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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 16, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>>. only on abc7 news tonight a family talking about -- suffered at her happened spsz those of her husbands. more charge for your buck. a many michael finney. ahead on "7 on your side." wait until you hear what more battery charges can charge now. 
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there is more for sale at toys "r" us. including jeffrey the giraffe. the store is going to auction
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off its intellectual property, name, brand, and logo. the domain name will also be for sale. as well as additional names. the toys "r" us announced in march that it was bankrupt and would close all 800 of stores after six decades in business. berkeley resurant is closing its doors after serving the community for over 50 years. a final celebration brunch on sunday july 1st. today the owners notified the city of berkeley it would be closing when the lease ends. with room for hundreds of diners, it had venues for many
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community events. confusion for south bay voters have a candidate suspends his campaign. life in limbo. what the seniors are dealing with have them
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this empty field once held homes. then the north bay wildfires burned them down. so why is it still empty? reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: into the golden years, 47 of them together. this 30-foot travel trailer hard hardly qualifies for home sweet home. >> this is not the way i expected anything to be. >> have. >> reporter: a burned down senior living community. cleared and suspiciously devoid of construction.
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they and their lawyers smell a plot hence a class action lawsuit. >> the older citizens feel like they are being pushed out. >> reporter: if you move, what do they get? >> they get an empty lot and they put their own home on it and they make beaucoup bucks. >> reporter: he claims to have no knowledge of the lawsuit when we told them some of the charges, he told us they are untrue. he said no comment until he sees the paperwork. she and others are angry that hometown america plans to pay rent. >> they are leasing rent here. >> we don't like it. we are paying for an empty lot. they won't let us put this unit
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on that lot. >> reporter: a post fire storm landlord/tenant dispute on steroids. two san francisco homeowners are being sued for illegally turning their home into a hotel. city attorney dennis herrera filed suit for unlawfully renting the house for airbnb. california will file an emergency appeal of a judge's opinion to overturn a 2015 state right to die law. dan diaz, the husband of ittany menard who inspired the law when she moved to oregon to end her life after a brain
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cancer diagnoses joined us. >> and i am catholic, so you know, while the leadership of the church, might have their position of being opposed to medically dying. support among catholics for this practice, the kosupport. >> the law allows adults to obtain a prescription for life ending drugs. >> ballots are being cast for a candidate who is no longer campaigning. serta resigned and suspended his campaign. his name is still on the ballot. >> dominic caserta is no longer
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of the santa clara city council. he remains a candidate. in fact the resident at this house says he is planning on voting for caserta however not aware that the campaign has been suspended. there you have it. listed third on the official ballot out of seven candidates. voters are already casting their ballots. >> reporter: his campaign website is still onle. his campaign manager has turned whistle blower. >> he did it right in front of me. and i am not 100% sure why he did it in front of me. >> reporter: a campaign volunteer said he made unwanted.
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but she was afraid to report her. >> i knew at this exact moment this guy could get away with anything. >> reporter: he has denied all charges and could not be reached by phone or at his home. the incidents happened at santa clara high school. neither school would address questions about his employment status. in santa clara, david louie abc7 news. today michigan university agreed to settle. the agreement follows negotiations with the claimants. how much each receive has yet to be determined. hundreds of gymnast
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including some olympians spoke out against nassar. and this summer will be honored with the arthur ash courage award. sky 7 was overhead as cyclist competed in the men's individual race. making its way through san jose and the outskirts of silicon valley. team sky is in the overall lead. the race ends in sacramento on saturday. >> bigger and better. >> even jump start your car. "7 on your side" michael finney looks at what is worth the money. taking her
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. dogs and dating. is there a link? wag, an app for dog service. one in four bay area dog lovers said they -- the royal wedding is on its way. >> this saturday they will tie the knot. these are the first royal
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wedding watchers. as we get new details about the wedding three days away. questions around meghan markle's father on again off again decision to not attend the wedding. >> questions are being raised about the validity of the claims because the day he said he was in hospital with the heart attack, he was spotted by paparazzi outside his home. >> reporter: the couple's focus remains on saturday's ceremony. where meghan's mother may escort her. outside windsor capital, tourists from california are among the first of the fans
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setting up camp. >> i have got food. i have got water. >> reporter: these ladies are even renting a cottage. we were going to have a sign. l.a. representing so that she knows that there is somebody here that is on here, in her corner. >> reporter: after the wedding here, for those who cannot snag a spot among the carriage route, the giant open field is open to the public. reporting from windsor, abc7 news. >> tune in for special coverage. it starts at 2:00 a.m. and goes until 8:00 a.m. followed by abc7 news. brighter
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just like with smartphones, battery charges are getting slightly larger and more versatile. >> michael finney checked them out in a recent trade school. >> i was impressed they could charge my phones. wait until you see this. we were quite impressed. the new battery chargers of today are powering the unimaginable. this device is called jump start for a reason. it can start your portable devices and also your car. the biggest model is 1.5 pounds. jump start from cobra can start two portable devices at one
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time. check out river bank from eco flow, can charge up to six devices simultaneously including an automobile. you can buy different models or purchase the whole bundle for $390. >> you can leave it in your car. the other modules leave in your bedside table. >> reporter: eco charges includes a wireless feature by simply placing the device on top. if the ability to jump start your car isn't important to you, try the saber. it can recharge up to four devices at one time and is under 2.5 pounds. >> beautifully designed to fit into a water bottle pocket. charge your devices while you are walking around. freedom from the wall. >> reporter: all of the devices featured in this report can be taken on an airplane.
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because they are under the allowed by law maximum 100-watt energy. i want to hear from you. the number is (415) 954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook and through if you know of a cool new product we ought to be testing or looking at. >> i like what she said, freedom from the wall. that is nice. the rise and fall of palo alto will be depicted in a major movie. promised it could diagnose several medical conditions with just one drop of blood. that is false. the movie has a title of "bad blood." one last time update the
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weather forecast. >> things are going to get cloudy overnight. at the moment skies are bright across the bay area. you can see the presence of a few clouds. overnight lows wl be mainly in the lows to mid-50s. tomorrow by afternoon, you see partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. low to mid-70s inland. here is the high temperature trend here in san francisco. average high, 64 degrees. temperatures three to four degrees below the average. and by midweek next week, we will see temperatures rising just a degree or two. most locations will see an increase in temperatures away from the coast on friday and saturday. and minor cooling on sunday. and may see light showers on tuesday. unsettled uneven pattern.
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>> all right. big night. >> in actions, as we speak, larry beil is here. >> unsettled and uneven would describe the warriors. and kevin durant in game two. scoring on everybody. who can stop kd and
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good evening, the warriors playing the rockets in game two. you knew the rockets would come out desperate after they lost game one. would the warriors match their intensity? little wane in the house courtside. kevin durant being guarded by paul. mouse in the house.
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just shoots right over the top. ten points early for kevin durant. the beard, james harden for three. dubs down three. steph curry with the left and he went hard into the stanchion. durant with the cross over and he is a scoring machine. the warriors own worst enemy. eight and a half. gerald green with authority. the warriors are throwing the ball over the arena. on to baseball, the giants going for a sweep of the reds this afternoon. homered again. you have to hear what he said after the game. faking out the kids here. scooter is messing around.% four batters into the game, reds up, 4-0.
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adam duval crushes this one off of andy suarez. giants didn't trade brandon bell for anybody and this is fifth straight game againsthe home. johnston plenty of chances there. look at scooter cover ground here to make the catch and avoid the collision. top seven, ginnet and the plate. for a moment we thought that was going to be a splash down. good enough for a home run. two outs, a 3-2 count. low call for strike three to end the game. the reds win it. not happy and not concealing his emotions after all in the interview. >> do you feel like you got cheated in the last pitch of the
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game? >> no question. it is tough because you hope an umpire doesn't affect the game like that and did he. we have heard that guy multiple tis say that or insinuate that he is trying to get through the game fast. and he makes calls like that. you got to wonder. >> a's in boston. trying to be as tall as a monster. down 3-0. bottom s. t two on for zander. bogarts. mookie best. you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall and he is going on top of the wall.
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originally said it was not a catch and he showed the ball in his glove. okay that's a catch. amgen tour california, trial around san jose and morgan hill. the winner vanguarden. emotional. how cute is this. he has the leader's yellow jersey and sharing the podium with two daughters. steve kerr was asked after the first quarter says this is what we do, we win a game and turn it over. >> what do you make of that? >> it is their dna. i mean even though the slightest bit of prosperity results in we got this. we got this.
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and right now down 56-42. it is doable but the rockets have energy and it is going to be a big uphill climb. >> the series is over for all intents and purposes. join us tonight at kofy-tv 20 cable channel 13. >> on abc7 news at 11. do you recognize this man or his dog? his dog bit four people. >> goldbergs modern achlt nc. and say with us for nbc 7 news at 11. >> look for breaking news on twitter.
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i am ama daetz. i am ama daetz. >> and
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vanessa: anyway, that's probably more detail than you need. but the point is the teachers' union has bent over backwards to try to solve this thing, and the school board has just dug in. you know who suffers? me.


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