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tv   Good Morning Reno 5am  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am PST

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now good morning reno." "we love nevada, we love nevada. thank you, thank you ..." republican presidential candidate donald trump is celebrating his victory this morning. we'll have the numbers from last night's caucus. and one person was taken to the hospital last night after a two car crash on sparks boulevard. who police say was at fault. and a new merger between two fire districts in washoe county could save tax payers thousands. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. high pressure will strengthen over the sierra and western nevada bringing dry conditions
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remain a few degrees above seasonal averages on tuesday before increasing well above average into the start of the weekend. the next chance for light precipitation will be saturday. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is waking up a winner. trump claimed a big victory in the nevada caucuses on the same night the democratic contenders hit the stage for a town hall in south carolina. as abc' s kenneth moton reports-- the race is heating up with less than a week to go script: this morning, donald trump?on a winning streak after another decisive victory?this time nevada. sot donald trump we love nevada, we love nevada love for trump but that anger at washington and a strong desire for an outsider gave the
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over his rivals. sot trump of course if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning the country. it's a fight for second between republican establishment favorite marco rubio and iowa caucus winner ted cruz.sot ted cruz the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. they've vowed to march on to super tuesday... the democrats are also focused on tuesday but first south carolina. sot hillary clinton "why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else?" hillary clinton fired up during a cnn town hall after a federal judge ruled the former secretary of state's top aides should testify over her use of private email. but ahead of the democratic primary in the palmetto state, the focus was on african- americans who make up half of
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we must sustain and strengthen the historically black colleges and universities sot clinton racism along with economic issues, educational issues, and all the rest, have to be addressed. clinton has campaign events in south carolina today, sanders is in missouri. the republicans are taking part in a voter summit hosted by trump's fox news nemesis megyn kelly?trump declined the invite citing a scheduling conflict. kenneth moton, abc news washington. voters were out in full force for the nevada caucuses ... which meant volunteers were dealing with large crowds at some sites. and as kolo 8 news now's matt vaughan reports ... workers were overwhelmed by school. volunteers were simply not prepared for the number of voters that showed up last night ... record turnout. but before getting to that ... let's take another quick look at
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... to hang on to a commanding lead ... snatching up almost half of the votes here in the silver state. this is trump's third victory in the race for the white house. the precincts finished reporting just after 2 o'clock this morning ... again with trump the clear leader. it was a tight race for second ... with marco rubio edging out ted cruz. rubio has yet to score an outright win in a nominating contest. as for voter turnout ... there was a line that wrapped around reed high school last night. people started lining up hours before doors even opened. the volume became too much for the six volunteers to handle ... which left a lot of people outside braving indoors. reed high school is the location in washoe county. the site coordinators about 600 voters ... but we're told more than it didn't take long before they were and time. karen: there are not enough places to poll, there's too many at reed high school and not enough people to run the business. tom: we knew our biggest bottleneck was getting people signed in and getting them
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possible. more ballots had to be printed ... and eventually the line was moved inside. fortunately ... organizers were able to call on more volunteers to try and get people through faster. once they showed up... the lines died down. there were just a handful of people in line by the 8-30 deadline. some interesting stats are coming out of the entrance poll results ... which point to strong support for trump in nevada. almost 70-percent of nevada republican caucus attendees said they made up their mind more than a week ago, while roughly 30- percent said they decided which candidate to pick in the last week. also ... six in 10 caucus- goers said they prefer someone from outside the political
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a woman was accident at the intersection of sparks boulevard and the i-80 eastbound off ramp. it happened around 10 last night. sparks police say the woman ran a red light she had to be extricated from her renown with unknown injuries. shut down for a few hours after the crash but has since reopened. one person has been arrested and is now facing felony charges in connection with the car carson city earlier this grand sierra resort. the nevada highway patrol says they found stolen sporting goods and alcohol inside 23- year-old dominic gonzalez's abandoned car. he's facing a felony charge for possession of stolen property. gonzalez is also charged with reckless driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and several other charges. police say it all started monday afternoon in carson city, when gonzalez and another man allegedly stole alcohol from a liquor store. after gonzalez hit another vehicle near meadowood mall police
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ended at the g-s-r -- where the two suspects took off on foot. gonzalez was quickly arrested-- while the other male was seen getting into a maroon car, with silver rims. n-h-p says they're still searching for one man involved in the robbery and chase. he's described as a white man, last seen wearing a black shirt, or zipper pullover, and blue jeans. the carson city sheriff's office says this vehicle is linked to a carson city burglary that happened at the carson treasure thrift store on february 11th. the car is described as a oldsmobile alero-- four door sedan, between the years of 1999 and 2004. if you recognize this car or know anything about the burglary call the carson city sheriff's office. 38-year-old jesse michael of ohio has pleaded guilty to fraud for illegally collecting unemployment benefits from the state of nevada... while in jail. authorities say whitlock committed the theft in 2010 and 2011. as part of his plea, whitlock will pay back more than 13-thousand dollars to the state's
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he will be sentenced in june. a new ordinance to merge the truckee meaaws fire protection district and the sierra fire protection district could save tax payers thousands of dollars a year. according to washoe county commissioners, the merger of the two fire districts could save up to 26-thousand dollars a year because it'll end the need for two audits, financial statements, and two budgets. however, during the board of county commisioners meeting yesterday, one person voiced concern-- saying the merger could also cause longer response times. the second reading of this ordinance, will be on march 8th. governor brian sandoval signed an executive order, to re- instate the new energy industry task force yesterday. the new energy task force will consist of 12 people who will advise the governor's office of energy-- on ways to promote the development of renewable energy, and distribution of energy resources in nevada. a small plane goes missing in nepal... and authorities fear the worst.
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search for survivors among the 23 on board. and wild weather in the south... with february tornadoes causing some distruction... and more storms are expected. coming up, lindsey matherly will have your complete forecast. that's next on kolo 8 news now. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly
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in international news...the wreckage from a small plane that went down early this morning in nepal has been found. authorities say all 23 people on board are dead. they say several bodies have already been recovered. the plane was reportedly headed to the town of jomsom...a gateway to a popular himalayas. the flight was expected
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but contact was lost 8 minutes after take off. now to the massive storm system slamming the south...a state of emergency has been declared in mississippi and alabama after several tornados touched down. i started screaming everyone get down, take cover, take cover inside a new orleans gym... dozens of people took cover as the entire side of the building was sheared off. amazingly.. no injuries were reported. but two people were killed in a louisiana trailer park.. and one person in mississippi was killed when the storm crushed their motor home. the national weather service reported 22 tornadoes across 4 states and the threat continues as the storm moves east. high pressure will bring well above average temperatures through friday for northeast california and western nevada. temperatures will ease down, but
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weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday night and saturday morning. the tranquil weather continues for northeast california and western nevada through thursday night before a modest system brings wind and some showers friday through early saturday. main forecast changes were to raise showers chances well north of i-80 friday night and up winds friday afternoon and evening. for today, afternoon temperatures are expected to jump 6-12 degrees over tuesday for valleys as the already rather mild airmass is scoured out and warmer air aloft mixes into the lower elevations. thursday
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late february as an upper ridge remains in control. friday and friday night, the ridge weakens with a glancing blow from an upper disturbance moving through extreme northern california and oregon. as the disturbance approaches, winds will kick up friday afternoon and especially friday evening. at this time, wind gusts of 30-45 mph will be possible, strongest in the immediate lee of the sierra near the highway 395/interstate 580 corridor where gusts
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citibank has been ordered to pay 3 million dollars in penalties and provide nearly 11 million dollars in consumer refunds in a settlement over illegal debt sales and debt collection according to the protection bureau, the credit card debt with inflated interest rates and failed to forward consumer payments promptly to debt
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bad news for home buyers... good news for sellers. and the list of the best new cars is out... here's america's money... america's mo hey, there. good morning. topping "america's money" -- good news about housing. >> home prices were up almost 5.5% in december. that's the fastest pace in a year and a half. >> experts say prices still have room to rise because the supply audi tops the "consumer
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followed by subaru, lexus. porsche and bmw. >> the top ranking domestic brand is buick. "consumer reports" considers performance and reliability. while compiling its annual list. and finally, some notable new figures in lego's new city set. mom is holding a bottle but dressed for the office. a bearded dad is pushing a stroller. on the right, a boy in a wheelchair.
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stay in tuneinvestigating new reports of sexual transmission of the zika virus. they say they're investigating 14 cases in all, and that several of them involve pregnant women. the c-d-c adds the new reports suggest sexual relations may likely be a way zika spreads. however, the most likely way to be infected with zika is through a mosquito bite. zika has been confirmed in 23 u-s states and the district of columbia. and the world health organization says up to
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year. the american chocolate maker 'mars' has announced a recall in 55 countries after plastic was found in one of it's products. the recall includes millions of mars, snickers and milky way chocolate bars produced in the netherlands. the company said mars, snickers and milky way bars with best buy dates between june and october 2016 should not be eaten. celebration and variety candy packs are also being recalled. heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in the united states. and while it's well known that healthy behaviors are good for our overall health, sometimes it can be difficult to make necessary lifestyle changes to boost heart health. experts say eating a healthy diet, exercising, consuming alcohol in moderation, and not smoking are the main keys to preventing heart disease. preventing conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes is a more effective way of avoiding heart disease than using medications
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they also say people who lead busy lives only need 150-minutes of moderate exercise per week,to boost heart health. cg: dr. christine jellis/cleveland clinic "i always say to my patients, look, even ten minutes a day of moderate exercise, even if that means walking around the block, walking the dog, parking the car a little bit further away from your office, so that you're ensuring you're getting a bit of regular exercise." :14 cleveland clinic cardiologist, doctor christine gel-us jellis says even if you haven't been engaging in the healthiest lifestyle choices, it's never too late to start, as the effects of healthy living can be felt almost immediately.
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first time picking out a presidential candidate? we've been following the decision-making process of a 21 year old first timer... what he thought of the whole thing.... and cuba continues to catch up with the world since many sanctions were lifted... a look at the first flight from cuba to mexico...
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well above average temperatures through friday for northeast california and western nevada. temperatures will ease down, but remaining above average, for the weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday night and saturday morning. the tranquil weather continues for northeast california and western nevada through thursday night before a modest system brings wind and some showers friday through early saturday. main remember the 21-year- old nevada republican who was struggling to side with a candidate? well kolo 8 news now followed him through his first ballot at yesterday's caucus just like we promised... to show the big decision our young voters face
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matt weber cast his first caucus ballot at north valleys high school yesterday. he was also a volunteer there -- helping other voters through the caucus process. during the time he spent helping, he also heard other points of view about the republican candidates. at the end of the day, he finally made his decision. i voted for ted cruz matt says he's happy with his decision. neither john kasich nor donald trump seemed very presidential to him. but he supports both cruz and rubio, so he could change his mind by november. the community of kalamazoo michigan grieving and giving storng support to each other. how victims were remembered at a local restaurant. and police release more gruesome details in the murder of an entire family in phoenix. you're watching kolo 8 news now. for news while you're on the move, listen to our news partner
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"you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno."
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it's wednesday, february 24th. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at


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