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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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an escaped prison is pack in custody. he slipped out of his handcuffs, carzached a woman and disappeared. >> last night he was allegedly carjacking another person and police caught up with him in tempe. >> reporter: sergeant a dangerous situation that thankfully ended before anybody was seriously hurt or killed out here. this all started in scottsdale when a woman called 911 reporting that the driver
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of her car. as she continued westbound, officers caught up with the suspect. he pulled into a parking lot and appeared to be cooperating. then he took off driving the wrong way on thomas. he ran a red light, slammed into a suv before spinning out and hitting a police car. everyone was okay not been released. we are tracking the latest anti-trump protestors for a second night in a row. right now you see there, police cars near the protests. protestors this time in portland, oregon. 30 minutes ago police declared this gathering a
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vandalism. if anyone is arrested, it is a class c felony. from new york to phil tow boston protests have been going on all day. >> trump has weighed in on the protestors and did it on twitter twitter. "now professional protestors inspired by the media are protesting very unfair." in the valley students walk day upset about the election. law enforcement told us there were no serious issues. today president obama gave the president elected a tour of his new office. >> this is the first time the two have met. and it appears they got off to a good start. this meeting was only supposed to last 15 minutes.
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president obama said he would help with the transition as much as he can while trump called him a great man. some answers on trump's top priorities, all of them domestic issues. he says immigration, healthcare, and jobs will be the first issues. one of trump's most outspoken critics, jeff flake, was on cnn today talking about the border wall. he says the country does not need a solid wall. the so called gang of eight already did that, providing 750 miles of fencing, barriers, virtual fencing and surveillance. and he may not be sheriff for much longer but that doesn't mean the end of joe arpaio's political career. reports tonight that he could be a possible candidate for the homeland security chief.
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along with rudy juliani. if convicted arpaio could spend six months in jail. [ cheering and applause ] there are the numbers, another record high today on wall street on the second day after the presidential. the dow closed up over 18,000 stocks were lower. and one thing not doing very well this election is the mexican peso which has seen big losses in value since we started saying "president elect trump." how mexico's bottom line affects us. >> reporter: it takes more than 20 pesos to equal one dollar.
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alone. it could mean less spending in arizona. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: this is just one. the ads trying to get mexicans and their wallets to visit phoenix. >> reporter: experts say their buying power is important. >> over 150,000 jobs depend on, between tourism and trade, that 2-way relationship. it's huge policy advisor to arizona on mexican relations. mexican tourists spend more than $7 million in this state per day. >> it makes it more challenging for people from mexico to come and engage in tourism to participate in business or to buy things here when the peso is so devalued against the dollar. >> reporter: that volatility largely stems from trump's
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>> if we cut off our trade relationship with mexico because of things that could be hurt from a trade relationship, mexico will find other avenue, other country, other places to do business with. who are we hurt something we're hurting us >> reporter: both think arizona needs to drive home a message. come now to see what a great place this is. trump will be the 45th president to move into the white house. the question tonight, does he have to? there is no rule that the president has to live in the white house as commander in chief. but trump will have to ditch this plane as he is required to use air force
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plane safe enough for president, he'll have to pay for out of his own pocket. the meetings, protests, and the transition of power, open up our free app. a valley teenager making just an incredible recovery after she was hit by a car while pushing her own car off the road near cactus and the i-10. [ crying ] >> reporter: mindy is lucky top alive. on october 25th her car runs out of gas on i-17. >> i just got hit. and i fell to the floor. >> reporter: they're hit by a car driven by vincent vaughn who
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assault. mindy remembers everything. her legs are mangled. >> it was just dangling like -- i didn't see bone. all i saw was a lot of blood. >> reporter: she hearsay the screams of her friend -- hears the screams of her friend. she believes her life is about to end. she musterce enough strength to call her family. >> i said mom i'm dying. i got into a wreck. some guy has hit completely ruined. there's so much blood. >> reporter: she's rushed to the hospital and survives. >> it's just after the shock. >> reporter: mindy has been through multiple surgeries. the pain is unbearable. there's a light at the end of the tunnel. doctors say she will walk again. her life has changed. she wants to help others. she is keeping
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neighbors in mourning for the loss of officer darrin reed. services are scheduled monday 9:00 am followed by services at 1:00 pm. both are open to the public. six crowns associated with the ms. america page end have gone missing. they look similar to this. they were deli t a home in two packages. two sense came along and stole them. the crowns are made up ever sarotsky crystals and there were dresses in those boxes. it's a thursday night, comfortable, highs in the lower 80s. outside right now, around
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the east of us. a few lingering showers along the mogollon rim tomorrow. south around tucson. quiet day for veterans day on friday. temperatures drop down to the lower 60s, winds out of the east. picking up in the afternoon at 5-15 miles per hour. and the 7-day planner, veterans day, 11:00 am on friday, high of 83. 82 on saturday. and sunday if you're heading t we're gonna see temperatures around 83 degrees for the afternoon. and a little warmup ahead monday into tuesday. you are ready for your tomorrow, we're going to talk to a valley circ who is being -- singer who is being bullied because of where she sang on election night. and what a sight over tempe.
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>> and president elect trump's first television interview since
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another snapshot from the
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first ladies talking in is >> one arizona singer is getting a lot of backlash because she was asked to sing at the gop watch party on election night. ? ? [ singing ] ? ? >> she delivered anthem tuesday night at the arizona gop watch party. the next morning show woke up to harsh criticism. people telling her she should be ashamed. a film producer she was working with dropped her over the performance.
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that represents all americans alike. >> she is not sharing who she voted for. when donald and melania move into the white house, they will bring something the home hasn't seen in 50 years. a son. since 1963, only presidential daughters have lived white house. the 10-year-old trump will be the first son in the white house since jfk jr.. this is the u.s. army golden night. and they parachuted the game balls into sun devils stadium tonight soldier had to do a little
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i talked to a parachutist who says it's not uncommon. this is on our cbs5 facebook page. >> reporter: a large number of tonight. army golden knights dropping in to say hi before kickoff. they parachuted into sun devils stadium wearing gopros. we also saw many men and women in uniform tonight heading into the game. and we met up with tillman, the newest asu police canine, named after pat
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>> it's only fitting that the patrol dog would have the same name. >> god bless and thank you to all the ones serving now and who served in the past. >> reporter: grateful to witness and be part of such a special tribute tonight. for the first time ever, bees are now endangered species. >> their numbers are dropping so much that experts see the threat of extinction. >> what impact could that have here in arizona? >> they're part of our food chain. >> reporter: in no uncertain term, the falling number of bees should have all of us concerned.
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disappear, we would disappear within a decade afterward. >> reporter: that's because without beese, we would lose the majority of our produce. >> watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, blue berries, all these things come from being pollinated by beese. >> reporter: the falling numbers can be blamed on a few things, primarily pesticides. >> this affects everything their brain, their development, all their habits. >> reporter: things like pollinate. >> there's no more pollination. >> reporter: even though humans need bees to survive, we're part of the problem. >> companies out there make a lot of money killing bees because people have a fear of them. and everybody sees beese, they automatically go killer bees!
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beese. >> reporter: in reality they won't bother you if you don't bother them. >> if you bat at them, is that gonna antagonize them? >> yeah, it does. >> just let them be. >> yeah, let them bee. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we can also help by being mindful of what we buy. >> don't buy stuff that's genetically modified. that kills the beese. we play god and it doesn't have the effect that we want. >> can you find more on the conversation on the cbs5 mobile app. samsung wants to bring back the flip phone. but this time it's gonna have a twist. it folds in the middle like a
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tablet. the company hopes the phone will make a big impact following the galaxy recall. this strong museum of play has announced the new inductise into the toy hall of fame. >> coloring books, care bears, pinball and transformers. but it was the swing! dungeons and dragons, and fisher price. the little people that made the cut this year. winners got in because they helped kids use their imagination, and they were game-changers. >> transformers? getting beat out by dungeons and dragons? >> maybe next year. >> wait and see. [ laughter ] >> perfect
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record snowfall for november in the country's capital today. the most snow they ever received in november since 1905. all that led to a traffic nightmare for stock home. beautiful day today, high of 82. mostly clear skies.
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62 degrees. highs tomorrow up to 83. about 4 degrees above average. 58 from flagstaff. 59 in prescott. upper 60s for our friends in payson. one final chance to wear the maroon and gold at the sun devils stadiumor one of two utah 1st quarter if you mean bels, the second set up an asu field goal. knocking on
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in the last 20 years of college football. green or beat 64 yards, utah on the board, 13 seven doubles. williams great grow, great grab. yews up 14-13. a swing pass. actually it's a fumble. he scooped it up. cutting all over the field, weaving his way in after a great oc touchdown. asu up 20-14. utah 28-20 in the 3rd. arizona cardinals hosting the 49ers.
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our destiny. coyotes , jets, winnipeg fresh off a win over dallas. arizona gets it back out of the corner, jamie mcginn. knotted at uno. wheeler >> we have to help them raise money for the campaign at the new campus center. we decide hey, this might be a good time, and seeing some friends do this. we decided to go forward and
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another beautiful shot from our chopper.
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[ laughter ] >> high today of 83 degrees. thanks for tuning in.
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