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tv   Good Morning Reno 530am  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PST

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gusty winds will produce choppy lake conditions today as weak low pressure moves across the pacific northwest. most areas will remain dry with above average temperatures through thursday, then rain and snow potential increases by friday when deeper moisture we've been talking about it all morning. it's super tuesday. today marks the biggest single day in the presidential primary race so far, with 12 states and one u-s
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nominating contests. it won't push any of the presidential candidates over the top, but it could create bigger leads for the front runners. in a new national c-n- n/o-r-c poll republican candidate donald trump is leading with 49- percent of voters picking him as their choice nominee. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is leading in the polls with 55-percent. it's not all good news for donald trump. he's getting a bit of backlash for a supposed endoresment from former ku klux klan leader david duke. duke reportedly told the media that he supports trump because he shares his views on immigration, but his comment wasn't an endoresment. during a c-n-n interview trump was asked why he wouldn't disvow duke's endoresment. trump avoided the question, saying he couldn't hear it because of a bad earpiece. rival candidate, marco rubio didn't believe trump's excuse. presidential candidate he
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that he couldn't hear the question, i don't care how bad the earpiece is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly and he refuses to criticize it. trump later said he doesn't mind disavowing david duke -- and in fact disavowed him during a news conference on friday. nevada's 'first in the west' status is likely to stay, due to the results of this year's republican caucus. according to reports, the republican caucus drew about 75-hundred people out to vote -- that's twice as many voters as in 2012. this year's results were also final within hours. and there were no reports of fraud in either the democratic, or the republican caucuses. even though other western states are eyeing nevada's 'first in the west' status, right now, its unlikely another state will take the coveted spot. campaigning to be president is a stressful process. when one candidate does become president, cleveland clinic wellness expert doctor michael roizen says it may age them faster than normal. "what happens is the president
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years for every year they're in office. you can see it in the color of their hair, but you also see it in their risk of dying." doctor roizen says when presidents lose touch with friends, they lose the ability to relieve some of their stress, making them appear much older. he says many of our countries earlier presidents had major medical problems, such as heart attacks and strokes while in office, but that trend has declined because of modern medicine. officials in washington are reporting the state's second confirmed case of zika virus in a woman who traveled to a zika- affected area when she was pregnant. they say she tested positive for the virus in spokane. the main concern surrounding zika is its link to birth defects, including a condition called microcephaly, which results in babies born with abnormally small heads. health officials say the woman's baby tested negative for the virus at birth and showed no health problems linked
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include red eyes a rash, fever or joint pain. health officials in clark county have declared a syphilis outbreak in las vegas. they say reported cases are up 128 percent since 2012. the outbreak makes nevada's syphilis rate the highest in the west. health officials say a majority of the cases involve men. the spike in cases is being linked to the rise in testing, less consistent use of condoms and social media. experts are blaming smartphone apps in particular because they can be used to find a quick and easy hook-up. las vegas officials are now working to connect with various websites and apps to reach out to users. sports reporter and "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews took the stand yesterday. she's suing a hotel for 75 million dollars -- after a stalker spied on her in her room. abc's eva pilgrim has more on her emotional
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script: " you know your body and i saw it for two seconds and i was like oh my god just shut it down" erin andrews?breaking down in court today as she relived the moment she discovered a naked video of herself online. "dad i'm naked all over the intent and i don't know what it is .." the popular sportscaster and host of dancing with the stars is suing the owner and manager of this nashville marriot where she was secretly filmed by a stalker in 2008. the video has been viewed nearly 17 million times. andrews' mother paula described consoling her daughter. sot - paula andrews: "there was nothing to calm her down. it's the nightmare that doesn't stop." andrews is also suing the man who filmed her: michael david barrett-- a former insurance executive. she claims the hotel made it easy for him to track her down and film her on his
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barrett sot: "i had picked up the house phone and i called the operator and asked, can i have erin andrews room? they connected me // so then i knew what room she was in." the hotel calls barrett a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. barrett plead guilty to stalking in 2010 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. sot - "they could have stopped this.. and i'm so angry. i'm so mad." tag: erin andrews wasn't the only woman michael barrett videotape thru a hotel peephole? he posted videos of at least 10 more videos online. police in washington state say charges probably won't be filed against the person who belonging to actress salma hayek. it happened back on february 19th. investigators say hayek's two dogs ran off her property and garage where they started fighting with the owner came out and fired a pellet gun to the pellet nicked the dogs, causing internal bleeding. "two of ms. hayek's dogs were fighting with two of his dogs in
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merely trying to get the dogs out of the garage." investigators say that the shot wouldn't normally kill a dog and described it as a fluke. there is an iconic welcome sign for visitors at yosemite. it was stolen over the weekend amid a lawsuit over name changes at the park. to buy or not to buy...what retail experts say to buy in the month of march to save the most money. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly with your hour by hour forecast" noah hi, i'm noah bond, . noah hi, i'm noah bond, . sarah and, i'm sarah johns. march has arrived and that means time for spring cleaning. and that includes your budget. noah we'll show you how you clean up your finances... tonight on kolo 8 news now at five.
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5:41 am have seen the historic welcome sign...but it's gone now after it was stolen amid controversial name changes to the park's most iconic attraction. the fresno bee says the sign was stolen some time over the weekend. dozens of signs were scheduled to be covered up and replaced with temporary new names, including the sign for the ahwahnee hotel. and many visitors are upset by the change. "people have an attachment to this hotel and this park like ronald and i do so i'm sure that's what was in their heart, but it doesn't make it right." a new private vendor is scheduled to take over park concessions today. the former vendor owns the trademarks to the names being changed and has sued the park service for breach of contract. the park service says the lawsuit has forced
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gusty winds will produce choppy lake conditions today as weak low pressure moves across the pacific northwest. most areas will remain dry with above average temperatures through thursday, then rain and snow potential increases by friday when deeper moisture arrives. a wetter and cooler weather pattern will likely return
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week with periods of strong gusty winds. the ridge of high pressure that has produced the recent warm conditions will move east across the great basin and weaken later this week. the breakdown of this ridge will be a gradual process as the first couple of weather systems reaching the west
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strength as they approach the sierra. daytime temperatures will remain well above average for the next most 17 year olds are worried about prom.... s-a-t-s.. or which college they'll go to. spending her teen years fighting to survive. this morning she'll be getting a big suprise. kolo 8 news now's rebecca kitchen is live with the details. koral, 17, battles leukemia. she has been invited to the event under the pretense that she is joining other local wish kids that attend the breakfast. she will be surprised to
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resort paradise island in the bahamas is being granted live. koral will be invited on stage to talk about what it's like anticipating having a wish granted and asked about her three wishes she will be introduced to the wish sponsor, rick reviglio from western nevada supply, who will then wheel out a giant atlantis paradise island bahamas themed cake with 18 lit candles the crowd will sing happy birthday
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wish to go to the atlantis resort in the bahamas is being granted reno, nv. - share in the power of a wish at waffles & wishes on tuesday, march 1 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:30a.m. at atlantis casino resort spa. in its sixth year, make-a-wish's waffles & wishes raises money to grant wishes for children with life- threatening medical conditions. the event is
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casino resort spa and presented by the jacqueline klaich family in honor of their mother jacqueline klaich, known for her open and unconditional friendliness and was a person who sought out and found the inherent its the beginning of march, which means spring is almost here. if you're looking to do some early spring shopping, deal news has some ideas for you. according to the money saving website.... high- end chocolates are on sale during this time. as always, after a holiday any overstock items sell at a discounted price. and if you're looking for a new phone, go for last year's model. many android and windows phones debuted new models at the end of february, which means their now dated models will be discounted. same goes for old i-pad airs. experts say apple is getting ready to release a new i-pad air at the end of march, which means the price of the
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drop significantly. and if you're looking to buy a new t-v experts say 55-inch flatscreens are seeing the best deals right now - with prices hovering around 400-hundred dollars. you can also enjoy cheap gas this month. average u-s gas prices have been below 2- dollars since december. some of the worst things to buy this month include lingerie and spring apparel. experts suggest holding off on these types of items, because
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potential revival of supersonic jet travel. the space agency has granted a 20-million dollar contract to lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet that can fly faster than the speed of sound. nasa says the plan is intended to make flying safer, greener and quieter. this shows a preliminary design. supersonic commercial jet travel ended more than a decade ago with the grounding of concorde planes ... which were high maintenance and
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do you know the secret to a long healthy marriage? a recent study reveals the secret to a long happy marriage. the app snapchat is growing in popularity. you'll be shocked at how many videos viewers are watching on the app every day. that's next on kolo 8 news now.
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gusty winds will produce choppy lake conditions today as weak low pressure moves across the pacific northwest. most areas will remain dry with above average temperatures through thursday, then rain and snow potential hey, there. in today's "techbytes" -- the battle over online videos heating up. the big new player, snapchat. >> its ceo says users now watch 8 billion videos on its app every day. that's the same number of views as facebook. and it's five times larger than it was just a year ago. high-tech and superfast, check out the new bugatti chiron. it goes from 0 to 62 in just 2.5 seconds. >> yes. it debuts today at the geneva motor show with a retail price you lost me there. finally, the umbrella that not only keeps you dry, it will tell you when it will rain.
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it's super tuesday-- the first day multiple states vote for a presidential nominee. polls are showing it could be a big win for donald trump and hillary clinton. and a tragic end in the search for a skier who disappeared over a month ago. where rescuers finally found him. new details in a deadly shooting at a downtown reno casino. what police say led up to it. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. the wild race to the white house continues today with super tuesday. early states narrowed both presidential fields-- but frontrunners donald
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tighten their grip on their parties' nominations today. abc's stephanie ramos joins us live from virginia with a look at what we can expect today. the biggest voting day of the year leading up to the general election. voters in a dozen states and a us territory will go to the polls today with 16-hundred and 10 delegates at stake. super tuesday is here? the biggest voting day of the year leading up to the general election. voters in a dozen states and a us territory will go to the polls today ?with 16-hundred and 10 delegates at stake. hours before polls open?.the candidates zig zagging across the country holding rallies trying to nab those last minute votes in order to snag their partys nomination. cruz "let me tell the men and


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