> we have the tension with the tech economy and an oer creative economy. we need to move forward without losing what we have treasured. >> reporter: the resolution which passed today was cosponsored. >> we are trying to preserve those violatal parts of the lgb community. >> reporter: today he proposed another cultural district for a place you already think would be
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one, the castro. in the news rooms carolyn tyler, abc7 news. two suspects under arrest for albany's first murder in three years. the victim identified as 23-year-old rafael fuentes. thanks to witnesses and other help from the community, albany police arrested two suspects in this case. kaila gibson wytch, and thomas shimmamura. he accidentally fired his weapon. and a bullet fragment hit a girl beneath her eye. two girls got out of the van and were told to get out on the ground.
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the officer's weapon discharged. principal of presidio middle school set out a warning. a student reported a man took her hand is tried to get her to go with him. police are on the lookout for that man. expanding internationally. this is video abc7 news shot of the company's headquarters in berkeley earlier this year. adding locations in mexico, germany, spain, france, italy, switzerland and the uk. testing marijuana for pesticides and dangerous chemicals. the state cannabis bureau wants all products to undergo testing
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this year. alameda county has announced the formation of the first dedicated civil domestic violence department. opening next month at the hayward ha hayward hall of justice. handles all civil domestic violence matters. currently they are spread out between family law and civil departments. south bay is getting a new public redwood park. david louie shows us the first look. >> reporter: this redwood forest has it all. beautiful views. an old pond that is home to turtles. it will be open to the public. >> on a hot summer day is going to be a huge attraction and people are going to love it.
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>> reporter: bear creek redwood preserve was once -- and these old structures are part of a theology school known as alma college. property was being eyed by a developer for a golf course. and purchased instead by the peninsula open space district and open space trust. this ground breaking ceremony is the start of phase one. dragon flies and song birds will be ready to greet them. >> you will recognize a lot of the different chirps and songs that the birds are singing. >> reporter: nonnative plants will be removed as part of the restoration. the jesuit chapel will remain.
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still visitors will get to learn about the site's history. >> it will focus on the site's cultural history. you will take a tour and eventually we will have a cell phone audio tour that people can learn about this fascinating history. >> reporter: the complete restoration is going to take 20 years. but the first phase will be open about a year from now. near los gatos david louie, abc7 news. people gathered in one palo alto neighborhood today as a family's home was installed. >> the family demolished their old home in favor of this new one. the family designed it complete with all appliances fixtures paint and tiles and shipped to palo alto. >> i think they will all be surprised to see it. and we are thrilled in you it is
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turning out. >> the home was built by plant prefab. owners can save 20% to 25% on building cost. >> the owners said it seemed to cost them what it would with traditional homes but saves on construction time. >> someone in my neighborhood did this. it looks like a regular house. a life altering surgery performed in the bay area. takin a live look through the brand new abc7 camera. civilian world.
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learn about the paid training and career opportunities available to you at university of san francisco lead research has found a way to predict autism in infants as young as three months old. it can rule out autism and severity of the outcome. eegs are a noninvasive mod
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detecting autism before symptoms is key to effective treatments. a beauty pageant contestant suffer suffered through a debilitating stroke. >> a cluster of blood cells burst in her brain in 2013. >> it caused a hemorrhagic stroke. >> her twin sister researched facial. >> they transferred muscles to the paralyzed section of her fah. >> i am excited to breath out of my nostril and to sing and smile. we are trying to restore smile. the smile is an incredibly important feature of life. you don't realize it until you
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lose it. >> today's surgery is a success. full recovery will take a year though. we will keep you updated on her coming up next, michael finn you could generate your own energy, at home.
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or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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a movent is underway to stop what a watchdog group stops targeti targeting -- thousands of dollars trying to buy pets they never received. now meet grieving owners who found pictures of their dogs on website even though their dogs are dead. >> reporter: fondly vers one of her favorites. >> abby is the most special dog in the world. >> reporter: it didn't take long for abby to become's wendy's
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favorite. but abby developed cancer and had to be euthanized a year later. >> sorry. anyway, losing abby was horrible. >> reporter: last month, judy wastunned seeing abby being marketed for sale. she believes the pictures of abby were taken off her facebook page. >> degrading to show my beautiful dog to scam people out of money. >> reporter: she contacted them offering to buy a dog that wasn't alive. we talked to the site's administr via skype from
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amsterdam. >> i found another ten websites identical in action looking completely different. >> reporter: pet scams forwards any abuse it sees to a company that registered the domain name. it since has been shut down. but wendy found a website with a similar layout and photos under different domain. >> you take them down here and they are going to pop up somewhere else. >> reporter: also using the same pictures of abby. >> this one and this one are abby. i would love to put these people out of business. >> rorter: "7 on your side" contacted enom the company that registered domain names. it's technically infeasible to scan every domain that is
7:49 pm
registered. elegant corky puppies has since been taken down. pet scam gave us contact information for both websites, we reached out but hasn't heard back. my "7 on your side" hotline is open every day. telephone number is (415) 954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page. >> wackmoe is a good description. >> really nice outside. >> here is a look at live ppler 7. few clouds but bright, sunny evening. over night lows in the mid to upper 40s. near 70s around the bay.
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accuweather seven-day forecast is looking great. minor variations. low 80s inland. and a few 60s on the coast. >> excellent. i knew you kept that bag of apples. >> just the right occasion. >> all right. turning to sports. big night at oracle. >> huge night. >> he is back. steph curry will return for the warriors tonight but will he start?
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how are you doing? larry beil live at oracle arena. as we get set for game two of the warriors pelican playoff series and the long awaited return of number 30, steph curry who came out and tested the sprain knee. everything looked fine. even hit his patented tunnel shot on his second try. so a good omen.
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the dubs beat the pelicans without him on saturday night. will steph start to want? coach steve kerr doesn't like revealing his lineups until the very last second, and he is sticking to that about steph. >> he looks great in the. i decided to start him or leave him on the bench. one of the other. knowing steph, he will bounce back quickly from absence. >> i tried twisting some arms with friendly assistant coaches to find out if steph was going to start or not. all i got were polite smiles and i can't tell you larry. this place is going to go nuts.
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counting down to game two. other nba action tonight, lebron james and the cavaliers taken on the raptors. 11 points in the third quarter. lebron, you would think he would be flat out exhausted after the seven game series with e pacers and looks fresh to me keeping the cavs in it. j.r. smith turns into j.r. swift. t toronto leading in the fourth quarter. sharks could have scored ten goals instead too many parki penalties. check out the highlights vegas goalie was on fire. stopped 39 of sajose's
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42 shots. martin jones was good but william carlson, they call him wild bill was wild on the break away. that wanted for vegas to take a 2-1 lead. the sharks believe they are inches away. >> i don't think we have completely executed it yet. we are doing it in bits and pieces. >> fun playing when you are playing well. and playing hard and competing and seeing that through the lineup. i believe our game is day. anyone in here will tell you that. >> they have theirs and kind of stole their game and we will be ready for game four back here if our building. >> game four, that series is tomorrow night in the tank. hockey fight nothing new, but check out the fan behind the glass here in the boston tampa
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bay dust up. he is doing his rock em' sock em' impersonation. let me at em'. good fun. expecting good fun tonight with the return of steph curry. all the highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20 cable channel 13. police have chased an rv for more than 100 miles. now turned into a stand off. facebook announces a new dating app. coming up tonight here is the lineup.
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at eight rosane. 11:35, jimmy kimmel. >> we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz for all of us, thanks for being here and go warriors. >> it is the job of even here at abc7 to share your story. >> to tell the truth. >> help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you are worried about your daughter at work or son at school, we are here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. >> anyone can cover local news but it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. >> find your you could save energy
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