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tv   Campaign 2016 CBS News Coverage of Election Night  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-10:00pm MST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: we're at the cbs news decision desk, and early indications are this is shaping up as a tight race for president. we could be in for a long night. polls have closed in six states, including two of the battlegrounds that will decide the presidency. >> they are virginia and georgia, and it is too soon t project a winner in either state, but in virginia, hillary clinton has an edge over donald trump based on the exit polls. >> pelley: sample precincts from the early count is how we're determining that on the can exit polls. trump has the edge in georgia. it the peach state has been low-hanging fruit for republicans in every election since 1996. >> reporter: both candidates are on the board with winds.
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vermont's three electoral vote. >> pelley: trump with eight in the bluegrass state of kentucky. >> reporter: and he get 11 more in his running mate's home state of indiana. >> pelley: we're just getting started. it's election night on cbs. >> we want to defend our most cherished values. >> this is a movement like no one has ever seen before. >> i want this election to be about something, not just against somebody. >> we will make again. >> let's make history together! >> get out and vote, vote, vote! >> america's best days are still ahead of us. >> we are going to drain the swamp of corruption. >> let's go out and prove love trump hate.
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headquarters in new york. with us tonight are john dickerson and charlie rose. gayle king and bob schieffer. and elaine quijano. the nastiest presidential campaign in our lifetimes has finally come to an end. more than four out of five voters told us they were disgusted by it. >> reporter: that's right, and tonight voters are deciding whether the 45th president of the united states will be the first woman to hold the office, that is 69-year-old democrat hillary clinton, the former secretary of sne or 70-year-old donald trump, the new york businessman and former reality tv star, making his first run for oafs. office. i think everybody knows who the candidates are. they have both had historically high disapproval ratings, above 50%. >> pelley: voters are also deciding which party will control congress. will the republicans hold on to both the house and the senate? the democrats need a net dpain of only five seats to take the senate bark or just four see the
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and vice president tim kaine becomes the 50-50 thai breaker. >> reporter: in the presidential election, it's all about the electoral votes. each state gets as many of those as it has senators and representatives in congress. d.c. gets three votes for a total of 538. and to win the presidency, you need a majority, that's 270 electoral votes. let's look at where we are. trump has 19 electoral votes. clinton has three. >>el we're getting into this evening, what are you looking for? what are we seeing in the early exit poll information? >> reporter: well, what i'm looking for, scott, is one of three scenarios: is this going to look like a campaign if you just had a generic republican and generic democrat following the patterns of american politics? that seems crazy after this campaign where we had two candidates who were so particular. then the other thing they say is it's all about turnout on election day. one scenario is donald trump
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and the other scenario is where hillary clinton brings out the sleeping giant what, they call the latino vote, if she brings out her voters. those are the two other scenarios, other than the one that goes right down the middle. >> reporter: there is so much anxiety in this election. everyone keeps saying who is going to win tonight? what is going to happen? and while the polls have not closed in many state they have closed in some state, and as we just noticed virginia is edge clinton. explain, john, what that means, based on what we know now? >> reporter: i we're giving the edge to the candidate but it means the numbers could be reversed if the numbers don't statistically work out, so if there's a little padding. if there's a lean, it's beyond that, which means they have a little bit more of a lead. and if you get even beyond lean, well, that's when you get into the territory where we might make a projection. >> pelley: and we should let the folks at home know those projections are based on the exit polling we collected from precincts all across the
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they vote voted and why they vod that way. we have been compiling that information. and the folks at the decision desk behind us take all that information. and then the actual votes being counted and that allows us to make these projections on which way states are leaning or whenever one of the candidates we project has won one of those states. and no matter what we're doing, no matter what we're talking about, the very of second that we project a winner in a state, we will interrupt what we're doing and you will be the first to know. anxiety, norah, i think that that's such an interesting thing. john, you said it best earlier. you said it's like being at the doctor's office waiting for the results. charlie and i were talking about later being in the delivery room waiting to hear if it's-- >> a boy or a girl. >> a boy or a girl. and when i went to my polling place today, people may be disgusted, as we were talking about, but they showed up to vote. people at the precinct said they ran out of the "i voted today" stickser and they've had the
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people maybe disgusted. they might be tired. they may be anxious. i met a trump voter and a clinton voter, one said i nude tums one said i need a glass of wine. but they are turning out to vote. >> scott, it can change during the night because all of the regions that we know, like north carolina, in new york, the east is different than the strrk the piedmont, urban versus rural. all of that reports at different times. and as we learn more about what region supports which candidate, it affects the state results. >> pelley: elaine quijano, one of the tonight will be millennials, and that will be a big change for america. >> that's right. 31% of eligible voters are millennials, which is equal to the number of baby boomers, but, of course, eligible voters and actual voters are two different things. so we're going to be watching to see what it is they do, particularly when it comes to third-party candidates going into this night. millennials, many of them said they would be about 10%-- about 13% said they would be going for a third-party candidate, either
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races like this, john dickerson, you know well, that could make all the difference. >> reporter: let's talk about what we know right now. we're talking about in particular, virginia and georgia, and if at this hour with the polls closed in virginia, the clinton campaign would be very, very nervous if they weren't doing well in virginia, right? we heard she has the edge. >> i think we have all kind-- the handicappers from the beginning have thought this was going to go to hillary clinton. i think it's important, though, that if she's going to win, she needs i think it will be extremely difficult for donald trump to get to the presidency without virginia. he's going to have to win some place where we didn't think he was going to win. i think the important thing right now is there's no surprises. things seem to be going about the way we thought they were going to go. >> reporter: all right, bob, stand by. we want to go to major garrett, who has been covering the trump campaign and is at the trump victory party, they're calling
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scott, and norah. the mindset of the trump campaign, visible on donnality trump's own twitter feed. the fascinating thing about covering this campaign, yes, you can talk to senior advisers, but trump often speaks the truth right out loud on twitter and he identified moments ago the% of the state of florida. there is deep and abiding anxiety within trump tower about what they're seeing in florida because they know-- and have said over and over-- there is no trump path to the presidency without florida's 29 electoral votes, and they concerned about the latino turnout for hillary clinton, plus a softening of suburban, college-educated women for donald trump. and in that reason, trump has urged florida supporters to get to the polls. and it's a two-tiered system in florida. 67 counties, 10 of them on the central time zone, and some of those counties don't close until 9:00 p.m. eastern. so that strategic urging from trump has real value in those counties opinion because mitt romney in 2012, cleared more
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obama. trump needs to find every vote he can in florida. hence, the urging of supporters to get there before the polls close. scott and norah. >> pelley: major garrett for us tonight. major, thank you very much. let's go over to nancy cordes, who is at the jacob javitz center here in new york city on the west side, where the hillary clinton campaign intends to have its party tonight. nancy. >> reporter: and, scott, they're not popping the champagne corks just yet, but they probably are thinking about how good it might taste, and that's because all of the d is a data-driven campaign-- matches up with what they expected. good news for the clinton campaign because they have so many paths to those 270 electoral votes. they are especially heartened by that turnout in key democratic counties in florida that major was just talking about. they can win without winning florida, but donald trump cannot. anecdotally, what they're hearing from their army of volunteers across the country is that there is a lot of enthusiasm out there, and that
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closing days as clinton took the edge in enthusiasm among supporters from donald trump who had, had that edge all throughout this campaign. other things that are encouraging to the clinton campaign tonight-- they're not seeing that secret trump voter that the trump campaign had been insisting was out there, that wasn't talking to pollsters, but was going to mobilize on election day. they're not seeing a huge drop-off in the african american vote from 2012. there is a drop-off, but it's not as larges and they are seeing that big spike in latino voting, which clinton's running mate, tim kaine, today described as a powerful new voting bloc in america that is finding its voice in this election, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes at the clinton campaign party tonight. nancy, thank you. >> reporter: yeah, and this is the first time we've had-- since 1944, that we've had two major party candidates from the state of new york. do you remember who it was? f.d.r. and dewy. so it's amazing to have these
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from each other. >> reporter: less than two miles, norah, so people could run back and forth if they wanted to. >> reporter: assuming anybody without understand to. >> maybe a concession they can get together at the end of the night. >> that's right, getting together. you can see together at the bottom of our screen is the electoral vote tally. you can see there clinton has three electoral votes, trump 19 votes. of course, very early in the evening but we want to keep that there for you on the screen so everybody knows at the moment's notice how this r we want to bring in kellyanne conway, who is trump's campaign manager joins us now from trump tower. kellyanne, you have been out on the campaign trail. you're getting in reports now. what can you tell us about the state of this race? >> i can tell you that it's still a jump ball in many places, norah, and we're really happy. i mean, for a campaign that has a fraction of the personnel, a fraction of the money, as they do at team clinton, we're proud of our efforts on the ground, focusing some of our
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we see north carolina and florida as a jump ball right now. we're feeling really good about iowa and ohio. and we're looking at flipping a blue state like michigan or perhaps pennsylvania. we like the late-breaking polls in new hampshire and colorado as well. so we see a couple of different routes. we see six or seven different routes to 270. we're just going to be patient as the returns come in. we know people are standing in line to vote and i don't want to talk too much about exit polls that may dampen them another. >> pelley: your campaign filed suit in nevada earlier today about the election. what can you tell bus that? >> i understand the judge is not entertaining that suit at the moment. we had received information that perhaps the polls were kept open later to allow folks to vote. and so if it's active litigation i shouldn't comment on it further, but what i read, i have read the judge is not entertaining that lawsuit at the moment. >> pelley: what's wrong with allowing the voters a chance to vote? >> well, we're all for allowing
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that's really what our campaign is about. we're not the ones under active f.b.i. investigations or being said by the f.b.i. director we have been reckless and careless about handling classified information. of course we're for the rule of law. we believe people who want to vote ought to be able to do that if they're in line on time. and if all other procedures have been met. >> reporter: kellyanne, you described florida as a jump ball, but that's also a must-win state for you. i've spoken with the clinton campaign as i haveke your campaign throughout the day. the clinton campaign says they believe they have banked such a big early vote with new hispanic voters who have never vote before, that even if donald trump had numbers at the polls there's no way he could win that state. how do you reply? >> i think that's a little bit of spin. if that were true you'll see florida called early. what we see is a very strong day of vote in florida today, particularly in counties where we've improved the margins over
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2012. we have people deployed in these counties who are talking to us about the returns and we're getting data inputs into our war room on a constant basis, norah, and we like the fact that mr. trump seems to have grown the turnout and grown the voter share in some of these key counties across florida. the other thing i would say is we already know republicans are behind in early votes. that's why we-- we count on a big day of vote in places like florida and nevada and north carolina. and then when you look at state that don't have a early voting like michigan, pennsylvania, and new hampshire, that's part of why we went back to those states late in the game because most of those voters will-- except for those who voted absentee-- will cast their ballots today on election day. >> reporter: all right, kellyanne conway, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: john dickerson, i know you are polling and look at the numbers, tell us about the state of the race right now. >> reporter: she's talking
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policy really, bale hillary clinton starts way lead, because of the way states traditionally vote. historically more democratic state in hillary clinton's column, and so what kellyanne conway is saying there are a bunch of different states, but she still has to win florida, north carolina, ohio, and then a couple of other big ones. at this hour, what they need to be saying s, we're going to flip michigan. we're going to take one away from democrats who haven't lost that state since 1988" or one away in pennsylvania, another state democrats have won since then." the description she's giving of the different pathways is still quite diffuse at this late hour. >> do they really have six different paths as she says. >> six different paths if one of the baths assumes winning every battleground state. the key question is what are the realistic paths that they have? and we've known because of the historical voting patterns the way she's states vote, donald trump starts a little bit further behind if tradition
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standing by right now with our political panel for some insight into all of this. charlie. >> reporter: thank you, scott. we do, indeed, have a political apparently. next to me is the "wall street journal's" peggy noon an, and mark leaf wits. let me begin with the idea of close race. surprising. it could change during the evening as we learn more, and we have more polls that have been counted. >> right. >> but surprisingly close is the word. >> well you're wondering if it's close and we have no idea what's going to happen, and trends which existed a week ago in which mrs. clinton of doing well will continue. to me, we're just starting out this evening. i'm looking at who shows up at the polls. it looks anecdotally like a lot of people did. we will see. we won't know until the evening. bottom line does the obama coalition hold for mrs. clinton and really come out?
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broad working class sort of coalition with a lot of democrats in it turn out to be true? what is the mix of hispanics, white, educated. white not-so-educated folk turn out to be? from there we will know a lot, and it will take a while to figure it out. >> right now, it's looking like it did with the polls. >> exactly. that's what it looks like. >> the results we seem to be getath this point very still suggest an electorate that looks like it did in 2012, maybe larger, and it suggests we're not going to see huge deviation from the last sweep of master polls or state-level polls. there still might be surprises precisely because things are close, things are tight, but we shouldn't, i think, at this stage, expect some sort of wild variation. if you've been obsessively clicking on polling forecasters, you probably have a pretty good sense of what this race looks like. >> i don't think it's a surprise
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race. i think people are, obviously, going to be very cautious at this hour of the evening. you have to be very definitive for vermont or kentucky, in either direction, to make a real call. as jamel said, i think the number leading up seem to be predictive. i also think maybe the most important numbers of all, which are hispanic voters in florida, seem to be the operative number. and fing that holds through the evening that will be interesting. >> reporter: the question is whether the voting is driven by voting forki >> either way, a vote is a vete. if a bunch of people turn out because they hate donald trump, they're still turning out and cast ballots. as far as latino voters go, if they are turning out in the rates anecdotes suggest in florida, that's a great sign for secretary clinton. >> reporter: what state are you looking at, mark? >> north carolina. just because you're from there. ( laughter ) no it's been close, closer than a lot of people thought. hillary clinton feels she has a good chance to win there.
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>> reporter: we'll be with you all evening. back to you, norah. >> reporter: very interesting, indeed. expm category up, two battleground states close at the bottom of the hour, ohio and north carolina, two states that trump's own campaign says they must win. cbs news of the 2016 election
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election night on cbs, and we will bring you any developments the moment that they happen. in the meantime, we've been talking to voters all across the country, as they left the polls today. we've been compiling that can exit poll information, and anthony mason is sorting through that. anthony. >> reporter: scott, throughout this campaign, the two major party candidates have had the highest unfavorable ratings
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polling back in 1984. and you'll see that again in our exit poll today. 54% with an unfavorable view of hillary clinton, 61% unfavorable towards donald trump. and that has affected the way people voted. 20% of hillary clinton's voters saying their vote for her was essentially a vote against him. 28% of trump voters saying they voted for him to vote against her. by comparison, four years ago, only about 10% of voters said candidate. the scandals also significant impact today. 62% said they were bothered by the clinton e-mail scandal. 71% bothered by donald trump's treatment of women. so negativity weighing heavily on voters' minds in our exit poll. >> pelley: anthony mason, thank you very much. bob, this will be the first time in american history that we elect a president who has an
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it's never happened before. >> reporter: and that's why i think people are so anxious about all of this. i mean, it's not just that we're choosing a president i want to, but i think a lot of people, what's on their mind is, whoever we elect, what happens after that? will that person, some person who is unpopular, who is considered untrustworthy by many, will that person be able to bring people together and get this country going again? and, you know, it's hard to figure out how that's going to happen. >> r they anxious. the latest exit poll shows 72% of clinton voters say they're scared of a frump presidency. 59% of trump voters say they're scared of a clinton presidency. how do you get past that when people have such high negatives? >> reporter: exactly, which candidate are you lesscared of. >> pelley: as norah was saying, this is the "high-anxiety" election today. >> and the demands on the new leadership will be incredible because of that. >> reporter: part of this started before we had these two candidates. the way our politics work now,
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you get people out to vote is to stoke theseangers. pew has done a poll and looked at people and found people involved in politics are much more likely now to think of their opponent as the enemy, not just a nice person who has bad ideas but is in fact the enemy. that was before this race. >> reporter: all right, thanks to all of you. we'll have much more ahead.
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>> reporter: for some of you your local election returns are coming right up. we'll see you again at the bottom of the hour. the rest, please stay with us.
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we are falling breaking news out of sholo. police are looking for a man who shot an officer. right now the officer is in critical condition. we are told there was a chase and the officer was shot at it arby's restaurant. e days inn next-door. >> we want you to take a look at the televion. daniel erickson is still armed with a silver handgun. he may be wearing a long dark trenchcoat . he was seen driving a chevy blazer but police officers found that suv and he was not inside. and now officers say he may be driving a 2006 jeep grand cherokee. it is brown or gray.
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it also has a ladder on top of the vehicle. if you see it or erickson you are asked to call 911 right away. of course our other big story long time coming -- nice both on the national and local levels. this is going to be a very busy night as members of both parties wait anxiously for tonight's results. let's go take a live look at republican headquarters. will show the hyatt regency downtown phoenix. it is not too much activity yet but we are told things will pickup as we head into the night . we have reporters out getting interviews. will be bringing you live coverage of the night. the democratic headquarters is not too far away . it is also in downtown phoenix at the renaissance hotel. we have a crew inside.
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but some high schoolers earlier today here in the valley made sure that they were a part of today's election. >> this was outside with high school in phoenix where hundreds of students walked out of class and that was not the only location. let's look at outside of maryvale high school. all the students telling people to get out to vote. grant park were a rally is expected tonight. what is the message that the students are trying to get out? >> reporter: that was ashley dimartino live. ashley? >> reporter: as i was saying
5:28 pm
reelection campaign. they say they were supported by people united for justice. they are gathering here tonight with this event starting at 7 pm. take a look at the scene at the high school today. italy 700 students walked out around lunchtime at morse high school and mary dell high school. they were wearing t-shirts that said -- arpaio. they were holding signs and chanting. this is the message out. >> we want to make a difference because this is the only way i can make my voice heard at the end of the day. there are a lot of people that don't know what is going on with the joe arpaio situation. we want to make sure everyone is involved.>> reporter: again people are beginning to gather here at grant park. it is a watch party in rally expected
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we live in phoenix. >> thanks ashley . we're just learning that 350,000 early ballots in merricopa county won't be calculated by the day sent. that is very important because back release a very big races and measures up in the air tonight. here is a look at some of the racist. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio is running for his seventh term against paul penzone. paul penzone lost a few years ago but polls have him meeting
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>> this election is about what we stand for. >> we are about change. she is about keeping it the way it is. >> pelley: polls are now closed in four of the 13 battleground states that will decide th of them. in the very early going, trump has 24 electoral votes, clinton three. both still a very long way from the magic number of 270. >> reporter: now it is 7:30, so polls have just closed in ohio and north carolina. of course, two big battleground states. cbs news estimates that clinton has the edge in the tarheel state. that's north carolina. >> reporter: yes.
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rate that contest a toss-up right now. that is a state that trump feels good about. and west virginia, trump picks up another win. he's adding west virginia's five electoral votes to his total. also, we meant to update you, virginia, remember, closed at the top of the 7:00 hour. we're giving the edge at this hour to hillary clinton, and in virginia air, slight edge to donald trump. john. >> reporter: so, if you look at virginia and north carolina, remember that the clinton math, traditionally democratic states vote for hillary clinton, and that would include pennsylvania and michigan, so, you know, we want to-- we want to make sure that people know those states are still up for grabs, but if pennsylvania and michigan go as they have for democrats before and she wins virginia and north carolina, it's looking increasingly likely that she's on her way to that magical 270 number. >> she got a lot of support from barack obama with the african
5:32 pm
the vote is in north carolina. the two things to watch for are, of course, the african american vote-- 22% of the electorate there. but also the suburban women, white women that she has been able to do better with than barack obama did with in 2012. >> reporter: but isn't there a big millennial population there? >> reporter: listen, listen, to what she's doing with the black vote right now in north carolina. she's winning it 89-7. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: if you have to win a black vote, i think she's well on the way she absolutely has to do that. >> reporter: exactly. >> reporter: john, isn't that a big college state in there are a lot of colleges in north carolina. isn't there a big millennial population there? >> reporter: sure, the key point in all of these groups when we talk about them is not just the margin by which they are winning but are they turning out. she can be doing very well with any individual group but the question is, are enough turning out, and that's particularly a question with the millennial vote. >> reporter: and right now she's doing in north carolina
5:33 pm
virginia-- she's winning white women with college degrees. she's doing the same thing in virginia. the same trends in north carolina, we're seeing in virginia. >> pelley: but she's not carrying white women overall. in fact, one of the things that jumps out of the exit polling data is trump is carrying white women in georgia, virginia, ohio, and north carolina. >> reporter: one of the things we've seen in this race is the thing to keep the eye on is the education gap, the difference between voters who have a college degree a don't. and donald trump is winning with those without a college degree, but it's hillary clinton who has an edge for those with a college degree. but that's different by state. so we have to watch state by state. in the polls she has been down by a pretty good number with college-educated white women in florida. it's not a rule that applies takeover state. >> reporter: you know, it's interesting, too, that hillary clinton chose to make her last stop, her midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina, at the end of the night. >> yes.
5:34 pm
point here about how significant this is, this race is. whoever wins tonight will be making history. hillary clinton, i've seen women-- many people will be surprised, scott, to hear women are not supporting hillary clinton, given what-- given what we've heard from donald trump. but i saw interviews with many women of all ages saying, "look, i'm just so sick of washington. i'm really kind of sick of her. i just want something different. and maybe i may not agree with what he said. he said some inappropriate challenge," and they are so desperately craving a change in washington, d.c. >> pelley: one of the things exit polling told us is a very large number of voters think change is the most important issue for them. >> reporter: the most important. let's go over to elaine quijano who is at the social media desk. elaine. >> reporter: well, norah, you have been talking about north carolina, and we're going to talk about that in just a moment. but first i want to share with you a tweet from indiana governor mike pence. of course, donald trump's running mate, thanking indiana,
5:35 pm
making our state first on the board to vote to make america great again @realdonald trump. what we've also seen, though, in north carolina, specifically out of durham county, there is a hashtag now on twit they're is trending right now, #stay in line. there were reports of issues with electronic voting and we have some social media posts to show you of the line in durham county. what we know comes from our campaign embed sean galitz who sa t boferred elections just approved extending hours in eight locations because of reports with issues of-- reports of issues, rather, with this electronic voting. now, those eight precincts are out of 57 precincts in durham county. so some of this video that we're seeing here reflecting what we're seeing. even hillary clinton, i'm just being told, has tweeted and is tweeting about this situation stale going on. so we're going to continue to
5:36 pm
north carolina, and update you with the latest. scott and norah. >> pelley: one of the states that donald trump nearly has to win is ohio. that's another one of our battleground states. it's a toss-up state, and that is where we find dean reynolds tonight. dean. >> reporter: scott, history says that he has to win ohio. no republican has won the presidency without this state. and we were talking about early in the evening with general mike dewine of ohio, and we asked him-- he's a republican-- where would he be looking tonight? what area would he be looking for an early indication of how things are going? and he said mahonning county in northeast ohio. that includes youngstown. that's home to a lot of displaced blue collar workers. and he wonders how deeply the inroads that trump could make
5:37 pm
campaign can offset that erosion of traditionally democratic voters by gathering support of, at least nominally, republican voters in the suburban areas around cleveland, columbus, and cincinnati, republicans for whom trump may be a bridge too far. now, the early voting, which comprised about 23% of all registerot reached 1.8 million. that's about 11,000 more than voted early in 2012. and those are the first votes that are going to be tabulated tonight. we're going to be hearing those numbers first, and then the other parts of the state later. the mahoning thing, though, is key, and it was key, also, four
5:38 pm
targets that obama, president obama had to hit if he was going to defeat romney, and he hit them. and we knew early on in ohio who was going to win the state. that may be taking place tonight. we can't really say for sure. you've seen the exit polls. trump is winning among men. mrs. clinton is winning among women. trump is winning among whites. i would say, though, that rob port man, the incumbent senator has won easily. possibly he could have coattail effect for trump that would help trump carry the state. but, again, he has to win ohio, or he's not going to win the presidency. >> pelley: dean reynolds for us tonight. dean, thank you very much. i was in ohio talking to voters, and there was so much anxiety sort of an identity crisis among them. i was talking to a suburban woman who had worked for
5:39 pm
told me she just couldn't vote for donald trump. on the other hand, i went to a steel workers aeption union hall. the only portrait of a president on the wall is f.d.r.. >> reporter: i saw that. >> pelley: there's a hillary clinton sign on the door and the steel workers are telling me they're going to vote republican for the first time in their lives. >> reporter: scott what, i remember about that report is there was a husband and wife who hardly were speaking to each other -- >> they couldn't watch the debate together. they had to separate into the governor didn't endorse donald trump. john kasich said i'm writing in for someone else, john mccain. >> reporter: and then was in open conflict with their party's nominee, as basically was the republican party of ohio. so it is the-- it is the sort of ground zero for the conflict in the republican party that we saw in many different places. >> reporter: yet, the clinton campaign spent a lot of time there, brought out the heavy hitters-- lebron james, who is beloved in that state.
5:40 pm
in the country. >> reporter: or in the world. >> when it comes to queen bee she is globally loved. and i thought you had a point on "cbs this morning"" that's very good if beyonce and jay z were running and they had a voting booth on the stage, maybe that would have worked, but does that enthusiasm translate to votes for clinton and did it? >> reporter: in ohio tgoes beyond celebrities. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: and it goes beyond names. it's about jobs. it's about trade. >> and we're interesting things from exit polls is and we asked specifically voters in ohio, "what about trade with other countries? and 46% said trade takes away jobs here in the u.s. and that's why we see this split among the exit polls in the union vote. why it's a toss-up at this hour. what does that tell you, though? that ohio is where it is at this hour? >> reporter: well, what it tells me, and to scott's point about union households and the exit polls, of those who live in a union household, 50% of those
5:41 pm
to scott's point. what it tells us is that ohio has been changing since they were voting for f.d.r. it's a state in which the working class in ohio has been trending towards the republican party. there's not a huge african american constituency at about 14% in ohio. so the coalition for clinton there is different than in a state like virginia where she can put together a little something different. >> reporter: did the republicans come home in ohio? we know educated women did not, but did the republican vote over the last several weeks come back >> reporter: i think if he's going to do well, the republicans must come home to him, and also, though, he's getting these democrats and we'll see how it breaks out across the state. there was great worry in the ohio republican party, and this is where there was the split, that those suburban white women around columbus and around cincinnati were not going to vote for donald trump. >> reporter: ohio has always been, for the most part, in the pathway for donald trump's road to the presidency. it's not been one of the key point in the clinton road to the
5:42 pm
>> donald trump is getting 88% of the republican vote in ohio. they're doing well for him. we found in the polling the states where donald trump did well are a state where he got a big share of the republican vote. we found in the battleground trackener pennsylvania before this election day came upon us, he was only getting 78% of the republican vote. that's why he was many points behind hillary clinton. so to your question, charlie, it looks like the republicans are coming home for him. the same number of republicans voting for him as democrats for hillary clinton. >> so are you didn't make a difference in ohio? >> she may have had made a difference-- >> it's going to break hearts all around. >> we're certainly saying we love eliminate. >> we certainly do. >> pelley: anthony mason is keeping track of the exit polling information. he's been looking at what voters in georgia have been telling us today. anthony. >> reporter: yes, scott, the last democrat to win georgia was bill clinton back in 1992. african american turnout and voting there key to the democrats' hopes in georgia. eight years ago, when barack
5:43 pm
americans made up 30% of the vote in georgia. as you see, this time around, it's roughly the same. hillary clinton is winning nine out of 10 black votes in georgia today. but donald trump is taking seven out of 10 white votes. so a sharp divide by race, but also by gender. let's look at men and women. you can see, donald trump is winning men 57% to 38%. women are going for hillary clinton 54% to 41%. but, again, african am democrats' hopes. not clear that they're getting it, which is why trump has the edge in georgia right now. gayle. >> thank you very much, anthony. continuing with the exit polls tsays 82% of trump voters wanted change. 90% of clinton voters said experience is most important. what does that say to you, bob schieffer? >> well, i think it just shows the break and the divide that we're going through right now. i mean, that's right.
5:44 pm
and they saw him-- maybe they didn't think he could make the change, but at least he could thumb his nose at the establishment. >> i do think there were some voters who wanted change but did not think donald trump of the right vessel. >> yes. >> one interesting finding from the exit polls we have here. on the question of honest and trustworthy. that was a huge question for hillary clinton throughout this campaign. and there was a long stretch where donald trump was seen as the more honest and trustworthy candidate. in the exit poll tonit, asked that question, 37% said hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy throork% said donald trump was. she has, at least according to the exit polls at this moment, flipped of what the case for much of this campaign. >> yeah, but when you look at how voters feel about donald trump and hillary clinton, they're not flattering. when they talk about the attributes for donald trump, words like, "stubborn, arrogant, sexist." when you ask about hillary clinton, "stubborn again, not willing to admit her mistakes and flip-flops."
5:45 pm
you think,"that's who i want in a leader," on either candidate. >> but now that people do seem to think she's more trustworthy than trump. well, i guess progress is where you find it. >> pelley: we'll be coming back with more campaign 2016 in just a moment. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your options until sixty-five. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any of these types of plans, it could help you with out-of-pocket medical costs. call now and request your free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. start gathering the information you need...
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>> reporter: and welcome back to cbs news election night coverage. here's the electoral map. it's early still in the night, and as you can see, hillary clinton with three electoral votes, donald trump with 24 electoral votes. we've got some 13 battleground states that we're watching very closely tonight. and if you've been watching our ra already some bread crumbs along the way about how this night may go. we've already spoken with the trump campaign tonight. now we want to speak with the clinton campaign and bryan fallon, who is the press secretary. bryan, good evening. >> reporter: great to be with you. thanks for having me. >> reporter: absolutely. first, tell us how the campaign is feeling at this hour. >> well, we really feel, based on what we're seeing so far today, what you're seeing is a rise of the clinton coalition.
5:49 pm
into the election, i feel a lot of people thought that it was an open question whether hillary clinton could galvanize support from the obama coalition that helped power president obama to victory in 2008 and 2012, and what we're seeing in the early voting and today hillary clinton has not just reassembled the coalition but expanding on it. in a state like florida you saw early voting figures from latinos double, to more than 1 million latinos voting florida. i think that will help us break 2012 turnout levels in terms of miami-dade county, which is a huge powerhouse county for democrats. we can't win florida without running up the votes in miami-dade. you are seeing early vote in clark county, a huge democratic stronghold area. and even in a state like north carolina, which we think is going to be tight and probably going to be late to be called, where initially this was talk of a drop-off in african american turnout, we've not only made up gains there in the second week of early voting in north
5:50 pm
it with a surge, 83% increase in latino participation in early voting in north carolina. so i think that's going to be one of the emerging storylines tonight. >> pelley: bryan, another emerging storyline from our exit poll information is that donald trump is leading hillary clinton among white women in ohio, north carolina, georgia, and virginia. does that surprise you? >> this is a demographic that he was leading with from a very early point in the race. they think,ra with respect to white voters may be the huge break and split that you see in terms of college-educated white voters. this is over-represented in places like the counties outside philadelphia. that may swing the state of pennsylvania to us, which will essentially block the path for donald trump. if hillary clinton wins those voters, it will mark an improvement again, another area where she outperforms 2008 or 2012 in terms of growing the democratic coalition beyond the
5:51 pm
president obama to those historic victories in 2008 and 2012. >> reporter: and, bryan, just quickly, the state of michigan, any concern there? >> michigan, we've been pleased with what we've been seeing so far. in fact, i think the day after this election, one of the mistake thagz the trump campaign will look back on is their failure to contest a state like mir began earlier on. we never took it for granted, even though it was late to the battleground map in the minds of some. we actually had 35 offices openh there. we were always built to win a very close race and that's what i think is going to happen tonight. >> reporter: bryan fallon, thank you so much for joining us from the javits center, which the clinton campaign chose in part because it has a glass ceiling, and they are hoping there will be a crack in the glass ceiling tonight. that was a strategic choice by them. >> obviously, paying a lot of attention to florida, as you mentioned earlier, this has been their message for a while that
5:52 pm
in florida and that will give them the edge. but it sounded like on michigan, there's still something to watch there. >> yes. >> there was less of an easy, quick response of how it's going so perfectly well for them in michigan. while winning florida would be a huge deal for hillary clinton, there is still that backdoor about michigan that democrats are sending me e-mails about, about saying it's tight in michigan, worried in michigan. >> pelley: well, donald trump has to win some state that traditionally goes democratic in order for him to win the election. >> that'sht battleground states. i mean, so the more democratic, traditional democratic states he can take the more breathing room he has in a state like florida and ohio. although he still-- he's still got to win those two, probably. >> all right. >> pelley: we're back with more. you're watching election night
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> pelley: we're back now with more campaign 2016 election-night coverage. bob schieffer, what are you seeing in these early hours? >> reporter: i still think the most important thing is finding out how many latinos. this hispanic vote, i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most hispanics are not going to vote for donald trump. so i >> shoos a short limb. that's a short limb. >> what we're seeing in florida, we're seeing in north carolina, i want to know more about how many hispanics did turn out. >> what's important about that, the clinton spokesman just said, the latinos are part of a creating a new clinton coalition, adding to the obama coalition in 2012. >> right now, what the exit polls are telling us is 18% of the vote is latino in florida, that's up one point. and romney got about 40%, and trump is getting 31%.
5:55 pm
top of the 8:00 hour. polls close in 16 states and we have a close eye on th hello everyone. we are stepping aside from our election coverage to bring you breaking news. this is a house fire near 26th st. and thomas these are live pictures coming into us for our penguin news chopper. this is a r this one took up very fast. no reports of injuries at this point . we are working to get information. this is just an inferno that has been raging for several minutes. cruiser on scene trying to get this taken care of . will bring you the latest developments as they get him. back to our campaign coverage. there is breaking news on the campaign trail. the arizona democratic party is
5:56 pm
merricopa county (extra two hours. this is a game changer. a spokeswoman said they found the request because of pull problems reported earlier this morning. we will stay on top of this developing story throughout the evening. one of the biggest local races is a race for maricopa county sheriff we are on top of this one. sheriff joe arpaio fighting for a seventh term and is all -- and his opponent is putting up quite a fight. we have reporters covering both sides. let's go to mike covering the sheriff joe arpaio said. we are here at the gop headquarters at the hyatt hotel . this party just getting started. primarily for reporters but that will change quickly as this room fills up. they are expecting upwards of
5:57 pm
if the fire marshal will allow that many people but they are going to pack the place. one big race we are all watching -- the very contentious contest sheriff joe arpaio and his challenger former phoenix police officer paul penzone. a lot of money has gone into this from both sides and really this has become a microcosm of the larger issues in the nation. border security, high on the list for the focusing on how arpaio has been mired in scandal a number of years. this will be a hot race. we will keep our eyes on it and let you know how it plays out. we will throw it back to you. make raucous reporting live. thank you . let's go to donna rossi who is live at the renaissance hotel covering paul penzone. >> reporter: this is where the
5:58 pm
himself is expected here later after having a quiet dinner with his wife. in speaking with pension yesterday he told me that he is really nervous about tonight even though the polls show him i had one poll showing him up to two percentage points. we believe it will be a lot closer than that. he is trying to unseat a very unpopular sheriff. one who is no nationwide and has spent four years in office. the paul penzone campaign slogan says -- it is time. paul penzone is hoping it is time for a new sheriff and tonight he will be that sheriff. paul penzone told me he is running to restore ethics, integrity and fiscal responsibility to the office of the sheriff. he is obviously running as a democrat. he is a democrat but he told me he considers the office of sheriff a nonpolitical office and if he is lucky enough to
5:59 pm
how he will burn his shop. of course respect to when years with the phoenix police department and we know that four former chiefs of police of the phoenix police department have endorsed him. we'll be here when paul penzone is here and will bring that to you when he makes it and tonight. donna rossi reporting live. of course the big news will a judge allowed the polls to be opened because of voting problems we are on top of that and more. the arizona election center
6:00 pm
>> pelley: welcome back to cbs news coverage of election night campaign 2016. it is now 8:00 in the east. polls are closed in half of the states including three more of decide the presidency. florida, pennsylvania and new hampshire. in the race to 270 electoral votes and victory, donald trump has 51. hillary clinton 30. >> let's take closer look at those battleground states that just closed. starting with florida. the sunshine state means the presidential hopes right now it is a toss up. pennsylvania, the keystone state
6:01 pm
victory, a toss up there, too. and new hampshire, that is a toss up, too, polls are closed now in seven battleground states and we can't project a winner in any of them. candidates however did pick up more electoral. trump is a winner in south carolina, oklahoma and tennessee. and clinton gets massachusetts, maryland, delaware and the district of columbia. scott, i was thinking we ought to dig in right, florida has just closed there's some interesting numbers that we're learning out of the exit polls, too, john. we've been talking about the hispanic votes it look like 64% of hispanics towards clinton, 30% towards trump he is unde underpurchasing what romney did. >> dickerson: romney got 39% and there's 1% more of the latino
6:02 pm
now, that's only one piece of the if you elain florida. >> pelley: florida is a must-win state for donald trump but not for hillary clinton. let's have a look at the board, shall we? bring audience up to date on exactly where everything is. as you can see there, we're estimating that at this point hillary clinton has 44 electoral votes. donald trump 51. and the states that you see in red are the states that we have projected victory for donald trump, states in blue are the states that we have shown -- that we have estimated victory for hillary clinton. the states that are in white, these critical states that are in white. are states where the polls have closed but the vote totals are so close that we're not able to make an estimate in those races, the moment we can make an estimate in any of those races we will do so and drop whatever we're doing to bring you the breaking news. >> one of the other states that
6:03 pm
8:00, pennsylvania 89 state that the democrats have felt comfortable about, but certainly many in the state of pennsylvania that donald trump could turn. he's made a big play for the state of pennsylvania. we've been talking about white college educated women, clinton turned out 58% that's 20 points higher than obama got. he got 38% of the white college women. does that suggest that something shifted big in the suburban counties around philadelphia, two keys for hillary clinton in pennsylvania, turn up the african american vote in the cities in pittsburgh and philadelphia. and do well with white college educated women in the counties, they felt nervousness about donald trump on that central question whether he had judgment and temperament the people that hillary clinton constantly tried to keep the image of donald trump saying things about women and more controversial comments
6:04 pm
the republican ranks. >> pelley: how do we know what we know? we have for decades on election day sent reporters all all across the country to talk to voters as they left the polls and asked them how they voted and why they voted the way that they did. anthony mason is collecting all of that information for us tonight. anthony? >> reporter: we'll look at the hispanic vote in florida but to start 27 million eligible hispanic voters in this country now that's a record, 12% of the elec i 18% and hillary clinton is leading among hispanic voters in florida. she's taking 6% of the hispanic vote to 33% for donald trump. but there's an interesting split among hispanics there, cubans, traditionally republican are going for donald trump. by a 53-41% margin. other hispanics, though, they are now a larger voting bloc than the cubans are dominated by hillary clinton, 70-25% she's doing really well.
6:05 pm
gayle? >> thank you very much. you went out on limb most hispanic voters, you are safe on the limb. very sturdy limb. they also say this, 59% of the florida voters who we talked to say immigrant in the united states, 27% say immigrants hurt the united states. what do you have to say about that, john? >> there is a single policy idea that donald trump brought into this campaign, it was immigrn, election kick-off when he wrote that escalatedder he talked about, he was constantly talking about immigration this is a very important policy point for his base. but tonight it's all about the battle. bases. while on the one hand the bases turned out by donald trump and his talk of strong immigration controls on the other hand the new coalition that hillary clinton may be creating was in part perhaps driven by a strong reaction to donald trump. >> many people won't forget
6:06 pm
to make a quick call here cbs news projecting that hillary clinton is the winner in illinois. state that she grew up in. talked about. where she learned her midwest values, she's reminded us on the campaign but not a big surpris surprise -- that would be very bad sign if she did not win. >> you were talking about the hispanic vote. >> many people smart willing over his comments as he rode do you think t unusual type of campaign. talked about building a wall that was first time that the jaw-dropping moment referred to mexicans as rapist, many people have not foregot enthose comments from day one. >> the irony, of course, is that the very first people that he insulted may have the last word tonight. charlie rose is with our political panel they have been talking about his fan in this
6:07 pm
continue to talk about hispanics, talk to less see, ruth marcus and less see sanchez and frank hunts. what do you think is going on in hispanic community and how large will the turn out be how influential in this election? >> if the white communities are angry hispanics are insulted. they were instilled by the language and the tone and every time he would say mexicans pay for the wall. he talked about immigration policy telling them they w and every time they said that the hispanics will love me, they don't. i'm looking across the country, it's not just on border states. spank donald trump in particular cannot win when you are only getting 25-30% of hispanic vote. you cannot put together majority and they are the fastest growing segment of american society and the greatest switch away from
6:08 pm
years. >> i say one other thing to that which is, i would use the word incensed. because i think that -- >> driven to the polls. >> you know, you might sit home just -- >> if you are incensed you will get in the car. >> it's not just i suspect, not just hispanic community you saw this four years ago was asian voters. it would be typically republican voters, deserting mitt romney may see that again, you w, even greater numbers. when one ethnic minority and bunch of immigrants, insult even more than hispanic. >> the question tonight is, this is going to be the largest rejection of a g.o.p. nominee basically recent history. republicans have earned about 31% of the hispanic support for the last ten presidential elections, questions is he going to perform bae low that. going to get in bob dole territory of 21%.
6:09 pm
that big -- what he has managed to do unite a dormant hispanic community that doesn't vote. >> the clinton camp saying new coalition that includes hispanics is larger coalition that even obama had. >> i would say, barack obama made the same declaration, then republicans won control. the same declaration in 2012, g.o.p. won congress and the governorships in 2014. es make no mistake, charlie, republicans and democrats are looking at these numbers saying that this group is moving so fast, growing so fast, is going to be a nightmare for the g.o.p. going forward, unless they adopt a new message and new policies. >> and the g.o.p. knew that. four years ago we had the same up a they diagnosed their problems they set out -- >> got to reach out. >> it's specifically immigration reform. where was it, what are they going to do now.
6:10 pm
cbs news projects that rhode island goes for rob hillary clinton. one of the big stories, control of the u.s. senate. julianna goldman has been following those. >> norah, we are ready to make the first call for a democratic pick up in the senate, in illinois it looks like congresswoman tommy duckworth beat senator mark curt. that is one of again the first call that we are able to make for democratic pick up in the senate. rep remember, democrats need five seats to take control of the senate, four is hillary clinton wins. because tim kaine would be vice president and he would be the tie breaking 51st vote. >> all right. that had one more woman to the united states senate. tammy duckworth the first woman
6:11 pm
army, contentious, now, according to cbs news heading to the united states senate. >> first republican loses his seat tonight -- >> considered the most vulnerable of all the republicans on the ballot. >> john dickerson you were just telling us about a warning sign for the trump campaign that you were noticing in the exit poll data that we have coming in. >> one of the key questions whether donald trump's strategy of paying close attention to white votedders was going to off. ronald reagan won with 54% of white voters. mitt romney got 59% and lost. the difference, the share of white voters that were more of them in ronald reagan's day. the exit polls suggest that only 0% of the electorate is white voters. in it was 72%. donald trump is working with a smaller group. within that noncollege white voters in 2012 they were 36% of the electorate now they are 34% of the electorate these are not
6:12 pm
the premise of the donald trump campaign was not just that he would match writ romney, but grow then. >> one republican senator lindsey graham said his own party is in demographic death spiral. we've seen the share of the white electorate is getting smaller. >> america is changing so is politics. >> yes. we have a projection in the state of mississippi. goes to donald trump. he is the winner in that state. victory there all right, democrats are hoping to take back the senate we'll look more at those key senate races and more states closing hats the top of 8:30. we're back here on cbs news
6:13 pm
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>> pelley: back with cbs news election night coverage. legs look at the state of the race is righted now at this moment this is the electoral college map. the colored states you see now are the ones where the polls have closed. the blue states signify victories for hillary clinton. the red states victories for donald trump. right now at this early stage the electoral college totals are clinton 68, trump 57.
6:16 pm
win. now you ask, what about those white states here. this is the whole ball game, folks. many of these states are going to be deciding who the president is, they are so close right now we can't make a projection about the winner. anthony shall von toe is running the decision desk back here all of our experts who are watching the exit poll all of the actual vote data coming in. anthony, let's look at florida quickly. donald trump must win it. there's no question about that. fell us what's happening there right now, why is this so close? >> well, that's right, scott. that is critical to his path. and i'll tell you the story in florida right now is the story we're seeing in number of battleground states. that is, that even though hillary clinton is doing well, down in the areas where democrats typically do well that's down around miami. getting decent turn out there,
6:17 pm
that she needs in around miami, but, donald trump is outperforming mitt romney in typical republicans in lot of these other republican leaning counties. one by one, that's adding up his totals, we see him outperforming typical republicans that's keeping this race close. >> pelley: red for republicans, blue for democrats. 60% of the precincts reported and it's virtual tie. ther here, scott, that's a lot of what is counting fast. we thought in the early vote looked like it would be even. and behold, it is. it's very even. including what was cast before today. >> pelley: let's look at another state extremely important to both candidates that's north carolina. >> north carolina is similar story. in around raleigh-durham, place with democrats typically do well, and no surprise hillary clinton is, she's turned another
6:18 pm
but all these red places that you see lit up including down here in the western part of the state, with strong turn out with donald trump outperforming what republicans typically do, just about matching hillary clinton's margins. she's got a little bit of an edge but certainly not enough to say where this race is headed for sure right now. >> pelley: anthony, our director of elections. thank you very much. folks, the moment we can make an estimate on a winner of one of these whatever we're doing and you will be the first to know. has been its north to get out to vote. to get their voters to the polls. nancy cordes who is election night watch party tonight in new york city has more on that. >> the clinton campaign has been working on building out for
6:19 pm
they have given up, they are volunteers made 23 million voter to voter constant since saturday morning. that means more -- that means people calling other voters on the phone. they have gone to their entire list, knocked on every door, gone battleground state but -- talking about florida, where it is so close. imagine if the trump campaign had money to invest in similar size get out to vote operation. might be leading by point or two there right now. instead in broward county, this is county that went for president obama in 2012 by 35 points. hit record turn outs today by
6:20 pm
>> pelley: nancy cordes at the clinton watch party. thank you as nancy was saying, the trump campaign has not invested nearly as much in the get out to vote campaign today. and we have our major garrett at the trump watch party tonight. >> the most important decision donald trump made as he sought the presidency of the united states to subcontract, get out republican national committee. in talking to senior trump advisors in the week leading up, what worries you most? that we're going to be close, we're going to look at the election results and wish we had our own get out to vote operation. and we don't, which means in certain respects, in certain precincts, certain states we don't know as much as we need to know. and, scott, i can tell think was a conversation that went on and on in the trump campaign.
6:21 pm
wasn't going to invest in it, didn't believe it it, didn't think it was important as what he saw in the adoring crowds, thousands he said he kept encountering on the campaign trail. what he may learn tonight in the very closely contested states, like florida, no trump get out to vote operation. north carolina, a small one but in the nearly large enough. other states that will loom large in the evening, pennsylvania, virginia, those are day of voting states. not lot of early voting in either one, trump campaign not well positioned to get out vote and identify the key constituencies that they need. across the board, scott, the greatly pant from trump and those who support them come tomorrow if he loses may be we should have invested where we didn't. >> pelley: major garrett, thank you very much. >> really interesting to see those two differences between the two candidates. just show everybody right now what's happening in the state of florida. we've talked how this is such a key battleground state in
6:22 pm
88% of the vote in. we'll have more additional states closing at the top of the hour when we come back. ? we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ? now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. we could keep doing all the things we love.
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6:25 pm
we'll have more when we return on cbs election night. the only thing predictable about election night 2016 is it will be unpredictable. first the democratic party is asking a judge to keep polls open in merricopa county for an extra two hours. this stems from voting problems happening earlier this morning. lawyers from the reporters office any democratic party are in court right now and they are talking about this issue. another big story is some 350,000 early ballots probably will not be counted tonight because of time and the sheer volume of the ballots collected throughout the county -- all in all roughly over 1 million
6:26 pm
as of today and of course about 200,000 of those 350 early both as of today and of course about 200,000 of those 350,000 will still be collected throughout the 700 polling places just in merricopa county alone. of course it will stay on top of these storylines as more information comes in. early ballots could be key in deciding several races and measures that could be closely one dish won. . 206 would raise the minimum wage and there's also the >> reporter: avondale cafi believe prop 206 will help struggling families. others believe the measure will cost all of us ultimately raising minimum wage to 12,000 out by the year 2020. at this restaurant employees said. 206 passing would like to up stress on his family budget big time.
6:27 pm
pockets of workers will increase spending and help everybody. at the arizona chamber of commerce there's a hit to businesses wedding -- passed on to its customers in the form of higher prices.>> talks from both sides of the measure is that prop 206 is expected to pass tonight and take affect january 1. supports will be gathering at the renaissance hotel in phoenix hoping to we want to bring you breaking news. a judge has just rejected the arizona democratic party their bid to have voting extended by two hours. the judge just rejected that. >> that means the polls will close on time at a peer. struck the other big measure is prop 205 with the to legalize recreational marijuana in arizona. we a live in downtown phoenix to break down that measure.>>
6:28 pm
crescent ballroom. this will be a full house tonight. they are hoping for a celebration. prop 205 would legalize the regulated sale of recreational marijuana. that does not mean that anybody could be selling it . you need a license to sell it and you can't go smoking in public. you would need to do that in private. proponents say this would add tax money to programs like education -- as much as $55 million a year, but prop 205 has some law enforcement loopholes. things like making it harder for police officers and prosecutors to prosecute people who are driving while high for dui. it also lower some of the punishment for children who try to bite marijuana for example. the issue here is this would be a pretty tight election. we may not have the results tonight. we will be here for
6:29 pm
want you to keep it here on . it is the power of two stations. covering everything you need to know. will be back here on cbs5 .
6:30 pm
>> pelley: back now with election night coverage on cbs. polls are closed in 26 states and the district of columbia. as america elects a president. no projected winrs of the 13 battleground states that will tell the tale tonight. but in the race to 20 electoral votes and the presidency, clinton has 68, trump 66. we still have a very long way to go. >> we do. we're going to get to some of those individual states in just a moment. battleground states beginning interesting numbers. first, in the state of florida, cbs news projects that marco rubio has won his senate seat there in that state.
6:31 pm
16 republicans that challenged donald trump for the nomination, rubio may the only one having victory speech tonight. he wasn't going to run for the senate when he lost decided to get back. >> wonder if his career was over, political career was over. >> said he talked so much about his dislike for the senate. >> the republican leaders said we're in danger of losing we need to hold on to a seat in florida you need to go back and he is now along with senator portman in ohio one of the two republicans who was able to get out from under donald trump, even democrats tried, they were able to succeed we don't know what the outcome in florida is at the presidential level, marco rubio did better because we're able to make a projection. >> pelley: let's have a look at the battleground states. these are the 13 states that could go either way and will determine the election. as you see that graphic there,
6:32 pm
carolina, ohio, new hampshire, pennsylvania and florida. the polls have closed in all of those states. and they are all so close but we are unable to make an estimate of who is ahead or who is projected to win in those states. the states that you see below there, those polls will be closing later as we go on into the evening. >> scott, we were looking closely at the state of florida. a must-win for donald trump. we've now got 91% of the expected vote in and the margin is razor thin, isn't it? >> pelley: 8 million votes past they are separated by 0,000. >> wow. what is going on in florida? >> i don't know. >> here is one thing that is not, in 2012, 67% of the electorate in florida was white.
6:33 pm
so, that kind of a drop between 2012 and 2016 you would think would hurt donald trump. but he's neck and neck here tonight. he's pick can up some of the alternative is that hillary clinton not turning out the vote in the way barack obama did we're just going to have to keep waiting. >> she's not turning out. >> this is eerily like 2000 we'll start hearing about hanging chads here in a minute? >> in 2000 there were only 500 votes betweengo president bush. >> john, didn't donald trump and hillary clinton spend lot of time in florida, both of them? >> that's the cost of doing business in politics when you have to pay attention to florida. and ohio and north carolina. they are battleground states for a reason. they spent a lot of time there. what is interesting is to major's point, the ground game in florida -- the republican national committee set up ground game after the loss in 20126789 we have to have people on the
6:34 pm
knocking on doors, getting people to vote. set up a system how did that system work with the trump campaign that may be one of the after stories. >> what do we know about the book that has not been reported in florida, where is it coming from? >> i'll let john look at that right now. i can tell think, the interesting break down between men and women, virtually split. women are going for clinton 51 to 44 for trump men clinton 44, trump to 49. you don't see a huge gender gap, a small gender gap there in the and independents, almost breaking even, clinton 44, trump 4r5%. the clinton campaign has been saying miami-dade would be key to their victory. they would be able to turn out the hispanic vote and the african american vote in large numbersish part by early vote and also on election day. if they don't do that means trump can win that state as of right now with 90% the vote in it's neck and neck. >> pelley: trump must win
6:35 pm
it's not essential for hillary clinton, though, she can put together other ways to get there. >> that's right. especially if she -- virginia is edging towards hillary clinton, again, if she wins traditional democratic states plus virginia and north carolina then she's very much on her way to getting that magical 270. >> pelley: if anybody was going into this wondering whether there was going to be a blow out we now have the answer. something go to be a very close race. >> very close race. show you theta talked lot about that state. only about third of the vote is enat this hour. but at this hour hillary clinton is leading 50-45%. as you can see, very close margin there. i don't think we can make any assumptions right now because so little of the vote is in. this is state that donald trump is expecting to do well in. some of the early signs suggest that he has the edge in that state but there's the vote there. >> can i just say that we
6:36 pm
as leading not just edge but leading warmly towards hillary clinton. >> north carolina still at edge? >> yes. >> we see now of course the state of virginia which just has half of the votes in as john just mentioned. and hillary with about four-point lead that's why cbs news we are estimating that hillary clinton has the edge in virginia also now charlie you just mentioned in the state of north carolina, i think we should just back up we went through the boards about what that means. >> what does edge mean, what does lead mean, what does all of this mean? >> help the audience, please. >> need a little bit more. >> like an edge, a lean then a -- >> right. >> then turn yourself around that's what it's all about. >> if you have an edge -- call the hokey poke '.
6:37 pm
edge means quite close if there's statistical anomaly could reverse itself for that candidate. if it is leaning that means that reversal is less likely. then if it goes past lean then something we might be in neighborhood of making projection. >> right now she has the edge in virginia do you think tim kaine played a role in that who is from virginia, governor, senator, mayor. >> the moment she planes in virginia. tim kaine another -- >> these leading not -- campaign manager successful 2013, giannis antetokounmpo race. he knows highway to root, that plus the vice presidential pick. those all may have contributed. >> plus, tim kaine is popular in politician in virginia. you would have expected a lot better showing than this at this early point. >> yes. true. he could be another piece of evidence in the idea that bakesly people vote for the top
6:38 pm
>> north carolina and virginia are very similar in terms of profile 124. >> they are. they are similar but, barack obama one virginia twice. he traded. >> but not in 2012. >> north carolina is sort of more on the nice edge than virginia. >> pelley: bob you were saying? >> she is leaning in both states for basically the same reason. she's attracting the same voters in north carolina that she's attracting in virginia. >> pelley: those are whom? she's getting the educated vote, she's getting minorities. it's pretty much backing up the same way in both states. i think that's significant. >> the suburbs around washington, d.c. large -- latino, asian voters in virginia as well. the growth in the state is the newer kinds ever voters who are more like hillary clinton. this virginia such an important state because it is partially representative of the larger
6:39 pm
america which is that the state changes, traditionally republic, large share of the white vote who is a state that is more mixed. that's the story in virginia and the nation. >> for more about what this all means at this hour, charlie rose is with the political panel. charlie? >> here we have bob ephsyteyn and christie that schake you where we think that they may be leaning where there's -- may be more definitive, what do you see? >> i see republican party tried again right tush out strategy. a lot of -- after romney loss, that's not possible any more. you need to accommodate multi-cultural america with new outreach. that didn't happen in this election. everyone knows in 20 years that can't work.
6:40 pm
this time again. and we're seeing mixed messages. >> cannot work in the future so there for we have realignment, voter groups? >> i would agree with that. i don't think they can go back to the pretrump message. there are blue collar workers who have said, we're here. >> to michael's point the real question for the republican party now is what comes next. and it seems in lot of these different races you see various senators running well ahead of donald trump in states like ohio and they're going to be returned to the senate and going to have to decide whether they're going to make a change in the policy approach, agenda approach in the past whether they're going to try to reach out to some of the groups where hillary clinton has lagged barack. she's lagging behind in young voters in ohio and florida. questions are you going to try to reach out to them. that will probably require elevating newer, younger faces like rubio himself. >> get derailed because of donald trump? >> 6 course it got derailed because ever donald trump.
6:41 pm
direction of reforming its agenda for awhile. trump short circuited that conversation. they're going to have to find a way to live with the coalition include some of his voters reaches out to others. >> let's remember they did that whole forensic report after the last election. they didn't even take their own advice. so, yes, they are going to have to do a lot of rebuilding even if donald trump wins, the party will have lot of rebuilding to reach out to voters who are obviously very angry at the party itself. even though they were voting for a republican command" reach out hispanic voters and college educated women, for instance, who are voting for hillary clinton. >> the coalition. >> very large numbers. >> the split within democrat can party as well. >> yes, they are. and there are splits on college educated voters and splits a economic issues, democratic party will have to do some rebuilding but not to the degree the republican party. >> i think if we have president clinton she will have a decision
6:42 pm
whether she's preclude fred doing that from her own base, the sanders base of the democratic party. that will be determined early in her presidency with issues she picks. >> she signaled that she wants to do that. >> biggest problems republicans face that nobody really trusts them to lead any more. they're going to have to reassert themselves in a certain way, i think that just relying on the same old pre-trial message not the way. >> back to you, scott. >> pelley: charlie, thank you very much. we're going to be back in just a moment. we're going to have a look at this race in florida, more than eight million votes counted that's nearly all of them. and it is neck and neck.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>> polls in more than half of the country are closed at this hour. and this race is super tight in the state of florida. it is a toss up too close to call as donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck with more than 90% of the vote in. one call that we do have, have made in the state of florida is
6:46 pm
mark strassmann is there in miami at rubio headquarters, mark? >> norah, senator rubio is just taken the stage to claim victory here. defeated two-term congressman patrick murphy. he said that this election is going better than last time he came owl on stage in miami when he was stumped in florida primary by donald trump. many but not all the people in 24 room of course will be rooting for drum. tonight -- of tru. feelings among rubio supporters, this race in florida so close now, trump seems to be ahead by 100,000 or so votes. they are starting to run out, too. remember that florida had 6.5 million folks who voted early that's record for the state most of any state that had early returns. stow, even though hillary clinton left south florida the most popular part of the state solidly democratic with 280,000
6:47 pm
conservative sections of the state, in north florida and central florida the all-around i-4 corridor. at this point the two cliches we've heard about florida are both true. one is that trump cannot win the white house unless he wins florida. two, this race was going to be close and in fact it has been. >> all right, mark, thank you so much. scott pelley over at the decision des here with anthonyal von toe our election of election ocean our numbers guy he's working with the experts taking in the information from the exit polls. it is anthony who helps us make these estimates about who's ahead who may be winning. as we were just hearing, anthony, floor, entire ball game for donald trump. and my goodness how close it is.
6:48 pm
counseled so far? >> well, about 75% of what we expect the vote to be. but as vote comes in our expectations can actually move up. what we've seen now is the bulk of that absentee vote has been compound. i'll tell you, hillary clinton is actually doing well for democrat down here you mentioned broward county she's performing about where democrat typically does well. these counties here in south florida, solidly democratic but here is the thing, scott. everywhere else in the state democrat donald trump does just a little bit better than typical republicans do. up here through the orlando area, through central florida and certainly up around near jacksonville look at these counties he's doing better than mitt romney. that's adding up to keep him even with clinton. >> pelley: have look what this cities. they are said of more than eight million votes counted so far they are separated by 100,000.
6:49 pm
slightly ahead. >> in the vote count. our models we've got it even that's because what we do we account for the number of registered voters who haven't yet had ballots counted. if you do that, then you look at slightly more even race because not everything is in -- some of these counties but i'll tell think is about as close as it gets. >> pelley: anthony our director of elections, thank you very much. donald trump performing in florida a little bit republicans normally do. john dickerson. >> well, scott, let's see, i was just looking at the vote that donald trump is doing with white college educated women. we've talked a lot about them, a group that's very strong for hillary clinton. donald trump is winning with white college educated women 58-39 in florida. that's better -- >> pelley: give us that again? >> donald trump is up with white college educated women in florida in way that he is not anywhere else. >> pelley: would not have
6:50 pm
john? >> he had -- well, the -- old every electorate in florida lot of college educated voter are typical republican voters. mitt romney won them 57-42. barack obama at 42 of white college educated women in florida is ahead of where hillary clinton is now hat 39 with white college educated women in florida. so that's one area that hillary clinton is turning that out, that vote out in other places but apparently not florida which is what makes it close even though there are other parts of the state that she's turning out lots of -- and share of the white vote is smaller in florida. >> is there any other place we know where trump is winning college educated women? >> not that -- other than red state in turns of battleground i haven't found it yet. >> it is really interesting -- i'm looking at the same numbers, same time you are. we're talking about 50 and 60% he's winning those white college
6:51 pm
sort of across the board. that may be why he's so close. >> just for context here, hillary clinton nationally is winning white women with college graduate degree 51-43. so by 8 points nationally for income but down by 20 in florida. >> 91% of the vote counted in florida so far. >> that's right. coming up, polls close in the two candidates state of new york. we've also got arizona, colorado, michigan, new mexico, wisconsin and state of texas. >> big state of texas. >> the night is young. coming up after that. i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times
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6:54 pm
>> we've been watching social meet i can't posts from the candidates just short time a clinton's running mate. tweeted old photo of himself with his daughter. that tweet reads, thinking about my daughter right now. no little girl will ever again have to wonder whether she, too, can be president. that has been retweeted over 1500 times. just 20 minutes. meantime, donald trump, junior, has tweeted final push, eric and i doing dozens of radio interviews we can win this thing, get out and vote. make america great again
6:55 pm
retweeted 6,000 times. more after that. afternoon. more after this. good evening everyone. less than five minutes before the polls close in @ la -- arizona. in just the past hour and maricopa county judge shot down a request from he open in the county coroner the two hours because of some early voting problems this morning. that means the polls will close countywide in statewide at 7 pm. let's go straight to mark taylor was life at a polling center that was located near 51st avenue. and osborne . mark, we can see there are lines behind you. >> we have been here for several hours and i can tell
6:56 pm
quite as long as it is right now. we just talk to someone who just voted who said they waited over two hours to vote. about 20 minutes ago a woman told me she waited three hours. you can see the line spaced out the door all the way to the parking lot here on 51st avenue. and osborne people here as you can tell pretty frustrated. they said they have seen consistently long lines throughout the day. they have seen computer glitches and roquan machines inside causing problems all throughout the day. early we talk to people should have been allowed to stay open and they said yes. they think the issues created some voters with issues. the good news is people say they will wait until they get a chance to but because they said this election is just too important to not let their voices be heard. that i want everyone to bow no matter who they are voting for. if anything will keep them in
6:57 pm
both candidates need at as many votes as possible. i would rather wait five hours the not vote at all. arizona state law says anyone who gets hereby seven arizona state law says anyone who gets hereby 7 pm will be able to cast their ballots and their boat will be counted. >> stay in those lines. voters are deciding on some key issues. >> let's start with the race per share. incumbent joe arpaio is running for his seventh term against democratic chaler penzone. paul penzone loss to the same race four years ago but polls have him leading this time around as arpaio faces court charges. another race is a senate seat for john mccain seeking his sixth term his biggest challenge it is in kirkpatrick from flagstaff who represents the first congressional district. also on the ballot is gary swain represented the green party. we are following other key races tonight like the
6:58 pm
democratic adrian fontes is hoping to receive purcell. cell is in the hot seat after her office has been at the center of several boating issues like this long lines and of course we saw those long lines back in march. ashley dimartino live at the office. >> reporter: remain uncounted until tomorrow. they have stopped counting the early ballots here at the reporter's office picked they know this is a very tight race here in arizona. all i so watching them. the reporter's office received a record numbers of early alex -- more than 1 million. they have been counting them every single day. the election workers were able
6:59 pm
are here in-house that have not been counted and they are expecting more than 200 and they are expecting more than 200,000 to be dropped off at polling locations and here tonight. that means that we leave them with more than 300,000 that have not been counted. again they will begin counting those votes starting tomorrow morning. i am ashley dimartino back to you. ashley dimartino, thank you. that is jaw-dropping.
7:00 pm
>> pelley: back now with election night on cbs. it is 9:00 in the eerks 6:00 in the west and a tight race for president, and a long time before we are going to kw won tonight. polls just closed in 14 mar states including four key battleground states -- arizona, colorado, wisconsin and michigan, all four tossups right now, still no winner in any of the 13 battleground states that will decide this election tonight. in the race to 270 electoral votes and the presidency, donald
7:01 pm
has 97. it is still early. >> reporter: and look at what is almost a river of red flowing through the united states. up and down the united states, in the state of new york, home state to both these candidates. cbs news projects hillary clinton is the winner. in the state of texas, cbs news projects donald trump has won by a decisive mampleght there is large hispanic population but he won that state. in kansas, cbs news projects donald trump is the winner. in the state of nebraska, another state goes to donald trump with a large margin there. and in south dakota, cbs news projects that donald trump will win that state when all the votes are counted. and north dakota, cbs news projects donald trump will win that state when all votes are counted.
7:02 pm
the projected winner there. >> this is pretty much what we expected. >> yeah. >> pelley: but the big headline of the hour is florida. almost all votes, 91% of the votes have been counted in florida. more than 8 million votes have been counted and, at this moment, donald trump is ahead of hillary clinton. they are separated by only 140,000 votes. still much too close to call. >> can we talk for a second about why he's florida. when you look at all the things trump had said, his issues with women, the access hollywood tape, the comments he made about alisha machado, the accusation of sexual assault starting with megyn kelly in the very first debate, how do we explain this is possible? >> republicans who like him are willing to forgive him those things.
7:03 pm
camp, they were the ones who said this is locker room talk. that's part of it why they forgive him. why do they forgive him? they don't like hillary clinton and they think is country needs to be turned around and think he can do it. another thing about florida and the other states that are battleground states, this is a debate between the cities and rural areas, and when donald trump is doing well in florida, he's doing well in 40 or more counties, in the rural area, doing betterha did and hillary clinton is doing well in the cities. but that's the comeback. in the states you will see a sea of red, all the counties small population donald trump is doing well and then deep blue cities. >> it's an older population, too. >> yes, and that's the difference between college educated women in florida versus college educated women. we might look in iowa where the population is older.
7:04 pm
( laughter ) careful. >> you will have to bring that up with someone other than me. >> 80. over 80. i like that. >> pelley: let's have a look at the battleground tracking here. this shows you the states that have polls that have been closed. so the polls have closed in all of the battleground states except for iowa and nevada, they're at the bottom, and, folk w looking for checkmarks on either side of the state name showing whether we have projected the race for hillary clinton or donald trump, and you don't see it, and that is because all of these battleground races at this moment are so close that cbs news cannot yet make an estimate. but let's have a look at the electoral vote now where it stands, snapshot in time at this moment, hillary clinton with 97
7:05 pm
with 123. but remember there are 270 that are needed to win. there are some big democratic states where the polls are still open. california, most notable among them. so it is going to be a long, close race tonight. >> anthony mason has all of the exit poll data. anthony. >> reporter: well, we wanted to break out the battle in the battleground state of pennsylvania where we knew there would be a substantial divide between the city a areas, and there is, as you can see in our exit poll. hillary clinton winning basically three out of four voters in the city. donald trump winning nearly that margin in the rural areas. but as you can see, the real battle is there are in the suburbsy it's dead even -- suburbs where it's dead even. hillary clinton finding strength among suburban women winning them 56 to 40%. this is a group that went for mitt romney 40 years ago by 52%. so great strength there.
7:06 pm
deciders are going to donald trump by a 52 to 39% margin, and that's why things are still close in pennsylvania. gayle? >> that seems to be the theme of the evening. thank you very much, anthony. too close in pennsylvania, too close in florida. another interesting thing from the exit poll, college degrees. hillary clinton has 55% of those voters. donald trump has 41%. no college degrees, donald trump has 50% of that voting population. hillary clinton has 46. last night, john, the clinton campaign ended very strong with president obama, michelle obama, bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi in fissley on the steps of independence hall. >> voting is a bigger deal in pennsylvania more than any of the states where you have the early vote. >> we have a call in the state of arkansas. bill clinton carried his own
7:07 pm
there is a little rock in a hard place for the clinton family as donald trump is the projected winner in the state of arkansas. >> is this a surprise? no, it's expected she would win there. >> pelley: but she was first lady of arkansas for quite a long time. >> yeah. now was the former senator from new york state. she lost arkansas. the two states she spent most of her life in. the map you night, 129 electoral votes for donald trump, 9 # for hillary clinton. there is the river of red right down the united states. >> it looks like a river, too, right down the middle. >> but i'm really fascinated by what's going on in these battleground states we've talked about all night. john, you were excellent at pointing out what would be the story lines tonight whether donald trump or hillary clinton is having a good night.
7:08 pm
florida's tight and virginia still tight. >> it's very, very close, very tight. it's looking more like a map you would expect if you had a generic republican and democrat. there is not a wild success by -- or they're both having success at the same time. , so yeah, it's getting tighter as we go on. >> let me ask it this way, if you are inside trump tower tonight looking at this map, what are you nervous about? >> pelley: you're holding your getting better. if you're happy, it's a tossup life. but remember you have to win more places. the probability of winning all these that are very close or winning more that are very close than hillary clinton wins is still tough. >> there have been no surprises tonight. i mean, i think that's very important to understand. the states we thought were going to go democratic have gone democratic. the ones we thought were going republican so far have gone
7:09 pm
are very close. i guess if there is a surprise, it is that florida has not been called yet. it's very close. i still would like to know what's going on down in georgia. i think most people thought that would go republican, although some of us called it a battleground state. but i think you're right, john and norah, they've got to start winning something they weren't supposed to win if they're going to win tonight. that is their path so far, everything is going just about like we thought it was going to go. >> did we think it would be this close? did we think these battleground states would be tossups at this time of the evening? >> it takes a while for us to call them. they seem to be tighter as the night goes on. usually, you start to call one of these battleground states around 9:00-ish in the past two elections, that's usually what happens, but we're just not there yet. we knew it was going to be close
7:10 pm
polls have looked. now we're going to -- you know, another state we'll talk about in a little while is michigan, and that's another one of these great question marks because that's where donald trump made a last-ditch effort. >> and that's a traditionally blue state and he spent a lot of time there. >> that's right. >> pelley: charlie rose is standing by with our political panel. >> i'm with frank luntz and michael gerson of "the washington post." picking up on the conversation, why is it so close in the battleground states? is that the nature of the battleground states? >> tens of millions of dollars in advertising. get out the vote efforts like you haven't seen, phone calls, direct mails, emails, texts. these people have been watching politics 24-7 for the last four or five months, everyone is engaged and involved and voting which is why it takes so long to count because turnout is so high. >> you're surprised it's that
7:11 pm
i'm thinking one to have the problems trump had is he talked in a way about certain policies, like policies appealing to the working class and it had some real power, but the way he talked about those issues and his approach is we've limited or seemed to people to be talking to the white working class as opposed to the latino working class, the black working class. do you know what i mean? he started out with then limited -- >> ronald reagan used to say latinos had a natural home in the republican party. >> he believed it, i believe it. i think trump benefited from extreme partisanship in america. this made it closer. we've also seen a real reaction against the establishment, the globalization across the western
7:12 pm
to do with populism and the reaction. >> populism is the idea. there is also the question of the election being about personality rather than ideas. >> i don't think issues matter and, in fact, i'm looking at the statistics from the exit polling. in terms of qualified, 53% said hillary clinton, she's been a united states senator, secretary of state, first lady and only 53% thought she was qualified. donald trump is just 37%. having the right temperament which is the biggest spread of any of clinton, only 34% donald trump. they did not vote on issues. they voted on candidate persona and that's where hillary clinton had the advantage. >> i think it was, in part, an issue election. i think donald trump had real insights on issues and policies that might have a profound impact changing the republican party, be but he showed at the same time, as ehe spoke, and
7:13 pm
tweets, it was reasonable for you as a voter to doubt his temperament, to doubt sometimes his stability, to doubt his character. that was his problem. there were issues, but he didn't do them well. >> this wasn't doubting. this was actually hatred. >> in the aftermath of this election, america will need a healer with real skills to bring together the country. neither of these countries has shown that. >> thank you so much. back to scott. scott? >> pelley: charlie, thank you very john dickerson. >> you know, they're talking about what the next candidate has to do. i was talking to some senate republicans who were already before we started to get results in tonight were talking about what hillary clinton would have to do to reach out if she were to win. it was a bit of a conversation to have because the vote hadn't taken place, they were already assume ago bad night for donald trump, but they were already laying the markers she had to meet and said she can't be kind
7:14 pm
so i guess the point is for whoever wins, the traps are laid for them and the score will already be start being kept based on what they say in their victory speeches in terms of this question of whether a whole new round of partisan battle begins. you know, no honeymoon, ones they win the partisan battles will pick up. >> are we to believe, john, temperament doesn't matter? i remember vividly the debate we covered that hillary clinton said i he's not fit to be president. i never heard an opponent take on another opponent that way. you may disagree wish shoes or policies, but i never heard? one say you are not fit for this job. >> that was his achilles heel and to the extent voters felt that way and put that front of mine, worries about the candidate, that's when it wasn't going well. they started to go better when focus was on him as a change agent in washington and they
7:15 pm
>> looking at the battleground state, we have yet to call a battleground state. 9:15. florida separated the two candidates by just about 20,000 votes at this hour. we'll have the latest from there when we're back. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball.
7:16 pm
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7:18 pm
>> well, if they are watching cbs news inside trump tower they probably made a small cheer as we are watching this contest tonight. not only is florida too close to call at this, how but we had the state of virginia as leaning clinton. it's now in the tossup category. what's going on, john? i trump. remember when we talked about the difference between edge and lean, the idea was always that it could roll back the other way and, so, now, virginia, which was leaning down, leaning to hillary clinton is back in the tossup category. while things are tight in florida, they're also now tight in virginia. >> pelley: do we know why? we don't know why. that's why scott pelley has gotten up -- scott pelley is no longer here, he's all the way at
7:19 pm
>> scott, you better have an answer. >> pelley: i do not but anthony, what's going on in virginia? >> i'll tell you why, the western part of the state is going for trump more heavily than we would have expected even for republicans. >> pelley: coal mining area, farming area. >> all this here, exactly. coal country all out west of roanoke. then here in the d.c. suburbs, the places so critical to well but just not well enough. maybe two or three points tracking right now behind where she needs to be. so you look up here in places like prince william, all of this taken together is tracking a little behind where she needs to be. >> pelley: we want to remind the audience blue is hillary clinton, red is donald trump. donald trump doing very well in the rural areas, hillary clinton confined mostly to the cities.
7:20 pm
each of these campaigns will have vote targets, who reliably vote democrat or republican. in a partisan race like this, if that's off even a little bit, it makes the state a little tighter. this is a pattern we're seeing in so many states, scott. >> pelley: in florida, hillary clinton and donald trump both holding their breath and turning blue over florida right now. there's been a record voter turnout there. >> yes, there has, and same pattern. okay, down here in the southern part of the state, hillary clinton doing well b well enough. but here's the real story -- you go out here in and around the orlando area -- everybody talks about the i-4 corridor as a swing area, but what donald trump is doing here is not just swinging it, it's he's adding up relatively small numbers of votes in all of these relatively smaller counties, and that is offsetting whatever hillary clinton can get in the democratic counties, so it's that rural or suburban and
7:21 pm
the panhandle. >> pelley: 93% of the vote has been counted in florida. trump must win florida to win the presidency and, so far, he's doing it. >> well, he is, but, let me tell you, when we see percent in, sometimes precincts report and you will hear people say, oh, there are so many precincts reporting but with so many absentee votes in florida they don't come in as precincts so you see sometimes more votes than precincts andha >> pelley: anthony, thanks so much. we'll remain on battleground
7:22 pm
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7:24 pm
>> t >> the battle for the battleground continues at this hour. cbs news has yet to call any of the 13 battleground states. why? it's too tight. look at the state of florida. more than 90% of the vote in, and it is super tight even donald trump holding a slight edge as the vote is still being counted. the democrats were feeling optimistic when i spoke with them about three hours ago. they said they thought they could turn out enough hispanic and black voters. we'll see what's going on there. >> when eric trump was sitting here this morning, he said they were going to win florida. maybe he knew something we didn't. >> virginia, also.
7:25 pm
it might mean tonight and who will be the now in just over 30 minutes will be getting our first election results in arizona. it has all boiled down to this. as we wait for big decisions on some key measures and races. of course one of them is the race for the u.s. senate..mccain seeking his sixth term biggest challenger is in kirkpatrick who represents the first congressional district. we have crews covering both sides of the races. there still is a downtown phoenix let's begin with jason barry. >> a lot of excitement building here at the mccain camp. polls have just close.
7:26 pm
confidence something exciting is going to happen. james ware the city councilmember -- what would it mean if john mccain one another term? >> obviously the national stage keeping that senate was of paramount of importance. he has been grinding for over two years. he outworked his opponent and he will now be sent back with another term . it is very important nationally not just for arizona. again i don't know if you can pickup here at mccain camp. senator. john mccain is expected to be here a little later on this evening we are told he wants to wait until this race is official before coming up here and coming up on stage and making any kind of a speech. polls had them up about 10 percentage points. a very quiet confidence filling the air here . we will keep you posted as soon as john mccain steps into the museum.
7:27 pm
for more on his opponent let's go to their a call. dish let's go to derek maccoll. >> i'm told in kirkpatrick just arrived here but we are finding that having a hard time finding her. this place is absolutely crowded as we walked through the crowd. in kirkpatrick and her campaign tells the they are fully prepared to be behind wh first returns come out just around 8 pm. they are still optimistic. we caught up with ms. kirkpatrick as she met supporters outside the phoenix metro tech earlier this morning. and in particular she is encouraged by high turnout among hispanic voters. her campaign says twice the number of hispanic voters cast early ballots in this election compared to 2012. they think this election is
7:28 pm
day. kirkpatrick team readily admitted is going to be an uphill data but they think they can overcome it by a deficit by as much as 10 percentage points i believe initially in her quest to become arizona's first female senator. >> one of the number ofbig races we will be watching. thank you. another brace incumbent joe ar paul penzone loss to ohio -- to arpaio seven years ago but polls have him leading as joe arpaio faces criminal contempt of court tries this -- court charges.>> two of the biggest
7:29 pm
top 205 would recreational marijuana. talk to a special raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. we will be here all night on cbs five and with our friends on three tv. the arizona election center is powered by both patients and you can catch us on three tv in just a few minutes with more local election coverage it will be back here on cbs5 in 30
7:30 pm
>> i want to ask a question of senator cruz also running for president. >> -- cannot hear either one of you when you speak over each other. >> pelley: election night on cbs. it is still wrestlemania tonight as we have been unable to project any of the 13 battleground states that will decide this election. let's go to our map that shows where the election stands right now. we have our -- there's the map that knows you right where things are at this very moment. red states are trump, blue
7:31 pm
projected for hillary clinton. the states in white, ladies and gentlemen, are places where the polls have closed but the count is so close, we are unable to project which candidate is the winner in those states. hillary clinton with 97 electoral votes, donald trump with $129. >> scott, we have something really interesting going on right now that we should talk about, and we'll go through these states one by one and i want to tell e state like michigan that in the last election that we called at 9:00, it's now 9:30 and we're not able to call that state. so a number of states we have not called at this point. we'll first start off with pennsylvania, the current cbs news estimate, that is a tossup. we have just 16% of the vote in, but this is vote on actual
7:32 pm
florida, 94% of the vote and donald trump ahead by 2 percentage points. the democrats were boastful earlier. i'm getting radio silence on what's going on in that state. >> pelley: he has to win florida and right now he is. >> he is. and ohio. look at this, another state donald trump felt confident in, performing well, 53% of the vote in there. let me get through these. michigan, just 17%. colorado first, forgive me, a and michigan, a tossup as well. john. >> we have two different kinds of states. the result belt states are all linked and why are they linked, because we've talked earlier tonight one to have the key themes is the difference in college education or not college education. if you look at the states, they all group together in terms of having a large non-college educated electorate -- ohio, michigan, pennsylvania -- all very close to each other and,
7:33 pm
and donald trump is doing well with that electorate. what's interesting is florida is a different kind of state, so he is doing two different kinds of things here. he's holding his own in two different kinds of states, and what's key here is that, if he does well in pennsylvania, then there's a chance he could do well in michigan and ohio and then iowa. >> trump's here was he would do well in the rust belt if there was a vote for him. >> because of the large share of the educated, blue-collar workers disappointed with washington. >> upset with jobs and trade. and also a cultural piece here, when you hear make america great again, they -- >> what does that mean? because when you talk to many people in this country, they say when was it not great? what does that mean, make america great again? >> there is a gradation of what that means. for some, it means a world in which the economy is better, in which middle class jobs are
7:34 pm
it means a world in which there is not so much of a minority presence in america, and culturally where the kind of liberal morays are not a part of my everyday experience and so it gets very messy. >> pelley: and he's talking to steelworkers in america who've lost jobs because of cheap chinese steel. steel mill in lore rein, closed last spring, lost 600 workers. >> both cultural and economic. michigan has not voted for a republican since 1988. let's go to anthony mason who has exit polls about what people think in that state. anthony? >> i was george h.w. bush, the last republican to win the state of michigan mi in 1988. here are two reasons why donald trump is competitive in michigan tonight. the first is whites without a college degree.
7:35 pm
two-to-one margin, but what's significant is he's outperforming mitt romney who won this group with 55% four years ago. he's also winning men by a margin of 52 to 40%. now, donald trump is winning men around the country, but men in michigan went for barack obama four years ago, narrowly but he won them on the way to winning the state. but these two changes are a big reason donald trump is competitive in michigan right now. gayle? >> it's very anthony. it's not just the non-educated voters he's resonating with. look at these numbers, white college educated voters, 50% for donald trump, 43% going for hillary clinton in michigan. what does that tell us, john, about what's likely to happen or going on in michigan that moment? >> it's a gender thing in. other states hillary clinton is winning white college educated women more than in michigan, she's only winning them by six
7:36 pm
is doing with white men with a college degree, almost 20 points away for donald trump with that group. so he's doing better culturalfully michigan than in a state like pennsylvania where mitt romney won white college educated women by 11 points, hillary clinton is up by 22 with white college educated women. that's really interesting because we're assuming pennsylvania and michigan are alike and in that case they are not alike. >> when he first started going to thinking why is he going to michigan? that's traditionally a blue state. donald trump, why is he spending time there? >> well, because -- yeah, i see it. >> pelley: and we're not the only ones watching the results of the election as they stand so farm. wall street is watching and the dow futures are down 400 points at this point. the market hates uncertainty, and if there's anything we can say conclusively about tonight, it is uncertainty.
7:37 pm
about that donald trump wanted to pick up. he placed a $25 million ad buy in the final week of the campaign, michigan was one of those states. michigan is also a state that has a large african-american community, 15% in detroit, hillary clinton performed well among that group but there was a question whether she was able to get black voters to the polls on election day. but noteworthy tonight, mi p mi, one of the battleground states that trended blue in the past, last time voted republican was in '88 and now is a tossup. >> let me squeeze in a word here. we knew at the beginning of this evening, we have known for two months this was a deeply divided nation. what we have found out so far tonight is we were right about that. maybe we didn't understand how divided we really were. >> pelley: i want to eremind
7:38 pm
these battleground states closely every second and the moment cbs news can make an estimate of who's ahead or winning, we'll stop whatever we're doing and we'll tell you about that. and now we have one. norah. >> we do have a call in the state of connecticut. hillary clinton has won in that state. she is the winner. not a big surprise there. not a huge electoral cache of votes. >> pelley: not a big surprise there. now hillary clinton electoral votes to donald trump's 129. still very early yet, but the tail of the evening is going to be told in these 13 battleground states. now, nancy cordes is following all of this for us from clinton election night headquarters in new york city. nancy? >> reporter: scott, i just got off the phone with a top clinton campaign official and asked him what the campaign makes of the situation in florida where you were just discussing how close the race appears to be right
7:39 pm
saying for six months that this race would be close and that is what we are now seeing. he pointed out not all of the votes in broward county, the second most popular county of the state, are in yet. that is a big democratic stronghold, but he also pointed out that their electoral strategy does not rely on winning florida. yes, they would love to win it but still continue to believe passing 270 involves nevada, colorado, pennsylvania, michigan and virginia. you're also discussing donald trump seems to have made up ground in virginia. i asked him what's going on there. he pointed out fairfax county, the most populous county in northern virginia has only reported about 50% of its vote so far. he says this happens every four years. fairfax county reports late, democrats start to freak out, feel they're losing the state and they come back and win and
7:40 pm
that's what's going to happen in virginia. how confident in we have been told by the clinton campaign, both hillary and bill clinton, have been working with their speech writers on a speech making some final edits and the writers have left the room and are inputting the final edits. yesterday we were told the writers prepared two different speeches, a concession and victory speech, and the fact they settled believe at this point she is going to win. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thank you very much. >> nancy, if you can still hear me, any reporting from the clinton campaign about what they think is going on in florida? >> they say it's a nail biter. they weren't willing to make a prediction about whether she would win or not. incredibly close. same situation in north carolina. that's why they sent all their resources down to those two
7:41 pm
it will be great, but they're not relying on the states the way that the trump campaign is. >> nancy cordes, clinton campaign headquarters right now. we should point out, too, scott, you first brought this up, the dow now down 500 points. at the same time we had a cbs news projection at this hour in the state of louisiana, donald trump is the winner. >> pelley: no big surprise there, of course. that's not a battleground state. expected it to go republican all along. status of the race right now as it stands, hillary clinton with 104 electoral 3otes, 137 for donald trump, 270 needed to win. the red states, we have projected for donald trump. the blue states, we have projected for hillary clinton. the states in white are those states that the polls have now closed but they are too close to make a projection.
7:42 pm
tonight. major? >> reporter: scott and norah, earlier this evening there was a definite despondensy within trump tower looking at the exit poll data on reports from battleground states. that has turned to cautious optimism. one thing i heard repeatedly from senior trump advisors is the exit poll data doesn't look good but we'll overperform the exit poll data just as we predicted we would overperform public polls. maybe 1 or 2%. the numbers reflect the overperformance of what was noted in the exit polls and public polling in the battleground states before votes started being counted. susan welsh the director in florida for the trump campaign, her quote, we feel pretty good about the prospects for trump in florida but are waiting to see
7:43 pm
but florida is an absolute must for donald trump. there is no path without florida. they would like to see more encouraging trend lines in north carolina, virginia, encouraged by pennsylvania and michigan but have yet to see the breakout state where they can achieve the clear path to 270. everything is very close. they are not nearly as discouraged as earlier this evening, but they are still looking for a momentum builder a battleground state that goes for trump try to reach the 270 mark. >> pelley: major garrett, thank you very much. 13 battleground states that will decide the election tonight, states that could go either way, and right now all of them could go either way.
7:44 pm
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7:46 pm
>> pelley: it's election night on cbs and what an election night it is. let us show you where the race stands right now at this moment. this is our map of the electoral college vote. we have hillary clinton with 104, donald trump with 137. the red states for trump, the blue for clinton, the white states are what we are watching right now. those are states where the polls have closed but the vote is so
7:47 pm
john dickerson. >> well, if i'm a clinton supporter and i'm looking at virginia and a state that once leaned for hillary clinton and is now a tossup, i'm paying a lot of attention to fair facs county as nancy cordes reported, 80% of the rote is in. hillary clinton is down just 10,000 votes. fairfax county brings in -- barack obama got 260,000 votes there. >> pelley: suburbs of washington, d.c. >> just outside washington, d.c., a very strong demo c hillary clinton to be elected i'm watching the votes coming in in fairfax county, hoping it performance as it did for barack obama hoping it will close the deficit in virginia. >> in perspective of 2012, where were we in terms of calling states? >> in 2012, although hawaii wasn't as much of a battleground was as now, was called now as was pennsylvania.
7:48 pm
very tight, called by 10:00 in 2012. >> bottom line to follow on your line, if you are a clinton supporter, you're popping an anti-anxiety pill now. charlie rose is over with the panel now. >> thank you, norah. remember, the first thing we said at 7:00, it's a tight race and we're seeing that in the states that are contested and very different. on the one hand you have virginia, north carolina and florida. and then the rust belt. then you have a couple out west. let's talk a why are they so tight? >> it's interesting. i was in ohio a couple of weeks ago, southeastern, eastern ohio, there is a scott-irish spine that runs up and down appalachia and they've seen less of a comeback after the recession and has cultural resentment toward the class of elites who believe they have ignored their needs and priorities for far too long
7:49 pm
talking to voters there just an enormous amount of rebelliousness, a feeling they needed to send a message to washington and to the country, i think you're seeing that happen tonight. >> i want to talk more about the cultural resentment. remember, trump began his campaign attacking hispanic immigrants and various other racial and ethnic minorities and some of the cultural anger we should identify as and it's significant trump has closed the gap and done so well with white voters across the country. >> racial because they believe as they gain in terms of voter strength and economic strength that they already losing? >> right, a zero-sum view of american life. >> it is zero sum but i think the other message trump was saying is it's not your fault this is this way. it's fault of immigrants, bad trade deals, wasteful wars,
7:50 pm
message. >> donald trump has run a very negative campaign, not as much as farce attack his opponent only, but very pessimistic that america is suffering and make america great again, it's backward in. a sense, that was directed perfectly to the states he needs the rest in the night, ohio, michigan and pennsylvania and certainly pennsylvania. but it does seem like pessimism has helped him. >> it's power of same when the rust belt felt stronger, more jobs, more stable situations. in 2012, ohio went for barack obama. now it's essentially even in terms of the exit poll. >> and to what degree are college educated voters okay with trump's campaign of nostalgia and racial anamis?
7:51 pm
overperforming a little, but seems hillary clinton might be slightly underperforming with hispanics. >> and the night is young. in some cases we've heard of only 20, 25% of the vote. back to norah. >> 13 battleground states we are watching very closely. four years ago, we called two of them. we have yet to call any of them tonight. we're going to go state by state, in-depth this race is so close at this hour. you are watching cbs news
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
>> well, this is getting awfully exciting, guys. north carolina, a state we had seen earlier give an edge to hillary clinton, we've moved back up into the tossup category. >> cheacialtion those are your people, north carolina. >> and i'm not sure what's happening. john? >> we have the african-american vote, 21% of the electorate, 23% in 2012, that might be one answer. in mecklenburg county, that is a deeply blue area from clinton people and i'm focused on fairfax and mecklenburg. >> also new information about what's happening in the state of florida, why it's so close, record-breaking turnout and news
7:55 pm
continues. it is a historic night on the campaign trail. in just a few moments we are expecting to get our first results in arizona. excitement has been building up . we want to take you live insidehe -- is live with the republicans. jerad -- they have been very excited about the national numbers. >> this is a very exciting and very optimistic tonight. based on 2 things -- first the apparent when by senator. john mccain and his pre- election based on early exit polling in as we mentioned a much stronger than expected numbers coming in from the east coast and the midwest for
7:56 pm
they are trying to keep the crowd entertained as they watch the numbers in weight just a few minutes longer for the local results to come in. among the big races sheriff joe arpaio age 84 going for his seventh term in office polls were down for arpaio. gop leaders remain confident that his basal come out and support him. the other sheriff future will be decided facing a very difficult race as he tries to represent congressional district one in arizona believe the candidates right now our -- are a couple players ahead of us. they will be down at 8 pm in the first numbers come in. and optimistic crowd here at the republican headquarters . lythgoe across the street to the renaissance hotel where the democrats are standing by.>> hi jarrod.
7:57 pm
at this time i can tell you the first speaker drew some booze out of the crowd talking about some of the early results appearing to be in donald trump's favor. there is a packed house tonight at the democratic party headquarters . scheduled to speak tonight dr. eric meyer, ruben gallego, scotty gifford, paul penzone, tom o'halloran, and senate. a political and as we talked to says it has been quite a day with many voters experiencing voting issues this morning.>> once again it just does not seem like we can get this election thing right. the machinery does not seem to be up to speed. it is really too bad. it does steal some of the faith that people have to have an assistant.
7:58 pm
race for the maricopa county sheriff. a lot of people cheering as one of the speakers say tonight is the last night for joe arpaio's leadership. of course we are just going to have to see.>> thanks lindsay we are hearing problems of a polling station near 51st avenue. and osborne . apparently there is one machine working. align barely moving. we will stay on top of this developing story and of course if those voters were in line at 7 pm they have every right we will be here all night at cbs5 . and of course with our friends on channel 3. you can catch us on 3 tv in just a couple minutes. we'll have more election coverage and will back here in 30 minutes for our first look at the results. we will see you then.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
.>> pelley: this race i we can't project a winner yet in a single one of them. can anthony salvanto, our director of elections, let's have a look here at some of these states that are just too close to call. we just moved north carolina into the toss-up category. >> right. it had been leaning clinton for a while, but what's happening, scott, is we are seeing votes coming in now all here around the coast. counties where donald trump is-- and this is a story we've been telling all night-- over-performing what we thought
8:01 pm
republican areas. hillary clinton is down just a little bit in some of these blue counties. they represent places that are going democratic, doing not well enough, but if donald trump can offset whatever margin she's going to make down here around raleigh-durham, that's why we've got it at least back to toss-up right now. >> pelley: before we leave you, let's have a look at florida. >> yeah, let's me tell you what's going >> pelley: donald trump has to win it. >> he probably has to win it. we're seeing record turnout, as you mentioned, but what happens is when we look at these counties and say how much of the vote is in? well, votes keep coming in because turnout is so high, in our models we're waiting to see 100% in, but the bar keeps getting higher and higher because more and more votes keep coming in. because nthat case we have to wait and see what the final tally is going to be. >> pelley: anthony salvanto, thank you very much.
8:02 pm
breakdown of each of these 13 state tonight. >> that's right, scott. thank you so much, let's just say what it is right now-- it is a white-knuckles kind of night. you're either opening a second bottle of wine or brewing a new pot of coffee because we have a long way to go tonight. let's go through all of these states, starting with florida. take a look at the sunshine state. it is still a toss-up. we have more than 90% of the vote in, donald t about two percentage points there. just so you know, anthony was telling us earlier that they're expecting a record turnout in this state. let's look at ohio. also just about 70 promise of the vote in. donald trump leading there. north carolina, donald trump leading in that state. in the state of virginia, you can see how close the margin is
8:03 pm
to come in. pennsylvania, another battleground state. look at that. anotheranother toss-up. 48-48. let's take a look at the keystone state of pennsylvania. first we'll go to georgia. bob, you were asking about georgia. donald trump giving him the edge in the state of georgia. let's take a look at new hampshire. also a toss-up at this and michigan. just about a quarter of the vote in there. cbs news estimating that as a toss-up. and arizona, the state, of course, that has just closed 0-0 athis point, part early vote, the hispanic vote will be key there. let's wait and see. and then wisconsin, cbs news also calling that battleground a toss-up. i think-- and colorado. a toss-up at this hour.
8:04 pm
mail-in vote. be interesting to see how that particular state turns out. let's just pull back for a second, john, since we've just gone true all of those boards, what it means. >> well, i'm just looking here in florida. to anthony's point about turnout, in the big counties of broward and palm and miami-dade, you're seeing 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 more votes for hillary clinton. but also in broward, 10,000 more votes for donald trump. familiar with, 13,000 more votes for donald trump. so both sides are going up. and that's why it's so close. >> pelley: let's have a look at the electoral college map quickly to show you where the race stands right now. hillary clinton 104 electoral votes, donald trump 140. 270 are needed to win. in other words, donald trump is well over halfway there. some big democratic counties, of course, like california, for
8:05 pm
still, we haven't heard from them because the polls haven't closed, but at this snapshot in time, donald trump more than halfway there. the red states we have estimated for trump. the blue states we've estimated for hillary clinton. the white states are states where the polls have closed but they're too close to call. >> donald trump said from the very beginning he was going to do it his way. he was going to run an unprecedented campaign, and clearly his message is resinating, depending on your point of view-- back to your point, people i know are calling on sweet black baby jesus right about now. it really depends on where you ?and this election. and so far, people-- he said he wanted to do it. he said he wanted to make a change, and people have liked the message that he is giving people tonight. >> elaine quijano you're hearing from the trump family, i understand. they're posting on social media. >> let's go ahead and show that you, first. i want to return to the issue of florida. but let's gh ahead and take a look at what donald trump himself tweeted just a short
8:06 pm
he said watching the returns at 9:45 p.m. you can see in that picture there, of course, his family. you see his running mate there, governor mike pence. but i want to go back to florida for a moment because we have talked at the outset of the millennial vote and the affinity for third-party candidates. now we have a little bit of data because you recall going into it,y said about 13% or so of millennials were saying that, you know, they would go for another candidate. , of the vote in, we know that those who chose gary johnson and jill stein combine for over 265,000 votes. >> wow. >> wow. >> when you consider that donald trump and hillary clinton separated by just 134,177, perhaps the third-party candidates are a factor. >> that's really interesting. >> also happening in north carolina where the share of the vote for the younger voters of 18-29 is up to 19%, that's three
8:07 pm
here you have gary johnson getting 7% of that vote. hillary clinton only getting 58% of the vote, is down from barack obama, getting 67%. >> gary johnson being the third-party candidate. >> climb change and issues like that very appealing to millennials. >> pelley: bob schieffer has a point. >> i was listening to norah run through the states. we call thesin these battlegroud states in theeg we had 56ed favorites. we thought colorado would be a battleground state, but we thought hillary clinton-- in fact, some of the clinton people told me it was already theirs. last week they were talking about. >> yeah. >> it's now a toss-up. pennsylvania. i think most people thought that was leaning towards hillary clinton. that i was maybe the safest, big battleground state for her. it's a toss-up. georgia, we always thought that that qoog republican.
8:08 pm
but then michigan. i think most people thought that was in the democratic column, leaning that way, even though it was a battleground. so we are seeing things now, and it seems to be a trend here, where we see him leading in some places -- or at least toss-ups, where we didn't think-- >> how do you explain, that bob? >> well, i don't know. more people seem to have voted for him than voted for her. >> remembering the exit vote we saw. we said it was going to be tight. that was one thung we said. but is what we're seeing now different than what we expected from the can exit polling that we had? >> well, it's interesting. we just have some new numbers out of virginia, anthony mason can share those with us, that i think will shed some light on what is going on in the dominion state. anthony. >> reporter: yeah, norah,y we want to look for three potential trouble spots for democrats in virginia. first is among white women with college degrees. this was a group hillary clinton wanted to perform very well with, but as you can see, donald
8:09 pm
with her among highly educated white women. the second group, young voters. now, clinton is winning young voters-- very strongly, 51% to 38%. but barack obama got 61% of young voters four years ago. so she's underperforming by 10 point here. and finally, voarpts in virginia view hillary clinton almost as negatively as donald trump on the issue of honesty and trustworthiness, as you can see right there. so three problems, three areas of trouble for clinton and surprisingly a toss-up right now. gayle. >> all right, anthony. following up with what you're saying about virginia, the independent voters there, 49% voted for donald trump, 41% voted for hillary clinton. independents, it seems cmake a real difference here, john. >> they can. i was just looking here at the-- we were talking earlier about in virginia, fairfax county coming in now for hillary clinton. so that she was down 10,000 votes.
8:10 pm
that's how, again, the democrats looking for hope. they're finding it in there. >> let's check in on the state of missouri because cbs news projects that donald trump has won the state of missouri. we'll be also watching the state of missouri as there is a key senate race there as well. senator roy blunt facing a tough challenge in that state. we'll have an update on his race out of missouri, but donald trump the projected winner electoral votes on his way to 270. those being the votes needed to win the presidency. hillary clinton still at 104. >> and that was pretty much expected. >> pelley: yes, missouri. very little of the rest of this has been expected, certainly in the 13 toss-up states. >> let's talk about, too, what's going on as the polls have closed in almost all of the battleground states.
8:11 pm
states. we've been here for a few hours, so i've lost track of time but it is 10:00. >> iowa just closed. >> nevada. two fascinate ago iowa is a state that barack obama carried twice. it's one of those states where it's got an older population even than florida. it has a highly blue collar noncollege educated and the clinton people thought gone. in nevada, the clinton campaign and democrats were basically saying nevada was really going to be in their column. that donald trump couldn't match on election day what they had been able to accumulate in the early vote. well, that may be another thing that gets undone by what we're seeing tonight. >> pelley: john dickerson, thank you very much. we're going to take a brief break here. we are going to come back with all the very latest results from these key battleground states, and we're going to visit with some of our correspondents who
8:12 pm
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8:14 pm
cbs. we have an important update for you on ohio. we have now moved ohio into the likely republican category.
8:15 pm
ohio. >> well, scott, it's not a projection yet, but let me show you why this is trending toward donald trump. we always talk about cleveland and how hillary clinton had to get big turnout there. she's doing okay, but i would point you to these counties around cleveland, places like lake county. democrats often do well in the suburbs around cleveland, too. hillary clinton is not. donald trump is out-performing. again, i've used that word 100 times tonight. but he's out-performing what republicans typically do in these counties here along lake. and if that holds then he could very well take ohio. >> pelley: tell us about the rest of the upper midwest. >> yeah, it's so important, scott. we talked coming into this night that if this would be what they call the blue wall, hillary clinton's base where these states reliably vote democratic. but they're full of the kind of blue-collar workers and voters that usually-- usually go democratic, but donald trump has been targeting them. and we haven't made projections yet in pennsylvania, in michigan, in wisconsin, all of
8:16 pm
long as that hold, it tells you the story that hillary clinton is under-performing what she needs to do. >> pelley: anthony salvanto, our director of elections, thank you very much. in the closing days of the election, donald trump spent extra time in wisconsin and michigan, and, norah, it looks like tonight that's paying off. >> that's right. and as anthony said, hillary clinton underperforming in a number of these battleground states that she had expected to do well in. we've got reporting from inside these battleground jan crawford is in north carolina, jericka duncan is in pennsylvania. first, we'll go to jan crawford, jan. >> reporter: well, remember, i mean, north carolina is the state that typically goes republican in presidential races. back in 2008, of course, president obama won this state. but by the narrowest of margins and in 2012 mitt romney won by two point. still, this was one of those closely fought battleground states that the clinton campaign
8:17 pm
and they made a big push here. i mean, hillary clinton came here for her last stop of her campaign, that midnight rally last night featuring lady gaga, and jon bon voafy attracting thousands of people. today he continued to do radio interviews here in this state trying to get her message out. but to win this state, she needed to carry the african american vote, and there were troubling signs there. now, early turnout, early voting, that was up across the since 2012. but the african american early vote was down 9%. so we actually saw people-- we drove around to a lot of the precincts today, and we actually saw people standing in line, african americans, at polling places, and there weren't that many lines, on the phone, making calls, saying, "why aren't you voting? come out and vote." people saying they just weren't going to vote. that is key for her here. on the flip side, trump needed
8:18 pm
people who may not have voted for romney, they didn't particularly care for him, people who may not have come out in 2008. he needed to turn them out, and some of the early numbers suggested they came out as well. the battle for the 15 electoral votes up for grabs in this state. >> from north carolina now to pennsylvania which is also in the toss-up category. jericka duncan is in philadelphia. jericka. >> reporter: there was a lot of concern here abo voter fraud, which is something that donald trump made an issue. so you had the district attorney putting extra resources in to that voter fraud task force, but at the end of the day, there were no reports of any intimidation or voter fraud. as for voter turnout, i can tell you, the nonpartisan watchdog group commit of 70 was saying turnout seemed to be higher than the last presidential election. but nothing official yet.
8:19 pm
primarily in african american communities, felt good. they said that just based on the lines that they had seen, the amount of people that were out early this morning, that they felt hillary clinton definitely had this state on lock, and we know that the last time a republican actually took this state was in 1988. so you're talking about a state that is primarily democratic, but, of course, it is up in the air. it is now of not over yet. so it remains to be seen just how all of those factors play into what tonight. we also want to note that the absentee ballots, that was actually down about 20%. so there will be a lot of questions asked, a lot of analyzing. but at the end of the day, it's not over just yet. >> pelley: jericka, thank you very much. we are making an adjustment in our estimate in florida. we are moving florida now to lean edge-- edge, i beg your pardon, not quite a lean, but an edge, an edge to donald trump,
8:20 pm
john, why are we making that change and what does it mean? >> well, it means hillary clinton may have turned out her vote and a lot of latinos are turning out, but donald trump is turning out his vote, too, again, in the rural areas, when you look at the map, all of that red, he's doing a little bit in each place. hillary clinton is doing it in big places around the cities. one thing i think we can conclude basically here is at the beginning of the night there was a big question-- did donald trump's vision of the elect railt, his-- which was in contrast to many, many republicans, which is that he co the electorate on his terms. that's been ratified. he did well by appealing on his terms. he may or may not be president, but in terms of that theory of the case, he has done well enough tonight to prove that he is-- he was right about that. >> i want to talk more about florida, but very quickly, in the state of new mexico, cbs news projects hillary clinton has won in that state. new mexico.
8:21 pm
we're going to take a quick break. but when we come back more on the state of florida. why it is edge republican. what it now means for donald trump and for hillary clinton as they try to put together an electoral vote pathway to victory. we'll explain. we'll be right back. ? before it became a medicine, a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ?
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>> we've got news to report, ladies and gentlemen. in arizona, senator john mccain has been declared the winner in that state. john mccain was seeking his sixth term in the united states senate. 80 years old. the former republican nominee for president has won a victory there. >> he also made it clear he would not trump. i think the final straw for him was after that "access hollywood" tape he said neither he nor his wife would be voting for donald trump and he had stood by him. >> at one point donald trump said he liked people who weren't captured and prisoners of war. >> at this hour, we have a number of battleground states still yet to call. i think i said earlier it's a white-knuckle race. charlie rose and the political
8:25 pm
good evening everyone. is the moment we have all been waiting for. the first results here and arizona are now coming in. the biggest races and measures in our state . making news right now cbs news is declaring arizona senator. race. he has 52% over in kirkpatrick's 42%. this is what a person over the precincts reporting. john mccain is being declared the winner. mayor for merricopa county. sheriff joe arpaio seeking his seventh term . here is an update. the sheriff leading his challenger paul penzone the
8:26 pm
to 45%. >> we will go ahead and take a look at proposition 205 the effort to recreation -- legalize recreational marijuana. right now the no is in the lead with 54%. yes has 46%. millions has been spent on this campaign but right now the effort to legalize recreational marijuana in arizona is failing. because prop 206 is the minimum wage increase raising the minimum wage to $12 by the year 2020 actually giving a lot of folks across arizona $10 raise our come this january and right now it is taking a commanding lead. 20 percentage points with help that of the things reporting in. 60% to 40%. we are going to take a look at the race for the
8:27 pm
in merricopa county. helen purcell down by -- at 49%. her challenger is in the lead right now$y?msn7s. the county recorder's office -- this could very well be a referendum on her performance. we had long lines during the primary in march. this is a close race right now but we are seeing problems with early ballots. we may not have been counted for several days. about 370 early ballots could go uncounted for several s close to call. a local race -- the race for county attorney and it is real close. incumbent republican bill montgomery and his challenger diego rodriguez take a look at the spread by about six percentage points right now 0% of the pretty things reported in. these early voting numbers only right now the incumbent taking a little bit of an edge -- 53-
8:28 pm
early voting numbers very preliminary numbers let's take a look at the race for the u.s. congress district 9 christian cinema in the lead over david gile 63% to 37%. go ahead and take a look at the next race we have up there. it is u.s. congress district 8 republican leading over democratic challenger mark salazar. green party right now republican turned spring has 68% to 32%. david republican having a commanding lead over the democratic. >> ruben gallego a commanding lead with eight percentage of the precincts reporting in. 75% to 25%. we want to give you the race -- the results of the us presidential race here in
8:29 pm
the popular vote in arizona 39%. clinton 46%. gary johnson 4% jill stein 1%. this is turning out to be a very interesting evening. we have one huge correction to our poll numbers. paul penzone not sheriff joe ours are -- not sheriff joe arpaio. it is a wild night here in arizona. we awaited for senator.
8:30 pm
news projects hillary clinton has won the old dominion. this was a state that was lean edge, it was it was toss-up, noe electoral votes now in hiar clinton's column. 13 electoral votes. >> why did it jump around so much? because-- and this will happen in other states over the night and people should know about this-- there are those place where's the democrats do well, those cities which have a lot of votes in them. if it takes a while for those votes to get cast, hillary clinton can be behind and then come back. so that's what happened in fairfax county. the vote came in from fairfax county, it went to hillary clinton, and that, again, inturk of washington, d.c., and that
8:31 pm
the top. >> pelley: this is the very first of the battleground states that we have been able to estimate a winner in. let's have a look at the battleground map now. hillary clinton goes up to 122 electoral votes to donald trump's 150. as you know, 270 needed to win the presidency. still much too close to call in florida, and cbs news is making a new projection for the state of ohio and we'll have that up for you here in just a moment. and there is the state of ohio, cbs news is projecting that once all the votes are counted, donald trump will win ohio. now, this keeps his hopes alive. ohio was a very important state for him to win. he needs to win ohio. he needs to win florida. right now, florida is too close
8:32 pm
but donald trump is leading in the vote. and there's the electoral vote count right now. hillary clinton 122, donald trump 168. john, what does ohio mean? >> well, ohio was one of those states-- they're falling into the traditional patterns. ohio was a state that donald trump had a chance to do well in because there was a big portion of the electorate that was noncollege-educated voters. there's a low portion of the electorate that was minority. to to put it on a list ohio might be one to go in the trump category. it did. virginia air, more diverse electorate, also a larger share of college-educated voters, that has gone to hillary clinton. those are ones that have sorted in a way that we would have expected before tonight, which is a change since so much has happened tonight which is unexpected. >> it's also a state where hillary clinton pulled out all the stoms in terms of star power that she brought to ohio.
8:33 pm
endorsement don't necessarily mean victory on election day. >> that's for sure. unless you're a celebrity yourself in donald trump's case, and that seems to have helped him in the state of ohio. >> this is going to be a very close election because if donald trump goes on to win florida, that will mean he has won two of the big battleground states. hillary clinton can still win if she wins pennsylvania. but this one's going right down to the wire. >> in fact, i spoke with a top clinton campaign official w the state of florida, because they had boasted to me earlier in the night that they felt very strong because they had banked a lot of early vote and at this point we have it edging to republican. this top official telling me it's very tight in florida but we can afford to lose it as long as we get pennsylvania, new hampshire, and nevada. >> and michigan becomes even more important now. >> great point. >> demarco morgan is with
8:34 pm
little bit about why we made these estimates. trump for ohio, and hillary clinton in virginia. >> all right, scott, let's start with ohio. right now, hillary clinton was heavily counting counting on tn american vote. it looks like it didn't work in her favor. how did trump win and walk away
8:35 pm
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
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8:43 pm
a war torn land taken over by the economists with very little besides the shirt on their backs and made the shirts on their backs and made greater and better nation for their presence i thank you for your support and god bless. all of them did so much. your belief in me and your labor honors me and i thank you for it. and thank you first to all my long time trusted friends and advisors my senate staff in
8:44 pm
as always i wouldn't have gotten anywhere in this business without your trust and council and general support and your friendship. thank you to everyone who commit any amount of money to this campaign from the smallest to the largest donation that fueled our campaign and i thank you. i.e. specially want to recognize two people who have been incredibly helpful throughout this journey. governor doug ducey my friend colleague senator jeff flake. also a couple of people i'd like to recognize tonight. as you know harry truman said if you want a friend in washington go out and buy a dog. i have a couple -- i have many, many special friends who are here tonight, but two of them i'd like to point out that it
8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
one of the great experiences to go to press cots arizona on the night before the election barry goldwater started that tradition back in 1952 and it's always been really one of the great and wonderful experiences in my political life. i mentioned last night i never had as you know a hometown growing up. the navy was my home and my parents home until i got married and i got arizona. magnificent place i love so much as my family and children it's the greatest gift i've ever received. campaigns are harder on the campaign's family than the candidate and i put my family through quite a few. i think this might be the last. thank you for your love and support, thank you for everything and that my friends with a full heart and ready to get back to work four i say good night and thank you one
8:47 pm
luckiest guy i know. god bless. >> senator john mccain giving his victory speech tonight make a major announcement right there at the end. this will be his 6th term in office. he's saying right there this may be his last term in office. but again, this is a victory speech by sector john mccain. >> i wrote down the time because you never know meetings 8:46 that's the time senator john mccain said that it might be his last campaign here for the state of arizona. ' the seat and the privilege to return to represent arizona in the u.s. senate for his 6th term at 80 years old. we are going to go back to network coverage we'll be back with more election results local and 270 needed to win. now, look at this. this is the popular vote. these are the raw total of numbers of people who have voted. and as you can see, donald trump
8:48 pm
little bit over two million votes. >> investors don't like the uncertainty of what we're looking at right now. >> pelley: investors hate uncertainty, and if this night is anything, it is uncertain. >> unless you're in team donald trump. they're feeling that-- they're looking at us thinking this is what we predicted all along, guys. >> i think they're probably looking at this, the rise of donald trump, the fact that he's made this so close, they believe he brings more uncertainty because he's less familiar t >> he's also called out the wall street corporate interests that are in control of washington, and he represents more uncertainty if he were to be president by design. >> oh, to be a fly on the wall at trump tower or at the hotel where hillary clinton and her team are tonight to find out what they are thinking at this hour. nancy cordes has been talking to her sources inside the clinton campaign.
8:49 pm
iifyou ask the clinton campaign now, or any time in the past few months, what their most likely pact is to 270, they would always say they have multiple paths but the most likely one is this, these five states-- virginia, colorado, pennsylvania, michigan, and nevada. in fact, a couple of weeks ago, they probably wouldn't even have included michigan on that list because they considered it a forgone conclusion. they still think they're win, but it will be a lot closer. win by cbs news two of the five. so they are watching those other three increasing, because now florida and ohio have been taken off the table. it's one of their only paths to 270. are they confident? yes. they feel that virginia and colorado were always so strong for them, that they actually stopped airing ads in those two faits for about four months. michigan was wobbly towards the end, but hillary clinton went back there twice.
8:50 pm
about their path, but it's certainly not the cakewalk that they hoped it would be. >> nancy cordes, thank you. major garrett has been covering the trump campaign. major, they've got to be feeling good inside the republican nominee's campaign headquarters. >> reporter: they're feeling much, much better. they now see one or two, maybe three paths to 270 electoral votes, norah. the florida director for the trump campaign has told them count on florida. we're going to win florida. i was just texting with paul manafort, former campaign attached to this campaign, though not officially. he believes trump is going to win north carolina. i was just texting with the former pennsylvania governor, republican tom corbett. he is not a trump person at all but he's looking at pennsylvania. he said because trump is winning in eerie county and running just a little behind hillary clinton in lakawana county, he believes trump will win pennsylvania. another trump official i talked
8:51 pm
very encouraged about that. in the end this may come down to michigan, new hampshire, nevada, and the states i just mentioned. norah and scott. >> all right, make, thank you. pennsylvania at this hour still a toss-up. when we come back, we'll talk more about the battle for the battlegrounds. plus poll closings in the west coast, including the biggest electoral prize of them all, the state of california. i'd like to send 50 pizzas to france. but not for the president. for you! you can be president of whatever you want. like president of your own salon... i look good. or your kid's little league team...foul ball! or president of whatever this is! get the domains, websites, and 24/7 personal support to be awesome online. get your dot com domain at godaddy dot com. hey potus! want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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>> pelley: it's election night on cbs. welcome back. let's have a quick look now at florida. one of the states that is running the closest race tonight, a must. win for donald trump. we are estimating that donald trump has the edge there. but a very close race indeed. >> well, you know, what looks like is going on. it looks like hillary clinton has won-- she's got more votes in the swing areas. that's supposed to be crucial to florida. she's turned out her vote in the southeastern part of the state in broward, palm, and miami-dade, but donald trump in the rest of the state is turning his vote out, too. so it's a battle of the turnout, and he appears to be well ahead. >> pelley: we are watching these battleground states for you minute by minute, and we will have more coverage of election night when cbs news
8:55 pm
a moment. more numbers coming in from the campaign trail. >> we've been updating the results for the past hour. here's a look at some of the biggest races and measures starting with u.s. senate race. senator john mccain the winner here just his victory speech right now. 53% over 42% for an kirkpatrick. senator john mccain giving the victory speech. >> maricopa county she every joe arpaio the incumbent right now losing to his two-time opponent democrat paul pen zone right now jump out to a 10% lead we're looking at the precincts reporting this is
8:56 pm
the numbers 25% of the precincts reporting paul pen zone 10 percentage point lead over sheriff joe arpaio. >> here's the results for the u.s. presidential race here in arizona so far trump leading with 49% to 46% so right now arizona leaning towards trump. florida in the electoral college just went to trump. that gives trump 197 electoral votes to clinton's 131 so far again right now trump leading here in propositions recreational marijuana prop 205 right now not pulling ahead. it looks like the no votes are ahead by 6 percentage points 53% to 47% let's check in with precincts only 24% reporting at this point. >> already the associated press has called minimum wage that it will pass here in arizona. this would raise minimum wage
8:57 pm
bump it up in 2020 it will bump it up to $12. but again the associated press declaring prop 206 has passed. >> there's been some voting issues all day long statewide. deny this first up what's going on with these uncounted ballots? >> it looks like it's going to take at least four days for uncounseled ballots to be tabulated until we know some of the results in these closer races right now. because we have 1,700,000 early there's going to be another 200,000 that come in today they are not going to baseball to do. this is nothing new we've seen this happen in the county and state before. one reason for that at least the county recorders office is telling me tonight could be state law and certain functional things out there. first of all you have to have these voting machines regulated and certified by the state. that did not happen until late october. october 28th to be exact. so they weren't able to start counting those early ballots
8:58 pm
the entire month of october until november 1st. there was a lots of ballots to count. about 1.1 million early ballots were sent in the county during this election cycle. it was an a record. >> talk about the race for maricopa county sheriff. right now arpaio is trailing paul pen zone 45% to 55%. arpaio looks to be in some serious danger here he may not get that 7th going for. and he really out spent pen zone. >> i've been saying all along a lot of people look the money erased 10, 12 million-dollar and spent most of that money on this race. a lot of people were saying that shows how strong he is as a politician he can go across the country and raise that kind of money it also points to a weakness in a candidate. you have to ask yourself a central question what local politician needs 10, $12 million for a local race.
8:59 pm
that's who. and mr. arpaio knew he was in for trouble knew he was in for a big race all year long playing out it's lying looking that way tonight. >> political editor live in the election center. within the next hour we could find out who the next president of the united states could be. >> very exciting very historic night. we are watching all the results locally and nationally. we'll be back with another update in 30 minutes. we're going to return to you the national election coverage
9:00 pm
>> i will be your voice and i'm going to fight so hard. >> it's about fighting for a future where everyone counts. >> pelley: it's election night on cbs ande polls are now closed in every state but alaska. cbs news projects hillary clinton has won california. and 55 golden states electors. donald trump gets idaho's four electoral votes, and with that clinton retakes the lead from donald trump in the race to 270 electoral votes. she has 186, he has 172.
9:01 pm
states still have no winner. >> it's an incredible night. we're going to go now to the battleground. let's take a look at florida because we've made a change in the sunshine state. 99% of the vote in the state of florida and cbs news now estimates this as likely republican. john. >> donald trump needed to win florida, ohio. he has won ohio, if florida goes his way. his stratus path he's picking up the state for that path and we still have the question mark with red belt states, wisconsin, michigan and of course pennsylvania. >> we should just point out that the electoral vote number just jumped to 190 for hillary clinton because we just called hawaii, the state of hawaii the
9:02 pm
aloha state. let's talk about florida for a moment and some of these additional battleground states. i think if you've been watching cbs this morning or cbs evening news or face the nation you would have heard the clinton campaign saying she felt very good about that state because they had turned up the hispanic vote. theyn't said their modeling show, they found a large portion of that new vote hispanic, over 900,000 hispanics voted early. >> and they banked some voits. >> they told us they had banked those votes particularly in the miami-dade area. if that would offset any large turnout by donald trump on election day. so john does that mean that trump supporters came out in droves today. >> they did. it's al society clinton coalition is minorities plus women, white women with a college education. she didn't get that vote in
9:03 pm
electorate is shaped. she was not able to, she did turn out the latino vote but not as much as donald trump turned out his vote. >> do you know john, so much during this campaign we kept hearing that both candidates are very unpopular. they both have high negatives. but on election day it would be people voting against someone as opposed to voting for someone. when you look at the results that are insofar, does that tell you anything about that theory. >> it might be both. i mean it might be both voting against and f being motivated to turn out. i mean what we aren't seeing is what i was running into a lot with voters who were just saying, i just, we thought they might stay home. >> let's bring it up to date on the electoral map just quickly because hillary clinton for the first time tonight has jumped into the lead with that big haul that we were expecting of course in california. she has now vaulted ahead in the
9:04 pm
270 needed to win she has 290 now. >> we were talking about donald trump pathway to victory that includes a win in florida. etcetera now likely republican. a win in ohio also would include a win in north carolina. let's look now at where we stand in north carolina. cbs news is estimating that the state of north carolina is leaning republican. now this has been a republican state. it has enjoyed battleground obama was able to put it in the democratic column in 2008. he lost to mitt romney in 2012, but this is leaning republican. >> leaning republican. >.this would make you even more nervous if yo you're a drark tht wisconsin has just moved, sorry, it moved and moved back. never mind. >> how about michigan. >> those are all still toss ups.
9:05 pm
wisconsin moved but it's back to your point about north carolina. you know, donald trump needed to win. that's one of the states he needed to win. >> in addition we talked about picking off -- >> we're just now making a projection for north carolina, cbs news is estimating that donald trump will be the winner in north carolina. this is a critical break through for the trump campaign. >> yeah. i mean when we talked about the fact that the republican is behind based on the traditional states that go republican and democrat. he needed to win a bunch of these battle ground states and now he's doing it. >> charlie you know this so well, i would love to hear what you're thinking right now. >> you got to remember for a long time north carolina was
9:06 pm
helms and north carolina has a governor who was republican. that was always there. that was the african american vote that obama had to come for him in 2008. we thought with the president there, it might make a difference this time and get the level of african american votes. there may still be that level of african american vote but those people in eastern north carolina who are conservative are coming out in strong numbers. >> we keep talking about pass the victory. i think i that donald trump has a realistic path to victory at this point in the night. we're seeing all these divides tonight. men versus women having different attitudes. and another divide we're seeing over and over tonight, rule versu --rural versus city. >> he's going from long shot to real shot. >> yes, exactly.
9:07 pm
does. we have to see how wis consin, wednesday and michigan turn out. we have to obviously wait to see the way things go in florida. if they continue to trend his way in florida, that will along with ohio and north carolina. >> john, you know as i do because we've talked about sides, both sides thought if he was going to win one of these big battle ground states, probably his best bet was i. and we still haven't called that yet. >> nancy cordes who is at the clinton headquarters. nancy. >> well norah, the fact that north carolina and ohio now appear to have ended up in the trump camp is a bitter disappointment for the clinton campaign. they literally spend tens of millions more dollars in those states than donald trump did. they have been airing ads in the states for month. hillary clinton went back to
9:08 pm
final rally. her running mate tim kaine spent the entire day in the state yesterday. so that just shows you how winnable they thought that state was. as for ohio, she was in cleveland twice in the last couple days, she did that big concert and she went back just to give a coronation from king lebron james which shows you the kind of impact that they thought those visits could have. now they would never have said that they thought a fantastic shot in either of those states. ohio they always ne knew becausf the demographics but north carolina they really thought today a shot. and they had a huge ground game there working especially to turn out african americans in the states. but it appears it wasn't enough. >> all right, nancy cordes thank you. we just want to quickly point out that wisconsin, the defibrillation continues, is that what we call it.
9:09 pm
republican. >> meaning some democrats may need defibrillation. >> the reason that's so important is that is a part of something, it was part of a firewall that the clinton campaign was supposed to have and western states traditionally go to the democrats. which means now donald trump is putting pressure in hillary clinton in pennsylvania and now in michigan and wisconsin. >> that is the home state of the chairman of the republican national committee rienlspr inside. >> remember donald trump's second campaign manager someone still close to the campaign and who was talking to all significant republicans around the country. he has texted me just a moment ago that reince priebus the national republican chairman and a republican of standing says he eks pecks donald trump will
9:10 pm
trump will carry iowa as well and they're encouraged to what they're seeing in michigan. in this upper mid west aspect of the trump campaign they are seeing exactly what they hoped to see and they believe they are now for the first time seeing a solid path to victory paved in part by the industrial mid west. >> marria major garrett thank yy much. help the audience with the map and the path moving f fuss, how does clinton put a victory together. >> she has to hold wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. all the states where donald trump is putting a lot of pressure on her right now and he's doing very well all three of those states. she has to hold all of them. that's basically the biggest challenge for her. >> what path to victory would donald trump have. >> well, he has to start picking off those, one of those states.
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
is steel young. stay tuned because there's still a number of white states still on the map we have not called or predicted. >> on the west coast it's very late here. y the clinton complain still believes they can win with pennsylvania new hampshire and nevada. we should talk about those states. we'll see. arizona is one that they had hoped would be in their back pocket. long shot of a state to think about arizona especially the way this night is going. since we just had donald trump's pathway i wanted to be fair and give hillary pathways. >> she has to hold wisconsin and michigan which is not at all
9:13 pm
hold them by which i mean keep them in the democratic column because they traditionally voted for the democrats. >> that's why it ended up in the campaign last night in philadelphia. >> what if the independent ends up in utah. >> unscramble a situation here. we've got wisconsin up on the screen right now. we have estimated that donald trump has an edge right there. now there's about 64% of the vote in and he is ahead b 50,000 votes out of nearly two million that have been cast. very close there. that's wisconsin. let's have a look now begin at florida. florida is a shoe that has not dropped yet but it is estimated it is likely to go donald trump's way. there is nearly 100% of the vote
9:14 pm
trump is ahead by just a little over 100,000 out of nine million. >> when donald trump was in wisconsin recently, i remember watching tv and him telling voters saying listen if you early voted and you want to change your vote, please feel free to do so. >> there's no indication that many people did that. but what they did learn in wisconsin is that they were able to, they had something like the airport hangar held something like 34500 they said they had tens of thousands of people but they couldn't get in. they clearly tapped into something in wisconsin. people doubted the trump strategy of going to wisconsin and michigan at the last minute. they said it doesn't make any sense but they saw something there. >> since he wasn't warmly welcomed by paul ryan. >> what are the numbers if we look now at pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania charlie, we still show as a toss up state,
9:15 pm
there have been more than four million cast. she is ahead by a hundred thousand votes. 81% of the vote has been counted so far. so still a toss up there. another toss up assignor awe was noting is -- as norah was noting is this is a campaign they fully expected they would carry and with 55% of the vote in, donald trump is ahead by votes out of two and-a-half million that have been cast. so this is coming down to very small numbers. >> one of the interesting themes that we talked about earlier on in this night that would give us some clues about how this election was going are the suburban women. white non, excuse me, white college-educated women. and you see in the states that donald trump is doing well such
9:16 pm
he won white college educated women. that has helped fuel that coalition has fueled him doing so well in the state of florida. it has broken in different places in different degrees. >> those are the 13 battleground states that you're looking at on the screen now. blue for hillary clinton, red for donald trump. as you can see, of the battleground states, there are only four of them that we have been able to estimate because the race the others. the polls are now closed in all of the 50 states save one, and that is alaska which will be closing very late tonight. >> i think we're going to be here very late tonight. >> we may be waiting for alaska. the popular vote as everyone knows doesn't count for anything. it is the electoral vote that
9:17 pm
note that donald trump at this point in the popular vote is ahead by more than two million votes. he has 49% of the popular vote to hillary clinton's 46%. >> let's take a look at the state of new hampshire. new hampshire had al gore one, new hampshire he would have won the presidency. new hampshire is a small number of electoral votes that could be critical tonight. look at this. we're calling this a toss up state 47 to 47%. there of the vote there. >> we need to interrupt because cbs news is estimating that in the state of utah, donald trump is the winner. in the state of oregon we are predicting that hillary clinton will be the victor at the end of the night. so we should go back to our electoral vote board and show you where things stand right
9:18 pm
with 193. 270 needed to win and now it is coming down of course to these battle ground states, like florida. assignor aas norah was saying, w hampshire, pennsylvania, wisconsin, minnesota, just too close to call right now. >> major garrett has been talking withor the trump campaign what they believe at this hour is their pathway to victory. major. >> we haven't projected florida but the trump campaign counts florida. they are also beginning to count pennsylvania he 240 though it st been called. they are encouraged about wisconsin because just as i reported a few moments ago, the republican national chairman
9:19 pm
that's the path. that's the path that donald trump has always imagined might be possible. an anchor in the industrial mid west with a conversation with the country for the first time in a very long time challenging the underlying economic assumptions of globalization and free trade because he believes and these results tend to reinforce that voters in those states either have fur gotten or out of the conversation are left at the economic margins of thi country. and when he appealed to them they have responded in numbers that did not show up n exit polls entirely and certainly did not show up in the pup polling before this election day occurred. so that's the path they see. they're assuming florida, north carolina and then pennsylvania michigan, or wisconsin, possibly all three. >> john dickerson, we're curious about the role paul ryan might
9:20 pm
donald trump. >> he didn't embrace donald trump and got a lot of grief for it from the voters of wisconsin. what i was told by republicans in wisconsin is actually, jowns ijowns -- johnson in the state, trying to keep his seat, they were trying to see how many would support him or not and ron johnson supported him because donald trump they thought was doing very well and would help the republican senator in that state, not be a weight for him. and that looks like that might very well be happening. >> how is the senate race in wisconsin. >> it looks like it is leaning towards ron johnson. this is of course an epic match up between him and russ finegold who many people know him from mccain fine gold. there was a rematch there and it looks like we have not made a call yet in that particular
9:21 pm
be holding on at this hour. we stand here now at 11:20 and we take a look at which bat grounds are still yet to be called. those are those white states that are on our electoral map. what were you watching. >> well i think pennsylvania number one. i think at this point it is absolutely crucial for hillary clinton to win pennsylvania which she was favored to win pennsylvania. that was going to be her best battle ground i'm just hearing that they just calderon johnson as the winner of that senate race out in wisconsin. >> juliana goldman has been covering those races for us. >> with ron johnson holding on to this senate seat in the race against former democratic senator russ feingold is that this win has essentially cut off
9:22 pm
majority in the senate. the democrats have only had one pick up so far because republicans have held on to indiana, florida, north carolina and wisconsin. so at this point the best the democrats can do is get to 50 seats and then to get control of the senate, they need hillary clinton to win because remember under that scenario, then as vice president tim kaine would be the tie breaking 51st vote. so again the big news here out johnson is that essentially caught off democrat's path to an outside majority in the senate and you've got that combined to our own projection that says that republicans are also going to be holding on to control of the house. >> all right, jo in terms of congress it looks like a very good night for the republican party. >> it certainly is a big night for the republican party and
9:23 pm
donald trump so far. let's have a look at the battle ground states again. we have a graphic for you that shows you the ones that we have projected and the ones that we have not been able to project. remarkable that georgia is still out there. the states in red of course are donald trump and in blue hillary clinton. but look at the rest of them. new hampshire, pennsylvania, florida, arizona, miss conson, michigan, iowa, nevada all too remarkable turn about as we mentioned before a candidate donald trump who never led in the cbs news poll from the point that he was nominated to this night, he was never in the lead against hillary clinton and now he is running neck and neck with her. the electoral college count
9:24 pm
>> when we first started with 17 candidates everybody kept saying in the end it will be hillary clinton and jeb bush standing at the end. everything about him has been unconventional from the very beginning. he kept winning and winning and winning and here we are tonight. >> it could go either way. that's headline right now. >> in 2012 and in 2008 we had made a call about who won the presidency of the united states. >> at this time. >> yes. tomorrow we're not able to make that call is still a toss up, new hampshire is a toss up, nevada is a toss up. michigan is a toss up. all those states. >> and yet there are several, norah, as you see here on our computers, several that are edge republican or likely republican as we head deeper into this night. we will have the very latest on this election coming right back for you, some of you are going to your local returns, the rest
9:25 pm
for more election night on cbs. it is 9:25 we have another update in arizona. >> one of the most watched races race for maricopa county sheriff. associated press penzone the winner 55% to joe arpaio's 45%. we're expecting to hear from paul penzone. >> dianrossi is in downtown phoenix. any sign of him yet donna? >>reporter: no sign of him yet but it looks like security and everybody is getting ready we expect him to walk into this room any minute now. when it was first announce inside this room that paul penzone was going to be the next sheriff this place went
9:26 pm
taken the podium since then who has mentioned that sheriff joe arpaio is out again the room has gone crazy. i spoke earlier with maricopa county supervisor steve gallardo who has been a long time opponent of sheriff arpaio and he says look, people have just had enough. the time was over for sheriff arpaio and that's why paul penzone won it this time. you'll recall four years ago penzone a political neo fight got within 6 percentage points of arpaio and of course has happened in the past four years. penzone no doubt is going to thank so many people here when he takes the room. i'm sure he's going to have a huge smile on his face my guess after talking to him this past week he's going to want to get down to business and take care. >> thanks donna. >> we'll be checking back in in a few moments when he takes the stage for victory speech. let's go to gop headquarters in
9:27 pm
live. >>reporter: this is such an interesting story, interesting dynamic. big win for paul penzone over the renaissance hotel just across the street from us. donna told you they are jubilant over that. but i can tell you the gop headquarters not a lot of talk of arpaio but these folks still very he late bad the track record and the vote count of donald trump doing so well in the battleground states. so this crowd over the years has been so su arpaio that sort of seems to be an afterthought they have got a lot to be happy about here. big wins in the state of arizona and mr. trump doing very well on a national level. so this is a happy crowd and in many ways it really seemed like joe arpaio's time had come. didn't seem to have the support even among his most faithful ardent followers had a lot of money coming in from out of state, joe had a real tough time putting this all together. looks like he's going to go down to defeat.
9:28 pm
the maricopa county. throw it back to you. >> it is indeed. thank you and we understand paul penzone is set to speak in less than five minutes we'll take that live. quickly to a couple of races including the propositions prop 205 legalize marijuana in our state and look the numbers right now. 38% of the precincts reporting in and the no vote leading 53 to 47%. >> that race has not been ll calling the minimum wage increase in arizona that it has passed. if you look at the numbers there 60% yes, 40% no. we want to look at some other races quickly starting with the u.s. senate race. senator john mccain will get a 6th term in office he gave his victory speech earlier this evening. >> before we toss it back to cbs news coverage here is the
9:29 pm
is close but donald trump still main tank a 3 percentage leads 49% to 46%. gary johnson 57,000 popular votes with 35% of the precincts reporting in jillstein at over 17,000. so the third party candidates getting some numbers here in arizona will it affect the final outcome it is yet to be determined at this point. we're going to continue to watch the numbers as well watching paul penzone coming in live in a few minutes. >> we will break in to
9:30 pm
>> breaking news, cbs news now estimates that dwrud will donal be the winner in florida. this was key to the trump campaign. he virtually could not win the presidency without florida. he has now racked up north carolina and ohio by our estimates among the battleground states. there are several other states in the battleground states that we're looking at that haven't been called yet. >> that's right. we should take a look now at the state of pennsylvania which now bookbecomes crucial for hillary clinton to keep in the democratic column.
9:31 pm
pennsylvania and 29 in florida. >> donald trump is now 48 votes from having the presidency. >> let's look at that electoral college map. we'll show you that hillary clinton has 197 electoral college votes. donald trump now regaining the lead with 222. trump has had the lead most of the night. hillary clinton vaulted ahead when california and oregon came beginning to color some of those swing states red on our map. >> let's also take a look at the state of wisconsin. one of those states in the blue wall that is john dickerson said the republicans hope to pierce tonight in the state of wisconsin, home to the speaker of the house as well as the chairman of the republican national committee cbs news now estimates that donald trump has
9:32 pm
>> this night has gone much differently than anyone predicted. >> what we thought about the possible scenarios and we'll see what happens in the mid west. we'll have to see whether how far donald trump goes into democratic territory. how far that what he was calling the client silent majority the h of that blue color voter. how big that becomes. but for the moment it's beg enough to have won in those crucial states of florida and north carolina and ohio. >> state of nevada, a state that had a large early vote turnout, we have now cbs news is now estimating that that leans democratic. the state of nevada lean democratic, that had also been a statwith a heavy hispanic turnout in the early vote. donald trump went there in the final days of the campaign hoping to drive up turnout on election day. we are currently stmenting that
9:33 pm
that state lead hillary clinton. how does this affect, john, the pathway to victory. >> well obviously he's got, if the traditional republican states come in, then he's got and arizona is out, there was talk about how that might be a state that was the heady days of hillary clinton's best moments i think the way the night is going you would expect arizona to behalf like a republican state. so that's other electoral votes t for donald trump is through pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan and he doesn't have to win all of them. so it's really a question i of e mid west for the moment. >> for hillary clinton. >> hold toast states. those states. and she al to keep maine which is one of the other states which is part of the blue wall. maine with its four electoral
9:34 pm
in a night where wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania are in the balance, simply holding what democrats traditionally hold is not a certainty. >> john, his campaign predicted he would win the red belt area. seems to me they were exactly right weren't they. >> they were. they kept talking about the enthusiasm and turnout at his rallies. anybody whose covered the politics knows sometimes a big rally is a bit of a foorl because you can get a lot of rally but sometimes, that's all you can do is fill up a rally and you can't get the rest of the coalition. but here -- >> they rallied and then they went to the polls. >> look at the supporters there at clinton headquarters. listening intently as the results come in. some of the people look almost crest fallen. >> certainly not what they were expecting at the beginning of the evening.
9:35 pm
>> now it's too close to estimate. >> we should reset the map here. >> there was so much talk about hidden secret trump voters who would say one thing publicly but then go in the voting booth and do something else. do you think that's what's happened here, john. >> i don't we'll have to check. the places you would look for that is in the white college educated voters and the suburbs. they seem to be turning out in some places certainly in pense very heavily for hillary clinton. >> this is the clinton campaign. the watch party of the clinton campaign, clearly a great deal of concern there at this point in the evening. charlie rose is with our political panel. charlie. >> thank you scott, with me
9:36 pm
sanchez and mark -- of the "new york times." the question is what's going on? what's happening and how will it end up. >> this is a populous way. we're not sure if it's high enough to elect donald trump yet but it's a real way. it involves reaction against globalism and multiculturalism and a culture that people think is condescending. >> there was a movement, he saw it in >> it was frustrated and disappointed with the republican and democratic party. it's very similar. they wanted an outsider to come in and break up wash to get things moving again. what's interesting charlie is people in these states of michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina are deciding at the last minute they went for trump. >> let me go back to scott for a call. >> norah is watching these data
9:37 pm
in the state of iowa, donald trump has won. this is the state that barack obama had won in the past two elections. the demographics of the state did favor donald trump. >> yes. so barack obama's career started by winning the craw cussio cauc. but dwrud w donald trump won tod it's a state cam. >> let's look at our electoral college camp. hillary clinton 197 and dropped with 228 and 270 is what you need to win. that story is going to be told over the next hour or two as we watch these very close races in these battle ground states. the states you see in white are those states where the polls
9:38 pm
make an estimate. let's go back to charlie rose and our political panel. >> mark, pick up where we were. what's going on as you see it and how surprising. >> well it's surprising but it shouldn't be in a way because pression denprecedence is everye way. if you look at 48 hours ago there was a conventional wisdom after the second comey letter that you know maybe it would be a somewhat early evening, maybe north carolina, florida would break they broke the early voting patterns with a he saw for hillary clinton. i don't know why anyone should be surprised the people the media and the polls were wrong again. this is an incredibly unpredictable eruption. donald trump obviously new something that the people didn't. >> here's an interesting point. he knees 42 electoral votes. she needs 73, and there are 83 up for grabs.
9:39 pm
michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> she needs both states. she needs two of those three states. obviously they are very big electoral votes. i mean his performance in the first part of the evening put her on the defensive and she has to hold. >> this is also a reflection of a lack of belief in institutions and now including polls. >> polling, get out the votes operation which didn't seem to do much in this electi lot of conservatives in america about the opinions being wrong, about polling bag wrong. part of donald trump's appeal is the idea that there is a conspiracy of the establishment. and this look are loos like it. >> this is confirmation. >> i think they will take it as confirmation that the culture was against them.
9:40 pm
thing that is cinc concin concot trump won them within the last 30 days and within the last week in many of these battle ground states. >> thank you. let's go back to scott and norah. norah you were going back through some of the exit polling data and you came across something fascinate is. >> this is fascinating, one of the swing dprooms we've been watching in this election is suburban women who went bush to, i don' obama won them e last election. suburban women turned out for donald trump. in michigan he's winning them by ten points over clinton. in wisconsin, trump is winning suburban white women by seven points. in pennsylvania trump is winning suburban white women by two points. in ohio he is winning by ten points. he has managed to keep suburban
9:41 pm
helps drive him in florida. so that is part of his coalition tonight. >> when you say that, it's a very big surprise considering donald trump's track roar that many people felt that he was insensitive and inappropriate. >> republicans dominate in the suburbs so that part makes sense. witbut bob schieffer some people are sprezzed he is doing so well among women. >> that would be the big surprise of the night if this proves to be the difference people thought it would go just the other way. we were very close here and we need to emphasize here, this could still go either way. but donald trump is now by my count 42 votes away from having the 270 he needs. >> and you can see that on the faces of the people at the clinton election night watch
9:42 pm
nancy cordes is there. nancy, tell us about the mood. >> it's not the reason that you see so many shell shocked faces here is because these are very intense supporters. they are long time volunteers and they know exactly what was a loss in wisconsin would mean. it would almost certainly preclude hillary clinton from getting to the 270 electoral votes she needs. and so this is really a stunner. the last time that hillary clinton was in wisconsin, we just checked was april seven months ago. so a site ri tight race was note radar screen at all. the clinton campaign was thaty earlier in the night. they were quite quiet but i got through to a clinton aide who says they do believe they will pull out a victory in michigan and in wisconsin at the end. he pointed out that a lot of
9:43 pm
we're stepping aside for network coverage 40 minutes ago the associated press declared this man right there in the middle part of your screen the winner of the maricopa county race for sheriff. >> paul penzone declared the winner just moments ago. the crowd was cheering. there is a new sheriff in town. four years ago paul penzone lost this same race to sheriff arpaio. >> 6%. >> by 80,000 votes. >> 6% police sergeant. let's listen in on the brand new sheriff of maricopa county. paul penzone. >> s. >> thank you guys so much we appreciate it so very much. i just wanted to say i know all
9:44 pm
this for a long time. i and i wanted to say the next six worlds there's a new sheriff in town. . >> how's everybody feeling tonight? i can't tell you what an honor it i'm a blessed man i have a beautiful family and i'm surrounded by people who care about this community and fought for this community for that i thank you. . >> after the 2012 election i can't tell you how many times i've been approached and asked
9:45 pm
don't think so. i won't say never. when a announced to run some of my opponents supporters say sheriff can't be beaten never say never i want to thank you all for what you've done we've made a statement across the nation. greater no matter where we come from we're all entitled to respect respect. in that same vein i want you to understand i came from a law enforcement backgrounds and i pursued this because i want to restore that respect, that transparency and confidence the maricopa county sheriff's office because the men and
9:46 pm
deserve it and this community deserves it. we will no longer stand for the things that we've seen where the maricopa county sheriff's office has been identified because the notoriety of one. you will now know a sheriff's office who is appreciated because of the sacrifices of many. i'm looking forward to the opportuto men and women because i've heard from many of them for quite sometime now. they want a chance to show you who they really are what they really believe in and that we're all collectively part of one community i'll be honored
9:47 pm
direction with new leadership to see what the best that law enforcement can represent. as a community i'm going to call on you to work with us, to work through these times that we've seen not looking back but where we're going forward. how collectively the only division we should ever see in a community is those that commit the crime and those of us who are willing to hold them accountable. no one is above the law. tonight many have said is a historic moment. but history will be defined by what we collectively moving forward to make maricopa county the safest county in the nation
9:48 pm
behalf of our families and our children seeing each other through eyes where we all have respect where we at the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for us because we trust and have confidence at the same time they understands they serve a grateful community. you know tonight to my understanding that a show low officer lost his life that's the dark and difficult law enforcement those are the moments we must recognize the sacrifice that comes with and appreciate the men and women who do the job at the same time those men and women will show appreciation for this community that stand with them. so i look forward to serving as
9:49 pm
can express tonight i want to thank you again. i want to thank steven and john from the party who worked tirelessly with their staff and volunteers throughout the community. i want to thank my staff who from day one you can see the glimmer in their eyes they knew we were going to accomplish it there was never a doubt in for them an our two boys are grown men. my wife and i talked about this i want you to hear these words please. when i became an officer i saw a man who i felt defined integrity and ethics and professionalism and that's what inspired me. and my wife and i spoke about the difference right now because the challenges we face. we want our sons to see law enforcement through those same eyes where they know that law
9:50 pm
able and collectively we're one in the same. that's why i took on this fight. i'm a blessed man because the family i have because of my strong wife veronica. >> for those who don't know my wife is a big fan of the rocky movies and we were at home one she said honey you got to finish what you started and then she shared these wise words with me. she said don't forget rocky 2 the good guy wins. so i have to say it just like rocky did. veronica, i did it, we did it.
9:51 pm
. >> he was the ultimate underdog back when he tried to unseat the sheriff back in 2012, but second time is a charm for the retired phoenix police sergeant paul penzone. >> sheriff joe arpaio collected more than $13 million in h billionaire george soros swooped in gave $7 million for tv ads this turned the tide we've seen a lot of promotions against arpaio the last couple of weeks. >> here's a look at the race ap called 9:05 arizona time the democrat the challenger paul penzone checking in with 40% of the precincts reporting. ap again calling this race over as of now. all paul penzone 55 to 45%
9:52 pm
joe arpaio. >> of course the big race tonight that all eyes are on across the country is the race for chin and trump for the u.s. presidency. this is the clinton campaign rally. this is in new york a very somber mood there tonight. we have seen a lot of tears among the crowd. right now clinton has 209 electoral votes. trump's 232 but the mood you can see at the clinton's p were expecting to be a campan somber tonight. >> right thereis the popular vote across the united states 49 million votes so far checking in this is a popular vote for donald trump at 49% to hillary clinton's 47 million votes at 47%. right now 70% of the precincts reporting. back to that live shot of hillary clinton. that was a lot of symbolism chosen by the campaign javits center on the west side it is a
9:53 pm
expecting their candidate to break the glass ceiling. now we're looking inside the hyatt downtown in new york city right there along 5th avenue a block away from fox news a couple of blocks away from 30 rockefeller center. those are a lot of make america great signs the camera keeps pushing into iconic red hat that says make america great again. donald trump campaign. >> we're looking at the different states that still have to be declared. arizona looks like it will go to donald trump. utah, iowa, wisconsin, michigan, all look like they will push donald trump over that 270 electoral votes needed right now you are looking at the. >> latest electoral college votes looks like 232 for donald trump right now. 209 for hillary clinton.
9:54 pm
but it is looking very, very good for the republicans right now. >> compare the atmosphere trump and hillary clinton we've seen a lot of tears from supporters at the clinton rally. you can tell they are in shock there tonight. people at the trump rally waving signs very excited about what is going on. we believe we have some live shots that we can look at right there. that is >> javits center right there. home of the new york auto show, home of some of the biggest conventions on the eastern seaboard of this is now the home base for the democratic national party as well as the democratic national nominee hillary clinton. no expectation of when she may approach the stage. of course there's still a lot of numbers yet to be counted. there are still a couple of states out there that have yet to be called. cbs news is not calling anything at this point.
9:55 pm
will go to clinton nevada looks like it will go to clinton. iowa, wisconsin irks michigan all those look like they may be pushing trump over the electoral votes needed. >> cbs 5 news at 10:00 starts right now. . >> good evening everyone we start with breaking news for campaign 2016 tonight hundreds of thousands of won't have a say on today's election until tomorrow. >> part of the big issue is the county's dealing with a massive amount of early ballots that were supposed to be mailed in they ended up getting dropped off at polling stations today. >> we're going have more on that issue, but first we're going to check in with some of the top races and the big story tonight is this panel right here. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio has lost his reelection bid to democrat paul penzone.
9:56 pm
already been called the u.s. senate race. arizona senator john mccain contain will get a 6th term in office. tonight he is seated defeated kirk kirkpatrick. >> ever since the numbers started coming in earlier tonight at 8:00 p.m. the no vote had been leading the yes votes to legalize marijuana in at reporting. 56% of the precincts still no votes leading 53 to 47%. >> major proposition here in arizona proposition 206 which will hike minimum wage to $10, $12 in the year 2020. that has passed. look at that margin. 60% voting yes, 40% no. >> well tonight we're going to bring you the power of two stations cbs news teams up with
9:57 pm
the most comprehensive coverage right here in the valley. you can see the reporters we've got reporters pretty much deployed all throughout the valley for all the major races and we as well have the power of cbs news because you are looking live at some faces that kind show a mixture of shock, disbelief. they are trying to figure out is this race over at this hour? it's turning almost midnight there in the eastern seaboard for new york city. this dallas/fort worth its center, the home of the hillary clinton campaign. >> it looks like hillary clinton will not baseball to make up the electoral votes right now she is trailing 209 votes to trump's 238 votes. and you can see it's a much different atmosphere over at the hyatt in midtown manhattan where donald trump will be holding his victory speech. it looks like at this point. you see people waving pom poms a lot of celebration there. we're going to keep you updated
9:58 pm
hillary clinton does not have a path to the white house. >> the most talked about race back here in the valley all night long has been the race for county sheriff maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio loses his seat to democrat paul penzone. >> lindsey reiser at democratic headquarters with the very latest reaction there. lindsey. >>reporter: well as you can imagine people here are elated that there is a town. 30 seconds of pure applause thunderous applause when it was announce. arpaio has been sheriff since 1992. he's the longest serving sheriff ever in maricopa county. paul penzone ran unsuccessfully against sheriff arpaio in 2012 but this time it is different. his slogan this time was it's time in his victory speech. tonight history is made and he looks forward to stepping into his new role.
9:59 pm
contested races in maricopa county. of course it got very ugly. two sides arguing over each others political attack ads but tonight it looks like there is a new maricopa county sheriff in town. back to you. >> lindsey reiser reporting live for us tonight the race for sheriff has been the most highly watched local races all across the country. >> the other side let's check in with cbs 5 jared dill tonight. jared. >>reporter: good evening to you. you know in a night that has been full en full of excitement job headquarters the arpaio rice is certainly a huge disappointment. i spent many nights here on these election nights and sheriff arpaio is always so happy to be here mingling in the crowd always eager to speak but there's been no sign of arpaio. we're told he was watching the results coming in upstairs with other people. we're unclear if he's going to
10:00 pm
the crowd as his campaign had stated earlier in the day whether he won or whether he lost. again no sign of sheriff arpaio. no sign of sheriff b. there are cheers that donald trump could take the presidency. i'm jared dillingham we'll send it back inside to you. >> jared thank a look at the balance of power what it's looking like in the senate and the house. we're going to go ahead and bring those graphic is up for you. here we go. the balance of power in the united states senate. the republicans holding power with 45 republicans to 42 democrats. now we're going to take a look at the house of representatives. tonight reps again it has been a very good night for


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