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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MST

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situation. >> more than 9600 customers are without power. a substation circuit breaker tripped and that is what is causing the problem. you can see the area that is affected, it is working to fix the issue and hopes to have the power back on around 7:40. we will keep you updated on our mobile application. >> this is vicious and horrific murder of a three-year-old. a three-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his 16-year- old brother also attacked his nine-year-old sister and was tackled and arrested and is expected to be charged as an
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>> he told me this is a horrific tragedy that the families dealing with has best they can. five grandchildren lived here with their mother. as you can see, what happened over the weekend has clearly also affected this neighborhood. >> nobody could see this coming. reporter: he never could have imagined after babysitting his grandchildren most of the day at get a frantic call that the three-year-old son was gone. >> he always had a smile and was very affectionate physically as well. especially with his mother. reporter: neighbors see the oldest boy was running down the street with his injured sister and four-year-old brother screaming for help. >> they were pretty shaken up.
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>> the mother was a good mother, a nurse who works long hours. the family is close and there was no sign of trouble.>> mom is not doing very well which is why we are all together and being strong with each other. is a tough situation for the entire situate-- family especially the children. >> the girl was treated for her injuries and is expected to be okay. the little boy who died was special ne police say they know no motive for the crime. donna rossi, cbs5 news. dozens of children have been removed from several group homes and the department of safety is heading up the investigation. 40 children were put in what is called appropriate placement. we have a crew on the story and are getting answers and will have more on this story coming up tonight at 10:00.
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for the gun man who killed a clerk at 711. these are images of the suspect, he was taking all dark clothing with a bandanna over the face and red gloves just after midnight, police say the gun man got money and forced to clerks into the storage area where one of the employees was shot and killed, the other took off running.>> perhaps it was a surveillance video to determine what took place when the victim was fatally shot, the suspect once outside. the number is on the screen and if you know
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court appearance today and investigators say the mother caught santos recording video of her daughter. she says that santos admitted that he recorded the girl as she changed close. -- as she changed clothing. word of his arrest has stunned the congregation.>> i heard that saturday afternoon and was shocked. this is not something that i expected. >> he will not be allowed back to the church until the investigation is complete. the valley just got hammered by a string of powerful monsoon storms and get ready because we are bracing by another-- bracing for another round that could be popping up
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things could get a little dicey out there. >> tomorrow evening into the overnight hours we're keeping an eye on the weather. down in the tropics, this is couples and lucas-- cabo san lucas and the national weather service issued a flash flood watch that will last until wednesday evening of tucson. we hit a high above 110 and that is 28 days above 110 degrees. we are still seeing warm conditions with wind speeds at 8 miles per hour. 101 10 1 x 9, we will tell you more about the upcoming storm later this week. another powerful storm
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as tomorrow which is the last thing that some people want to hear. lauren joins us in you spoke with people still in the process of trying to clean up. >> cleanup is not even close to being here and now we could be getting more rain. neighbors say all of the debris was left over by the last flood and they worry this could make things very messy is having year brings any rain. norman is trying out from the last round of storms. heavy rain caused nearly 1 foot of water to flow onto his property. down the street, the charter school is getting ready for tropical storm javier after being flooded in the same storm.>> i'm not as excited as i once was but we are prepared
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products as well. >> more neighbors are doing the same, and effort that may not be enough. >> it would go around by neighbors and come up front. >> he blames the drainage ditch saying it has been filling up with silt and debris and when it rains the water has nowhere to go but into the neighborhood. >> give me would have the problem taken care of.>> the city of phoenix of the ditch is not theirs to maintain and say the land belongs to the federal government. cbs5 news. >> you do not have that much time to get prepared. the city of tempe posted this picture reminding people they can get sandbags throughout the monsoon.
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also giving them away. >> we have the entire list showing all the locations where you can get sand on our application and track those storms as they had this way. click on the interactive radar. the maricopa county sheriff is fighting to keep his job if he is raising cl much of that has been donated by supporters who live outside of arizona. the 84-year-old is running for his seventh term and facing criminal contempt of court charges for ignoring orders in a profile lawsuit. cigarette these caught on camera grabbing a pack of smokes and then walking out the door, and all new manhunt monday straightahead. plus a traffic headache for air
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things are getting back to
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forced delta to ground all their flights. this was the scene at sky harbor airport and if you are traveling to atlanta from phoenix your flight could still be delayed by at least one hour. a power outage in atlanta caused the mess and travelers could not get accurate flight information. many were unaware of the problem as they arrived at airports nationwide. delta says the travelers can get a refund was canceled or significantly delayed. people driving to the harbor saw this, more than 120 airline employees picketing southwest airlines. there's the protests, this was the largest of the demonstrations held across the country. pilots, technicians and employees from other airlines were picketing with the
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in the fight against the airline. they are unhappy with the years long contract negotiation and say the shift in priorities contributed to last month's computer problems that stranded a lot of customers four days. hot wiring a car, with new technology it is just a thing you see in movies but these have a new way to break into modern cars and all they need is a laptop. if double duty. he will be back with me for the cbs5 news at 5:00 and doing and all nighter starting at 4:30 and if you have not seen that show we encourage you to take a look. we are bringing the news back
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check out the sky as he walked into circle k and broad daylight back in march. he doesn't hesitate as he walks behind the counter and grabs a he never even tries to pay for the items and was able to get away before police arrived. he is described as a black male 30 years old, 5'8", 180 pounds wearing a white jacket and took off in a 1996 gold nissan arizona plate number bmx. there is also a warrant out for the
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with blonde hair and blue eyes. he is wanted for violating probation on an original charge of child abuse. police are looking for carmelo rodriguez who is 5'11" with gray hair and brown eyes. he is wanted for violating probation after a charge of attempted molestation of a child and failure to register as a sex offender. if you have any information call silent witness you want to join the hunt, download our free news application. cbs5 news. cbs5 is committed to helping catch this serial killer. if you have any information you
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mother accused of killing her 22-month-old daughter, police say she gave her child methamphetamine to counteract the methadone that the girl had gotten into. the department of child safety previously looked into six reports of child neglect ranging from 2007 to february 2016. two months before her death. she has two other children in the custody of we are being to hear harry university of philadelphia-- university of arizona football player died. he was from chandler and tonight, and emotional coach is reacting to the news. >> the only thing on my mind is him and his family. they yell-- lost a great young
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and everybody in the program is hurting. >> he started six games last season and was a leading candidate to start this year. it is nearly impossible to hotwire a car but carjackers have a new tool. they are using laptops to hack them. police are investigating a series of thefts where thieves hacked into the computers in minutes. officers believe smuggling the cars into mexico after stealing them.>> somebody actually has the knowledge and the ability and knows how to utilize the ability to be able to commit the theft, it is a scary situation. >> if you can, park your car in your garage. it may seem like old-school technology but one way to prevent theft is one of those old steering wheel locks.
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a lot worse in other parts of the country. a financial help website did the research based on several factors like dui arrests, speeding tickets and deaths and they had the worst drivers in the nation. arizona was in the top 25 for the best drivers. all new tonight, the days of free episodes on who are nearly over. the popular video service says it will na instead will work on the online television service to rival cable and those free episodes will be available through yahoo. game of thrones fans, if you cannot wait until next summer, relief is coming to the valley. the live concert experience was announced today making a stop right here in phoenix. the
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you through a musical journey that will happen on march 26. tickets will go on sale saturday so i guess it's a way to binge watch the concert. >> that should be popular, things. your weather is heating up once again with a high of 110. average high is one of five. definitely a need for the air conditioner with wind speeds and do points dewpoint will climb quite a bit. especially tomorrow evening, we have an increasing chance of showers and storms and we will show you in just a moment. activity around southeastern arizona but tropical team-- tropical storm javier is tracking wind up to 60 miles per hour right near cabo san lucas, the western side of baja california.
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we will see a chance of showers in the forecast. futurecast is showing a quiet start to the morning and a few passing clouds, some moisture starting to take shape around tucson and our chance of rain will happen tuesday night into wednesday morning. here is wednesday morning, it could be a bit messy so keep that in mind as you head to work. could see upwards of around 1 inch of rain. here is 4:45, about 7/10 of an inch could even see more rain fall so we will track this system as it gets closer. below average temperatures, 96 on wednesday and showers continuing into the morning on thursday, things dry up and heat up with a high of 107, mostly clear skies on saturday.
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busy man. everything you need to know
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three unconscious men were pulled from an underground storage tank. the first man has died. the second two men went into help them in that fell but they lost consciousness because of a lack of oxygen. we are going to bring you more answers tonight on our 10:00 news. a 16-year-old who investigators say killed his three-year-old brother is expected to be tried as an adult. he is being held on charges of second-degree murder and also attacked his nine-year-old sister who is expected to recover. of using his phone to record a 15-year-old girl in a dressing room. he admitted to police that he recorded the girl as she changed clothes. the mother of the victim caught him videotaping her daughter. we are out of time and will see you back your tonight at 10:00.,
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