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tv   Good Morning Reno 530am  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PST

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good morning. it's wednesday february 17th. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. . . . happy birthday to a faithful viewer ed marlin. his birthday was yesterday. ed was the viewer who got dave all kinds of autographed kansas city royals gear
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series. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. a significant change is expected today into thursday as a winter region. this will bring gusty winds wednesday followed by snow and rain this evening through thursday. another weak system is possible friday night, before the ridge rebuilds over the west with warming temperatures into early next week. && .short term... winds...
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flint michigan's water crisis still hasn't been solved. lead levels there are still far above the federal limit. the top doctor in the u-s was sent to the city to listen to the impact the contamination has had on residents. hundreds of people lined up to tell their horror stories. one woman saying she lost two unborn babies because of the lead. another woman said the lead caused her to break out in a rash and has affected her breathing. michigan's health department is now under review for failing to alert the public about the contamination. u-s surgeon general, doctor vivek murthy, has been investigating flint's water supply. "we've got to do a lot more to get flint back to a place where to drink from the faucets." study released yesterday found that residents were being poisoned by their own water supply, they still paid some of the highest
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frustrated passengers are back in new york after a long and exhausting trip -- their flight landing 24 hours later than it should have. abc's josh einiger has more from j-f-k airport in queens. script: "slippery!" this was nobody's idea of a pleasant layover - a plane load of vacationers airdropped into a tiny, snow covered airport in new hampshire. afer delta's flight 944 diverted from kennedy. and this was just the beginning. rick lipset/passenger 311 it's been 28 hours a traveling for a 3 and a half hour flight and tonight, a full day later, they finally staggered through the doors of jfk. corie buonanno/passenger i feel great now that my feet are on the ground. yes it's good to be back the flight from punta cana in the dominican republic was supposed to arrive at jfk just after 6 last night. but with bad weather and dwindling fuel, the pilots diverted to manchester new hampshire - where there were no customs
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nicole rosenfeld/passenger in manchester for like 5 hours then they put us in a hotel this morning they tried again - and hit air so rough - the pilots turned around. nicole rosenfeld/passenger babies screaming, people throwing up. leonard garcia/passenger you look out the window you cant even see corie buonanno/passenger that was the scariest part. kind of puts your life in perspective. so back to bsoton they went - and another four hours on the ground before headed home for a third time? finally arriving at kennedy around 8 tonight. where passengers had nothing but nice things to say about their crew - after all they got to know them very well. corie buonanno/passenger they handled it beautfilly they were as accommodating as possible and friendly. they were going through it with us and they put on that stoic face and did what they do every day but did it today better than ever. leonard garcia/passenger i told the captain thank you for keeping us safe he was very professional and thank god he was an experienced pilot. ots governor brian sandoval announced nevada has recieved more than 11 million dollars in federal grant funding from the u-s homeland security deparment. he says the funding is critical to nevada, in order for public safety officials to fulfill their commitment in
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the grants will be used to enhance all levels of government, like preparation, prevention, and response to terrorist attacks and other disasters -- to ensure nevada citizens and tourists are always in a safe environment. ots at times the silver state produces more renewable energy than we can use. that's why governer brian sandoval has entered into an energy agreement that would benefit nevada and other states. nevada is one of the nation's leaders in renewable energy -- number two in solar and number one in geothermal. but states like california don't have enough renewable energy. the agreement is called the "governors' accord for a new energy future", and it would allow 17 states, including california, to share ideas and resources. "i think it is an opportunity to learn those best practices. it is in its beginning stages right now, but i get to have a conversation with governor of michigan, the governor of hawaii and the experts in all these different 17 states and we think there will be more governors in other states that are going to join as well. governor sandoval says
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mutually beneficial to states and ultimately the rate payers. he says he hopes it will also lead to the construction of even more solar fields and geothermal sites. a herd of bighorn sheep in the montana mountains, just north of winnemucca, have been depopulated because of pneumonia. officials with the nevada department of wildlife say there was concern this aggressive form of pneumonia could spread, so they made the decision to kill 24 sheep that were infected. this is the first time nevada has had to eliminate an entire herd, to protect others. if you get frequent heartburn, there's a consumer alert you should know about this morning. a new report is linking popular antacids with a 44-percent increase in the risk of dementia. doctor richard besser reports. script: tonight reaction to a study that hits people where they hurt -- heartburn -- and forecasts what they fear - the possibility of dementia. sot: basically my entire family takes prilosec daily// its very disturbing.
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those over age 75 who took prescription heartburn drugs like prilosec or previcid on a regular basis. and while it found an increased risk of dementia it doesn't prove that the drugs were the cause. nat a commercial--- americans spend more than $10billion a year on these two main classes of heartburn medicines, proton pump inhibitors and h2 blockers?. available by prescription or over the counter. but look at this: it's on the label. you're only supposed to use the over the counter ones for two weeks. the prescription ones, for most only supposed to use the over the counter ones for two weeks. the prescription ones, for most people, just for a few months. there are several
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listening to music. a look at an in-school music program in need of more teachers... and most parents think nothing of buckeling your child up in a winter coat... but experts say it's not safe. we'll tell you why. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly with your hour by hour forecast" sarah illegal dumping is a big problem in the hills surrounding the north valleys. noah it's a chronic problem... crime as well. that's tonight on kolo 8
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parents are often faced with a dilemma during these cold months. when strapping their little ones into their
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them to be warm, but is it safe to strap them in with their bulky winter coat on? experts say the answer is no. they say a thick winter coat adds space between the harness and the child's body.... enough space that can result in a serious injury to their chest, head, and necks. "just because the child fits in the car seat with their coat on and the buckle over it does not mean that the buckle is holding them tightly into the seat. the key is that the seatbelt really needs to be tight against the baby themselves and not be separated from the baby by layers." doctor kimberly giuliano, a pediatrician at cleveland clinic children's recommends covering smaller children with blankets putting the coat on the child backwards after they're already strapped in. a significant change is thursday as a winter storm moves into the region. this will bring
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followed by snow and rain this evening through thursday. another weak system is possible friday night, before the ridge rebuilds over the west with warming temperatures into early next week. && .short term... winds... the next winter storm is moving into northern california early this morning. the frontal boundary, as of 4 am, is just off the california coast in the eastern pacific. preceding this storm, is an impressive jet with 700 mb winds around 70 mph. as this jet becomes transverse over the sierra, winds will increase this morning. mixing and downsloping conditions will allow the sierra front from just southeast of susanville through mono county to
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winds present up to 700mb. gusts will increase noon with wind prone 70-75 mph. high wind warnings are in effect it should be noted that portions of alpine county and very southern lyon county will also have a period of strong gusty winds conditions will not as thursday as a winter storm moves into the region. this will bring gusty winds wednesday followed by snow and rain this evening through thursday. another
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friday night, before the ridge rebuilds over the west with warming temperatures into early next week. && winds... the next winter storm is moving into northern california early this morning. the frontal boundary, as of a new health insurance agency is opening up here on vassar street and they'll be looking to fill about 90-positions within the first year of business -- and to 300 hundred within the next five years. arrohealth was named one of the fastest growing private companies last year. positions include field operations, call center and data analytics.
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applying just go to kolo tv dot com and click on hot topics. shot studies show... children who take music lessons are more likely to excel in school. but as kolo 8 news now's rebecca kitchen shows us... one program that provideds music lessons to students here in northern nevada... is in need of more teachers. animati many of us had music in school growing up... usually in a music class... but the sierra arts foundation is giving kids a chance to have private lessons and they need more teachers to help pass on the love of music. ... every week... erika paul.. spends her mornings doing something she was born to do.....nats..... i pretty much knew when i was 3 years of age i was going to do something with music. ... so for the past 40 years... she's made music
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it's everything to me. i feel very blessed that i found something early in life that makes me completely happy. and now.... nats...... she's passing her love of music on to the next generation through the music 1.2.1 program... nats. supported by the sierra arts foundation... it gives kids a chance to take private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, and voice..... right at their own school.. nat..... i just like it because it's fun....i like how it's kind of hard to get the keys right, .... nats....but if you can it sounds really good. 7 year old simon is getting his lesson before the school day starts..... my favorite thing to play.... i'm thinking.... taylor swift..... her songs are really good and she has a beautiful voice. the nice thing about these lessons is the parents don't have to spend time or money on gas to drive them to lessons. they just have to drop them off
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conveinient for the working parent. it's so conveinent... the program is in need of more teachers to keep up with the demand.... since the program started, we have a core of about 10 or 15 teachers but we have schools in reno and sparks and carson city so we do need more teachers. and qualified ones too. it really is fun. there's not extra training you just have to like working with kids. kids like simon... who love music ...and have big ambitions... i do sort of want to learn the drums. just to give you an idea of how successful this program is... paul teaches about 36 students... sierra arts foundation is looking specificaly for piano, guitar, violin and vocal teachers.. for more information... head to
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move over big wheel...tesla is catering to your kiddo. a look at the new luxury ride for kids and the price tag that comes with it. double oh seven's out of this world aston martin is being auctioned off.
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you're willing to pay for it. james bond's most recent ride in spectre will go up for auction tomorrow. it's expected to sell for as much as 2.1-million dollars. aston martin says the car could hit a top speed around 190 miles per hour. some kids are going to be riding around in style... radio flyer, which makes the famous little red wagons and tricycles, announced on its website that it will begin shipping mini tesla model 's' cars for kids for a whopping 4- hundred-99 dollars each! the one-seater cars were made for kids ages 3 to 8. they include working headlights, a "spacious interior" and a trunk in the front of the car. it can also reach a top speed of six miles per hour. restaurants have long
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soda drinkers. however that trend is changing as more people are saying no to sugary soft drinks. samsung's latest galaxy is coming and wireless charging is just one of it's features. that's next on kolo 8 news now.
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hey, there. in today's "techbytes" -- new details about a blockbuster
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>> a video posted on samsung's indonesian website hints that the samsung galaxy s7 could be water-resistant. >> it's expected to be unveiled next week. a new shopping site has a unique premise. everything on site lasts forever. >> buy me once has cookware, toys, furniture, and en socks. how about this for a simple doodle? it's the work of cyclist stephen lund using his gps's that tracks his progress that creates drawings by riding dozens of mile around a city. >> he says he pores over the map figure he'll draw with his very catchy. i like that darth vader. >> he has a lot of time on his hands, clearly.
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now good morning reno." the race for the white house is heating up ahead of the nevada caucuses. how candidates in both parties are pushing for last minute support. and what does it take to keep the candidates safe when they come to town? a look at how local agencies coordinate the high profile visits. and police make an arrest in a deadly stabbing at a reno apartment. how police linked the suspect to the crime. thanks for joining us here on good morning reno... it's time ... i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast.


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