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tv   Good Morning Reno 530am  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PST

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good morning. it's tuesday, february 2nd. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. a quieter weather pattern will be in store this week with cold and below average temperatures through midweek. a few brush-by disturbances may provide snow showers on tuesday and more so by wednesday. high pressure will then build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and warming
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republican presidential hopeful ted cruz is all smiles this morning after winning last night's iowa caucus. g-o-p frontrunner donald trump came in second and marco rubio was a close third. for the democrats it was a tight race for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton's campaign is calling it a win. democratic presidential hopeful martin o'malley and republican candidate mike huckabee dropped out of the race. next stop for both parties is new hampshire. and supporting the candidates from the very beginning-- their spouses. abc's linsey davis sat down with the husbands and wives of the presidential hopefuls to reveal more about the candidates who want to be president. perhaps the best way to get to know the candidates? heidi cruz what people don't see is-- how much fun ted is and how thoughtful he is. is to hear from the people who know them
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had 3 teenage children not once did he question to college." linsey davis for the people who just see chris christie and wanna say, "he's a name caller. he's brash, he lacks self control." the handful of name- calling--that has been caught on video there was always a purpose to that. frank fiorina we fight all of the time //i've taught her to debate for those who say, your phenomenal surgeon, but that doesn't necessarily prepare you to be president? candy carson: what we need is people who know how to really solve problems. and their partner's greatest asset? heidi cruz - his steadfastness. candy carson - patience. the world health organization has declared the zika virus outbreak in the americas an international emergency. this comes after a meeting with world health officials yesterday.
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are reporting more than 36-hundred cases of the virus and have declared a state of national emergency. the community and public officials in the central american country have begun destroying mosquito breeding sites around schools. the virus is transmitted by mosquitos and linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the zika virus is causing problems for an indian car company. tata motors plans to unveil its latest hatchback this week. it's name? -- 'the zica'. that's "z-i-c-a". spokesperson says they're now reevaluating the car's name and may consider a change. the zika virus has spread to at least 24 countries, but not india. detained oregon militia leader ammon bundy's has ordered protesters to keep occupying the refuge. this, after ammon bundy urged the remaining four protesters to cliven bundy sent a notice to the harney county sheriff to
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out of harney county. protesters took over the refuge on january 2nd, denouncing federal land policies. group leader ammon bundy and ten others were arrested last week -- and one protest was shot dead by police. ammon bundy will be back in court today. bill cosby is expected back in court in pennsylvania today. he'll ask a judge to dismiss a criminal charge alleging he sexually assaulted ex- temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. cosby says the encounter was consensual. at issue is a promise cosby says he made a decade ago with the former district attorney of montgomery county -- if cosby testified fully in a deposition in constand's 2005 civil suit - it would never be used against him. prosecutors say theres no evidence of such an agreement. business mogul russell simmons is part of a growing list of celebrities who are
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michigan -- a city who's suffering from a public health crisis - as high levels of lead have contaminated its water source. "every person who needs a couple of cases or 10 or 20 cases of water, that's good. each person that you help matters. but the bigger picture has to be served here." simmons went door to door delivering cases of water yesterday he also said will smith sent a truck-load of water and khloe kardashian sent him a check for flint over the weekend. we're continuing to follow the oakland raiders' possible move to las vegas. in a recent memo... the n-f-l says there is nothing forbidding any team from moving to any city. the memo outlines, what needs to be done in order for the team to move to southern nevada. a move would need a 3- fourths vote of approval, from the other member clubs in the n-f-l. if the raiders move---- a new stadium could be
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1-billion dollars. ### the cost of care prevents many parents from being able to take thier kids in to see the dentist... but an event this weekend is looking to provided free care to more than 100 kids in need. coffee prices are down about 30 but it won't translate to your morning starbucks stop. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly with your hour by hour forecast" the 2016 presidential campaign is in full swing. the nevada caucuses are just a few weeks away. but success is dependent on strong ground game. noah so what are candidates
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ed pearce shows us why volunteers are key...
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se kids the care they need children in nevada suffer from untreated tooth decay.. many times because their parents can't afford the high cost of care... kolo 8 news now's rebecca kitchen is live with a look at an event this week looking to give these kids the care they need good morning dave and say they want to see a child within 6 months of their first tooth coming in.. because any decay on baby teeth... can affect health.. and permantent teeth... but dental care can be too expensive for low income parents... that's why healthy smile healthy child is providing free care this weekend ... nats.... how do your teeth feel? good. 8 year old moises has
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or twice in his life... but dr. erin anderson says that 's more common than people realize.... it's really sad to see how many kids go into kindergarten through 4rd grade with untreated tooth decay. it's a reason kids are in pain, missing school and it's a really big problem here in northern nevada and all throughout the state. in fact untreated oral diseases are so common among low-income children... the department of health and human services calls it an "epidemic". it's hard for those who are uninsured... have medicade or nevada checkup to find a dentist who is accept those plans.... but this weekend ... local dentists are coming together to provide free care to more than 100 at-risk kids in our area. it's called.. give kids a smile... this saturday... no case will be too big or too small to see... they want
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kids... even if they need more than just a cleaning.. these children will be seen multiple times past saturday. so if a child has a lot of work that needs to be done, we can see a small part of it saturday but then get them set up int he system to be seen multiple times throughout the year. some providers actually adopt the patients and will continue care until the age of 18. moises is getting pre- screened for the event... he has a bright smile.. but does admit... the dentist is a little intimidating... kinda scary cause that was my first time.... you were scared tehy were going to take you teeth? yeah... but after quick look around... he left with a healthy report... and a big smile.... give kids a smile is this saturday... it's 100% free for parents... and they won't turn anyone away.... but appointments are encouraged because of long lines... you can do that before saturday by calling..
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coffee beans have seen a 33-percent price drop this season - a two year low. but experts say that doesn't mean we'll be seeing a difference at stores or our local starbucks, so we have a few easy ways to help you save on your morning cup of java. experts start with the most obvious way of saving -- brew your coffee at home. paying 5-bucks for a cup of coffee every morning adds up. or you can save by buying whole beans and buying in bulk. whole beans tend to be cheaper than pre- ground coffee. and an inexpensive coffee grinder can pay for itself fairly quickly. experts also suggest joining a loyality program. some smartphone apps come with perks, like a free drink every couple of weeks. another way to save is by bringing your own cup to the coffee shop. many places offer a
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another way to save is by bringing your own cup to the coffee shop. many places offer a small discount if you have your own gear. skies looked pretty clear yesterday afternoon. this is a timelapse from homewood. you can see the skiers and snowboarders enjoying the slopes. a quieter weather pattern will be in store this week with cold and below average temperatures through midweek. a few brush-by disturbances may provide snow showers on tuesday and more so by wednesday. high pressure will then build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and warming temperatures expected into
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chilly temperatures being reported across much of western nevada and the sierra with current observations in the teens and single digits in colder valleys. mid- level clouds are on the increase this morning however and this should keep temps from plunging much further through the early morning. we will maintain an overall much quieter weather pattern this week with only a few minor disturbances pushing through the area today and bit stronger system the first system today will result mostly in increased clouds through the day with snow showers and late morning and early sierra and far western
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accumulation is expected with this first wave. high temperatures this afternoon will also remain below average with highs only reaching the low to mid 30s across much of the region. this week with cold and below average temperatures through midweek. a few brush-by disturbances may provide snow showers on tuesday and more so by wednesday. high pressure will then build for the remainder of the week with drier conditions and warming temperatures expected into the weekend. chilly temperatures being reported across water levels are improving at lake lahontan.
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the reservoir dry, but recent storms have changed that. the water level is still lower than normal but it's look a whole lot better compared to last year. the folsom lake dam is also seeing some improvements. experts say water levels are rising quickly. in less than two months, folsom lake has gone from the lowest level in its history to above average, for this time this year. plans have been set in place after massive rainfall, caused a temporary dam to fail 30-years-ago. but, history isn't going to repeat itself. "so we are fortunate enough this year to come out of a four- year drought and to see the reservoir start to rise again.. and as we do we not only have to think of conservation and storing the water in the resevoir, we have to be looking at flood right now, folsom lake is less than half full because of strict regulations imposed after 19-86.
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had the ride of his life... he fell off his board trying to ride this huge wave what the surfer says it felt like when he came crashing down. take a look at this adorable baby from utah.
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adorable baby from utah.
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to walk but at 14-months she's learning to shred on a snowboard. her parents started her off in their north salt lake backyard -- and last week she hit the slopes in park city, utah. the baby's parents say she loves it. here's another video that's more scary than cute. you won't believe the experience a pro surfer had in maui-- and it was all caught on video. professional surfer, tom dosland fell about 40-feet while trying to ride a giant wave in the aloha state. recounting the experience to surfer mag, dosland says it felt like "being in a car crash." he said he was actually blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray before falling.
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cup of coffee right when they wake up... but experts say you might want to wait. we'll explain why. a quieter weather
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hey, in today's "techbytes" -- staying on top of this year's google. users who search for a particular candidate will now receive a google now card. it shows the politician's stance on the major issues of the campaign, as well as a reminder to go out and vote. looks like apple may be getting ready to unveil a brand-new tablet next month. reports say the ipad air 3 will incorporate some ipad pro features. including quad speakers. and the ability to connect to a variety of smart accessories. police in the netherlands now training eagles to take down drones that may be flying where they shouldn't be. they say that the birds are taught to see the drone as prey. they then catch it and bring it back the a safe place. a decision whether to put them on the job won't be made for another few months. and those are your
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"i stand here breathing a huge sigh of relief, thank you iowa!" the votes are in! hillary clinton declaring victory overnight. we've got a recap of the neck-and-neck races in the iowa caucuses. and... too many students and not enough money. the challenges facing washoe county students and what some officials say needs to be done. plus... the solar energy debate continues. what n-v energy is proposing when it comes to the higher rates. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. a big night in iowa. the first test of the 2016 presidential campaign is over. the republicans have their first winner... but the verdict is still out for the democrats. some of the races so close... it came down to a coin flip. here's abc's lana zak
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the iowa democratic
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