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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> some studies show that up to 3% of people earning minimum wage could lose their jobs. supporters of 206, even business owners, tell me they believe in the measure, and although it may cost more to operate, more people having money to spend will help make up the difference. the economist says at face value, prop 206 looks good and will put more money in people's pockets. he says not as made to believe. arizonans voted down a proposal to legalize
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approved their propositions, so arizona was the only one to shoot it down. a huge fire erupted last night in an old historic phoenix neighborhood. >> reporter: they were laser-focused on the elections last night. a small army of phoenix firefighters and the folks in this old historic phoenix neighborhood near and thomas. flames leaping into the sky, a column of big, black smoke visible throughout much of the valley. the fire pushing in three separate properties in what's known as the phoenix homestead neighborhood, known
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trees and thick vegetation. several buildings burned. no injuries reported but there was lots and lots of damage. >> fire crews ravened they had several structures that were on fire at the time. things exploding, power lines that were dropping. >> lots of trees. i was afraid it was gonna travel on and be passed through the neighborhood. >> reporter: srp power lines in the fire zone, the power in the area affected for sometime. vorgz trying to determine the cause of the destructive blaze. property owners testing the damage. they had to replace transformers damaged last night.
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but using uber can be half of what a taxi cost asks more than what you pay to park. and you won't have the stress of driving, parking, and take the shuttle from the lot. this is downtown chicago. thousands have taken to the streets to protest the results of last election. they want to get the message out they're not happy with the results. they have taken to the streets. this was organized through social media remember we're getting reports that the police department is directing this group. closing the streets down and opening them back up. so far it has been peaceful.
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general motors is cutting 2,000 jobs because of slowing sales. >> g m says it is suspending the third shift at two of their factory because consumers are shifting from cars to suv's and light trucks walgreens is suing sorrano's for $1 million. it is trying to get some of its investment money back. gopro recalling some of its new karma drones because they can lose power during flight.
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it gives users five seconds to retract any e-mail. facebook is testing a new feature make your photos and live videos look like famous
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a motorcyclist rushed to the hospital after getting hit this is a live picture from i-17 and grant of the train goes over the freeway. it is causing a backup. the backup is more off on the frontage road at i-17 and grant because the train -- this is an overpass going over the freeway. we're told the rider appeared to have nonlife-threatening injuries. police are still working to figure out what led up to this crash. many homeowners are stepping up their security game
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>> defensive gardening. >> reporter: marianne goldsmith relandscaped her front lawn with two things in mind. >> security and safety. >> reporter: this was her home before. overgrown trees hiding spots near the front door. >> mow one can hide in here, and you could see them if they were >> reporter: defensive gardening uses landscaping to keep intruders away if the bad guys have nowhere to hide. >> it's which one of these houses on the street am i gonna choose? it's gonna be the one that gives you the most coverage to get into the house. >> this would definitely deter people. >> reporter: plants and trees can also be used to create natural barriers. from dense plants. >> you're not going to make your way through. this >> reporter: to thorny trees and bushes!
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quite formidable. >> reporter: clustering prickly plants together could help keep intruders from getting close to a home's windows or doors. >> they're not gonna go through it. >> by trimming all of the azaleas in front of the house, it cleared the way so you can see the house more. >> repor yard's beauty and the peace of mind that comes with it. >> i'm supposed to ask you how the temperature of the team is. [ laughter ] >> the temperature seemed like -- they're red-hot, and they're ready to play. a lot of people are counting the cardinals out.
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palmer. >> i like where we are, the underdog. >> our back are against the wall. you gotta be with your brothers back-to-back. and that's what we have here. suns home court against the pistons. the team is young. it'll be interesting to see how much that continues the factor after last night's osz losz in portland. when we say the suns are young, eric bledsoe was born in 1989. marquis krisz made his first start at 23. the suns are down 23-25 at the end of 1st but almost pulled off a comeback. >> we come back a lot. that's
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the team is really close. we have a lot of beliefs. i think our average age was 22. the arizona wildcats away for a game. this cubs fan decided to keep the memory of the world series always on his mind. we're we're not sure how th ? ? one day a rider made a decision.
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his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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mountains are pink, time to drink! i heard that phrase -- listen, i met a lady today, she had the greatest personality. sun city, they have a wine club. and they say when the mountains are pink, it's time to drink. [ laughter ] >> happy hour. isn't that a nice phrase! [ laughter ] >> a live look, engineer au, a
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this weekend. snies sunset for us. mountains aren't as pink. comfortable day today. winds out of the east southeast at 14 miles an hour. clear skies and plenty. sunshine in the forecast. temperature dropping a little bit of us, a few showers just south of tucson for tomorrow, otherwise a quiet day across the valley and up north. temperatures up north dropping below freezing, 29 degrees, 60s for a low in phoenix. 59 in casa grande. and here's your 7-day, 59 on thursday, upper 50s friday. and temperatures staying close to that 60-degree mark through sunday, and is a little warmer next week, and a similar story in the valley.
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day, staying in the lower 80s through the weekend, and mid-80s by tuesday. is an era. the election marks the end of a fascinating and controversial political career. >> we're talking about sheriff arpaio. he is out of office. paul penzone will be taking over january 1st. taking 55% of the see the highs and lows of his two decades in office. >> it's an election year >> reporter: no one saw it coming in 1992. when voters elected joe arpaio sheriff with his promise to serve only one term, they ushered in two decades of this. >> read the report. [ chanting ] [ crowd noise ] >> you can't
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president. that's a little tough, even for me. >> reporter: wildly. truly bizarre at others. possibly criminal in the end. and answer your question, okay? desperate. >> reporter: even in those early days, arpaio wanted to be known as america's toughest sheriff. >> it goes back to traditional days, western days when the sheriff had sworn to go after horse thieves >> reporter: so he bragged about putti underwear, feeding them baloney sandwiches, and making them stay in his infamous outdoor jail, tent city. >> nowhere in this country has anyone put 1,000 inmates in tents >> reporter: he had charisma and a knack for getting media coverage. >> he was innovative. most people like him instinctively. >> reporter: but as his popularity soared, his message became more controversial. >> i have the authority to go into anywhere without telling
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the crime suppression sweeps that would prompt federal investigation, lawsuits and lead to his upcoming trial. >> i can't talk about it right now. >> reporter: he says the sheriff is always in soefl-preserve alwaysation mode, addicted t satisfied with it. >> i think it's the only thing that matters to him. >> reporter: after 24 years, arpaio's political career appears to be over. >> i'm not going to talk about it right now.
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around for a long time. >> penzone takes over an offic. we want to show you the breaking news we've been covering throughout this newscast. election of donald trump. this is downtown chicago. >> this is right outside the trump hotel and tower they are protesting trump's, what they call trump's racism, and other issues with various groups. >> we'll have more on this coming up tonight at 6:30. >> see you then.
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>> pelley: america's new reality. >> donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20. >> i think we're kind of in unchartered territory. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. >> the chance to lead. >> we are now all rooting for his success. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the outsider is in. donald john trump rode a wave of anti-washington anger on an improbable 17-month journey from


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