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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 5, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

12:37 am >> james: m-wah!
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we have a institutional right to -- constitutional right to vote. we're in line. and he dust just proceeded to -- just proceeded to laugh. >> to do something. to make some changes. so people won't be frustrated and won't be discouraged. >> standing in line for hours. polling places closing early and lots of confusion. >> voters who wanted to avoid
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voting early today, met with a lot of problems. >> we have team coverage tonight. where voters waited in long lines. we're beginning to start in carefree where amanda goodman is live. >> reporter: yeah. you know, the voting location here, it closes at 4:30. and the people say that's all well and good, but they claim the workers here actual closed a little bit before 4:30 and then they called the them. before for kevin white and about 14 hours who waited outside this afternoon, the opportunity to vote early came and went with the click of a lock and no ballot cast. >> it was 4:26. they told us they would close the door at 4:30. >> the group remained. hoping they would be able to get an explanation. but with a they got was the cops called on them. something no one could understand. >> no one raised their voice. everyone was calm. >> the deputies eventually left
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information and he was told in part -- >> because they are carefree town and they're not the county, that they can pretty much do what they want and they're not technically breaking a law. >> reporter: we allege trayed to get -- also trayed to get information from the county and carefree. neither was incleaned to response. >> i can die for this country. but i tray -- trayed to vote >> reporter: he says what happened here today has left him diseyepointed. >> i was all excited. i was waited 20 years to vote and now i'm not going to be able to vote because some guy wanted to get home half. a hour early d half an -- half an hour early. >> reporter: so a lot of those turned away, will also not be able to vote on tuesday. because they've got work. they are just not able to do it. they say not being able to vote today, they feel like their
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reporting live in care for examplecbs5 news. doors locked, police officers called to keep the peace. >> cbs5 picks up our team coverage. >> we have been calling, e- mailing and even tweeting at the -- so far it's been silent on right at the end of the day as polls closed. >> i don't understand. why would they give us a number. >> seeing some of the longest wait times. started handing out numbers to voters in line. >> i have numbers 9-10 and 9- 1137. >> nearly 40 people still atherine ahead. as the 5:00 cut off neared. we watched people running to the front doors to try to get in before they closed. >> i moon the last time we
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was a small nightmare. still got a bad taste in merv's mouth. soo we'll use that opportunity to get in. >> reporter: not everyone made it. nearly a dozen people who have been given those same place holders and chose to wait outside. >> 5:03. he slams the door. we're waiting on the bench. you saw it. i have a bay by. >> reporter: were madeed to mediate. >> i'll they're telling me is the polling closed so there's nothing they can do. >> i can't vote on tuesday because i have to work. i'm angry. >> around 7:00 they were given a chance to cast that are ballot but only about 5 of the 12 actual stuck around long enough to do so. cbs5 news. >> no and again, the county
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and the mayor says he's outrageous over these issues. we'll see some of the numbers when it cops to voting as 3 voters. at this point, is million -- at this point, 1 million registered voters have already cast early ballots and the county election leaders about 4 of avenue 60,000 voters tuesday. there will be 724 placing. >> on top of all this, we have another worry tonight. a possible terror attack. the day before election. sent out a warn they are al- qaida could be planning attacks in three separate states this monday trying to disrupt the election on tuesday. those states, there on your screen, new york, texas, virginia. no specific tacks. now local police working with fbi. nor political rallies
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two rallies. one at go head quarters. the other at a gop victory office off shay. also in phoenix. and on sunday, clinton's former rival sanders will return to arizona to campaign for her. he's scheduled to speak at the phoenix's central high school at 1:1:45. >> ads and as -- and as we head into the final stretch of the campaign, yes, we're almost there, election night we'll team up with tc cyst iii for the most comprehensive coverage. >> dps had to help a wrong way driver off of the freeway. tonight's driver was arrested. now, this happened at loop 101 near camel back road. no one was hurt. last night's driver actually pulled over on his own after helping him get turned around. phoenix police looking for at least four men connected to
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it happened where bow feel were shot on the scene. one man died. his nephew taken to the local hot. and scottsdale police looking for a man who tried to rob a wells far go bank. he the suspect it e. a teller. he was last seen in dark collared sedan. and yet another twist to the controversy over the inmate reenter city. >> the arizona department of corrections anumber of witnessed i another change to address the concerns of neighbors. the facility will now only accept excons participating in their drug reprom and only -- program. the changes had after admitting sex offenders because neighbors complained. and kill the lights. that's what the city of scotts deal is talking notre dame prep
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about the bright preplights. in a letter to the school's president. the city planner tells them those football stadium cannot be used for any event until they're replaced with an approved dimming system. right now soccer and louisiana cross teams play there. out with the old, end with the new. history has a tearing down their on buildings. is getting on board. my darn, post, world, optimistic architecture of still part of the story of the history of phoenix here. which must be preserved. >> reporter: on the corner of mckinney and central a piece of history. it started a record store. >> that was key leafing
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peep were moving north. >> reporter: duct see rubble and a run down building. but potential. >> i know first hand. that history makes money. these people will make a lot more money if they save the buildings. >> reporter: historic buildings like this now have more of a chance of survival. the city council voted to implement a 30 day delay for issues per nits for 50 and older. >> if you look at the details it's not anything you would have seen the circus building. if years they have helped save countless buildings. sheri supports the city council's move. >> which give us the time to actual discuss other options that may not be known to developers. >> one small strict. but there's still others that are threatened. like madison hotel. but where consistent i is threatened, some are willing to fight for it. >> these people will make a lot
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building. >> cbs5 news. fair sky out this evening. nice and cool as well. 69 degrees for us in phoenix. we've got 44 in flag staff. 65 in sed o, a. we aren't seeing a lot of activity for us but we do have some isolated activity. so with that system out, the womanner dry air begin -- warmer dry air begins to move and no major storms coming our way. temperature wise for us as we head into tomorrow, 82 for tempe. 81 nor mesa. # 2 for scottsdale and 3 fordown top. sun shin, few clouds, light winds out there. overnight will the 60s. gradual warm up.
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right back down and a little closer to our seasonal average by thursday afternoon. >> thanks. it's 10:10. congratulations. you made it the to weekend. and we would like to invie -- invite you to hang out with us longer. as we give you answers how u on how blimps are keeping an eye on the border, 24/7. >> reporter: and unan uncomfortable people many don't want to talk about. we have an community has the great rest.
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we have answers for you tonight. on a pretty tough topic. suicide among our veterans. >> this will just break your heart. asu just released a new study showing one elder will i veteran commits suicide every three days in arizona. that is more than 100 veterans a year.
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valley woman's story and she says, enough is enough. >> reporter: that's right. it all started here at the phoenix v. a. where so many vets told us they were still waiting for care. this woman says she saw one of ashley barry's stories on cbs news and said she decided to take moments in ore own hands. it's sucrasesy to think that he's gone. -- just so of about her best friend. army ranger profiled in one of our stories. >> his suicide was actually like called out by name, saying this didn't have to. had. >> reporter: he says he took his own life. sufficienting from depression and ptsd. >> he had done multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. and, you know, it was just something that really heavily affected him. >> reporter: emily decided something had to be done. >> that's the start line.
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many ak. >> and then they'll go all of the way around. >> 30 people taking a step forward where breaking the stigma. encourages to others to step out. >> it was just terrible to lose him. so this would be very good. >> reporter: there's still time to sign up for the race it you're interested. we have all of the information right now >> great opportunity to show veterans how much you care. the border patrol is showing up in new technology. create a digital border wall with mexico. six massive air ships patrol the border nearly 246 this -- 24/7. and they can since a drone that might be carrying drugs to drop
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very close. just to try to break up their profile. if once is the ship. sos something. usually testimony can get on the grown within three minutes. and getting your kids to chores may be astringe. there are new apps that reward kids dingfully. one is called our did the help. parent assign money look at results and take before and after pictures to prove the daughter is done. once approves, the money goes to an online account. >> everything they do is digital. so basically allowing parents to understand if you want to after conversation about moneys about kids, it has to be the first they understand. >> also apps that provide kids with points.
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valley. >> the dreamy draw pike. monday, night for might make you think of dreamy valley group. but the owned iting earns much cooler. >> and some answers you may be thinking about on your very next hike. attracts hikers from around the valley. >> i think we have a real privilege to be able to have these parks in the city like this. >> reporter: but long before hikers and bikers came here to soak up were on the front. >> they were looking for copper deposits. >> arizona state historian marshall trim basketball says instead of copper, they found sin bar ore. they started to mine it. but what these men didn't know, that was america cure reis a neurotoxin that affects the brain. after some timed they they would go into town or return home acting strange. >> like they were drugged out.
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with. >> locals said the minors seem dreamy. the mines with long gone. in fact, there's a freeway where they used to be. but the history of the dreamy draw, it's it still love -- it still loves on throughout the area. >> mer cure remind now sit is on the wasn't -- the mines had eventually close in the 1940s because of health concerns working but hikers rooming the trail -- roaming the trails today. say it's interesting to imagine the people that worked with the arizona's dangerous elements in the past. >> those people were very brave. and you had to have quite a sense of adventure and endure to be able to do that.
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>> lightning struck that time. 60 years ago. >> wait a minute. cubs win world series? against miami? >> who would have thought. hundreds of one shot. >> flash back friday. we couldn't pass up the chance to show the clip from back to the future two. denialal billboard celebrating the win after sweeping the florida >> the crazy thing about that trip marty traveled to 12 to 15. just one -- 2015. just one year off from the cub's big win. we may be months away from -- for the final four. but work has already started. take' look at this video as the first tree for the final four floor's was cut down. >> and we're the only place to watch this year's final four at the university of phoenix stadium in glenn dale.
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>> maple tree that cut down. we're thinking is it oak somebody because of -- but no. it's maple. >> that's pretty cool. >> we made it to the weekend. yay. >> going to be gorgeous. today was 79. tomorrow only until low 80s. doesn't get any better. >> that sounds great. get outside. do something fun. >> exactly. and there's tons of things
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welcome back. let's get another check of the forecast for the weekend. here's what we're going to wake up to tomorrow. just a few fair weather clouds out there.
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temperature. warm as we head through the the day. clear out any clouds we have. # 3 is the expect -- 83 is expected high. we will see a temperature of 55 tomorrow. 67 in basin. 72 in globe. 69 in sedona. and 86 expected in bull head city. not worried about our winds. mostly the moisture should be moving through the area. take a look at the seven day forecast. as our temperatures warm up ever so slightly as we head into the early part of next week. then we cool things just plenty of sunshine coming our way. and overnight, cools into the low 60s. let's talk sports. for a team searching and trying to capture the valley's imagination. the suns didn't get much help on wednesday with a last second overtime win happened right in the middle of game 7 of the world series. want to, another chance to showcase a your young and fun team. we go to the new orleans.
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his hands. just turned 20-year-old devin booker. and we go to overtime. booker scores a career high 3 tonight. his 7th 30 point game in his young career. and he got it rolling. ultimate bank shots. with 8 seconds will have. the. suns down one. the play called and iter las everybody out. gives tj a clear shot to the bucket. he slams it home. they get a stop in the defense. and the sons win a second straight in dramatic throughout the lakers on sunday. let's talk about the coyote after last night's shoot out win home. and that's a bad idea. one punch right here and it's over. kesler floored to the ice in anaheim. after that fight and former chi owe vemets scores to make it 4- 0. 5-1 the final score from anaheim.
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a news conference for monday where they will introduce their new manager. he's got a quite the list of baseball accomplishments and brings a worlded of serious. he started a privet round player. he was the second base minnesota for parts of 8 season. season. again, the news conference, monday, at 10 a.m. a. i didn't think anybody went to work today in chicago. did you? an estimated 5 million people celebration in grant park. they might have count ed them twice. retrying catcher david ross took the mic and captured the moment. >> all right, everybody. hands up. >> all right. there's the selfie right there that david ross took. he's set to retire. what a way to finish his baseball career. if you thought all of that is
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welcome back. we had cameras all over the valley tonight but the first
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football playoffs. here there, your high school plays of night. we start with chandler. jay sob congresser for. aened caldwell. coming right into your rhode island ram. happened her rules 38- we had a hail mary tonight. as far as it would go. opinion call scores. and how about -- two from food yards tonight. he booted 2 food yard field goals. committed to play at alabama next year. williamsburg wins shaper real 37-14. it was a good night to kick off some field goals. >> can we hire him for the card fall -- yardals? -- cardinals.
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>> tomorrow's high, 83. overnight, 63. that is our sunset we had today. we'll have more of that tomorrow and sunday. >> not bad. >> gorgeous. >> huge college football right here on cbs5 tomorrow. tomorrow, lsu, alabama, and have a great weekend.
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