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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MST

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to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. a security guard shoots and kills a suspected robber in the lobby of a valley motel. plus, it is a tradition for the start of school at grand canyon university. we will talk you to the luggage lead. but first, eight traffic
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cbs 5 news. good evening everybody. i am heidi goitia, and we have a -- breaking news for you. street crews are asking that you avoid 55th avenue. 55th avenue. it -- a sinkhole is opened up in the corner of that intersection. they are asking people to avoid the entire intersection as they try to get this thing prepare. a man is dead hotel overnight. it was the hotel security guard who shot him. marc liverman has the details from 52nd st. and van buren. a suspect is dead after a shooting that happened late last night at the motel 6 right here off of the 202 and vern -- and van buren. a window. that is where it happen. police are spending a lot of time in the early morning hours investigating that lobby because that is where it all to lace. it started off as some type of
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that is when police say to suspects were hanging around the lobby. both of them wearing masks. apparently a security guard was watching the monitors when he saw a suspect jump over the counter with a gun. police say he came out of the back office and confronted the suspect before shooting him. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he died. a second suspect is still at large and so far police have not released a description on that suspect. right now, surveillance video in their investigation. a little while ago, we had a chance to speak with somebody who was inside that motel 6 when all of this took lace. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i was able to come out of my room and not notice anything else first cops. there was tape up, but there was only one thing of tape on that side. i'd ask people what was going on.
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injured in this incident. police are trying to find out what led to a person being stabbed at a bus stop. two men and two women were at the best -- bus stop when two men got into a fight. one man left and the other man stabbed the two women. they were both taken to the hospital. one expecting -- one with life- threatening injuries and the other expected to survive. a body has been found overnight at a phoenix hotel. this was found at in. a man was found shot to death in one of the rooms. police tell us no arrests have been made. they also tell us this is not related to another deadly shooting at the same motel over the weekend. shawn mcdonald left the hotel room saturday night. his friends found him shot to death outside that hotel. please do not have a suspect in
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t deluxe, and inspiring rapper, was just starting to make a name for himself. >> he was a role model. do you know what i'm saying? he was somebody that anybody could look up to as far as trying to better yourself in this life or try to be somebody. >> mcdonald was out celebrating his birthday. police say there was no witnesses to the crime but it may have been just a random, senseless murder. a home in chandler heights and hinckley road. two men having an argument and one 41-year-old. the victim, daniel vara follow, died on the scene. just a short time ago, police identified the suspect in that shooting. back -- zachary penton. he is cooperating with the investigation. they are investigating the circumstances to determine what charges he might face. the case of an arizona man who was killed by las vegas police on new year's eve will
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keith childers ignored their command to drop what they thought was a gun. it turned out it was a cell phone. he was already under surveillance by the us marshal. they were trying to take him into custody for leaving arizona before he was sentenced for a home invasion. police were mistakenly told he was wanted for attempted murder. a fact-finding hearing is being held in las vegas to review what happened. we're chance -- tracking the chances after a pretty active monsoon in the belly. check out this video shot by a cbs viewers drone over the valley as a monsoon brought tons of dust, wind, and rain. this is what the storm look like from our tower cam. the dust was heavy enough to cause incoming flights to turn
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you were here last night working. it was crazy. >> it was pretty wild. watching it around maricopa, and that thing held together and ripped through the valley. likely it law steam by the time it got to north valley. this is one of the many awesome photos out there. if you zoom in, this ups plan, it puts thing in -- puts things into perspective. thatan approaching. you can see why they might've delayed flights for second.>> just a little bit. >> it was crazy out there. we are currently looking at fairweather cumulus clouds bubbling up over fairweather mountain. we will see thunderstorms later today. they are active in the mountains for sure. let's start with triscuit. -- press get. heavy rain is possible. storms are bubbling up over the
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shiloh, eager, even flagstaff expecting thunderstorms at we get going in the next few hours. we are dry right now in the valley, but look to the south. we are seeing a cell approach maricopa. it is approaching from the southwest to the northeast. we will be watching closely to see if this kicks up any dust or sponsored new thunderstorms that could move into the metro. definitely keeping our eye on this. temperature-wise, it is not bad for summer. a lot of 90s on the board. no hundreds which is good for the summer. 95 in apache junction. statewide, nobody is at 100 yet. 95 in yuma. there is downtown phoenix. you can see the clouds in the background. dew points from the mid-50s. there is enough moisture and
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thunderstorms. we will only get to 104. our temperature. the chances for thunderstorms coming up in just a bit. id? thousands of college kids are moving into their new digs. it is moving day at the annual luggage lug. >> it is an exciting time and tcu. thousands of incoming freshmen move into the dorm. we will take a look of one dorm here on campus. there are 17 dorms and all. it is like organized chaos. there able to get the students moved in very quickly. we are chatting with the students. joining me is evan and luke. talk to me about this experience this morning. it was pretty cool and very high energy. >> we pulled up and immediately there was all of the students who have been here. they mauled our car and brought everything to our rooms. it was nice because we did not have to carry a single package to our room. >> they are already getting
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you just matt parb what you looking forward to? >> just a new experience. just mix it up from high school. it was a fun time but colleges a new chapter. looking forward to it. >> you guys are just starting your college careers. good luck to you. we know classes get started in about a week so you have time to get that dorm room already. back to you. aaa is responding to more roadside emergencies than ever. many of these problems are wi we will tell you why. could the summer olympics be returning to the us within the next decade? a lot of people hope so. grab your phones. we're giving away four tickets to see the phoenix mercury
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president obama will visit flood ravaged louisiana tomorrow. the flood is already killed at
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acrossed southern louisiana, roads are lined with debris as the scope of this catastrophic flooding becomes more clear each and every day. the flooding has forced more than 106,000 people to register for fema assistance. a one-week total, that agency has not seen that since super storm sandy. some places are still unreachable, but they say that they are active in all 20 hard- hit parishes. >> we did have teams on the ground as the waters were rising. we have teams here all the way >> $36 million in spending has been approved to help louisiana cover from this. more than 33,000 people remain in shelters there. around 360,000 students returned to a collagen florida where -- to a college in florida where the zika virus is located. most students are wearing longsleeved shirts and long pants.
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themselves from mosquito bites to avoid zika. students across miami-dade kelly -- county have notified the mayor's office. >> there is information that your office is trying to downplay the zika virus. we want to get your response. >> we have put out timely and accurate information. >> the national institute of health say they expect to see more outbreaks of seek over the next few louisiana being most at risk. new information this afternoon on the death of prince. the pills found in his mansion had been mislabeled. that is according to a report in the minnesota star tribune. they were marked as hydrocodone but actually contained fentanyl. fentanyl has been described as being 100 times stronger than morphine. prince had so much of the drug in his system that he had no
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investigators are reportedly leaning to the theory that he did not know the pills contained fentanyl. a report from aaa shows a record number of drivers need help on the roadway these days. the company responded to millions of calls for roadside assistance last year. they say many of them are drivers in newer cars. aaa rescued 32 million drivers in 2015. 40% of new with a spare tire. aaa says newer technologies in cars is contributing to breakdowns as well. hilo transmission systems can put a major strain on the battery. >> that with all of the additional electronic devices available today would drain the battery more quickly. the life expectancy rate of a battery is only three years. if you had that battery for more than three years, you are living on borrowed time.
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your tire pressure and testing your battery once it reaches that three-year mark will help you face fewer problems on the road. it is 1215 aaa says regularly checking your tire pressure and testing your battery once it reaches that three-year mark will help you face fewer problems on the road. it is 12:15 pm on the.. let's take a -- on the.. let's take a look at the tao with just a couple of hours left of trading. the olympics closing ceremony was last nig summer games is already on. there's are going to be held in 2020 in tokyo. what about in 2024? that could be the year that the olympics returned to the united states. been tracy is in rio with more on how the us is trying to win the games back. >> with the olympic flame now extinguished in rio, the competition to get the 2024 games is really heating up. los angeles mayor eric r said he was in rio to convince the committee that his city should
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los angeles want to do a game when there is so much of an expense?>> los angeles was one of the only game -- cities that wanted the games in 1984. the 2024 games would cost $6 billion and generate a $161 million surplus from tv rights, sponsorships, and ticket sales. a temporary swimming venue would be built. venue already exist. a planned $2.6 billion state-of- the-art los angeles rams football stadium will become a centerpiece for the games. los angeles is up against paris, rome, and budapest. paris is a favorite as it would be 100 years since it last hosted the games. >> the entire olympic ordeal is to have bigger, faster,
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most games make millions for the international olympic committee but leave their host billions of dollars in debt. with empty and rotting olympic venues. in the past decade, the olympics have cost an average of $8.9 billion with an average cost overrun of 156%. that la's mayor says bringing the games back to the heart of hollywood is not only a when for la that the entire country. >> it'll be sometime b olympics. that will be announced next summer in rio -- in lima, peru. was talk about the weather. the weekend was crazy. are we done for a while? >> i'm going to dsomething. we don't do this often. this was a pretty good milestone for this woman. margaret. 99 years old. she watches us at noon every
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picture. we wanted to thank margaret for watching. i really don't do birthdays, but 99. come on. >> it is a biggie. >> let's get into what you are really here for that is a weather. take a look at downtown phoenix. we're seeing some clouds develop. will our's -- we are seeing the potential for some thunderstorms. we are dry out there. most this one is along the beeline highway moving to the east. some shiloh storms are approaching you from the west. you are to have some thunderstorms but more on the way. flagstaff.@msn for. dispatch right here will move in from the southwest to the northeast. keep in mind that we are seeing lightning and the potential for some heavy rain with these thunderstorms also per pretty active -- thunderstorms also
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we are watching storms develop to the south of phoenix. this is moving into a maricopa. it could kick dust our way or send cold air that wretches out of the thunderstorm toward the valley and that could spark new thunderstorms. we will be watching for that carefully. if you we just to the south. future cast is trying to bring storms from the valley in the next few hours. no guarantee that will happen. this is one of our souped-up models and we will see. keep an eye on the sky and know that we could see thunderstorms for today. about a 20% chance of that in the valley. it will be very active in the mountains. temperatures are feeling great for the summer. 93 in phoenix. we do have moisture in the air. dew points are approaching 60. we do have the ingredients for a thunderstorm. we will see if we could line them all up.
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104 in yuma. seven-day forecast shows a slight chance for a shower tomorrow morning. we could see a thunderstorm tuesday afternoon. we dry out wednesday and thursday in warm up just a hair. on friday, we could also see a thunderstorm. the great news is we are not seeing any 110 degrees on the seven-day forecast. >> it is refreshing. it is not your typical sunday sermon.
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start dialing. we are giving away four tickets to see the phoenix mercury take on the los angeles sparks. the game is on this coming sunday, august 28. the number to call is on your screen. one the number to call is on
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a daredevil pastor performed a dangerous step this weekend. >> here we go. >> that is scary. john mercury morgan jumped through a wall of fire. watch it again. on his motorcycle. the stunt performer is a pastor at the appropriately named faith on fire fellowship church. he said his jump his faith with the ramp representing the highs and lows in life. is okay by the way. it has been a good month for suicide squad. >> nice to meet you. love your perfume. what is that? sent of death?>> for the third week straight, and brought in nearly $21 million. the r rated animated flick sausage party came in second at $15 million. jonah hill's comedy were dogs stayed at number three making
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noticeably absent from that list was ben hur. the remake of the epic film appears to be an epic flop. it costs about $100 million to make but it only took an 11 million this weekend. that was its opening weekend. it got terrible reviews from critics and from fans online. the numbers show that almost nobody under the age of 25 went to see it and it is hard to become a blockbuster when that happens. > at your forecast.
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welcome back everybody. you are looking at a live picture from our live picture of camel brak -- camelback mountain. >> it is not cauliflower. we have a 20% chance of seeing a thunderstorm in the valley. we will watching carefully. temperatures are about 100 degrees. it is for degrees below normal. >> we will take a. >> if you degrees below normal.
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? >> quinn: don't do this. >> steffy: you're forcing me. this is what it comes to. wyatt's future is in your hands. you walk out this door right now and nothing changes for him. >> quinn: you would really move ou my grandfather and start a relationship with him... yes. i will move out tonight. so what's it gonna be? do you care about wyatt's marriage or not? >> quinn: of course i do. i don't want to hurt wyatt. but i care about eric, too, and i don't want to hurt him, either.


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