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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 19, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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lightning in parts of the valley. thank you for taking a break from rio. your forecast is minutes away. higher up in the elevation we did have officers the perimeter. we had the air unit overhead. we had k-9 officers assisting with the search. >> tracking a gunman. phoenix police officer on the hunt for man they say shot a
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>> reporter: the victim, a woman in her 40s for her life after we are told she was hit at least 3 times. phoenix police tell us the shooting happened around 4 pm on cave keep -- cave creek road in north phoenix. police say the victim and suspect knew each other. and that they may have dated at some point. after shooting the victim the man bolted search in the surrounding area. the victim has not been identified and is in her 40s. it happened at her work. it is an affordable housing complex that serves as a shelter for homeless families. >> i think that is alarming not only for us here, that the surrounding community to make sure able to apprehend the individual. >> reporter: there were a number of people in putting children in the area. they were not hurt.
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that which may have captured the shooting. police say they know who the guy is better not releasing his identity. in the meantime they are trying to track him down. all new tonight, a look at conditions inside that us border control detention cells. it is crowded, dirty and at one point you can see a mom changing her babies diaper the aclu is suing the federal agency for poor conditions border control says they cannot comment because the case is ongoing. we are staying on top of the latest developments of the blue cut fire. take a look at the video. crews made gains of the fire today. it's 22% contained, up from 4% last night. the fire has destroyed 56 mi.2
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football field. a man caught on security camera stealing a handgun just inches away from the cop. 2 armed phoenix police officers. last week we aired a video of the man walking out with the gun, but tonight whole different perspective that shows how brazen the guy was. >> now been arrested, he walks in right in front of 2 uniformed armed phoenix police officers. it doesn't get much more brazen than this. >> it's a crime you may never expect someone would try to pull off. stealing a gun from a gun store inches from police officers in uniform. at the time the 2 cops were looking at a rifle. the thief kept the gun tightly
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>> you brazen are not smart? combination of both? >> cbs 5 news was 1st to air the story. the store's owner asked the public to help police track the guy down. >> getting the gun back is not important, i just wanted caught. >> the guy was arrested tuesday. it feels fantastic. >> before the arrest he got some tips of his own and then stumbled across the instagram page. he saw his black handgun pictured with several other firearms. >> we're not dealing with smart people. the detectives assured me to be patient. they working -- they were working on it and they got him.
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heroin, methamphetamine and and illegally modified ar-15 rifle on his seat. he is in jail on $5000 bond. the man found stabbed to death he was found in the la fitness parking lot. this is near hobson and warmer. the search for his killer continues. investigators don't have any suspects. if you saw anything suspicious morning, please call police. we learned that all 6 phoenix firefighters hospitalized after a hazmat situation brought to live morning i wake up arizona are now resting at home. 5 had respiratory problems and the other hurt his knee. the fire started at a pool supply store. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the city of phoenix will
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benefits for all of its employees. that statement, phoenix will now be the 1st city in arizona taking such strong steps to support our diverse workforce. providing transgender inclusive health services is simply the right thing to do. president obama is now cutting ties with private prisons. according to the justice department the government will allow the contracts for 13 different friendly run facilities to expire over the next 5 years. the managers tell us they government run they don't save a lot of money in the long run. as word spread of this development, shares of privately run prison companies plummeted. 40%. 100,000 prisoners are being held in these facilities. no word on how this will affect the 6 ivalee run dozens here in arizona. we will continue to follow the
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no word if a body found in a car is now linked to a standoff in the same neighborhood. sheriff's that he's started to investigate outside of the home where a man living there started yelling at the deputies and then barricaded himself inside the home sparking this standoff. you see the video. that meant eventually gave himself up to the deputies. a big message tonight from the u.s. limbic committee. i am sorry. they apologizing for what they are calling a big distracting debacle involving 4 us olympic swimmers. bull ryan lochte and 3 teammates were not robbed at gunpoint. but instead vandalized gas station bathroom in newly released surveillance video it shows they were confronted by the gas station security guards. all for could face charges for falsely reporting a crime. more trouble from sheriff joe arpaio. he is still running for reelection and trying to avoid going to jail. we have obtained exclusive
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this deal comes from testimony that arpaio gave last month. center jeff flake's son went way beyond that and the fact that arpaio still investigating obama over his birth certificate. >> by the way, that investigation is not done yet. >> it is still ongoing? >> usb the question. how many times to investigate the present? >> they touch on several topics over 4.5 hours. we posted this for you. you can watch all, just open up our mobile app. our summer monsoon 8 in appearance right here north of
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him starting tomorrow crews will be out buckeye to unclog a nasty drainage ditch. neighbors say it thinks. it's unsanitary and dangerous. it has been like this for months. >> what you're seeing here is human waste, trash, and stagnant water. >> the roosevelt irrigation 1st beta ever heard of the problem. it fix is coming. more rain is approaching. let's zoom in to that location. you can see showers to the west of us, just north of buckeye loving toward the white ranks. showers approaching. look at this batch of moisture. out near courtside along i-10. a flood advisory from the national weather service.
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stretching north. outside i want to show you this live picture. temperatures are warm. 95 currently. 2-point around 50. a relative humidity of 22%. it hit a high of below average. 103. satellite and radar, cooling temperatures will stick around. tomorrow and through the weekend. this is the moisture we are watching to the west. a slight chance tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. just a few clouds. a better chance for afternoon showers and some thunderstorms in high country. from flagstaff tomorrow afternoon and quiet conditions on saturday. the day in detail. lower to mid 80s it's exam. topping out at one of 3 in the afternoon. the seven-day forecast, below average temperatures through the weekend. the best chance of rain, 20% of showers on sunday, the rest of the seven-day forecast, here in
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highs near average was still a few pop up showers through thursday. it has been 10 minutes and as promised have all the answers you need to know for tomorrow means you can get dexterously. i think they're trying to make fun of me. or you can stay up with us as we talked to some east valley neighbors. they are worried about a rash of break-ins. plus this -- >> there is no legal requirement that accompanied make sure product is saf >> the products may not be as safe as you think. answers on the cosmetic industry. you won't want to miss this. a viral video from arizona. what is going on in this video. everyone is talking about this chicken wearing pants. if you have interesting video like a chicken wearing pants, we want to see it.
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i realized all the things they had gone through and it's scary to know people, have this information about you. >> some chandler neighborhoods are nervous. they believe they are the targets of experienced burglars. in the past 4 months there have been 11 different break-ins all within the brooks crossing neighborhood. we go live with more on the story. i am of the alleys where the criminals used a recent breaking. what's bad about an alley is there are a lot of blind corners and a lot of actual paul walls. they can hide their car or truck behind it. what they're doing is simply casing a house and then getting into the back alley and breaking into a door like that. this once peaceful chandler neighborhood is facing a very big problem.
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the house. >> reporter: her home was ransacked by thieves in late july. >> it scary to know people have this information about you. they know you look like. >> reporter: the steve -- these stole thousands of stuff. she isn't alone. there have been 11 of break-ins in the area since the beginning of april. 2 we have had a lot neighborhoods. i'm not happy. >> reporter: she is compiling all the break-ins helping the neighborhood band together and look out. some have video of what they say are suspicious cars and trucks and people. this video shows a woman checking out a home. she knocks on the door for 4 minutes. it's not definitive proof she is involved in anything but neighbors leave it so well corrugated team breaking into homes. >> it has been crazy and it's
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>> reporter: the one thing neighbors would love to see changed in their neighborhood to swell the issue is they want to put gates on the alleys so thieves cannot get in. that have been working with the city to make it happen. a splash brad -- pad queen creek has closed because of fecal matter. now the town is changing things to prevent closures. the incident range from 8 swim diaper not being snug enough to a mall washing her hands in the water -- and mom washing her hands after changing a diaper in the water. the town has added signs to make sure parents have swim diapers, if they are not potty trained, but they've had enough.
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minutes and that is an opportunity for parents to take children to restrooms. >> the town has put nearly half 1 million taxpayer dollars into the facility. every time they have to close it can cost up to $50 per hour for cleaning. arizona needs some prayer. it's hot. some of us can't take it no more. >> remember that video? it looks like this mom to tears. that there is more to that video. the sweltering temperatures are far from her biggest damages. >> it's hot to see this wind? do see my shirt flopping around. i still have to walk. >> i was like to see the wind? did see my shirt? >> the 1st thing you should
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people laugh. >> and walking around like lord it is hot. >> drama is her preferred routine. >> i was having a great day. but for people to think i was crying, no. give me a video about the cold and i will cry. >> the 24-year-old apollo high school graduate being an actress or model or comedian, but it hasn't been easy. she's a single mom of a 1-year- old. she shot her breakout performance on a borrowed cell phone after getting off the bus. right now she has no phone, no car in the job. >> i'm in transition, staying with family here in there. my family would never let me be homeless. bouncing around from couch to couch, that makes a person feel like i am this way, but success is a state of mind. >> she says for social media
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and she wants people who prayed for arizona to know she feels blessed. 2 i won't be in this situation for long. i am just a starving artist. trying to make it. >> researchers sending out a big warning tonight that it's not just pregnant women who need to worry about zika virus. it can also affect adult rain cells linked to learning and memory. researchers now learn more finding its effects go well beyond the original birth defect threat. cosmetic -- $62 billion industry. cosmetic companies have very little oversight. you could be doing damage to your body just look better. like the case of an 11-year-old who lost all of her hair. she's not the only one.
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getting 21,000 complaints. who is responsible? >> there is no legal requirement the company make sure product is safe before they sell it. the fda has no access to safety records. only congress can give them that power. >> when products are on store shelves, they have joined a class action lawsuit. have we discovered the answer to why the chicken crossed the road? maybe the shop is cool blue pants? this is real. she posted this video on facebook, that is not deborah but her chicken, her chicken wearing pants. it has 2 million views. that is charlie the chicken, he doesn't mind strutting his do look. the question tonight is, why is the chicken wearing pants what is happening in the high
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you can play that all morning i wake up arizona and i promise ratings goal. are you excited it's friday? >> last day on the wake-up
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a look at your forecast.
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california border. will it hold together and move into our there is a chance we could see overnight showers once again. temperatures are comfortable. we start off tomorrow at 83. jumping to 40s in flagstaff. prescott down to 60. by tomorrow, actually below average. a high tomorrow of 103. enjoy. cardinals coach bruce arians is such a kidder. he gave the team a scare me going to the hospital before tuesday's practice. he suffered some stomach pain but returned on wednesday and finally. the team went about its business accordingly. of course they had their head coach on their minds. >> guys in the locker room know he is tough as anyone.
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good and fine and trying to jump up out of the bed. >> i thought i had to check up on them. and let them know i was praying. and that is okay. we have to take care of that guy. he's the heart and soul of the team. >> stay focused. a prelude to when they square off friday at qualcomm stadium. >> i think it's good to go up against different opponent versus beating up on each other >> dealing with the guys, it's different. i feel like we got better. across-the-board. >> preseason football, patriots jimmy grau full touchdown against the bears. checkout robert griffin the 3rd. gary makes the catch for 6 in
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raters and packers, former asu star with the pick is the packers pull off a win. it's high school football. hamilton huskies open the season tomorrow at home. against boulder creek. the team has a lot of pent-up anger after learning to -- losing to -- the playoffs. >> in the journey we are going to go on it one with this group. you always think that. there is always optimism at the beginning of the year and hopefully it carries to the playoffs and through the playoffs. you never know where the journey will go. that is the part that makes coaching great. >> the diamondbacks opening the 1st of 4 in san diego.
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wins the 200 m 3rd straight gold in the event. he made the worlds other facets
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tracking your tomorrow. gorgeous picture. gray clouds in the distance. highs tomorrow 103. we start off around 83. >> maybe the chicken should switch to shorts. that video will not stop. a chicken to wear pants to cross the road. i will see you in a couple of
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