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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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alcohol. scottsdale police are hosting this checkpoint. you will see commands just like this one across the state. according to the arizona department of public safety this year's holiday dui campaign will and five dui campaign will and 59 separate taskforces and 72 law enforcement agencies. they will have enhanced state trooper presence on highways targda behavior. to encourage smart driving, overhead signs will display their drive hammered get nailed signs. buzzed driving is drunk driving. last year 10 people lost their lives on roadways on this particular holiday weekend. that is exactly why officers are here. they want to prevent that. they want to remind folks to
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mark taylor in for ashlee demartino on this saturday evening. things are looking very clear for all of us across arizona. earlier today we saw sprinkles in the grand canyon. for the rest of us we are seeing clear skies and warm temperatures. temperatures across the valley at sky harbor we have 14, 102 throughout the metro area we are seeing 102 or 14. across the state 69 in flagstaff, 79 in prescott, stafford at 96. temperatures will be normal and they will stay that way for the next couple of days. we will talk about the 7-day forecast which has changes. the humidity is dry and we aren't seeing any monsoon chances today, tomorrow or
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will dip down into the mid-70s and low 80s throughout the phoenix metro area. tomorrow morning temperatures will be lovely in the midshipman to low 80s . we are talking about a big cool down. a small airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in goodyear after the pilot on it. road near rainbow valley and jermaine 10 miles southwest of the phoenix goodyear airport. two people were on board, they were not hurt. we are learning more about a deadly motorcycle accident that happened after midnight in the west valley near 103rd avenue and broadway. phoenix police tell us the guy on the motorcycle may have been speeding when a car pulled in front of him. that rider was killed at the scene. two people in the car were not
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to work is just steps from his door. phoenix police are trying to figure out what happened, who did it and why.>>reporter: early saturday morning mn heading off to work did not make it to his car. the keys on the floor and detectives at his home take a picture of the tragedy. he was shot in the chest, as one of two suspects who may have been burgng >> i saw he was at the truck.>>reporter: alejandra lives next door, he got to know the man who was shot steps from his front door. >> he was going to his garage. i was surprised. >>reporter: his uncle's house is equipped with cameras which may have caught a glimpse of
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in critical condition and as for the suspects, they left on foot and have not been caught. in south phoenix, carla navarrette day. police search for a man was stabbed a man that was sleeping in his car early this morning near 16th and roosevelt. victim managed to drive a few yards before getting out of the car and walking across street and collapsing. he is expected to be okay. the suspect ran off. phoenix police are searching for two guys who pistol whipped a convenience store clerk airing a robbery. the duo went into the circle kate near 25th in glendale demanding cash and cigarettes and then they forced their way behind the counter bashing the clerk on the head with a pistol. they took what they wanted and left.>> that young man was the
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a valley family is asking for your help to solve a murder mystery. kevin or was found dead in 2014 on the side of the road after working at the rum runner bar. he was shot. more than two years later the killer is still not caught. >> we live the trauma and grief , i suspect the answer is gone is why, what did my beautiful son, their beautiful brother do that would warrant being killed.>> if you have any information about this case, you are asked to call silent witness. you can remain anomaly --
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the race for congressional district 5, it's as close as it gets. only nine votes separate the two candidates. andy biggs barely leading over christine jones. biggs his camp declared victory. jones did the same thing tuesday night. the race for county recorder's office, helen purcell is clinging to a 200 vote lead. today on the trail, trump was in detroit hoping to drum up support from the african- american community. hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from the email scandal. greg boswell has the latest on the race to the white house.>>reporter: donald trump clapped his hands while a choir sang gospel during his visit to an african-american church in detroit saturday. he vowed to fix the problems
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>> i'm here today to learn. so that we can together remedy injustice in any form.>>reporter: it's the first time trump has addressed a large black audience since winning the nomination.>> i prayed over this. >>reporter: pastor wrapped a special shawl around trump. protesters gathered outside with signs saying no hate in the white house. security set up barriers and exchanges got heated between trump and clin s on fridaythe fbi released 58 pages from its investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was body when agents showed a classified emails from our personal account. many she did not remember, she did not recall receiving any emails that she thought should not be unclassified and repeatedly said she relied and state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information.
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justice department decided not to move forward. greg boswell cbs news washington. coming up next, as one aquatic attraction opens in the valley, protesters hit the streets trying to stop another. later in the newscast, hermine and the
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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today the odysea aquarium open and scott still. -- scottsdale. that's exactly what we said -- saw. it's the largest in the southwestern united states. it holds more than 2 million gallons of water and features or than 300,000 different types
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50 exhibits. tickets are $35 for adults and $25 for kids. there is been controversies surrounding another attraction, dolphinaris which is next door. protesters demonstrated in scottsdale against the swim with dolphins facility. they feel the harsh sunlight and dry conditions are bad. doctor grey stafford told us the facility is excited and is mammals. dolphinaris is set to open sometime later this month. a big day for the cardinals making roster cuts. the team trimming down to the 53 man limit. some surprising names on the list. the sun devils opened against nau. it's just a start for the quarterback.
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dark as hermine lives up the east coast from florida. those who live along the coast in new york and new jersey are getting ready for what could be a lengthy and damaging storm. windy gillette reports. >>reporter: hermine caused trees to crash into homes in charleston, south carolina. it flooded roads and atlantic beach and left the book -- several hundred without electricity from florida to virginia. hurricane and is now a tropical storm. it could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open water. the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night and creating high waves already.>> the beach is officially closed. >>reporter: after that announcement the gates were locked to seaside heights, closing down the beaches. 24 hours before hermine arrived. double red flags are posted warning the danger.
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hour winds, 15 foot waves.>>reporter: menacing clouds did not keep clouds from the boardwalk. this man brought his family for a day at the beach. >> we did not think it would be this bad, with the waves.>>reporter: there is concern. this is the same town where sandy not the roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. hermine is not predicted to be near the storm could stick around for days. intensifying possible flooding and beach erosion. windy gillette for cbs news in seaside heights new jersey. we are watching a story about an earthquake that hit seven states in the heartland. the magnitude 5.6 quake was centered near pawnee oklahoma. one person was hurt, the governor says inspectors did
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the area. the quake was felt in other states like texas and nebraska. it's time to talk weather. a beautiful start to the weekend. today's high was 106. the averages 103. overnight lows 83 and 81 in the average. across the state 102 in phoenix, 69 in flagstaff, temperatures this time of year. we will see a drop off in temperatures on wednesday. across the state here in the valley -- things are looking clear beautiful blue skies. all of us are seeing clear skies and warm temperatures. once the sunset goes down, things will cool down considerably. looking at tonight if you are heading out, things are clear
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tomorrow morning, we are looking at clear without rain. the air is dry and we aren't seeing monsoon activity through monday. overnight lows tonight we will see temperatures dip down into the mid-70s in phoenix. 73 in gila bend, 44 and flagstaff 53 let's talk about the labor day monday, things will be very clear all day. temperatures will get up to 100 degrees. a great day to be outside, stay
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change comes wednesday. the moisture rich atmosphere returns and we see thunderstorm activity in the afternoon. we are looking clear through tuesday, temperatures floating around 100. wednesday there is a 20% chance for monsoon. that will stay wednesday, thursday and friday. right now, asu fans are tailgating to scrumptious victuals. todd graham's team opened against nau, the jax are led by a highflying quarterback. at marks the beginning of manny wilkins rain as quarterback. he was named the starter friday. he has waited his turn and gets to show what he can do tonight. this will not be a cakewalk.>> as a quarterback it's cool to see a talented quarterback on the opposite team.
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things offensively. we have to take it game by game and play-by-play. >> we have a lot of respect for them in the job they do. they are predicted to be one of the best countries in their division. they will be highly motivated it and they are very capable. >> the wildcats are under the lights in glendale. the squad facing byu. both teams are coach rodriguez enters his fifth there in tucson and has never lost a nonconference game.>> we have a lot of fans in the valley. i think byu is selling tickets. i hope we outsell them and pack the place. it's a great venue. it's a good opponent.>> at college station, ucla fakes is texas a&m. the bruins are down eight and
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great concentration. 62 yards for the touchdown and a two-point conversion is good. aggies fourth and goal, trevor calls his own number plates the aggies up by 7 last chance for ucla, the passes broken up and the bruins was a heartbreaker 31-24. ellis you on the road against wisconsin. tigers up one in the 2nd half. of 47 badgers back on top. brendan harris avoids the rash, picked off by dakota dixon. wisconsin's first win over a top five team since 1985. houston makes an early statement against oklahoma. the cougars are up 19-17 and oklahoma's field-goal is short. you since brandon wilson outruns everyone, a 100 yard
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oklahoma is stunned. greg ward jr. says houston we don't have a problem stunning oklahoma 23-22. the pitfall of the nfl roster spots. the cardinals with ample nfl bodies in camp, it's a numbers game, they can't keep everyone. the roster cut to 53, normal cuts matt barkley,d golden is looking for work and williams and elisha penny. >> i don't talk to all of them. the veteran guys, i do. they are always tough. that's the hardest part of this business. >> the vikings won't let the season ending injury to bridgewater and their year.
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bradford. the eagles get a first-round pick in 2017. congratulations to dj foster, he locked up a spot with the patriots. he sealed it with a great final preseason effort against the giants catching nine passes for 110 yards and rushing 122. mike berk amici did not make roster. the manual butler had 15 receptions, that could get him playing on sunday. this game was ranked 101 last year, it will be interesting in the first half with the new quarterback.>> i'm just excited about football again.>> a
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here is the 7-day forecast, temperatures staying at 100 degrees through tuesday. monsoon activity comes back into play on wednesday. for the most part a great forecast. stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. you are looking at a world record in the making, nathan's famous the longest line of hot dogs ever created. the line stretched more than 950 feet in new york's grand central terminal, that's more than 100 feet longer than the previous record set in japan. it took more than 1900 hot dogs to set the record. thank you for joining us we
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili ped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> you know, people often ask, "what do you do now that you're in retirement?" we have around 400 acres. i would say most of the time throughout the year, i'm always doing something out here. i'm not on a schedule. i'm not on a time clock. and i enjoy it. nothing will compare to throwing a touchdown pass in lambeau field. i'm sorry, it won't. when i think about my childhood
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league, dreamed of playing in the super bowl. i never dreamed of pro bowls, hall of fames. i never dreamed that. i just dreamed playing. and my dreams have been far exceeded long ago. to think that i've owned most of the passing records in the national football league. i don't say that braggingly. i say that like, "are you kidding me?" >> are you going to be a football player when you grow up? >> today is the best day of your life. daylight, that's all i need. >> greatest leader i've ever known. >> what a ride it's been! >> i got to see this. brett favre out here. brett favre. >> narrator: kiln, mississippi, population, just over 2,000, home town of brett favre. sure, he's a local legend, but a


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