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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 2, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> just 10 feet. stunning new information tonight about just how close an air canada plane came to total disaster last year at san francisco international airport. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. the national transportation safety board released a detailed report today about the close call at sfo last july. >> incredibly close. that report shows air canada 759, which you can see here, may ve come as close as 10 feet from hitting a philippines airlines jet, triggering what
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would have been one of the worst aviation disasterers in history. >> kate larsen has the story a reaction from a bay area congressman. >> confirms 59 -- >> reporter: newly released video shows how close canada flight 759 came to four commercial airplanes sitting on a taxi way. we obtained the audio, but the video shows just how near a miss it really was. >> 759, clear to land. >> reporter: the tower cleared flight 759 to land on a runway. but it was on a trajectory to land on taxiway c instead, flying just 59 feet above the one thound passengers sitting on the four jets waiting the take off. >> where is this guy going? >> he is on the taxi way. >> looked like you were lined up for charlie there. >> united 1, air canada flew directly over us. >> it would have been one of the great tragedies in the history of aviation.
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>> reporter: intrusions and near misses on runways are up 83% at airports across the country there have been three other close calls at sfo due to pilot error since 2016. >> some of that is because of the design of the airport. the runways and taxiways are physically close. and some of it is sfo has become busier because of the economy. >> reporter: last week desaulnier was able to include four amendments to ensure the faa and ntsb investigate near misses in more detail going forward. desaulnier says this is just a first step to ensuring flight safety. >> the faa tonight is investigating what caused a window to crack on a southwest airlines plane today. the passenger took these photos. look closely. you can see it. flight 957 was heading to newark from chicago when it was forced to make an emergency landing in cleveland. none of the 73 passengers on board was hurt. now this incident comes nearly three weeks after an engine on
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another southwest plane exploded midair, blowing out a window on that flight. a woman was partially sucked out of that window, and she was killed. the military says the cargo plane that crashed, killing its entire crew, was more than 50 years old. that c-130 hercules crashed on to a highway in georgia today. nine members of puerto rico's national guard died. they were flying the plane on its final mission on its way to being retired in arizona. the plane had flown humanitarian missions after a hurricane ravaged puerto rico last year. new at 11, san francisco's police chief will neither confirm nor deny that he has applied to be l.a.'s top cop. >> "the l.a. times" is reporting scott is one of many candidates applying for the position. lilian? >> reporter: dan and am that, chief scott has only been with the san francisco police department for 16 months. but now he may be looking to go back to where he came from. >> well, i'm not going confirm
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or an unsubstantiated source. >> reporter: san francisco police chief william scott wouldn't answer the question whether he applied to be lapd's next chief. >> what i'd like to say is what i've been saying. i have to be focused on this job. we have a lot of work to do. all the recommendations that we're trying to get in blaze the doj reforms. we've g property crime that we're making good progress on. >> reporter: "the l.a. times" is reporting that scott is one of 31 people who have applied for the lapd job. l.a.'s current top cop, charlie beck, is retiring next month. scott served as an lapd deputy chief prior to swearing in january 2017. and since then speculation has persistethat scott is a short timer, eager to get back to l.a., despite having made comments to the contrary in an exclusive interview with abc 7 the day he was announced as the next chief. >> i'm a man of my word, first and foremost. and the mayor, the police commission have put the confidence that i'm going to >> reporter: if scott ends up
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leaving, at least one police commissioner will be sorry to see him go. >> he has been an open, receptive and thoughtful chief. and i've been on the commission a year now. and i've appreciated working with him. >> reporter: scott has reportedly advanced in the selection process. he is among candidates scheduled to be interviewed. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc news. we are getting our first look tonight at video showing a uc berkeley student escaping an armed robber. the victim fought off her attacker while she tried to get inside a dorm at channing way and college avenue. the man appeared to have a gun in his left hand before 5:00 on sunday morning. if you recognize this man, campus police want to hear from you immediately. salvage teams now face a new task after a sailboat sank while they tried to tow it back to pacifica. the surf damaged the vessel and tossed two workers into the pacific. the waves off pacifica's linda
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mar beach showed no restraint while two salvage workers tied ropes. those lines linked the sailboat to a tugboat ready to muscle it back into open water. >> sometimes it works and occasionally it doesn't. this is one of the times where it didn't. >> and you're looking at when the plan was foiled. not from a lack of effort, but because of the brute force of the pacific ocean. torrents of saltwater began filling the boat. the two workers climbed atop the cabin. moments later, the entire boat sank. the workers now needed to find their path to survival. >> what i thought is my guys did exactly what they were told to do in that situation which is go overboard and swim away from the wreck. >> shortly after being thrown into choppy seas, rescuers from the coast guard reached the men and pulled them from the water. they escaped with some bumps and bruises. >> so scary to watch. and now pacifica officials and the boat's owner have to plan their next step. today's doomed salvage operation came after nature prevailed over
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a recovery attempt on monday. the entire ordeal began saturday night when the boat lost diesel power and drifted ashore while heading from oregon to san diego. new developments in the las vegas massacre. late today authorities released body cam video as the worst mass shooting in modern american history was unfolding. 58 people were killed, more than 500 injured. abc news reporter matt gutman takes you inside the chilling moments when police entered the gunman's hotel room. watch. >> the new video showshe s.w.a.t. team clustered in the hallway outside the sniper's room. no sense of what they'll find when they blow down the door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> that deafening explosion. one officer's body camera then revealing the moment he spots stephen paddock's own surveillance camera hidden. >> it looks like it might be a camera of some sort. >> the officers gingerly open entering the hotel suite of the deadliest mass shooter in u.s.
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history. the team surveying the scene, the high-powered rifles resting on a chair. 23 guns ultimately found. thousands of rounds of ammunition. by the time the officers arrived at the 32nd floor, creep do you think the hallway, dripping with slow, going low behind their shields. >> everyone take a deep breath. >> paddock was already dead. he had shot himself after he gunned down 58 innocent people and wounded hundreds at the concert playing out down below. what's most striking about seeing those first three hours of thi body cameraootage is how much time elapses. we see the officers going floor to floor methodically. we see them breach the wrong rooms. and more than six months after this attack, we still don't have a final police report. no timeline, and no firm understanding of why stephen paddock did this. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. developing news now, one of president trump's top lawyers admitted the president's
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personal attorney was paid back for hush money paid to stormy daniels. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani said tonight on fox news the president reimbursed michael cohen for a $130,000 payment he made to keep daniels om going public with her story before the 2016 election. last month president trump denied any knowledge of the $130,000 payment. he also has repeatedly denied daniels' claims the two had sex in 2006. a photographer is searching for some stolen memories tonight after someone broke into his truck in oakland. hassan mokadam says the thief took wedding photos and photography eipment after smashing his truck's window. it happened last saturday near totterdale street. he says he just wants the camera's memory card back, no questions asked so he can give a couple their wedding photos that he took earlier on the day of the theft. some say it would be too graphic for fourth graders. seven hours of debate, and still waiting for a decision. an east bay school board could
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decide any minute about a controversial sex ed curriculum. also, is it terrifying or stunning? spectacular? you be the judge. the upclose look at work done hundreds of feet up on the golden gate bridge. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. it is going to be foggy for your morning ride. i'll let you know what the weekend will feature, coming up. and later, a mystery in china. a small truck crashes into a shop. at first glance, there was no driver. but just wait. >> yeah. all of that's ahead. first, a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. look at what we accomplished with no help from anyone tonight. hello, dr. borenstein. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, jimbo. may i say in the long history of talk show host, you're the
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happening now in fremont, a school board meeting is in its seventh hour as board members consider adopting a controversial sex ed curriculum, it could impact students as young as fourth grade. abc 7 reporter katie marzullo is live in fremont with what's happening right now. late night, katie. >> it is, dan and ama. this meeting got under way at 4:30 this afternoon, and still no vote. public comment wrapped up about 30 minutes ago. so board members really just in the last few minutes starting to discuss everything they heard here tonight. people, parents who are against this proposed curriculum feel that it is too explicit for young students. but people who are in favor of it say it includes vital lessons on inclusion and lgbtq issues. hundreds of people address the
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fremont school board with passionate arguments. some are in favor of the proposed sex ed curriculum. >> this crick limb isn't about giving our children too much too soon. it's about preventing too little too late. >> others are adamantly opposed. >> is this the right way to teach sixth grade kids about sexuality? of course not. >> the cricurriculum is called rights, respectability. it would bring the district into compliance with state regulations. >> three rs was one of the few curriculum that hit all of the targets that were in the california healthy youth act. >> the act requires additional elements be taught including gender identity and sexual orientation. because fremont already teaches puberty and sexual health starting in the fourth grade, the three rs could also apply to fourth graders. >> it is dangerous. >> i implore you not to deny access to this critically
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important sexual health content. >> parents would have are the choice to opt out. >> parents can opt their children out of one or all of the lessons. it's a total of about four to six hours of instruction for each grade level. >> the lessons would begin this school year. in fremont, katie marzullo, abc news. all right. we are getting an interesting view as crews go to new heights to check the safety of the golden gate bridge. >> so a warning. if you're afraid of heights, don't look down. engineers began scaling the towers nearly 750 feet above the bay thinking is a look at the crew's perspective. these up-close inspections were prompted by new federal regulations and are expected to last through the week. ama has been talking all week about how she wishes she could go up there. she loves heights. >> i do so well. >> help! >> get me down, please. all right. the weather down here seems pretty nice. >> it does. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. hi, sandy. >> imagine the views from up
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there. just incredible. all right, dan and ama, i do want the show you a time lapse of what it has looked like tonight from our east bay hills camera. the marine layer has been deepening gradually through the night. it's over 2,000 feet dp about the. you will see it expanding as the night went on. we got closer to sunset. watch the low clouds and the fog just really make a push. this is pretty typical around this time of year, as you know. and if you are traveling out of sfo tomorrow morning, the overca skies could be problematic. here is a live look right now from sfo. low ceilings could cause some delays. so just be aware of at. live doppler 7 shows you the fog footprint. it has pushed all the way into the bay, even into the north bay. right now visibility down to 7 miles in half moon bay. petaluma eight miles. so be careful during the morning commute. temperatures are primarily in the 40s and the 50s. and one thing you may have been noticing is spring is a very windy time of year. and as we head into tomorrow, you're going to have to deal with the breezy conditions once
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again. so in the afternoon hours, the breezes will pick up. onshore wind coming off the cool ocean ter, and that's why it's been feeling so chilly if you've been near the coast. the winds will taper later on in the day. be aware of that. and with the wind comes a warning. pollen will be running high. tree pollen in particular.repol. here is a live picture from abc 7 news exploratorium cam have g. the top of the transamerica pyramid barely visible. sunny afternoon around the bay. warmer weather on friday and minor fluctuations in temperatures this upcoming weekend. your morning commute plan low visibility if you're driving. watch out. fair skies if you're taking the ferry across the bay, it will be overcast in foggy areas if you are walking. so hour-by-hour we good. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, you'll notice how widespread the low clouds and fog are.
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around 8:00 a.m. when you're taking the kids off to school, cool enough to require the jacket, and also pretty gray. by 11:00 a.m., the fog peels away from the inland areas, but still hanging tough near the coastline. temperatures m 40s to the low 50s. and then for the afternoon, another mild one inland with 70s. sunshine there along the coast. some lingering fog. cool with temperatures in the 50s. and it is going to be breezy again. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature a foggy morn followed by sunshine away from the coast. warmer as we head into friday. notice those temperatures in the mid-80s inland. but don't get used to it. as we head into the weekend, numbers are going right back down again. a little bit cooler. it's no real dramatic change there. you can download the app and check out the temperatures any time you want. as we go into the weekend, 50s to 70s and sunny and warmer monday. back down again tuesday and wednesday. but one thing's for sure, you can count on the fog pretty much every single day, except for one day. ama and dan? >> great. thanks, sandhya.
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is actually a good reason why dogs can't get driver' licenses. >> hard to believe. they're loyal obviously. but they just don't steer all that well, which have proof on camera. at first it appears as if a truck with no one inside crashes into a store in china. >> well, then look closely. you can see a dog in the cab. the truck's owner parked it without turning off the engine, leaving his dog inside. >> the the pup touched the accelerator, setting the
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truck -- more than a lurch, lunging forward. fortunately no one was hurt. >> the dog included. everybody is okay. >> how does he get the truck in gear? fido, you been driving again? >> he has been practicing larry beil is here. feeding frenzy in the tank tonight. ey definitely had it in gear this evening. team teal, the sharks dominate from
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. when the sharks lost 7-0 in their series play-off opener to vegas, looked like this was going to be over in a hurry. not so fast. trying to even up the series tonight in game 4 in the tank
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aaron gordon, pride of san jose opening the door for the sharks. right this way, gentlemen. no store in the first. marcus soreon, aka scorenson give the sharks a 1-0 lead. what an incredible play. joonas donskoi back to the ice after a lower body injury. five skeconds left. team teal riding momentum. sharks swarm. tomas hertl makes it fifth. martin jones a brick wall, 34 saves. his sixth career postseason shut-out. sharks win 4-0. series now tied at 2-2. >> we're getting better every game. i know we're going to get off the plane in vegas, and we're going to play a good game. and it's going to tick a real good game to win in there. >> i thought our home games were better. i thought we were playing more our style of game. it didn't really matter what the score was. i like the way we were playing and the effort we had at home. >> yep. it was goo to get from everyone.
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it was probably our most complete in the series i thought. >> game five friday in vegas. the giants keep winning but losing players. the latest concern johnny cueto will get a second order third opinion on his elbow. if you're getting that many opinions, sounds like the first opinion was you need surgery. a leads wedneay matinee. nick hundley might have been ape fog interest cove. rarely do you see a right-handed hitter homer to the cove. giants up 9-3 in the seventh. will smith back from tom john surgery. struck out two batters. eric hosmer. 9-4 the final. james paxton was throwing smoke. struck out 16. jake smolinski there. but a two-run bomb to jet lowry. lowry has eight homers. he leads the american league with 30 rbis. a little bat flip. you knew it was gone off edwin diaz. the a's come back in style, 3-2.
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after coming off the bench and being his usual spectacular self, steph curry will start game tee of the warriors/pelicans play-offs. back last night with 28 points in 27 minutes. the warriors up 2-0. game three friday in new orleans. game four sunday on abc 7. mao about nba tonight. ricky rubio is out for the jazz on gym two. james harden, with authority. finished with 32. but the jazz escape. donovan mitchell, this is a play you almost never see. i can't remember seeing that from a guard. vicious. 116-108. jazz, that series tied 1-1. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. oh, he threw it down hard.b&p


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