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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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off and opened fire, killing officer reed. they're not sure if the suspect knew the hostage. we're told that reed's family is planning funeral services >> reporter: i did hear someone addressing the crowd moments ago in the middle of the vigil. we're outside of a church, trying to give you a good vantage point. you gotta look at this crowd. there are hundreds of people out here. and if you can see what i'm seeing, that crowd extends to the main street running through show low.
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making sure to keep that flame burning bright as they remember daren reed. i decide speak with a police sergeant's wife. she remembers officer reeden about this, and here's what he had to say. >> every time he'd walk by my desk, he'd stop and look at me, and he would make me smile, and is he wouldn't walk away until i did. [ crying ] >> we come to find out that officer darryne reed was only months away from retirement. he
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to continue out here as this vigil goes on. remembering officer darrin reed. >> and you can tell by the turnout, emotion in the chief's voice how much he misses officer reed. tempe police are looking for a man who was following children at arizona mills mall if you recognize this man, you're asked to call tempe police. a lot of frustrated people across the country following last night's presidential election. this was the scene on the streets of downtown chicago. thousands there protested just outside of the trump tower, many
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all americans. back here in the valley, students staged a similar protest. they came from several high schools, concerned about their teachers in the u.s. donna rossi is live in our newsroom with more. >> the students seemed angry and scared about what their futureay they heard from candidate trump, now president elect trump. [ chanting ] >> reporter: they held signs and chanteded as they marched on the state capitol grounds. they came from high schools and many districts, many of them minority students who expressed concerns that their relatives may be ripped from families and deported. others said their religious beliefs made them feel unsafe under a trump presidency,
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believe. >> i'm scared. i'm i'm mad. i can't express, people are trying to be happy, trying to have a good life. >> are we gonna fight for one another, and stick together no matter what happens? if we become one, then nothing can bring us down if the president represents all of that hate. >> there were about 300 students onhe they were a little loud but no one was hurt, and for the most part things were peaceful. it looks like voters will have to wait until next week to learn the fate of several local races. that's because there are still hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots. dennis welsh has >> reporter: the presidential election is done before a lot of races in arizona. it is far from over. and the reason for that,
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the state. 470,000 of them behind these doors here at the maricopa county recorder's office in phoenix. i want to show you some video that we shot earlier today. not a lot of action going on, and the reason for that, they're not counting ballots today. they weren't prepared to do that but the staff will resume that count her political opponent says this is unacceptable and believes voters waiting this long for results. >> regular common sense would say why don't we work through the night and get another shift in in the morning and get these things verified and get those ballots counted? >> we have so many days that we can count before an election. that's set in the statute. the secretary of state must come and do an accuracy test on our equipment, and we can't start counting until that happens. >> reporter: they're still
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they can process about 100,000 ballots a day. paul penzone beating sheriff arpaio. penzone lost to him senator mccain defended his seat against anne kirkpatrick. he hinted this could be his last
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>> voters also shot down prop 205, which would have legalized recreational marijuana here in our state. they did pass prop 206, which increases the minimum wage starting in january. coming up at 6:45, we'll explore who will be affected by this new law. new developments in a hit and run accident in scottsdale that killed a world renowned doctor. scottsdale police tracked down 26-year-old ruben national. he was in mexico and he turned himself in at the nogales port of entry. the deadly crash happened in june of 2015. the doctor was known as one of the best in the fight against childhood cancer. the suspect is facing felony charges. it was a huge fireball right in a historic phoenix neighborhood. >> tonight investigators don't
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srp lines in the fire zone and power lines damaged in the area. they believe the fire started in the alley. >> fire crews arrived, they had several structures on fire at the time. they had a lot of hazardous situations going on. propane bottles exploding, all things of that nature, power lines that were dropping. >> the fire happened in the phoenix homestead district, which is a historically designated area known for its large trees and thick vegetation. a reminder to stay on the lookout and be careful. phoenix police are still searching for a serial kimmer linked to seven mrpds since march, he could be driving several vehicles including a black 2000 bmw 5 series. there is a $75,000 reward. if you know anything, call silent witness at 408-witness. coming up, spoiling your sleep.
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phones is affecting how much rest you get at night. >> no one could hide them in here. and you could see them if they were. >> changing the look of your
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extended screen time will lead to less sleep, especially for those who use their devices right before bedtime. >> maybe if you don't sleep well, you look at your phone more often. but the other alternative is looking at your phone exposes you to blue light.
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inhibit your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> i feel like we've heard this in a lot of studies now! [ laughter ] >> doctor s say trading your phone for a book before bedtime, that could ensure a better night's rest. security alarms, a lot of different ways to protect your house. >> a keep intruders away from her home from dense bushes to shrubs. she says just create natural barriers. >> it's just which one of these houses am i gonna choose? the one that give us most coverage to get into the house. >> a house is less appealing to target if those bad guys have nowhere to hide. passing prop 206 starting in january, minimum wage is going up in arizona.
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your salsear not affected, you could -- salary is not affected, you could see changes. what happens next? plenty of sunshine today. temperatures comfortable in the
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goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. campaign 2016, see there in the center part of your screen, donald trump beating hillary clinton in the presidential election. and this morning early, his picture projected on
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building. perhaps you stayed up late with us to watch trump deliver his victory speech a little after 1:00 am. >> he called for unity in his first speech as president elect. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come >> and trump said that hillary clinton called him to concede the race. she spoke today saying it was a painful loss but that we must accept it. >> many of you are at the beginning of your professional, public, and political careers. you will have successes and setbacks too. this loss hurts. but please never stop believing
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is worth it. >> clinton says the country needs to give donald trump a chance to lead. he is expected to meet with president obama tomorrow to start the transition. prop 206 hikes up the minimum wage, and prop 205 was to legalize recreational marijuana. voters reject the the marijuana prop, following a multimillion dollar campaign on both side this measure passed with 59% of the vote. although minimum wage is going up, it's not a worker's
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cbs5's zahid arab has the impact this may have. >> reporter: workers like at this mcdonald's that make minimum wage bring in about $17,000 a year. prop 206 means more money in their pockets. and an economist says not by much. arizona healthy work families, the group behind prop 206 said it would dramatically improve the lives of struggling arizonans. rick meric with a consulting firm says not quite. minimum wage workers will have more flexibility to pay for rent, food, and entertainment but it won't be enough to move people into the next income category. >> it may help you move from baltic and new york avenue a little bit, but it's not go gonna be a major move for most people. >> reporter: economist say the
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businesses which means some negative impacts. studies show up to 3% of the minimum wage workers could lose their jobs as business owners make tough decisions dealing with reduced profits. if you go to mcdonald's, don't be surprised if you soon have to order your food from a kiosk. targeting november anti, scheduled to open friday which would have been the earliest date ever. but warm weather is pose something problems! >> november 18th would be a better day. [ laughter ] >> # thankspaul, it's back! [ laughter ] >> it's going viral again.
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whole week, fretty dry condition, sunshine, temperatures above average, high of 85. this is probably why i saw this picture on our cbs5 az -- >> what! >> last day for school. i think it's a little too chilly. >> for a couple weeks now. >> portland oregon, when temperatures hit 70, people are jumping in the pool. this is pretty amazing. maybe they have a nice little pool here. great stuff. and a nice picture of and we had a nice day today, high temperatures above average, 85 degrees. your average is around 79. and right now we're sitting at 80. sun has set around 5:30, and wind speeds starting to die down a bit out of the southeast at 9 miles per hour. could see a breeze again for where are thursday. mostly clear skies, a few high, thin clouds across the state. we're gonna see some cloud cover, a chan of showers south of us.
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the border there. quiet conditions here, a breeze again tomorrow afternoon. and temperature-wise, warmer than average. and your 7-day, comfortable for friday. 82 degrees. we'll take it. and lower 80s saturday, sunday, temperatures stay around the mid-80s next week. a warmup and a high of 85 on tuesday. everything you need to know before prime time is coming next in tonight's takeaway.
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getting girls into science and chemistry, industries that are usually dominated by men.
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and killed. darryne reed was murdered while chasing a suspect last night. he served ten years in the force. police later killed the suspect after six hours of negotiation. tempe lease are searching for a man who was acting suspicious at arizona mills mall. he followed several children last saturday night. if you recognize him, call police. the dow jones hit an all-time stocks initially plummeted following trump's election but rebounded throughout the day. we are getting word of an anti-trump rally happening in tempe. we're gonna have the latest tonight at 10:00, and
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," at the takali tribe, adam betrayed taylor. >> i lied to you and i screwed you. >> figgy was the sacrifice that had to happen. >> jeff: at the vanua tribe, david and zeke were growing closer. >> zeke, i trust you a lot. i think we're cut from the same cloth. >> jeff: at the ika bula tribe, the on sticking together. but jay wanted to make a big move. >> this decision could honestly mold the rest of my game. >> jeff: at tribal council, jay and will voted with the gen xers. seventh person voted out, michaela. >> what? >> jeff: sending michaela home. michaela, the tribe has spoken. leaving hannah in the dark.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> that was hard, man. >> i know. she was mad, man. >> told you, dude. i made a big-ass move tonight, and i thought i was going to get punched in the face honestly, but michaela's the closer. she closed on every single this premerge just to be safe, and pretty proud of myself right now. >> i appreciate you guys keeping us around. >> yeah. >> i know. we didn't want her to be... >> you know i would have voted with you all, though. >> but i didn't want you to do that. >> i just want you to know. at this point i'm clearly at the bottom of this tribe. i can't trust any of these


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