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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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more tonight at 10. we have the news chopper heading to the south of us. heading toward the coolidge area. as you can see some dust is taking shape. national weather service issued a dust advisory this evening. let's show you with valley pinpoint doppler radar. as you can see here we are at the 5:00 p.m. hour. showers on the outside just to and also down south. down toward areas of casagrande, out towards parts of maricopa. pushing toward the north. there is the highlighted area. blowing dust advisory until 6 pm. it does not include the greater phoenix area but we will keep a close eye on it. showers east of us moving and we will see late rainfall tonight.
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south carolina worry are learning new details on the elementary school shooting. it happened in townville on the georgia border. 2 students and a teacher were hurt. none appear to have faith threatening -- life-threatening injuries. the teenager is to believe -- it's believed he shot and killed his father before opening fire on that school. we will have more in a few minutes. 5-year-old boy is dead after police say he somehow got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot himself inside his avondale home. >> a horrible and heartbreaking story. unfolding in this avondale townhouse complex. a 5-year-old boy shot and fatally wounded. avondale police say it appears to be an accidental and self- inflicted shooting. according to neighbors, the child lived with his mother and
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responders rushing to the scene and then rushing the little boy to a nearby hospital. sadly he was later pronounced dead. throughout the day distraught family members showing up at the townhouse. of course the question for investigators, who owns the weapon, and how did the 5-year- old boy get his hands on the loaded gun? >> shouldn't have weapons. >> he was a great kid. he played with my kids. really fun and energetic. a lot of laughter and life. >> reporter: some time after he was transported to the hospital, a 2nd person is transported by ambulance from the home. this is thought to be a family member with some sort of
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investigation and of course we will continue to monitor in avondale. sheriff joe arpaio getting sued again. this time by his democratic challenger. earlier this year penzone said he would sue the sheriff if he ran. hack adds claiming he assaulted his ex-wife. in one of the commercials started running this week. the arpaio campaign says t lawsuit. he narrowly lost to sheriff joe arpaio 4 years ago. tonight a man accused of sexual assault is behind bars. this sketch was released earlier in the week. noticed the similarity to the man arrested? wilson is a former phoenix fire captain. now more on this arrest. >> reporter: we showed you the sketch yesterday.
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shot. after police released this sketch it didn't take long for people to recognize him. >> the eyes give it away. >> reporter: these are the eyes of phoenix former fire captain is recalled by the victim of an alleged sexual attack. according to the police report wilson drove up to a 19-year- old woman walking and started following her. the report says he grabbed her by the hair a bridge where he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. she told police he threatened to kill her if she screamed. >> it's disturbing. i don't know what measures they can put in. maybe more light. >> reporter: he eventually ran off. this sketch helped identify him. >> 1st the victim came forward. and we want to thank the public , without all of the tips the
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so quickly. >> reporter: he was demoted from captain to firefighter in 2015. after having a fire engine drop him and his wife off at the airport. a few links -- a few weeks later he got in trouble for not going on his call. he was fired in july of this year. wilson is jailed for sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. due to the violence of these allec without bond. in glendale. we now know the name of the suspected drunk driver police say killed a man pulled over and i-17. the 61-year-old has been charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault troopers say a 22-year-old man pulled off on the shoulder to change a tire when paul hit him as today morning. he died at a local hospital. 2 officers on scene suffered
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screen. phoenix police still need your help tracking down this serial killer. cbs 5 is dedicated to showing you this sketch until the suspect is arrested. he is wanted for 7 murders across the valley. a $75,000 reward is offered for his arrest. these call the number on your screen if you know anything. police say they were forced to shoot a suspect after he slammed his car their patrol vehicles. this happened last night near the loop 101. police said the pulled over the suspect for a drug stop. they noticed he had a gun. officers when he threw his car into reverse and ramp to patrol units. one officer fired at the car hitting the driver. that man is in the hospital in stable a critical condition. phoenix police are investigating to robberies at 2
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in both of them, patrons outside were robbed. in the 2nd incident minutes away 2 armed men entered the patio. then took off. the suspects subscription match the police aren't saying if they are connected. >> i think there is a connection. i don't know if they took it for granted that they thought maybe the opportunity was there at this time in the evening. >> both bars are telling us they are increasing security to ensure the safety of their customers. anyone with any information about the robberies is asked to call phoenix police. back to the breaking news. a teenager now in custody after 2 shootings in south carolina. police say this gunman killed his father, then opened fire at a local elementary school. >> reporter: police converged
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boy opened fire wounding 2 boys and a female teacher. and firefighter subdued the shooter in a teenager was taken into custody. >> we feel the sole shooter. that no one else is involved. and that the community is not in danger. >> reporter: one boy was shot in the leg and the other in the foot. the teacher was hit in the shoulder. one parent is on his way to pick up his son as it unfolded. >> it filled up with police officers lockdown. we saw helicopters coming in. >> reporter: parents rushed to school to pick up their children but most were evacuated to a nearby church. >> it's a phone call you never want to get. in the end everything worked out at least for my son. he is okay. >> reporter: police say another 911 call led them to a home to miles away. inside, the body of the alleged gunman's father.
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we will not have all the answers. >> reporter: classes are canceled at the school. and counselors are available to students. the white house is calling the move embarrassing. coming up what congress did today that has obama upset. live dolphins being shipped to the valley in crates. we will show you the pictures as we investigate coming up. have our eyes on th chopper. check out the rain falling just south of the town of maricopa.
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for the 1st time since becoming president, do with a law that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue
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backing of the attackers. the white house responded to today's vote calling them embarrassing. the senate has also passed the bill government running until december. it includes money to combat zika virus but no federal aid for flint michigan. the house is expected to approve it. the us is set to send troops to iraq. it's unclear how many american troops would be deployed but they will only be there to train and advise. > capitol hill for the hearings about the handling of hillary clinton's email investigation. he was immunity deal for cheryl mills which is clinton's a former chief of staff. interest rates will likely go up soon. the federal reserve chair said she expects a rate hike in the end of this year. it would be the 2nd rate height -- hike since 2006.
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banking on free booze on your
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should tear to the valley? via fedex? dolphins owner says it simply how they get their animals here to the desert. now the story. >> reporter: the video was shot on sunday at a fedex cargo warehouse in hawaii. to animal rights activists videotape it appears to be animal handlers working on a stretchers used to carry marine mammals outside the water. >> do you have a permit? >> the people at the warehouse dropped the garage door. later it appears the dolphins are inside a fiberglass tub on the back of a flatbed truck. the activists leave at least 2 of them are headed for arizona. an official at the new dolphin
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confirms 3 new dolphins arrived on monday via fedex. >> i am proud of this facility. >> the general manager says fedex is it is experienced a transporting animals and is one of the best. he says the new dolphins are doing well. the protesters argue a crate on a fedex lane is no way to transport marine mammals that are as intelligent as dolphins. >> it's not right. >> she says they are bombarded with sounds and sensations, changing air pressure and are known to vocalize and thrash out in fear. the dolphin exhibit is set to open controversy because of its location in the desert heat and on indian reservations were the state welfare laws would not
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we were sent these pictures of the inside of a transport plane. they tell us they charter the flight with fedex. veterinarians and trainers were on the flight with the dolphins and they were inside fiberglass tubs with water. a dolphin transport is regulated the federal government as is the aquarium. >> thank you. the free drinks in las vegas could be history. there's a new comple drink monitoring system. caesar's wants to make sure your spending enough money and not just drinking while playing video poker. scary video coming in from california showing a woman hitting punched in the face. it shows the woman in a black shirt arguing with a man. things escalate woman tries to get in between the 2. it moves outside and the guy in the tank top punches the
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this is not pretty. woman goes down. the crowd tries to stop him. one guy puts them in a headlock. but somehow the guy escaped. police are trying to identify that attacker. the measles are no more here in america. that according to the health organization. that announcement comes after 22 years of mass vaccinations to eliminate the viral infection. it can cause ammonia swelling. there was a small outbreak of measles in arizona over the summer. all of those cases originated in people from outside the country. could being on the pill make you feel sad? new research justin. a link between hormonal contraceptives and an increased risk of depression are using antidepressants for the 1st
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>> reporter: millions of women worldwide use hormonal contraceptive. a new study published finds these birth control methods such as pills or implants may increase the risk of depression. >> they found it 23 percent increase compared to nonusers of hormonal contraception in terms of depression or use of antidepressants. >> reporter: researchers looked at data on more than 1 million girls and women. the study found adolescents are at the greatest risk. not as mature as the women who are older. and relationship issues may be more prevalent in the population. i think that reflects trend. >> reporter: doctors say the study doesn't change weather hormonal contraceptive should be prescribed to women. but the link is something clinicians and patients should be aware of. >> if women develop signs of
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interface with their provider. i doctors say more research is needed to prove the link. here we are. 5:20 pm. a live look from our news chopper. he is flying south of the valley. rain showers in the outskirts of maricopa. were watching for stronger thunderstorms and the outflow is picking up some dust. will we see just like yesterday? so far so good. a lot of dust to the south and east. as the storms continue to move toward the north we could see some dust. let's show you valley pinpoint doppler radar. look at all the activity east. a dust advisory issued around pinal county. all the way up into maricopa any
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the dust advisory last until 6 pm. peak wind speeds 35 miles per hour. visibility is not a huge issue. here's where we can see the picture from the helicopter. south of maricopa seeing that sell. the storm is intensifying and pushing toward the north. the watches and warnings associated with the thunderstorms. a live look to the south and east, no dust in the distance. the average high is 96. that was just last hour. now we're at 95. when speeds out of the south at 14. lots of showers to the south of us. rainfall. rebecca says i am here visiting arizona and this is what i get. rain around tucson. and pictures with the dust yesterday. rainfall tomorrow morning north of us around flagstaff. chances a few pop up showers for thursday.
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conditions will dry out. look at the sunshine on the weekend. 93 sunday. next week looks really nice with below average temperatures. plenty of sunshine. cbs 5 was the only station with this special task force
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there were a lot of naysayers. tim tivos new career in baseball is off to a great start. very 1st pitch, yes. he hits a homer. the former quarterback was swarmed by teammates at the plate. he trained for his switch to
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>> here we go. he's going to air it out deep downfield. feeling strong. makes the catch. for a touchdown and they have won the game. >> has a been 2 years since as you may the 1st trip to the coliseum with the hail mary? todd graham's tenure here in the recruiting process of jojo wicker. he is a southern california kid. >> i was a home big part of my recruiting process. that was embarrassing. it was a great play. but if you look at it that's embarrassing.
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a 5:30 kickoff on saturday. we will check in with the cardinals. meanwhile rex ryan riding high after the win. today posing as a reporter will the media was interviewing patriots receiver/cornerback. >> julian this is from buffalo news. are you playing quarterback this week? >> coach asks me to do. >> i will. >> i will. >> walt. a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money
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is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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have exclusive video as a massive drug raid went down in phoenix. kris pickel was in the field as they took down an organization potentially putting millions of dollars of illegal drugs on our streets. >> reporter: we have been out since before dawn with a special task force headed up by the mayor copa -- maricopa county sheriff's office. we were the only cameras
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down an illegal marijuana growing operation. >> put your hands on the hood. >> taken into custody. the storage facility entered by force. unit after unit. >> search warrant. >> used for growing marijuana. a short distance away they force their way through locked gates and security bars. the location that have been the focus of investigation and surveillance for months by the task force for the high intensity drug trafficking area. >> way more than expected. >> reporter: what they find, a sophisticated operation including somewhere around 1500 plants. capable of producing at least 1000 pounds of marijuana every 3 months. >> this is about $4500 per pound.


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