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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 12, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> postfiiron man. we're here to stay. >> a testament of endurance. >> much needed boost to an area. >> i'm dion lim. >> much of the north bay is on the comeback trail months after one of the largest wildfire disasters in state history. >> sonoma county playing host to
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the iron man triathlon and showing up in a big way. >> abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has more. >> that's from the netherlands, first to finish iron man with the time of 8 hours and 42 minutes. earlier, there were cow bells and cheers from the crowd as triathletes completed the 100 mile bike ride after a 2 mile swim. the final challenge? a 26 mile marathon run. katie from arizona is here supporting her fiance, tim. >> i've done it and i know what it means if someone wants to do it, just go after it, right? some people want to challenge themselves and so that's what they do. >> it's wonderful for santa rosa. >> many businesses, like the company, iron man is more of a race but a lifesaver. after a tough seven months since the wildfires. >> i think the fires had a lot of people wondering from out of town, if they should be coming. >> it was frightening. very quiet for quite a few
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months and it's been a struggle. >> not today. we found owners tracy and bill serving a full house of hungry, thirsty customers. 2,000 athletes from around the world and countless spectators converged here and officials predict that iron man could generate whopping $13 million for the region. >> i have to say, spending money locally now postfire is just as important now as say, the first donations coming in during the fires. >> this is iron man's secononon year in santa rosa and signed a contract for the next three years. >> we're very positive with events like this coming to town and people coming out it's all going to be terrific and all going to survive. >> the region? still sonoma county strong. santa rosa, cornell barnard, abc7 news. winds are creating problems for firefighters. destroying a home and three others, abc7 news started in the backyard of a home near cassidy street and spread quickly. it got so bad, firefighters called for a fifth alarm because
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of the flying embers. no reports of injuries and the cause is not yet known. in the north bay, police need your help identifying a man they say exposed himself to a teenage girl inside a drugstore. and central marin police released this surveillance photo of him and went inside the rite aid last night and told police felt someone brush up against her and when she turned around, saw the suspect exposing himself. >> we have an update on a story we shared with you on abc7 news and arrested a man suspected of stealing rainbow flags and they've been taken from a pole outside of the chamber of commerce and one of them ended up being tossed into the russian river and deputies were led to 55-year-old vincent while investigating a bomb threat. they say o'sullivan set off a pipe bomb to harm members of the lgbtq community. a clean-up operation under
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way at the white house over what's called an insensitive joke and a sex scandal that continues to get worse for the president. tara palmieri has the latest from washington. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, the white house publicly addressing the callous remark about senator john mccain but still not apologizing. >> it was a joke. it was a badly considered joke and awful joke she said fell flat. >> made by kelly saddler in a closed door meeting that mccain's opposition to their nominee for cia director gina doesn't matter because he's dying anyway. mccain is battling brain cancer. >> this was a private meeting. it was clearly the leak designed to hurt that person. >> reporter: we're learning sarah sanders scolded her staff and in a private meeting on friday, she called the comments unacceptable but was more angered by the leak. some now taking saddler's side, a person in the room telling the adviser mercedes she stood by kelly because she saw the leak as an attack.
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>> does she still have a job? >> i'm not going to comment on an internal staff meeting. >> reporter: saddler did privately apologize to megan but clearly not enough. >> i don't understand what kind of environment you're working in where that would be acceptable and then come to work the next day and still have a job. >> reporter: politicians, outraged. mitt romney tweeting, john mccain makes america great. those who mock such greatness humiliate and their silent accomplices. >> a war hero. he's a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: the white house cleaning up comments paid by president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, in an interview with the huffington post, giuliani credited the president with blocking the time warner at&t deal saying the president denied the merger, they didn't get the result they wanted. during the campaign, trump spoke out against it. >> it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too
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few. >> reporter: the administration maintained there's no influence on the decision and sarah sanders releasing a statement saying the department of justice denied the merger and giuliani walking back the comments telling cnn the president told him directly he didn't interfere. tara palmieri, abc news, washington. the volcano continues to erupt as the total number is to 16 since the volcano roared to life a couple of weeks ago. so far, no significant lava flows reported by the u.s. geological survey. geologists remain concerned since the volcano could have an explosive ruperuption out of th crater. >> we want to take measurements to protect the children right now and i don't know if they're small enough for the small baby. >> president trump signed a disaster declaration to authorize federal aid for hawaii. >> coming up, an incredible
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mother's day for a northern california family as two generations graduate together. plus, moms of marines with special mother's day gifts from loved ones serving thousands of miles away. these are not your grandparents grocery getters. the new generation to have sports wagons, that leaves station wagons in their dust. breezy start to the weekend. tonight is all about the fog returning and a cooler finish tomorrow. the numbers ahead in that forecast coming up. breaking
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a sacramento area family celebrates thanks to both mother's day and a mother-son duo graduating from college. 61-year-old and her youngest son joshua posed for pictures in
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their graduation gowns outside of sacramento state university. four adult children including her youngest son and now fellow new grad joshua. she had been in school since 1974 before beginning her road to earning a college degree. >> most of the people in my classes, whether it was in community college or here are in the 20 somethings. old enough to be their mom. and some of them, their grandma. >> more impressive, juggled three jobs while studying child development. a special mother's day brunch today in the south bay. abc7 news in saratoga with dozens of moms whose children are currently serving or have served in the military were honored. they were treated to a full spread at the saratoga country club, about 20 gold star mothers among those in attendance. they had a child killed in action. and among those in shoutout, the grace noise.
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>> i'm lance corporal noise out of okinawa japan. happy mother's day to my mom back in the bay area. i love you. thank you for your support and i'll see you soon. >> your mom and dad are pretty proud of you. this is the 14th year the military mother's day has been held. >> how special is that with the son. >> it really is. it's a beautiful saturday in the bay area. will we see changes this week? >> meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. >> coming up now. the rockets are challenging the warriors for the western conference final and you'll here from chris paul as to why the series is not about golden state. what? and the giants and pirates went back and forth. four lead changes in this one. the ending has him shaking his head. head. coming crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here,
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automakers have transformed the wagon drawing a whole new crowd to the formerly family vehicle. >> reporter dave coons from the sister station in los angeles has the story. >> station wagons, boring, right? but what if were a jaguar? or what if were a porsche. and all said and done, they're wagons. jaguars with u.s. buyers ready for the station wagons with the sport break and based on that, it's a nice size that offers car-like attributes with a smooth ride and crisp handling. and say hello to porsche's first
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wagon, the sport tourismo and the suv and since it's a porsche, right at home with a twisty road aracend atrack. and unusual source, buick. this is the regal tour x and notice here they don't call it a wagon but it is one and quite practical as well. and also one of the more reasonably priced wagons in this bunch. and all the time, they're like a car, in other words, comfortable and even fun to drive. and if you want something really fun to drive, a corvette wagon built by long time callaway cars, the arrow wagon is something chevrolet itself toyed with over the years and a big change to the cars overall shape. and since it's a callaway, the performance limited by the budget and the loaded zo 6 arrow
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is setting you back over 150 grand. these aren't the station wagons your mom took you to school in and that's for the better. the lean sporty wagons are a newfound niche in the auto industry where practicality meets performance no matter what you call them. dave coons, abc 7 news. >> accuweather forecast with drew tuma. we see the cloud cover roll in from the coast of tomorrow morning. a lot of us wake up to gray skies as our marine layer has returned. live doppler 7 with satellite tonight showing you, we're dry, however, we do have a fair amount of cloud cover on satellite. we'll zoom in right over the heart of the region across san francisco, stretching into the east bay from richmond down to oakland and we have that low cloud cover that's expanding at this hour and a similar set-up in the north bay right now from santa rosa to yountville and the cloud cover that's filling in overnight tonight. winds were certainly breezy today, still active in some
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parts, especially through the delta fairfield right now and a gust of 23 miles per hour and elsewhere, not as bad but through the early part of the day today, wind and a lot of spots gusting over 20 miles per hour and the wind really cooled us off, not only during the day today but tonight, much cooler than we were this time yesterday. in fact, 18 degrees cooler and in concord. 16 degrees cooler in novato and 8 degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. so it certainly feels like a cool may evening out there and a lot of 50s on the board and 54 in san francisco and 63 though in san jose and 55 in napa and san ramone with the current temperature of about 59 degrees. here's a call from accuweather. the cloud cover right now that's thickening along the coast and spilling into the bay as we speak and it will expand. so we have a lot of cloud start off our day tomorrow and the
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cover and high to low pressure. the winds are now coming off that cool ocean water. they will continue to do so tomorrow and it will keep us on the cool side. so future tracker wind gusts early tomorrow morning and not bad by 9:00 in the morning, most winds and probably less than 10 miles per hour and as we go throughout the afternoon, the heating of the day, the winds will gradually increase, likely between 10 to 20 miles per hour with gusts likely over 20 miles per hour. so similar to what we experience today. 12 hour day planner on the mother's day and here we go. a lot of cloud cover early on, so peeks of sunshine inland and a traditional spring-like pattern and away from the coast and 74 in san jose and 65 oakland and antioch, 74 degrees
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and nice looking afternoon away from the coast on mother's day and stay in the pattern tuesda and then bounce back near average and temperature-wise friday into saturday. >> now, sports from abc7 news. >> monday night, houston, the two best back courts of the nba go head to head. the warriors steph curry and clay thompson in the fourth straight western conference final and the rockets james harden appeared in three of them but this is new territory for chris paul. this is paul's tenth trip to the postseason and his first to the conference finals. he earned it scoring 41 points and dishing out ten assists in the rockets to close out the win over the jazz and houston acquired paul from the clippers to compete with the warriors for a championship but the veteran guard isn't approaching the series with that in mind. >> i don't think we think that just like last series. we say we go into it worrying about us and as we have all yearlong. we still have a lot of work to do and i think that's the cool
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part. we play the part. >> what frustration? first the a's blew a big lead with the yankees and one of the best closers in the game and couldn't bring in a run. in either case, this guy's focus is on other things and pretty talented. up to the fourth. chris crush davis as he's otherwise known, three run shops and scored five in the innings and then in the bottom of the fifth, all right, two run shot with the 11 of the season. and a's load them against chapman at the top of the ninth and the yankees challenge. look at it. ugh, the call is overturned. double play. this goes to extra innings and
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neil walker with a two out base hit off of chris hatcher and comes from second and the a's lose 7-6 and are now one game under 500. and the giants game started late due to a 90 minute rain delay and with the giants trailing by 2 in the second inning, evan longoria takes the first pitch he sees from chad cool and turns it into the eighth home run of the year and then adds a solo shot. count four home runs for hanson and tied at 2. tied at 3 in the sixth inning and no more. francisco, a two run shot off jeff and the giants score each in the seventh and eighth to tie it again and then the bottom of the eighth with the bases loaded for tony watson, he hit jordy mercer and the pirates go ahead and then can't believe it and the others. the giants now lost 6 straight. and then tiger woods posted the best score ever on the course.
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7 under par and 65. this year's player championship and that's not good enough. woods hasn't played the championship in three years and third round score and moved up the leader board with 68th to tied for ninth at 8 under and well behind that. and that's 99 feet. and san jose with a penalty kick, just 150 into the game and ericson makes it 1-0. and then chris converts a second penalty shot with this score, at the mls record for most with a
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single franchise. just ahead, if you think you hate getting caught in the rain, check out this gorilla. >> the funny story behind his escape coming up next.
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tonight on abc7 news at
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11:00, less than a month until the election and some of the san francisco mayoral candidates and they want a seat at the table. >> six years after leaving the school, wide tonight after a major accomplishment. and heavy rain pouring down and more than just people running for cover. >> a mother gorilla and infant escaped the rain and females know how to get out of the rain but a male silverback gorilla had another plan. a makeshift umbrella made of hay did not work. >> see, males know how to get out of the rain soon. zoo keepers and the rain started falling and leaving the open area and tried to make that umbrella and then kind of regretted it. >> back of the drawing boards, pal. >> should have taken the hay and covered up his wife, right? and his baby. >> that wasn't going to work, see. got it too like he did. and they were smart. that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. our next newscast at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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>> we will not debate gorilla politics. >> we talk about rain. we've got a meteorologist. see you later. - what--what is his name? it's driving me crazy. you know i wanna say wayne or like phil or something. - just forget about it. - oh! boo-boo! that was yogi bear's little buddy! oh! - hey. - hey, how was the doctor appointment? - it was good. yeah, all systems go. - hey, did you guys find out the sex? - i want it to be a surprise. - the whole thing's gonna be a surprise. like we have any idea how to take care of a child. we don't even know what happened to our cat. - oh, i just had an idea. i will throw you a baby shower. - oh, that's so sweet. you don't have to do that. - you know, jen, you really don't have to--


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