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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, sonoma strong. a symbol of unity repeatedly stolen and vandalized. tonight a suspect in custody. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. right now that wind isn't really powerful, but it is causing some problems. chp told us the winds are very
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high so make sure to take extra care driving tonight. >> police blame a tree that came down this afternoon. it has since been cleared. >> meantime firefighters blame the wind for making it difficult to control a fire in vallejo. no one was hurt. the red cross is assisting the displaced residents. san francisco bay today.s the for more let's head over now to meteorologist drew tuma. >> right now the strongest winds we have are running through the delta at this hour. so wind, they're gusting to about 22 miles per hour right now in napa. wind gusts at 25 in fairfield. and at time to time we have seen similar winds around the region. so those winds ushering much
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cooler air. 13 degrees cooler in fairfield, 24 degrees cooler in santa rosa. tomorrow morning future tracker wind showing you pretty calm but those winds are expected to turn breezy once again tomorrow afternoon, and they will usher in even cooler air to finish off the weekend. we'll detail those numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. abc 7 news was on san francisco putraro hill when a blaze broke out just about 2:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. arson investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this afternoon's fire. this weekend sonoma county is playing host to the iron man triathlon where athletes and spectators are showing up in a big way.
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cornell? >> reporter: this is the homestretch for iron man competitors from around the world. they're converging here in sonoma county this weekend. these brave folks really making it look easy. the event comes at a perfect time for local businesses. many have struggled during wildfire recovery, but this weekend it's time to celebrate. that's dirk decover from the netherlands. earlier there were cheers and cowbells from the crowd as athletes competed. the final challenge a 285 foot run. >> i've done it and i know what it means. if someone wants to do it, you have to go after it. some people want to challenge themselves and that's what they want to do.
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>> reporter: for many businesses in santa rosa, iron man is more than a race, it's a life saver after a tough seven months since the wildfires. >> i think the wildfires had a especially tourists from out of town if they should be coming. >> it was frightening for quite a few months and it's been a struggle. >> reporter: not today. we found owners tracy and bill serving a full house of custers. officials predict iron man could generate a whopping $13 million for the region. >> i have to say spending money locally now post-fire is just as important as say the donations coming in during the fires. >> reporter: the city has signed a contract to host the event through the next three years. >> we're very positive with events like this coming to town and people coming out it's going to be terrific and we're going to survive. >> reporter: in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc 7 news.
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>> san jose took a step forward making its neighborhood safe from fires today. that money will help buy smoke detecters for every mobile home ips in san jose. >> we have 11,000 mobile homes, more than any other city in america. it's critical we make sure they're safe. >> several nonprofits like the red cross will work with san jose's fire department to install the fire alarms. sonoma county sheriff's deputies have arrested the man suspected of stealing rainbow flags. one of it them ended up being tossed into the russian river. deputies were led to 55-year-old vincent osullivan while investigating a bomb threat. they say he also threatened to
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set off a pipe bomb. new developments with the golden state killer case. all four district attorneys involved met for the very first time to discuss how to prosecute joseph deangelo. he'sow accused of dozens of rapes and killings up and down the state. >> you charge him all at once with everything? how does that factor in? >> actually, it's not a difficult decision because first you look at what's in the best interest of the victims and their loved ones and then the st interest of the people of the state of california. >> the 72-year-old deangelo is eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors haven't decided whether or not to pursue it. lava is spilling from a new fissure in hawaii, the 15th to open. the president has declared a major disaster to provide aid for cleanup.
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week of volcanb activity on a hawaii's big island president donald trump approved a major disaster declaration late friday evening. protecting the residents over the next 30 days is expected to cost more than $2.9 million. lava emissions appear to have stopped in the last few days, but scientists worry more eruptions could be on the horizon. >> the question is when will that explosion occur if it occurs. and so we're on pins and needles waitsing to see what happens with that. >> reporter: as they wait, people on the island are taking measurements from the fall out. >> we have enough for them, but i don't know they're small enough for a small baby. >> reporter: these toxic fumes can mix with moisture causing volcanic smog and acid rain.
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>> it's mostly going to be an irritant. trouble breathing or maybe some burning of your lungs. >> reporter: while the eruptions and gases are relatively isolated on one part of the island experts stress the importance of following evacuation orders. >> as long as you leave you'll be fine. >> at least two people are hurt after a car collided with a vta light rail train in san jose. we're told by investigators the car sideswiped that train. the car's passenger and driver -- i should say passenger on the train were injured. the scene is now clear and light rail service has resumed. coming up an incredible mother's day as twgenerations graduate together. plus moms of marines receive special mother's day gifts from their loved ones. and these are your not grandparents's grocery
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a sacramento area family has plenty to celebrate this weekend thanks to both mother's day and mother-son duo graduating from
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college. she and her youngest son joshua posed for pictures. dinsmore has four adult children including her youngest son and fellow new grad joshua. >> most of the people in my classes whether it was in community college or here are in the 20 somethings and i'm old enough to be their mom, and some of them their grandma. >> age don't mean a thing, right? to make things more impressive she juggled three jobs while studying child development. a special mother's day brunch in the south bay. abc 7 news was in saratoga where dozens of moms whose children who are serving or have served in the military were honored. about 20 gold star moms were among those in attendance. those are moms who have had a
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child killed in action. >> hey, everyone my name is lance corporal noise. i just wanted to say happy mother's day to my mom back in the bay area. i love you. thanks for all your support, and i'll see you soon. >> he doesn't look much like dan, does he? this is the 14th year. >> his hair is not so gray. >> that's true. >> how sweet is that, though? talk about a beautiful saturday throughout the bay area. >> so will we see changes this week? meteorologist drew tuma up next. and the giants are finally under way. we'll bring you the crowd's reaction. andrew mccutcheon and his first at bat for the team. an
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auto makers have transformed the wagon drawing a whole new crowd to the formerly family vehicle. >> reporter dave has the story. >> reporter: station wagon, but what if it re or a jagwer or a
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portia? what's going on he? new life for station wagons with a sporty performance flair. station wagons have been popular in europe for decades though not always called wagons. long rigs, touring cars and so on. but when all is said and done they're wagons. based on the xf sedan it's a nice size and offers car like attributes like a smooth ride. and say hello to portia's first wagon. it bridges the gap between the regular pan america lift bag and the cyan suv. and here's a wagon from an unusual source, buick. this is the regal tour x. notice here too they don't actually call it a wagon. but it is one and quite practical as well. one of the more reasonably priced wagons in this bunch. it has a split personality.
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the cargo space when you need it but the rest of the time or even all the time they're like a car. in other words, comfortable and even fun to drive. and if you want something really fun to drive, a corvette wagon. built by long time corvette tutor cal oway cars, the airay is something even they've toured with over the years. and since it's a callaway performance is only limited by your budget. the one you see here will set you back over $150,000. these aren't the station wagons your mom took you to school in and that's actually for the better. they're a newfound niche in the auto industry where practicality meet performance no matter what you call them. dave coons, abc 7 news. and in accuweather today certainly a cool start t the weekend. clouds are rolling in as we
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speak. it will be a cloudy start to our sunday. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we have no precipitation to talk about but you notice right along the coastline that contour, that is that marine layer returning. a picture outside live sheing you you can get some peeks of sunshine every now and then. but those clouds spreading across it entire region ovnight tonight. you also noticed today that wind. it continue tuesday be active fairfield current wind gusts of 26 miles per hour, winds from time to time about 20 miles per hour. that wind relaxes tonight, but right now it's ushering in some cooler air. that wind is coming off our ocean water that's currently sitting at a cool 51 degree. that's why our air mast today is much cooler than we were yesterday. only 59 right now in santa rosa. that's more than 20 degrees
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cooler right now than this time yesterday in the north bay. we're at 74 in san jose. right now san francisco checking in at 59 degrees. so here's the call, over the next 12 hours you have the clouds right now along the coast and they will spin in and around the entire region. so it will be a gray start to our sunday for the majority of the region. dropping into the mid-40s to low 50s overnight tonight. live doppler 7 along with satellite what we have we're kind of sandwiched in between two features. the way winds flow from high to low pressure, that's why you have those winds coming off the ocean water, and those winds will continue tomorrow afternoon as well. so your mother's day planner for your sunday, it's a cloudy start for a lot of us in that traditional pattern in the springtime we'll have those clouds slowly retreat to the coast throughout the morning. and by the afternoon away from the coast we see a lot of sunshine and it will be breezy with temperatures either at or slightly below average this time of year. 74 in san jose.
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73 in cupertino. along the peninsula clouds to sun. 64 for san mateo. cooler on the coast. half moon bay only 58 degrees. downtown san francisco it will feel cool tomorrow. into the north bay we go. 69 tomorrow for santa rosa. that's below average this time of year. oakland tomorrow, 65 degrees. 68 that high in freeland. and 71 in san ramon but 74 in brentwood. mother's day sunshine away from the coast in the afternoon. kind of stuck in a steady pattern of clouds to sun at least through tuesday. a bit of coastal drizzle but cool midweek. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid-60s to mid70s. can't wait for monday with the western conference finals
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will feature the best back courts in the nba. the warriors, it's his tenth trip to the playoffs but his first appearance in a conference finals. and he earned it. paul has had a remarkable career already. some would say hall of fame worthy. and in today's warriors practice sean livingston was asked if paul would be overlooked without a ring? >> it's always going to be like that until he wins. because he's such a great player similar to barclay. such a great talent, such a great player. but you look at all the other great players and you measure them by their championships and titles and impact to the team. so for him to be a hall of fame player, great player coming into this league, it's an accomplishment to him. >> first, the a's blew a big league and then they loaded the
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bases against one of the best closers in the game and could not bring in a run. frustration to say the least. in another case, this guy has other things o his mind. top of the fourth, two on for chris. crush davis they call him that for a reason. a five run inning for oakland. but the bottom of the fifth yankees even things up. all rise aaron judge. so tied at sixth going into the ninth and the a's roll one out. and sent the sacrifice to left but look at brent gardener, his throw is online. he's called safe, but the yankees challenged. the replay is not conclusive but the call is overturned so it's a double play. neil walker, he ends the game. two off base hit and the yankees win 7-6 theinal there. the giants finally under way
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after a 90-minute rain delay. the crowd gave andrew mccutchen. the pirates took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first after a sacrifice fly off. next batter cory dickerson adds on. second inning the giants get one back. ev even longoria, solo shot. actually tied up two apiece in the second inning. fans have waited for the day tiger woods truly returns and that may have been today. in 66 career rounds woods shot his best shot ever, a 7 under par 65. but it's no longer good enough. woods hasn't played the players championship in three years. he shot up the leader board but he's well behind the leader, this man, web simpson.
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look at this. chipping from the green side bunker on 11, 99 feet to the hole. scores an eagle. and on the famous island green, 17, simpson it was tee shot, perfection. stays close, rolls to the hole and that's an easy birdie. he's 19 under par after three rounds with a seven shot lead. history on the road for earthquakes against minnesota. san jose with a one penalty kick. and this is his 132nd goal. nine more and he will match donovan for the most career goals in the league. and the earthquakes lead
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well, tonight on abc 7 news
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at 9:00 over on kofy 20 celebrating a beloved pooch's return after ending up in the hands of a thief. and an unexpected visitor outside a califnia home. and right now a heavy storm in australia that sent rain pouring down and sent more than just people running for cover. >> they escaped the rain wisely seeking shelter. however a male silver back guerilla had another plan, a makeshift umbrella made out of hay. >> it quickly fell apart, of course. any husband or male jokes while we're still here? >> no, not going to touch this one. >> she will after the newscast. we'll hear about it then. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. 6:00. see you
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- i'll have an egg white omelette with spinach and tomatoes. - and i will have a regular omelette with ham and cheese. and can you take the yolks that you don't use in hers and then put them in mine? - when your heart explodes, try not to fall into my breakfast. - egg whites and veggies? i'm not dying in that crap. - oh, hey, isn't that the new couple that just moved into our building?


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