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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a crash claims the life of a bay area man who was both a musician and engineer. tonight hear how his friends will remember him and the questions being asked about the tesla he was driving. new at 6:00, students take a step to changing their campus culture even though some say they have a long way to go when it comes to ending racism. california has more than 4 million wooden utility poles. how can you tell if one poses a danger? find out tonight. he was really a team player. if there was a part that needed covering, keith wanted to try to cover it to help the group.
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>> a team player, that's how friends are remembering a man who crashed and died in his tesla over the weekend. good evening. thank you for joining us. this is at least the third tesla model s crash and more than one has been fatal. a tesla hit a concrete wall and caught fire killing two teenagers and sending a third to the hospital. in utah three days later a tesla driver says she was in autopilot mode when she rear-ended a fire truck at 60 miles an hour. >> she had minor injuries. overnight a man's body was pulled from a crashed tesla. his model s had gone off crow canyon road through a fence and ended up under water in a pond. >> melanie woodrow has details from the victim's friends. reporter: friends are remembering him as a dedicated musician. >> his love for music was tremendous. >> reporter: he often stepped in
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for community band members no matter what instrument needed to be played. >> to be able to do that is definitely a testament to his talent. >> reporter: over the weekend when he didn't show up for a performance his friends knew something was wrong. >> i started calling around to different hospitals to see if he happened to be in any of the emergencyrooms. i think the people started to recognize me because i was calling so often. >> reporter: investigators say his tesla model s went through a fence and ended up in a pond just off crow canyon road in castro valley near the border of san ramon. >> the vehicle traveled a significant amount after the roadway. it could have gone airborne based on some of the damage to a sign located in the area. >> reporter: chp says a homeowner notified them of a potential crash around 7:50 last night. the homeowner found debris but no car. a sheriff's dive team was called in. they say his seat belt was on when divers found him. off camera his father said his
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son used tesla's oughautopilot highways but not usually on roads. ntsb says they are not investigating the crash. when he wasn't working as a musician, he worked as an engineer. >> most of all he was a kind person and a loyal friend. and i think that's how many of us will remember him. and while it's not clear yet if autopilot was a factor in this crash, it is being investigated as a factor in another deadly bay area tesla crash. two months ago 38-year-old walter was driving his car in mountain view when his car hit a safety barrier, killing him. the vehicle wasn autopilot at the time. family members say he had previously complained about the car veering towards that barrier while on autopilot. the i-team and dan noyes looked
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into the circumstances surrounding that crash extensively, even going so far as to borrow a model x and drive the same stretch of road. you can see all of dan's exclusive reporting on our website a suspect in the east bay dragged a canine in the home he was trying to rob. he saw him breaking into a home in the neighborhood. officers were able to surround the house and sent a canine to investigate. the suspect dragged the dog inside. after a short standoff he emerged with the dog. he's being treated tonight for minor dog bites. police tweeted this picture. they say the dog didn't suffer any injuries. passengers witnessed a disturbing scene when a man fell to his death in the baggage claim area. part of terminal 3 was cordoned off. the victim was identified as
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53-year-old dale finn of south san francisco. investigators do not believe anything criminal happened. they hea a loud commotion right before the fall. >> very chaotic, people running around. they got some paramedics there pretty quick and tried to get him stabilized. >> they're trying to determine if he suffered a medical emergency. after a series of racist instagram posts and incidents, today a rally was held with the goal of changing culture. deion lynn spoke about demands and if what's being done is enough. >> the purpose of the rally that happened at albany high school just behind that building was to unite the students and end the school year on a positive note. students and parents said more needs to be done. >> i realized there is a lot of
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racism at our school and white supremacy. >> reporter: this woman briefly attended the rally put on by student and equality groups. while she believes the goal of uniting the student body and community is a positive one, much more needs to be done. >> a lot of people are fed up with albany. >> the school rocked by an instagram scandal where 12 students and a teacher were targeted with racist photos. there have also been anti-semitic incidents involving nazi-related graffiti. >> there was this whole judaism thing. >> i have a lot of friends impacted by what happened last year. >> reporter: 11 students were suspended for not reporting the post which depicted students as gorillas or with nooses around their necks. the parents later reached a financial settlement with the school board after claiming the school took disciplinary action. this i go nighted ev -- ignited. >> it should have been handled in a more structured way.
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>> reporter: they say at least it's a start for a fresh school year in the fall. >> it's been a painful year and a year where the student leadership, the parents and the staff have also galvanized to create a more inclusive and equitable community. >> compensation for the victims but also call for togetherness. in albany, abc 7 news. in the upcoming june election there is one issue every voter in the bay area is being asked to decide, whether to hike bridge tolls to pay for transportation projects. the mayors from the bay area's largest cities got together to urge you to say yes to that question. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is in the newsroom with some perspective. carolyn? dan, traffic doesn't abide by city limits. he and oakland's mayor libby schaaf pushed the message of a regional approach.
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we can all agree this has reached a crisis level in the bay area. >> traffic is bad, period, right? >> reporter: the mayors of the largest bay area cities believe it calls for hiking the tolls on every bridge except the independently owned golden gate by $3 by the year 2025. >> we're certainly proud to lead the nation and development of supercomputers. but here in the bay area, we also lead the nation in super commuts. that is commuters who spend at least 90 minutes to get to work. >> reporter: the toll hikes would raise $4.5 billion to fund dozens of projects including increasing ferry service, improving bus systems, and
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replacing b.a.r.t.'s aging fleet of trains. >> it's a game changer not only for the city of san francisco but for the bay area. >> reporter: what can you expect in terms of upgrade to the bridges you'll be paying more to cross or the surrounding roadways. it is instead spent on mass transit. that's one reason walnut creek congressman says he's casting his first no vote ever on a transportation project. >> there should be a benefit to the toll player and there isn't. >> reporter: all three counties must agree. >> i'm going to vote.lous. it's a matter of which way. >> i think it will help. >> reporter: two regional measures were passed, one in 1988 and another in 2004.
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measure 3 needs the approval of the majority of voters in all counties in order to do the same. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. thanks very much. now if you still need to register to vote in the june 5th primary it will be a lot more convenient to get it done today. you can still register up until election day. go to a designated location in person. in san francisco it's city hall. >> tomorrow is the first time in california that there's a post registration day opportunity to register to vote. it's called conditional, cvr. it's like there's more convenience if you get it done today. >> if you want the location for conditional voting in your area you can access it on the secretary of state's website.
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>> health insurance could be more affordable in california if the bill becomes law, it would increase funding for state subsidies, which would reduce co-pays and deductibles. it would bring california closer to having universal health care. >> the idea would be no calirnian should have to pay more than a certain percentage of their income for coverage and nobody is left out. >> officials with the california department of insurance say the proposals are helpful but don't do enough to bring the state a system that covers everyone. >> still ahead, a rare look inside one of the largest human trafficking rings ever in contra costa county. >> i've never made anyone do anything that they did not want to do. >> only on abc 7 news tonight the bold denials from a man facing life in prison. >> and the burn is back. see where bernie sanders has his political sights set next. >> i'm spencer christian.
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first may brings us below average temperatures. now maybe some rain. the accuweather forecast coming up.
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who owns or maintains the utility pole outside your house? the state doesn't have a database but wants one asoles are essential for wireless services and also potential safety hazards. reporter david louie has the story. >> reporter: utility poles are loaded up with equipment with demand for wireless services, but who is keeping tabs on their maintenance and condition. pick letter is president of the utilities commission. >> not having a single database that says who owns it, where it is, what's on it, what the condition of it is. we're sort of hindered. >> reporter: he was taken on a tour of poles in san jose that look like possible safety hazards combined by commissioner sandoval and her lawsuit in santa clara university. this one really bothered her because equipment was not permanently attached and could the ground in high >> a n pole was put up and the
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facility should have moved from the old pole within 60 days. from visiting this pole personally this has been like this for more than two months. >> reporter: pg&e says poles are expected and are inspected regularly. they would welcome a shared database. to the untrained eye some poles may look hazardous but aren't. i am standing up straight but as we widen out take a look at this pole i'm standing next to. it is leaning to one side which has been concerning to reside s residents. pg&e maintains this pole is perfectly safe. this pole is leaning on purpose to keep the conductors on top in parallel. >> it's not creating any public hazard at all. >> reporter: utility poles have been linked to wild land fires. it could set off a small spot fire as happened here. the state is looking to have a better handle on all the poles across the state.
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for the fourth time this month b.a.r.t. has expanded its guaranteed parking program for car-pool drivers. now car-poolers who arrive at the north concord martinez station before 4:00 p.m. can have a parking space if they use the app called scoop that matches drivers and riders with similar routes to create car-pools. a dozen other b.a.r.t. stations have guaranteed parking for scoop users. today fremont named its first police chief in department history. kimberly peterson has been with the department for 22 years serving as an officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and currently captain. he was also a member of the s.w.a.t. team for more than seven years. peterson will officially take over in late july after the current police chief retires. vermont senator bernie sanders announced he will seek his third term in the senate. he plans to run as a democrat but he won't accept the
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nomination if he wins. sanders pulled a similar move in his 2006 and 2012 campaigns. >> many of the ideas the vermonters heard me talking about 20 years ago would seem pretty radical and extreme. they've now become mainstream. >> many sanders supporters want him to run for president again in 2020. the 76-year-old has not yet announced his intentions. well, as we get new dramatic video of lava spewing hundreds of feet in the air, residents on hawaii's big island are dealing with yet another hazard caused by the eruption of kilauea. lava is flowing to a geo thermal power plant. workers are scrambling to shut it down to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases. it provided about 25% of power on the big island. the plant has been closed since
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the eruptions began may 3rd. thousands remain evacuated from their homes. a live look at the lava right now. again, this is a live picture happening as we speak. this has been going on for days and days in hawaii. those lava flows continue to force evacuations and cause real concerns about air quality. there's been a number of structures burned, cars lost because of this hot lava that is flowing down from the kilauea eruption, something like 20 or so fissures have opened up causing big problems on hawaii still. >> and compare that picture to this one. this is the tranquil scene along the san joaquin river. drone view 7 got this. perfect weather to spend the day boating or fishing. >> why didn't we go out there? it looks nice. will the forecast be nice the rest of the week? it was raw ts weekend. >> let's check in with weather anchor spencer christian.
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>> it was a bit cooler than average yesterday for sure. it warmed up a little bit today. at the moment we have mostly sunny skies. a look at live doppler 7. fog expanding right now, beginning to push locally out over the bay. it will push further than the bay. 18-degree winds. 18-mile-per-hour winds. about 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds all around the bay. 23 miles per hour. it's 56 degrees. oakland 58. 65 at mt. view and san jose. 63 at gilroy. 54 at half moon bay. it's 69 degrees up at santa rosa. 63 in novato. low 70s at fairfield and concord. 64 at livermore. and a lovely view of the western
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sky and sun light reflecting from emeryville. these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog expanding inland overnight. some morning drizzle the next couple days near the coastline and near the bay as well and there's a chance of some actual measurable rain at the end of the week. take a look at may high temperatures in san jose. so far through the first 21 days in the month of may, 15 of those days have produced high temperatures below average in san jose which is pretty reflective of what the entire bay area has seen. only six have produced high temperatures above average. overall it's been cooler than average. relatively dry so far. low temperatures will be generally in the low 50s and then tomorrow pull back to the coastline and linger there. 65 at san mateo.
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mid-60s around the bay/shoreline. statewide this is what we're projecting. perhaps just under 0.2 will fall here in san francisco over the central valley. and that will be the projected totals as well. generally we're not looking at a major event here. the accuweather seven-day forecast for virtually all this week. high temperatures inland. not a very wide range there. a chance of light rain thursday night, another chance on friday. at the moment the storm is not significant enough or powerful enough to give it a ranking on the storm impact scale. and then warmer weather sunday and monday. monday is memorial day. a good day to have things warm up, i guess. >> thanks, spencer, very much.
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from president to a production company. >> next, the new role for maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is set to get grilled by lawmakers again, this time in the european parliament. zuckerberg wanted the meeting to be private but it will be live streamed tomorrow morning beginning at 9:15 our time.
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zuckerberg will likely be asked similar privacy questions members of congress grilled him on last month. >> fs of the obamas will soon be able to see more of the former first couple. >> barack and michelle obama have signed a deal to produce content for los gatos based netflix. netflix streams movies and tv shows on demand. you can watch it on tv, phone, or even this giant pc. that's a netflix original series. with today's tweeted announcement, they will become original content producers. they'll offer up a mix of content, possibly script a series, unscript a series, documentaries and features. sometimethe obamas will be on camera as hosts. other times they'll stay behind the scenes as producers. early netflix investor paul holland says this deal is significant.
7:27 pm
>> shifting view of the presidency, we have a reality tv star as president and now a budding star in the form of the obamas in terms of the productions they will do. >> mr. obama appeared on netflix as the first guest of david letterman's new series called "my next guest needs no introduction." the former commander in chief will command his own series. the financial terms were not revealed. we do know it's a multiyear deal and the earliest the obamas' content will appear is next year. >> thanks. >> shows come in seasons and so do fires. >> a look at the preparations in the north bay right now for this year's fire season after the disastrous season last year. and only on abc 7 news tonight hear from the man convicted of leading one of the larges
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i'm not what they claim i am. i'm not a rapist. i'm not a murderer. >> he's facing a life sentence and today he talks only to abc 7 news to tell his side of the story. he is called one of the most violent and prolific sex traffickers in the history of contra costa county. >> today in a jailhouse interview only seen on abc 7 news lewis talks with our own laura anthony. >> i'm not a monster. >> reporter: prosecutors say he's perhaps the worst human sex trafficker in contra costa county history. he tells a different story. >> i've never put a gun to someone's head and said, hey, you're going to do this. i've never told anyone i'm going to hurt you if you don't do this. >> reporter: he cmet at least oe
7:32 pm
of them at diablo valley college when they were both students. >> he's one of the most violent human traffickers. >> he was incredibly violent and abusive. he used psychological control and extreme violence including rape i raping and defiling multiple women. >> reporter: he ordered her to tore fewer another woman who owed her money. >> where is the rest of my money? ain't got the money in her account beat that [ bleep ]. >> i hit her with a frying pan. >> they want to expose him. >> reporter: this woman is lewis' ex-wife. while he never forced her to have sex with others prosecutors say she is very much his victim.
7:33 pm
>> he beat me on several occasions, held a gun to my head. >> reporter: deandre lewis spent the last four years here at the county jail in martinez. >> anybody that's ever been around me is because they chose to and wanted to. >> it's important for me for people to realize these type of things happen every day all around you. and you don't even know it. >> reporter: abc 7 news. developing news now, the shoot that go killed eight students and two teachers on friday, the confessed shooter, dimitrios pagourtzis will
7:34 pm
charged. he studied previous attacks like wearing a trench coat. >> two officers engaged that individual within four minutes, they're heroes. isolated to them engaging with them so he did no more damage. >> crosses for the victims were placed outside the high school as commuty members gathered to pay their respects. more vigils are planned for tonight. the former boyfriend of a southern california woman who died in an explosion appeared in court today. stephen beal was arrested after federal agents found more than 100 pounds of explosives material at his long beach home. investigators say he recently dated his business partner. she died after a package delivered to her work exploded. people who know beal say he will be vindicated.
7:35 pm
>> i talked to him two weeks ago. he was fine. he was happy. >> in 2008 beal's wife died after she fell downstairs and a heavy piece of furniture landed on her. >> in santa rosa there was a small fire in what could be a busy season. the santa rosa fire department tweeted these pictures. as wayne freedman explains, the timing of today's fire draws atteion to the importance of prevention. >> reporter: there's a reason that fire preventing is an active verb. what the fire marshal doesn't hear about, he sees. >> this is a problem site.
7:36 pm
>> reporter: now they come out and see a lot like this, you get one warning after that. if it's not fixed and cut down, you pay. >> as green grass turns, expect proactive prevention. high risk times and places, made in the wildfire operation center. john coleman says he's displeased with sloppy work. >> if they turned off the power and the trees did fall, when they turn it back on what will happen? everything will be sparking.
7:37 pm
>> repter: they'll cut it down for free. clearly after the disaster of last fall, this year's anti-fire drill has begun early. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> the guy sounded really nice. he had pictures of several. >> a pet lover fell victim to a scam. michael finney shows us what's differt this time. and it's a big night here on abc 7. not one but two finales.
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it is a big night here on abc 7, finales for both "american adidol" and "dancing with the stars." >> more from hollywood. ♪ don't stop believing >> reporter: gabby barrett's dream iso be the next american idol and have you be proud she won the title. judge lionel richie believes no matter what happens she's ready to enter the music world now.
7:41 pm
>> she's the package. when i say that, just fire her out of the cannon, as far as i'm concerned. 18 years old and ready to go. her voice, her attitude on stage, her performing abilities. she has all the wheelhouse. it's just a matter of how far can she go? ♪ when i hear that whistle blowing i hang my head and cry ♪ >> reporter: caleb believes america sees him as authentic. he's just who he is. if he wins or not judge luke bryan thinks he's on the way to great things. >> he has a southern charm thing going on. the aw, shucks country boy kind of thing. ♪ climbed a mountain and i turned around ♪ >> reporter: maddie considers herself to be an artist who is original and humble. judge katy perry agrees. >> i believe she'll bring a
7:42 pm
timelessness, a fresh timelessness with her presentation, a combination of her presentation and voice. >> figure skaters tonya harding and adam rippon and cornerback josh norman will compete for the season's 26th mirror ball trophy. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> so much going on. >> these official photos were released. more than 29 million people woke up early to watch prince harry and meghan markle get married. beautiful weather is continuing into the start of the week and a chance of rain are
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made with delicious cholula hot sauce,ack. crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. 7 on your side just uncovered a growing scam targeting pet lovers everywhere. con artists selling puppies that they don't really have. >> following a report a ray of
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hope, a victim says she got her money back after wiring it to a scammer. >> michael finney shows us how that happened. >> reporter: some money transfer companies are catching on to scams and fighting back. in this case it saved this viewer nearly ,000. after hearing my report about puppy scams, she wanted to tell her story. >> i needed to get up and walk more. >> reporter: that's what inspired her to buy a dog. >> if i get a puppy, i would have to walk two or three times a day. >> reporter: she went online and found dogs for just $500. >> the man sounded really nice. he had pictures of several. >> reporter: she wired the payment through money gram. >> i was here waiting. she did wire the extra money. this time the payment did not go through.
7:47 pm
>>. >> reporter: they told her not to tell the cashier why she was snding it. she went to western union. >> i don't think we do this. >> these people are professional fraudsters. >> reporter: global security chief tells us her company launched her program in january to block the rampant fraud against customers. we will place it on hold immediately. >> reporter: they compile data. she had never used money gram before and suddenly she wired two payments in one week.
7:48 pm
that second payment went to an address in cameroon, africa. >> we are a little more alerted to money leaving the country. >> reporter: they have ramped up warnings. >> torberg says she realized the scope when she saw our story about two bay area families that lost money to the puppy scam. they weren't as lucky as she was to get money back. >> i'm so grateful. >> reporter: refunds an average of $30 million every month to consumers who would be victims of fraud. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> some customers are complaining their money went to the wrong place or even disappeared. >> they often just assume it comes with the same protections you expect from your bank and that's not the case. >> tonight at 11:007 on your
7:49 pm
side's michael finney tells you the risks. >> we want to update the weather forecast. >> hi, spencer. we have sunny skies still but the fog is creeping -- it's not just creeping. it's pushing forcefully from the coast out over the bay and will be pushing further inland in the overnight hours. look for extensive fog along the coast, over the bay and a chance of some coastal drizzle as well. overnight lows in the low 50s. tomorrow fog back to the coastline as it often does. sunny skies inland. mostly sunny around the bay. highs will range from 60 at the coast to mid-60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. as the sea lions are sunning themselves in the evening hours, take a look at our pollen and uv index. low pollen happy to report. apply the sscreen if you're going to be out in the sun light. there's a light chance of some showers thursday night and maybe more on friday. after that a dry weekend, warming up on sunday and monday
7:50 pm
which is memorial day. looks like it will be really warm. >> good enough. thank you, spencer. on to the sports, warriors in action again tomorrow. >> that was a complete blow-out. the good news is the real steph curry is back. the bad news is another injury to a starter. to a starter. will andre
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abc 7 sports brought to you by mazda. good evening. the warriors had only a few hours to bask in the return of steph curry, in mvp form their 16th win over the rockets. and then the bad news came in. iguodala listed as doubtful for
7:54 pm
game four tomorrow nht because of his knee. iguodala banged knees with james harden in the fourth quarter. iguodala has been dubbed the babysitter by steve kerr, one of the defensive lynch pins in the lineup. that means the warriors will have to make a change to their starting lineup. iguodala's injury listed as a bone bruise, underwent x-rays. hopefully nothing more serious than that. the theme for game four tomorrow at oracle is pressure. >> right now they have to win tomorrow night. we should come in with a little bit of swagger and giddyup in our game. >> we're much better when the pressure is on. he's right. we're at home. so if they win they have home-court advantage. pressure is on us. it's kind of on them, too. >> we're going to come in here, get ready and prepare. all the other stuff is
7:55 pm
irrelevant. >> true. this is my house. those were the words of steph curry only he used words stronger than that last night. steph has been slumping, shot's been off after days of being pestered with people asking, is your knee okay? what's wrong? he exploded in the third quarter against the rockets. look away, kids. then the proclamation, steph is very religious so this is out of character for him. it was a hot topic of conversation after the game. >> i saw that. that was funny. got oracle fired up. >> [ bleep ] yeah. i was just talking to myself almost like you have to be your biggest fan sometimes. >> kevin durant had an interesting media session today with a lot of, well, you know the word. steph's mom texted him with a video clip saying he needed to
7:56 pm
wash his mouth out with soap after that. moving on, in the east lebron james and the cavs got blown out by boston the first two games. they returned the favor in game three trying to even things up tonight. king james looking to defend his court again in game four. the celtics missing dunks. tatum without authority. kevin love up to lebron who drives and scores. and then love. or is it baker mayfid with the bomb to lebron. that's your play of the game. 22 points for lbj. what a tight end he would make in the nfl. kyle korver unstoppable. one thing he can do is shoot threes. he has 14 points. they're at the half right now, 68-53, the cavs lead the celtics. imagine now being able to blow off work for the better part of a year and then have them offer you a major raise. it's like spencer with all his weeks of vacation. according to the san antonio
7:57 pm
express the spurs are set to offer kawhi leonard the five-year, $200 million super max contracts. there are questions about how hurt he really was trying to patch things up. giants and a's both off tonight. brandon belt the national league player of the week, hit five homers in seven games, had 11 rbis. he now has 11 homers for the season. and his power surge has helped the giants move to within two games of first place in the national league west. abc 7 sports brought to you by mazda. a winnable national league west. >> thanks, larry. join us on cofi. a man who has won the lottery four times in six months leaving him with $6 million in winnings. is it all luck or something else? >> your next drive on the peninsula near sfo could look like this. the traffic headache you need to know about.
7:58 pm
and coming up on abc 7 as we've said earlier at 8:00, catch the series finale of "dancing with the stars" followed by "american idol." stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. not a finale just a regular edition. >> we keep going and going. >> for spencer christian and larry beil, we appreciate your time. unseen footage from the archives. chasing the golden state killer wednesday, may 23rd from abc 7.
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