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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 8, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> an east bay high school rushed to the hospital after students find him unresponsive at t bottom of the pool. tonight we are hearing from the husband of the woman who died after the ambulance she was riding in was involved in a crash. pg&e opens a center to coordinate responses to fast moving wildfire. that as the utility faces more than 100 lawsuits in the north bay.
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a san ramon valley high school student has died after he was found at the bottom of the school's pool. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz. laura anthony is live in danville. >> reporter: we just learned officially that this young man has passed away. danville police just wrapped up their investigation here. the 911 call came in as a possible drowning just before 2:00 this afternoon just as a freshman pe class was about to begin here at the pool. >> requests medic 31 with truck 35edical emergency. >> reporter: the 911 call came in just before 2:00 p.m. just after lunch at san ramon valley high school. a male student was found at the
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bottom of the school unresponsive. a defibrillator was still sitting near the deep end. the student was discovered at the start of the fifth period freshman pe class. they spotted a body at the bottom. >> the pe teacher quickly jumped in. and was doing cpr until the medics came. >> reporter: a team of investigators around the pool but have not released any details about the victim or his condition. >> i have known the kid and it is hard knowing that he is there one second and now he is not. i don't know if he is going to be here tomorrow and i hope to god he is. but i am just praying that he is here tomorrow. >> reporter: and again, to update, our story, we have just learned in the past few minutes that this teenage boy has died.
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the boy who was found here in the pool earlier today. danville police are investigating. ande are awaiting official information from the high school or the san ramon valley school district. so sad. thank you. several months ago, deadly wildfire killing people and destroying hundreds of homes. the utility says those destructive fires had nothing specifically to do with the creation of the new center. abc7 news reporter vic lee is in the news room with the story. >> reporter: today the utility gave the media a tour. pg&e says it was created because fire season is now almost year-round. that appears to be the new norm
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caused by years of drought and other climate changes. this is a utilities hub for a of its wildfire prevention measures. they will coordinate efforts with first responders and deploy their own firefighting team. >> the wildfire season is so great we felt like we needed to stand up a specialized function that is specifically looking at wildfis. >> reporter: a weather station that kicks back weather reports from high risk fire zones and tracks and monitors the areas. this is where pg&e will make the controversial decision to cut off power to those communites. >> as a last resort shutting down the power makes sense.
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>> reporter: coming on the heels of the destructive wildfire in history. 40 people were killed. santa rosa fire departments says when -- hundreds of lawsuits.d and pg&e says the north bay fires were not the reason for the new op center. >> it is recognizing that conditions have changed and focusing on those conditions changing. >> the lawsuit where ishey a major factor? >> not a factor at all. >> reporter: well, post the state puc and cal fire are investigating the fires to find out what caused them. most of the lawsuits claimed that the utility failed to maintain and repair its pour lines and pg&e did a pour job of
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clearing vegetation from around their lines. one woman is using lemons to help neighbors recover from the fire. her story coming up in the next half hour. hearing from the husband of an east bay woman who died on her way to the hospital. >> reporter: a plea to the public that he didn't care to share until now. >> i wish there were better drivers in the bay area. they drive too fast around here. >> reporter: still in shock over the death of his beloved wife. >> i miss her nagging. you know how wives get, especially after being married so long. that is what i miss about her. >> reporter: 74-year-old died. she was headed to a hospital in
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an ambulance when it collided with an audi sedan. the team has taken over the investigation with support from the alameda sheriff's department. >> we are talking with several witnesses and working with the counties on the cameras in this area. >> reporter: family members tell us catherine had suffered a heart attack at home. and paramedics able to revive her and were taking her to a hospital. >> we spent an hour and a half there waiting and we couldn't find out what happened until finally they called us. >> reporter: the audi driver is being treated in castro valley. three others inside the ambulance also suffered injuries but were released from the hospital.
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>> my wife loved everybody. she would talk to anybody at the drop of a hat. >> reporter: chris nguyen, abc7 news. embattled santa clara judge aaron specifperrey is speaking . explains why he has been silent. >> you think judges should typically zip it and take the heat. take the criticism. it is only when you get to a point where there is a real chance that the recall will be successful. it gets serious for me. >> he says a recall might undermine. skeptical of a mexican
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national's claim that he is the target of a vindictive prosecution. he is facing charges of being a felony and undocumented person in possessionf a gun. the judge says he faces an uphill battle proving federal gun charge were brought solely because of politics. reuben foster pleaded not guilty today. the alleged victim in the case, foster's former girlfriend has recanted her story. her attorneys say her injuries happened during a fight with another woman and turned over video they say proves it. a big boost today for the
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university of california hospital workers on day two of their three-day strike. registered nurses and other employees walked out in support. lyanne melendez has more from ucsf medical center. >> reporter: first it was ucsf registered nurses to support the hospital union already on strike. then a third union joined them. >> an injury to one is an injury to all and we can't tolerate that. >> we all work together. and if they are not high quality, i am notoing to be able to deliver high quality. >> reporter: hospital employees with the american federation of state county and municipal employees will be back thursday morning after the three-day strike. they are the thousands of employees who deal with the patient's care. ucsf told reporters not every nurse went out today.
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>> we were able to move nurses around and give additional ratio coverage. >> reporter: the system says it can't afford the salary increases that the union is demanding. the union wants less outsourcing of jobs >> the service workers who devote their lives to this hospital average $40,000 a year. >> reporter: a recent report by hud found that a family of four earning $105,000 or less a year is considered low income. meanwhile, there is no indication that both sides are ready to head back to the bargaining table. lyanne melendez, abc7 ne. new twist on phone scams.
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>> and find out what it has to do with china. and the warn san francisco district attorney just put out today. some parents in the east bay say they were wronged by the system. >> i am spencer christian, we have quite a cool down coming out way. and followed quickly by a big warm up. i will have the accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. i am larry beil. we are watching steph curry warm up right now. i will tell you about his knee and one of the special guests who is here to check out a
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former california governor george dukemejan dies. historians credit him for economic policies that led california 2.8 million jobs during his time as governor. san francisco's district attorney issuing a warning that you should know about. kristen sze is here. >> lately many people in the u.s. and canada are getting calls from min mandarin.
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now this message says dhl has a packaged toou that will be returned to sender soon. your phone is about to be shut off or especially alarming, this is the chinese consulate calling. you press a number. if you do, they tell you you are linked to a financial crime. sending out a community warning today. >> the chinese government is making it known, there are 100,000 people that are spread out between main line china and hong kong that are doing the scams. >> new york city police say since december, victims have lost $3 million to this scam. we have resources on our website
7:17 pm parents who say they have been wronged by child protective services marched to reform. parents and reform groups demanded greater transparency and oversights. removal of three judges who they believe they are corrupt. >> we have a dysfunctional system. kids that are being murdered, kids that are continuing to be abused in this system and it is not effective. >> a spokesperson for contra costa county child services tells abc7 news that it is committed to the best outcome. and encourages reunification with the parents.
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today the santa clara county water district threw its support behind the plan. if you are headed to the a's game at the coliseum you might run into delays. sky 7 was over a water main street at 66th avenue and s leandro street. fans are being warned to find another way to get to oracle and the coliseum. >> all of those people need to get there. hopefully a chance to roundup their second round of playoffs. larry beil is there. game five.
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hi, larry. >> reporter: the warriors hope it will be a closeout game. try to get a shot of steph curry who is out. he is in the deep corner there. steph's knee, he says no pain in his knee, no pain in his ankle. one of the guests who is here, and another tough shot for our cameraman. oklahoma star trey young. he almost looks like steph. at oklahoma he was amazing at shooting the ball. a lot of people compare him to steph. he will come up and shoot from 35 feet and often it is nothing but the bottom of the net. trey is here and working out with steph's personal trainer getting ready for the nba draft. and certainly be a lottery pick. everybody is out tonight. and the warriors want to close this thing out in five and
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finish off the pelicans and get ready for a probable date with the houston rockets. we will hear from steve kerr later on in the news cast. larry beil abc7 sports. insurance companies doing business in california may have to consider the environmental impact of their investments. sending the first of its kind carbon risk assessment to the largest insurance companies. the commissioner is analyzing holdings in each company investment portfolio. he hopes the data will secure better long-term investment. >> over time we will see corrective action. >> 100 of the large insurance companies doing business in
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california will receive an environment stress report in the next few days. >> it was jacket weather in some parts of the bay area this morning. >> this is a look of drone view seven. it was pretty brisk mid morning. very few people decided to make that trek up or down. >> let's check in with spencer christian for the latest on the accuweather forecast. >> you think it was brisk today, wait until tomorrow. quite brisk out there. cooler and breezier. here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies at the moment. and it is reaching locally out over the bay. and it is pretty breezy out there as well. we have the wind speeds of 13 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour at oakland and hayward. and here is a view from sutro
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tower. fingers of fog reaching out locally over the bay and san francisco. 57 degrees in the city oakland 62. 55 degrees at half moon bay. and this is a view from emeryville. 72 up north santa rosa. napa 70. 75 fairfield. livermore 74. from mt. tam, it is going to get more forceful as the evening goes on. these are our forecast feature. and breezier and cooler tomorrow. but warm up begins towards the end of the week. quite warm feeling much like summer. overnight wide spread fog across the bay. it will reach all the way out there in the delta and car quinez strait. here is what is happening right
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now. cooler air on the way. circulation around this low pressure system. that will be one day sharp cool down and we will sta to warm up again on thursday and this ridge of high pressure moves in and brings us quite a warm up at the end of the week. 66 in oakland and san mateo. low to 70s tomorrow. check out the two-day change from tomorrow's projected highways. seven to 11-degree warm up across much of the bay area. we will see mid-80s inland on friday. and sunday is looking great. mainly sunny skies. 60 on the coast and it will cool
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down early next week. every single day the forecast period looks like a nice day to me. >> stay here with us. they laughed at first, and then things got
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rosean . another california city tonight is considering joining the list of those taking a stand against california's sanctuary
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status law. supporters and opponents rallied outside santa clare rita today. if the resolution passes, santa clarita will take the first in the county to take action. being sued by a group of airbnb renters. you are looking at video shot by one of the women surrounded b y rialto police. a neighbor thought the house was being burglarized. >> the individuals could not produce at any time any documentation that would enable us to confirm that they were in fact renters of this airbnb.
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>> the women were released once the airbnb confirmed they were her guests. president trump pulls the united states out of the iran nuclear deal as expected. up next, reaction from world leaders and local iranians as well. the mountain view tech giant shows us how technology will keep getting smarter. how about flying cars. n francisco based each day researchers make discoveries that bring us closer to the moment when all cancer patients can become survivors.
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. today's action sends a critical message. the united states no longer makes empty threats. >> president trump makes good on repeated pledges to get out of the multinational iran nuclear deal. it was one of the diplomatic accomplishments of the obama administration that mr. trump
7:32 pm
called daisstastous. >> reporter: with drawing from what he called -- >> lifted some economic penalties and sanctions in return for iran backing off its nauk coll nuclear ambitions. some bay area iranian americans who have been pushing for regime change in their homeland believer today's reaction is a step in the right direction. >> what is most important is that the international political and economic pressure is maintained on the iranian regime. and people of iran do get the
7:33 pm
international support they need. >> reporter: professor of director of iranian studies at stanford calls it a bad decision. >> i told you so. i told you you can't trust the united states. i told you they are going to walk away from the deal. iran gets bragging rights. >> reporter: germany france, and britain had urged president trump to stay in the deal which includes russia and china. today he warned the other nations they too could be punished if they continue to back it. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. president obama called decision a serious mistake. saying quote, there are few issues more important to the security of the u.s. than one potential spread of nuclear --
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emanuel macron also tweeted. ben jan m-- secretary of state pompeo arrived in north korea. he is there to finalize details. pompeo will also press for the release of three american detained citizens. he was there over easr weekend when he was still cia chief. the manhattan district attorney is opening
7:35 pm
investigation. schneiderman. schneiderman says he engaged in role playing but didn't assault anyone. there is a job opening for every unemployed person for the company. reporting 6.6 job openings in march matching the 6.6 million americans actively looking for work. the number of people quitting their jobs increased. google's biggest event of the year kicked off. jonathan bloom found out today's announcements were all about technology getting smarter. >> reporter: 7,000 app developers became 7,000 screaming fans as google ceo announced a bug fix.
7:36 pm
>> the big story with ai is that we can use it as a tool to make our lives better. >> reporter: thepp knows what you want before you ask. >> become upon a photo that is too dark, in one tap, google recognizes it. >> reporter: the google assistant has more voices. ai makes them sound human. >> i am looking for something on may third. >> give me one second. >> scott stein had thoughts about that. >> it was creepy. >> why are you placing robo calls to other people that aren't in on it. >> reporter: the biggest announcement is about cars.
7:37 pm
>> we are building a better driver. >> reporter: we last saw. >> we have pedestrian who are dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes. >> in mountain view jonathan bloom abc7 news. now you are looking at what uber believes is the future of big cities. san francisco based uber shared this video today. the summit is brought together leaders in both aviation and technology. coming up with the safest ways to launch uber air. also showing off latest designs r helicopter-type designs.
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a. in the noeb, people keep finding ways to give in the aftermath of of the last fire storm. >> the story of a different kind of gift. one of life and hope. >> reporter: a big garden for a small backyard. >> the fact that most of these plants came from coffee park, they are my moms. >> reporter: penny's bedroom, other project for the future 40 lemon saplings. her fascination with lemons began when she tried to grow trees from seeds. >> people are like, yay, you are doing good with your lemons and
7:42 pm
then we caught on fire. >> reporter: turns out there was a lot of lemons in coughey park. >> when life gives you lemons, you make trees. >> reporter: back in coffey park, he shows us what used to be favorite lemon trees. >> one of the sweetest things that penny can do to give back. >> i am just a person, not a nursery. >> reporter: penny's lemon tree gesture matters. >> giving people back a little something that is alive. everything was gone. >> reporter: not gone anymore because the lemon trees are
7:43 pm
making a comeback. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc7 news. how much does it really cost to own a car in the bay
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owning a car used to be a symbol of freedom. but for many in the bay area it is more like a ball and chain. >> looking at a true cost of owning a car and what it takes to leave it behind. >> reporter: the average car cost $9,000 a year. that is a lot of money. a bigger part of your budget. i want you to take a moment and consider your options. >> chelsea moury is showing us her car. >> reporter: do you know how many miles you put on that car? how much does it cost you a month? >> $231. >> a lot of people say their
7:47 pm
cost what their car payment is. and for most people that is not 100% accurate. >> reporter: matt is an auto mobile expert. he is using the online calculator to run the numbers. figuring out gas, insurance, depreciation and maintenance. that is $3,600 a year. so your car really cost you about 530 bucks per month. >> that is a big difference. >> reporter: more than double what she thought. still, chelsea has no plans to go carless even though there are other options. director of public policy for lyft. >> once you do the math and start to do look at the
7:48 pm
alternatives, you start to recognize it doesn't make great financial sense to own a car. >> reporter: timothy just got rid of his car. andrew salzburg is with uber. >> we don't see people getting rid of a car. we tend to see them using a combination of modes. >> reporter: that is what ashley walker is doing, she commutes by b.a.r.t. walking on both ends of the trip. everybody else she takes lyft. when do cars lose their grip on us. millennials are 30% less likely to own a car. when we live or work near public transit. ease of use is key. >> you we want to build something in the app that is just as convenien or more convenient in doing that. >> reporter: if you do the math, you may leave the car behind.
7:49 pm
>> i would guess i am saving at least -- >> reporter: now ashley is running the monthly numbers. >> $600. >> reporter: uber and lyft are experimenting with subscriptions. things have changing very fast. you need to keeprack of them. you may finout what doesn't wo for you in tod, in a work f you. >> thanks mike >> let'sn our atton to a cooling breez it will be. here i a look at live doppler 7. fogs bec moreermanent ong the coastline. ry far inland and visility will be ruced morrow morning and there may be spo dle along the coastline. overnight lows in the low 60s. and tomor fog p back into estline. remain breezy and c
7:50 pm
ow. in highsthe lows to e 70s. warming begins again on tday anhen i reaches f force friday and saturday inland s reach the mid to upper on sunday, slight cool down. , moderately warm. and further cooling. >> happy mother's day. >> to you ama. >> i'm excited. >> warriors in action. >> reporter: the warriors want to finish offer the pelicans. so i askedve kerr if he left any late night motivational text messages or phone calls to his players. and we will hear
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made with delicious cholula hot sauce,ack. crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. this is larry beil live at oracle arena. a possible closeout game for golden state. let's be real for a second. we all know the warriors are going to play the rockets in the western conference finals, right? a forgone conclusion, it is just
7:54 pm
a question of when. it is that menlity that is a danger for the warriors. you have to win the final game. you know how much the pels would love to send this series back to new orleans. i asked steve kerr if he pulled a draymond and sent any late night texts to kevin durant to get him fired up? >> i dial people on my rotary phone. nobody answers a land line anymore. no text messages. you don't mess around when you get to this point. >> this is our game seven. you know, we just are approaching it as one game. 11 game at a time and we know what's on the line and leave it all on the floor tonight.
7:55 pm
>> reporter: so how about the rockets with a chance to close out their series against the jazz. three of five from downtown. never advanced to the third round. the jazz go on a 12-0 run to take the lead on the third. utah is not ready to go home. they are in the fourt tight game, 81-80 rockets leading. locker room clean out is always tough. tonight they would say be getting ready for a game seven against the vegas golden nights. instead their season is over. biggest news out today, the injury to joe thornton turns out he had the same injury suffered a year ago. torn aclnd mcl this time in
7:56 pm
the opposite knee. he will be ready next year. he is a free agent but says he is open to signing a one year deal if it means coming back to san jose. >> i am open to coming to san jose. no secret i am a shark. i know i am going to be healthy when i come back. and i am sure we can figure something out. >> i have no doubt, and i told him that, no doubt that he can recover from this. i saw him do it last year. >> giants and phillies, san sandoval threw something at the f phanatic.
7:57 pm
>> al farro, aloha. just a few minutes ago, paxton of the mariners toss a no hitter. six no hitters in mariner franchise history. and paxton is canadian and he did it in his home country. oh warriors tonight at oracles. they want to close this out and beat the pelicans. we will have the highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. dan and ama, back to you. >> get it done. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20. the threat from the latest eruptions. we will have that for you at 9:00. >> his proud heritage helped
7:58 pm
shaped his vision. >> at 8:00, it is roseanne, followed by the middle. 9:00 blashish. splitting up at 9:30, followed by for the people. it is jimmy kimmel tonight. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz with spencer christian, larry beil out at oracle. thanks for being here. >> go warriors. we will see you at 9:00 and :00. it's not just any streaming.
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