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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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trump tower, near the city downtown. >> you see the chicago river there, a lot of famous hotels along that stretch of 111th avenue, that's where this all started. our local cbs station there says that this demonstration was planned and organized through social media channels. it started at about 5:00 local time which is just an hour ago, 4:00 local here in arizona. and this is expected to last at and we're also seeing reports that the chicago police are escorting these protestors and escorting people away accordingly. >> the groups involve order antiwar, antipoverty, and antiracism. now originally this event was organized to mock trump after his loss. but when things turned into trump's favor last night, it would change to a
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thousand was people marching through the streets of downtown chicago protesting from trump's presidency. >> and we'll keep an eye on this throughout this newscast. we'll bring you more information live from hick chick as well as other cities across the country. tonight valley students are making their voices heard about the presidential election. >> right here today, people walked out of class to show their disappointment with trump's win. donna rossi was in the middle of it. she joins us who did those students have to say? >> at the height of the protest b300 students and other protestors converged on the state capital in downtown phoenix. [ crowd noise ] >> the students said they
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could not concentrate and wanted to make a point that they matter, regardless of their heritage, sexual orientation, religion, or legal status. a few students expressed concerns that your families might be r apart. >> we know he did win for president yesterday, but we still want to open our mouths and voices, and give people the power that we could do what we want to do. we are scared, we're we are very unhappy, angry at fact -- of the results. but we also understand that we're a community that supports one another, and we're gonna stick together no matter what happens. >> there were police officers on-hand, and a confrontation squad. but everything was peaceful. folks out there this afternoon say we should expect
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>> > walkouts today at schools in california and colorado protesting trump's election. that's california on the left where hundreds of students streamed out of three different high schools in berkeley and held raels of their schools. in boulder, colorado, dozens of students there who protested what they call the values donald trump stands for. they held signs that read dhs or boulder this was trending on social media under #youthrevolt. >> i still believe in america and i always will. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> hillary clinton came out this morning offering to put aside her differences and work toward healing the country. she also spoke to women saying she is proud to be their champion, and president obama offered this
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>> we all want what's best for this country. that's what i heard in mr. trump's remarks last night. that's what i heard when i spoke to him directly. and i was heartened by that. snootsz what the country needs. >> the president said he is proud of what clinton has done and knows she will continue the mitt romney and jeb bush took to social media to congratulate trump. and trump did set a different tone out of the gate with his victory speech last night, or this morning i should say. he set aside that harsh rhetoric that he used pretty much every day on the campaign trail. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america. now it's time for america to bind
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>> president obama invited trump to visit the white house tomorrow to pave the way for a smooth transition. in arizona, voters will still have to wait until next week for decisions on races that are too close to call. >> there are still hundreds of thousand was uncounted ballots. >> across the state there's and about 470,000 of them behind the doors right here in phoenix, and most of those uncounted ballots are early ballots that were dropped off at the polls on election day. you're looking at the tabulation center at recorder's office, and not a lot of action going on when we stopped by earlier today.
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today. the recorder says she and her staff were not ready to do so but they will resume that count sometime in the morning tomorrow. her opponent says that is completely unacceptable. sglo r >> i think it's a problem. wean we're having an election and we could probably schedule a third shift and get some people work through the evening so we can get this work done. >> people will see nothing shouldn't you at least be counting ballots right now? >> not right now. we will count when we're ready to count. >> reporter: they are still locked in a very tight race, and the county can process about 1,000 ballots a day, and this should done late next week.
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election, download our cbs 5 news app. there are still a few races that are too close to call. but you can read up on those and see the highlights and the low points from last night's election a police pursuit turns into a deadly pursuit and standoff in show low, and a police is dead. >> reporter: flags are at half-staff outside show low's police station. a growing high schooler for officer daren reed. >> it was unfortunate an officer lost his life in this situation >> reporter: officer reed responded to this days inn. he chased this morning, daniel erickson, armed, and he fires at officer reed. he's wounded and
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>> scary that something like this could happen in a small town. this is normally a big city situation >> reporter: erickson takes off in a truck. a massive manhunt gets underway. police tracked him down to a cabin in lakeside. >> we could hear police officer officers by the pa's, saying come out with your hands up. >> reporter: howard walsh is in a cabin next door. police get him and his son to safety. >> we could hear a few gunshots >>te begins as officers swarm the area. he had a 15-year-old with him. after several hours, the suspect opens fire, police fire back and erickson is killed. >> i think i just heard eight gunshots. oh, my god! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: one local man caut all on his cellphone. now a city is in mourning, and
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wife and two kids. >> unfortunately in this and age around the country, we have these situations where anything can happen anywhere, and you just have to support your police officer. >> reporter: in show low, jeff van zant. new tonight after 15 months, landscape truck near 69th avenue and shea when he hit dr. doctor who was riding his motorcycle. the 65-year-old died at the scene. santiago lopez ran off and fled to mexico. on membered, he turned himself -- monday, he turned himself in nogales and was extradited back to the valley. tempe police need your help
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mills mall. he was spot started following several young children. if you know who this guy is, call tempe police. police go into the fire who, they save is just ahead. >> and coming up at 5:30, you decided to raise the minimum wage in arizona. what does that mean for your wallet and your neighbor's budgets? >> another live look at the streets of chicago outside the trump tower, thousands of protestors mobilized via facebook gathering to protest donald trump and the election. they're protesting antiwar, poverty, and racism. police are escorting the crowds through
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at least seven people killed in a tram accident in london today. >> more than 50 were taken to the hospital. investigators continue to investigate the cause of the derailment. police arrested the tram driver. detectives are investigating whether he fell asleep. a massive fire broke out early this morning at a plastics recycling plant in the northern california city of lodi. when firefighters arrived, flames were shooting about 80 feet in the air. >> hard to s in atlanta tonight. this is coming from wildfires burning in north georgia. deputies went above and beyond the call of duty running into a dangerous house fire to pull four people to safety including a paralyzed man. >> and the once conjoined twins separated last month are doing better than expected! the boys
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doctors hope they can move to a rehab center soon. this election has been contentious. political rivals in the valley plan to coexist now that the election is over. >> and connect with cbs5 on
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breaking news, having an effect on the commute home. we understand that a motorcycleist has been hit by a train. this is near grant and the i-17. this is just south of the state capital
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not wearing helmet. he was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. but you can see the traffic backup. grant and i-17. if you know somebody that has to move in that area for the commute home, you might want to call them and tell them to take an alternative route. grant and i-17, a motorcyclist hit by a train at that crossing. one of the biggest surpriseas sheriff. joe arpaio lost his bid for an unpress dented seventh term. the democratic challenger paul penzone. this pair went head-to-head in 2012 but penzone lost that race by 6 points. shfrtd released a statement saying it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as county sheriff for the last 24 years. morgan lowe looks back at the
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arpaio's two decades in office. senator john mccain won a sixth term in the senate. it was expected to be a tough fight with ann kirkpatrick, but mccain ended up winning by a pretty good margin. he said this may be his last term in the senate. this year's election, monof the most contentious, divisive, that we've eveen across the valley and the country are calling for healing and coming together. jason barry is live in phoenix where he has seen that trump and clinton supporters can actually get along. jason? >> reporter: yeah , let's face it. this election divided families, offices, entire neighborhoods. now that it's over, the growing effort to bring both sides together. >> reporter: ben bailey and
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each other. but their political views couldn't be further apart. bailey is a clinton support. trumbo a trump guy. despite the divisiveness of the presidential campaign, the two coworkers at phoenix's noodle ad agency are looking to set an example to others on how to coexist now that the election is over. >> maybe we don't agree on things, but that doesn't mean that we can't work together and have a mutual respect for each other and respect from where we're coming from. >> the best thing we can do now relationships are a lot more important than politics and politicians. >> surely goodness and mercy shall follow me >> reporter: pastor javier is hoping this year's election will serve as a wake-up call to trump and clinton supporters that our country is better together than tearing each other apart. >> to have healing you have to have hope. and for that hope, we need to work with each other.
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we need to see the other was created equal as ourselves. >> reporter: i don't think clinton supporters will all of a sudden embrace donald trump, but the hope is they'll expect the fact that he is going to be the next president of the united states. gorgeous pictures this morning for the sunrise out that nice picture from litchfield park. look at the colors out there. and temperatures comfortable today. highs in the mid-80s, still above average. sitting at 83 degrees, a little breezy out of the east southeast at 14 miles per hour. thursday breezy through the evening hours, temperatures drop into the upper 70s by 9:00. mid-70s at 11:00. here's futurecast, mostly clear skies. a few clouds to the south of us. we still have a disturbance to the south. it could bring some showers along
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it looks like a pretty quiet day on tap, and even cooler weather ahead for your thursday. we'll top out at 81 degrees, 4:00 in the afternoon. 7-day, 81 for thursday. friday we'll remind everybody, veterans day, join us in central phoenix for the big parade cardinals game, and r. it's great weather for all the folks out there in west valley, 83 degrees. looking live back to chicago, following the events
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story that you won't believe. >> this is live from our cbs affiliate. thousands taking to the streets tonight to protest the election results as well as where the new administration stands on a variety of issues.
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a group of exceptional college soccer players all here in the valley. >> they other best in the country at what they do. and they're closing in on their championship destiny. >> all right, let's go! >> i think we're all pretty competitive. we all work hard.
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butt in practice. >> reporter: puma pride where the women's soccer team is undefeated and ranked no. 1 in the country. we don't like to lose. we're always telling each other we're undefeated for a reason. >> reporter: and it's a big week on campus. saturday the team departs for florida to compete in the national tournament, four winnings away from a national title. >>oh like, if you come here, you have a chance at a national championship. >> reporter: the top player, a 21-year-old sniper from mesa, showed up this year ready to rewrite the record book. >> if we get close to 29, we'll be tremendously happy. >> reporter: she began her career in oklahoma but left in 2013 to embark on an 18-month
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she returned in 2015 with an identity and an accent. >> it's been a roller coaster, that's for sure. there were parts when i was, like, man this is a bummer. i really want to just be all great and good right now. but i decided i need to put god before i put soccer and anything else. >> reporter: now she and her mates are four wins away from the school's third national title in the last seven seasons. >> i think it would mean everything to us. i >> there's a fantasy fairy land that comes into it, but it's not because it's reality. taking you back live to chicago. you can see more than a thousand protestors on the streets in downtown chicago. they were outside of the trump international hotel and tower. we believe they're walking down wabash avenue. this was organized on facebook after the presidential election. the group
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stand with immigrant, muslim, women, lgbt, poor, and work people and black lives matter participant, all protesting that donald trump will be the next
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