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new details on the possible career change for the man who took the job less than two years ago. >> hello, anyone in the tent? >> a month after a nth bay homeless camp is shut down, another pops up. the mounting frustration over what's really bng done to fix this problem. new at 6:00, the new role one of the men involved in that lake merritt barbecue incident could soon take on. i want to do it right, not fast. but i expect in nine or ten days
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to announce a decision. >> the clock is ticking. by the end of next week, we may find out if san francisco's police chief is leaving for los angeles. >> william scott was sworn in as police cheer 16 months ago. >> the 43rd chief in tent history. only the third-ever selected from outside department. he spent 27 years with the los angeles police department and could return there. >> new details on the chief's future which could be decided soon, vick? >> ama, we know police chief scott left on a trip to los angeles today. the same day the my yore of l.a. began holding what appears to be his final interviews so far, chief scott has deflected all of the questions surrounding his possible departure. in early may, rumors began swirling that chief william scott may be a candidate for
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lapd's top job. this after its police chief, charlie beck, announced his retirement at the end of the year. scott is now reportedly one of the top three finalists. mayor eric garcetti says he's d several interviews with all three. on monday, he said he would decide soon. >> i want to do it right, not fast. but i expect in probably the next nine or ten days to announce a decision. >> reporter: in december 2016, just after scott was introduced by mayor ed lee at city hall, he gave an exclusive televisn interview to abc 7 news. he told me he had no plans to go back to l.a. and apply for the top job there when then-chief beck retired. >> the mayor, the police commission, have put the confidence that i'm going to come here and give it my all. as long as they will have me here. that is my intent. >> reporter: now there is plenty of uncertainty for chief scott. mayor lee has passed. there will be an election in two weeks for a new mayor. the police union has a new president but the friction is still there.
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>> the members of the whole have not felt connected with this current chief or the current command staff. >> reporr: the makeup of the police commission has changed. there are now four salt lakekys on the seven-member commission that supported him. not even enough for a quorum to hold meetings. in the meantime, no one knows if chief scott will stay or leave. supervisor safaii. >> so there's a lot of transition happening and it would be nice to have to believety at the head of our police department. >> reporter: we know from sources in the department that chief scott has been unhappy with developments, among them the way the supervisors handled the rejection of two long-time police commissioners, joe marshall and sonia maloar, the two members mayor ferrell had reappointed to new terms. new at 6:00, we've learned the climb history fell to his death from half dome yesterday was 29-year-old asish benaganda
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from new jersey. he and another man were hiking when a thunderstorm rolled in and he slipped and fell, the first fatality at the cables in eight years. according to a gofundme page set up by friends his body will be ina for his final friends have donated more than $35,000 to help cover expenses. two people were taken to the hospital after a double-decker tour bus caught fire in san francisco's north beach. sky 7 was over the scene at columbus and grant avenues. you can see the scorched bus there. the fire dertment says the two injured adults are expected to be okay. the fire was reported about 4:50, and officials say it was put out very quickly. it did cause some traffic delays along columbus. new information of a fire that damaged two buildings on parker avenue in the city's lone mountain neighborhood near usf. we're now being told that one adult -- suffered smoke inhall
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medication is in the hospital. four force from their homes being assisted by the american red cross. crews received the call at about 4:30 today and were still dousing hot spots a few minutes ago. the wing of a plane hit a concrete post at sfo as the plane was being towed to a gate this afternoon. there were people on board the airling gus flight that arrived from dublin, ireland. no injuries reported. the plane was scheduled to depart again 20 minutes ago but the flight has been delayed. no other airlines are affected. new developments in the case of a serial smash and grab burglar in san francisco. in just the last hour, sheriff's deputies say the man, seen breaking into this optometry store and grabbing sunglasses, is back in jail. benjamin chase facing over a dozen burglary and theft charges after police say he was caught on camera breaking into several stores over the last few days. deputies say chase had escaped a residential treatment program
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prior to these burglaries. one victim hopes chase's arrest ends a string of break-ins targeting eyeglass shops just like hers. >> i really hope that the judicial system helps to put him away so that he doesn't have to create any more victims. >> chase was arrested six months ago after a similar string of thefts that also targeted op top tree stores and also caught on camera. the domestic violence arges against reuben foster has been dismissed by a judge. live outside the santa clara county hall of justice with the latest, chris? >> reporter: ama, a very big win for foster. he didn't take any questions from reporters as he left the courthouse today, but he did give a quick thumbs-up. now moving forward, foster will likely remain with the 49ers as a result of the judge's decision. but he's not in the clear just yet. 49ers linebacker reuben foster
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walked out of court breathing a sigh of relief after months of uncertainty. a judge in santa clara county dismissing the domestic violence charges brought against him earlier this year citing insufficient evidence. this after foster's ex-girlfriend, alisa ennis, initially told authorities he had dragged her, punched her eight to ten times in the head, and locked her out of his los gatos home. ennis would recant her story and then admitted in court last week she made the story up as part of an extortion plot to get back at foster for breaking up with her. the santa clara county district attorney's office says it is disappointed in today's ruling but stands by the evidence the prosecutor presented to the court saying, in part, recantation is common among domestic violence victims. whatever the cause, we move forward when victi falsely recant, because we know if we don't, more victims will be hurt. our commitment to domestic violence survivors is unwavering. legal analyst steven clark says the ruling was based on the totality of the case.
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>> based on what miss ennis said and the other forensic evidence available to the court, there was not enough evidence and it was not consistent with what her initial statements were. >> reporter: foster still faces a misdemeanor weapons charge in connection to a rival that was found the morning police responded to his home. 49ers general manager john lynch released a statement immediately after the decision saying he will have the opportunity to rejoin the team tomorrow. it has been made clear to ruben that his place on this team is one that must continue to be earned. we will continue to monitor the remaining misdemeanor charge. foster returns to court on june 6th. the nfl has decided to penalize teams if players kneel during the national anthem, which all started of course here in the bay area during the 2016 season. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick started to kneel. he called it an act of social conscience to protest the killing of unarmed black men by police. critics called kneeling an
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insult to the flag and veterans of armed forces. the new nfl policy was approved by all of the teams except the niners. owner jed york abstained. >> i think there's so much more to it than just a player standing or a team employee standing. we want to take a broader approach. >> under new policy, any player who comes onto the field during the anthem must stand, otherwise the team will be fined. players do have the option of staying in the locker room, however. happening tonight, students from heritage high school in brentwood plan to protest the transfer of this teacher who has kneeled while rotc students raised the campus flag. the teacher, tyler rust, says he's done this five to maybe as much as ten times, always before the start of his work day, to protest police brutality and the treatment of african-americans. the school district says transferring rust to minimize the potential of further disruption on campus. but students are upset. they started a petition to keep
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rust at heritage high and they're going to liberty union high school district's board meeting tonight in protest. in san francisco, there's a push to rename this playground ought the edge of presidio. it's named after former congressman julius khan who represented san francisco in the early 1900s and authored a ban on chinese immigration. today the san francisco bored of supervisors public safety and neighborhood services committee approved a name change. the full board will vote on the matter early next month. in santa rosa today, police and park authorities served notice on a homeless encampment. people have to move. the question though is where are they going to go? as abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains, the answer, while unknown, is likely to be familiar. >> reporter: in santa rosa, like many california cities -- >> hello, park ranger, anyone in the tent? >> reporter: they have done this before, they'll do it again. >> you do have to vacate immediately. >> reporter: we're along the joe. redata jail, a homeless
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damp where residents received too much attention or too little, depending on their frame of mind. >> do you want to go back in? >> yeah, i want to go back in. >> reporter: it couldn't happen soon enough for residents like bill petty. last week, riding his bike, eight people block theath and one of them attacked him. >> it's a no-win situation. this can't happen. >> reporter: this camp formed about a month ago when another camp closed. it is roughly one mile long. but hardly the last mile, based on previous experience. can you anticipate where they'll go next? >> i can't. >> reporter: we know only where they've been. scenes we've shown you before. from the remnants of homeless hill last august, to roseland in april, with others in between. the evictions begin to run together. >> they made everybody pack up, spend the rest of the money they had for somebody to move their stuff to the other side of town, then come to find out they kicked them out there and had to come back here, put them over there, come back here -- they
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don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: same faces, different places. amanda freedman, we met her last august, she's been in and out of shelters twice. we asked why she's back on the streets again. >> i've asked them to give me other options and they won't give me any other options than the shelter. >> reporter: she has a week to move again. a form of musical chairs to a homeless theme. sometimes change takes time. in alameda, it's taken over two decades. >> the start of the transformation of theormer alameda naval air station. we're anticipating a chang maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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hello, i'm vincent, this is livingston, that's tangella, this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv-20 we present our show creature
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features, where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please? a new life for a former naval air base. today marked the ground-breaking for a billion-dollar development project at alameda point. the city of ameda hasn't seen new market rate multi-family housing for more than 40 years. this project iludes hundreds of housing units plus shops, parks, and a new ferry terminal. >> reporter: alameda city officials and developers broke ground today to begin a major development project on the former naval air station. >> 800 residential units and roughly 100,000 square feet o retail space. >> reporter: this will be mixed housing, including 130 units of affordable housing for low and very low-income households.
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it will be called alameda point. the entire alameda naval air base was officially closed in 1997. the economic impact of that closure was felt almost immediately. it took years for alameda to recover and just as long to come up with a plan to develop the site. the project will give alameda a much-needed tax revenue. >> we have thousands of square footage of commercial space also being developed, and that's going to allow for innovation and economic growth right in the heart of the bay. >> reporter: but the mayor herrera touch upon one of the biggest concerns, congestion. >> not sufficient. we have to solve that problem. >> reporter: besides the tubes there are only a few options to get to and from alameda. the city and the developers say the only way to make this work is to create a less car dependant lifestyle. >> the city has a pretty robust strategy, including adding a third ferry terminal. and this development is paying $10 million towards that ferry
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terminal. putting into place transit service, bus service -- >> reporter: those shuttles will run every 15 minutes during peak time, dropping people off at the 12th street bart station. the ferry will be located at alameda point. the first residential units will be completed by late 2019. new at 6:00, a man who was involved in that charcoal barbecue dispute at lake merritt has been nominated to the city of oakland's parks and recreation advisory committee. video of the confrontation went viral showing a white woman calling police on a group of black people with a charcoal barbecue just a few weeks ago. she said that using that type of grill at the location was not allowed. the bystand history filmed it said the woman was being racist. now oakland city councilwoman rebecca kaplan has nominated kensy smith to the advisory committee which makes recommendations to the city council about parks and
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recreation policies. kaplan writes, quote, mr. smith has demonstrated his commitment to positive, unifying strategies in response to divisiveness and prejudice. the committee has 11 members and there is one vacancy right now. do you know which country has a population size most similar to lebanon? the answer made a boy from the east bay a national champion. 13-year-old convenientkat ranjan knows the answer, paraguay. that won him the national geographic bee today. he attends windermere middle school and the principal spoke about his win. >> he's very excited about it. i leaed from him that this is his fourth year competing, but this is the first time i think we've had someone win a national competition. i think it's a great thing for our school. >> ranjan beat out students from the fourth to eighth grades from
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over 10,000 schools across the country. cloudy skies, easy to find around the bay area today. you're looking at santa cruz, the san mateo bridge in the middle, and emeryville cams. >> this morning abc 7 news was in san francisco's financial district just off market street. some commuters had their hoods up and the umbrellas up because of a light drizzle. more rain is in the forecast later this week. >> what is going on? abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian? >> don't put away the hoods and umbrellas yet, you may need them. dreary conditions outside which introduced the drizzle today, to a live view from our emeryville cameraooking west. we have blue in the clouds. we can see the sky. watch it while we can. 58 at san francisco rightnow. 60 across the bay in oakland. 62 in mountain view. san jose 65. gilroy 62. 55 at half moon bay. a little higher and farther east, we present this view from the east bay hills camera. you can see more clouds in the sky. mid-level clouds.
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it's 59 at three locations, santa rosa, napa, novato. 62 fairfield. concord 61. 62 livermore. the view from our pier 39 camera, i have to compete with the sea lions for attention. these are our forecast features. drizzly pattern through thursday. chance of showers on friday, light showers. a warmup beginning over the holiday weekend. overnight we'll see more dreary conditions, drizzle near the coast and bay, w clouds and fog, low temperatures, mainly in the low 50s, and tomorrow, similar sky condition to today with breezy conditions, also highs from 50t at the coast to low 60s around the bay, mid 60s inland. the storm is a light one ranking only 1 on the storm impact scale producing scattered showers, rainfall totals generally just a few hunts of an inch. forecasts starting tomorrow evening, increase in clouds overnight, pockets of light showers moving through friday morning and afternoon. then the storm falls apart overnight friday night into saturday. speaking of saturday, as we look ahead to highs around the bay
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area, slightly milder saturday with highs in the 60s, low 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland. sunday, it warms up sharply to mid and upper 80s inland. memorial day we'll see low to mid 90s in our inland communities. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cloudy and dreary tomorrow. spotty showers friday. beginning to warm up slightly on saturday. warming up more dramatically on sunday and monday, memorial day. and tuesday looks pretty much like monday as well with highs inland in the low to mid 90s and temperatures will moderate next wednesday. this is a real see-saw of temperatures here, up and down, up and down. >> boy, it sure is. warriors in action tomorrow, i guess, after a disappointing game last night? >> barry's been moping. >> cloudy and dreary is my mood. what went wrong last night in the fourth for the warriors? why steve kerr couldn't sleep. and g
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good evening. warriors left for houston today still frustrated about the end of game four against the rockets, an epic fourth quarter meltdown. we may look back it as the begiing of the end of the season with andre iguodala hurt, steve kerr played his starters extended minutes. draymond green played the entire second half. steph curry, 39 minutes out of 48. easy lay-up he blows. final seconds, chaos. kevin durant went 43 minutes, gave it up to klay thompson who ended up being smothered in the final seconds. this really felt like a game seven against the cavs back in 2016. here's that final sequence as steph -- wouldn't have counted. game five is tomorrow in
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houston. >> kind of pissed off. we know we let one slip away. so definitely guys are pissed of on. but encouraged as well. you know, like -- i love the way this team responds when our back is against the wall. it is what it is. i think we blew a golden opportunity. but it's not one that we can't get back. >> play a little bit more aggressive and angry. smart at the same time. channeling it in the right direction. we know that this team's tough to beat, especially at home. so look forward to going out here to see if we can get it done. >> as if things weren't frustrating enough, klay thompson listed as questionable tomorrow with knee strain. he injured the knee in the first half, came back in finished out the game but was not that great. andre iguodala questionable with knee contusion, his absence sorely felt in the loss. iguodala and thompson are the team's two best perimeter defenders. they're critical in trying to slow down james harden and chris paul. nba tonight, game five in
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boston. king james and the cavs trying to steal one in beantown. celtics came out strong. aron baynes throwing it down with two hands. 16-12 celtics. moments later, lebron, the big jump stop, scores plus the foul. the celtics, they're very good at home. terrible on the road. but they're home tonight. marcus smart for three. right now the celtics leading 36-25, and they're in the second quarter. after the rockets stunned the warriors, the giants had a chance to at least exact a little revenge against the houston astros. reigning champs did do the bay area a favor by beating the dodgers in the world series, but that's little solace now. gore keys hernandez connects in the fourth off verlander, triple, he scored on a sac fly, 1-0. the popup to right. mccutcheon, he's too good for that to happen. carlos correa scores -- oh, i ain't got it. in the fifth, this is another giant mistake.
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jeff samardzija to george springer. that was smashed. 3-1 astros. verlander strikes out nine, gets hernandez look in the sixth. astros sweep the two-game miniseries 4-1 your final. a's will host the mariners tonight but oakland's without slugger chris davis for a while. he was placed on the 10-day disabled list because of a strained groin. davis leads the a's with 13 home runs, rank third in the american league with 38 runs batted in. the injury occurred in sunday's game. chris davis one of the top stars in major league baseball that doesn't get a lot of attention. warriors got to regroup. this is a tough loss. steve kerr said he did not sleep hardly at all last night, replaying the game in his head over and over again. one call here, one call there. >> if he doesn't sleep, the players probably don't sleep so well. >> they do better than he does, actually. >> you look for them to come out
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swinging? >> they have to be the desperate team tomorrow. they have to try to steal one in houston. >> all right, thanks. join us at 9:00 on kofi-tv channel 13. the president sets sights on foreign car imports. the possible new tariff and how much more it might cost to buy a new toyota or bmw. at abc news at
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>> now, from abc7, "beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings." >> today's show focuses on a longstanding organization called the professional businesswomen of california, or pbwc. abc7 is a proud sponsor of pbwc and its annual premier conference for women in


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