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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

10:00 pm i'm a horrific crime led though the ditz you've -- discovery of crime in the backyard. >> for this to come out 13 years later that my brother was killed by the same person. >> a south carolina man charged with murder served time arizona. todd kohlepp clocked kayla brown in a charm bear -- chamber but her boyfriend was buried. he served time in arizona for kidnapping. >> and the man who defended kohlepp is opening up about the arizona kidnapping case and he
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prescot. it's been 30 years since he saw todd kohlepp he was conflicted. >> he was an angry kid. >> allen bickard said kohlepp only expressed remorse when it played in his favor. >> there were no remorse in our much time he was going to do. >> he was charged with kidnapping a 14-year-old girl. >> i was troubled about the outcome. >> a christ thought he was -- psychiatrist thought he was bright but had serious issues. >> i was stunned. i was stunned. >> after seeing the news out of south carolina he could not have seen this coming.
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person's head and have the claire viewance -- claire viewance to know if he would commit the crime again. >> if you could rewind time would you? i couldn't. todd is not not close to it. >> that's todd's mother she's breaking her silence, after he was arrested he asked to speak with her. he told her everything. you can catch it on lbs 5 tomorrow on 48 hour -- cbs 5. >> she delivers pizza and a mesa woman hopes video will get
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served -- surveillance video. she was in a rush drying to fill her car, she left her keys in it. it happened at the shell on main and ellsworth. the crime was captured on the stores surveillance video. she walked inside to pay for her gas and the guy gets in her it's a silver 1998 ford escort and a lot of bumper stickers on it. she has her purse and receipts in the car. not having her car is stressful. >> i can't work, i can't pay my bills. and i can't go to the grocery
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my ivs. >> she got her phone back, it was found not far from the gas station. she thinks he maybe ditched it. if you see the car or recognize the man in the video call mesa police. right now the eastbound lanes of loop 202 are cl of those lanes near the airport. for resurfacing between i-10 and 44th street. it will stay closed until tomorrow night. the best way to get around, use i-10. . take a look behind me, portland, oregon reeling from three nights of protests over
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there's a live reporter. last night's peaceful march turned violent with police arresting dozens. this was a rally organized by portland resistances but the organizers are claiming that anarchists are taking over the rallies and kassing problems -- causing problems. students at asu are complaining how it ended. >> asu police are looking into racist graffiti found in a dorm on campus. the utpa said -- university set they are investigating. they did not give us specifics on what it said. here in the valley muslim meshes are concerned about
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violence against women. there was a special meeting. >> nationally we're seeing a sort of disturbing trend. there's a teacher in georgia receives a hateful note about her head scarf. go hang yourself with your head scarf. >> that has the tempe islamic do next. >> this makes me feel awful. this is what we're afraid of. you have the rhetoric and the information that makes it sound like it's okay. >> muslim women have been targeted because of the hijabs. >> if people understood what the covering meant they wouldn't have hate towards it. >> the women wear it to stay
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attention. >> i think having maybe an escort or going out in pairs is good right now. >> the positive outreach has been coming in too. >> we have friends. we have friends out there, they are kind and looking out for us, and that's heartwarming. >> we're not in fear mode. we need to stand up for or rights and standing up against on presentation -- oppression. >> a community in nashville is tired of the rhetoric and wanted to show muslims they are welcome. look at the messages written in chalk, messages of love and support outside an islamic center. three days after the election there's hundreds of thousands of ballots that
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ballots. they expect to finish by tomorrow. >> we'll repeal it and replace it. we won't have a two day period or two year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced. it will be great health care for less money in this evening plectrum and his family sat dow since his win. you can only watch it which is his first interview since his election, you can watch it on cbs 5 this sunday on 60 minutes after the news at 5:30. a deer in oklahoma is excited for holiday shopping. did you see that.
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american eagle outfitters. there's the second window. the employees are cleaning up the mess. >> they followed the deer on cell phone. >> the deals are two weeks away. let's get a look at the forecast. happy friday, things are looking nice. up to 83 degrees. winds out of the south, southwest at 5 miles an hour. we'll see nice weather, ridge of high pressure, a weak disturbance bringing showers across california, it will move to the north of us. it will brick us clouds -- bring us clouds. tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies and high, thin clouds through saturday night into sunday, here's that day in detail. how the day is shaping up. starting in the mid-60's.
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out at yee by four, 83 by 4:00. a lot of things in the valley. saturday 83. sunday the big race, we're live out there all evening. a lot of fans in town. it will be 84, expecting off and on sunshine. wear the sunscreen. here's the rest of the seven- day forecast. tuesday close on the highs and then we'll cool down and temperature below average with highs around 74 on friday. 10:10 on friday night. we've given you what you need for the weekend. >> up next what you want, and who doesn't love a great deal. >> two weeks i have to wait, extra money in my pocket feels great. >> two weeks from now many will be black friday shopping and this man wants to beat you to
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. it is 10:13,we want to continue to bring you breaking news. more potes in the -- protests in the wake of the election of donald trump. this is downtown los angeles
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taking place. so far in los angeles there's been 185 arrests after three nights of protests in the difference is people are allowed to protest peacefully. they are not allowed to break laws. blocking traffic is not allowed, but police are showing tolerance as long as the protests do not start committing crimes. we'll continue to demonstrations across the country. check out the video, at 11:11 the suns rays pass through the five pillars creating a spotlight over the seal of the united states. the 20th phoenix veterans parade took place. it's a huge event to thank
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the high rate of suicides among veteran who's serve overseas and can't find peace at home. preston spoke to a valley mom who struggles to make sense of it. >> it's been five years since sue lost her son, a u.s. army specialist. he had been home thine months following a long deemployment. >> i never thoug shoot himself. >> he was a proud american who felt compelled to serve after the terror attacks. >> when 9/11 happened that stirred something that was unusual. >> before he left his mom said his friends were supportive. >> when he came back his friends had moved on. >> chris never wanted to share what he encountered in iraq and
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himself. >> that's hard to even put in your head that your child put a gun in their mouth and shot themselves. 20 veterans kill themselves every day in the u.s. that's 18% of suicides nationwide. a staggering personal. >> impact crisis. >> thousands of calls from the national suicide hotline are answered. there's mobile outreach, counseling and intervention and support groups for people like sue who'll be walking in the marathon for the third time in rememberance of veterans who have taken their lives. >> being a granddaughter of
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of a vietnam veteran they hold a special police in my heart. >> i've got hits uniforms, every now and again you sniff. >> because of people and organizations like this right here in the valley, healing is possible. >> impact suicide me center -- me convention -- in january president-elect trump will be sworn in. financial experts say we could see a jump in housing prices, which is good for homeowners. on wall street we could see a surge? stocks.
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up to 22,000 points touchdown side if the economy is booming the feds could raise interest rates makes loans more expensive. planning a trip, a couple answers to save you cash and stress. worried about bag fees. check the weight. for $100 get a laptop it replaces your old charger and can take various voltages. we're two weeks away from black friday. for one shopper he can't wait and he's set up his tent believe it or not outside of a valley best buy.
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derrick st. louis has been -- derrick has been with him. jarvis johnson has the setup. he has two couches, carpet, a barbecue and more. he's camped out for black friday before but this is twice as long. he's part of the black friday sales pitch. >> two long weeks i have to wait, extra money in feels great. >> this is his home. >> it's an uphill battle. climbing a mountain. trying to stay from going insane. >> he's camped out since 2006. last year it was six nights and went viral. >> after that best buy paid him to be in this ad.
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taste. >> the taste gave him an idea. >> this year he got sponsors to donate gear. >> this is what i need. you want to get behind me. if you don't i'll keep on going. >> this married father of two he couldn't defeat black friday alone. >> i'm sorry, i get choked up, you realize how special somebody is. how my kids. she comes by every day. >> now it's counting down the days to november 24th. 5:00 p.m. >> best buy will open. black friday will commence and i'm done. he's excited about a 4 k toshiba tv for $200.
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>> all right. let's fast forward to sunday. check out the skies after the sun goes down. this sunday is a super moon. it will light up the night.
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. sunshine, plenty of it today, we'll get sunshine tomorrow for saturday. a few clouds late day saturday. off and on through sunday. tomorrow morning 62 degrees.
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flagstaff. 68 prescott. we'll be 83. world cup qualifier, u.s. and mexico, tied in the 89th minute. marquez heads in the game winner and the u.s. is in trouble. their first home qualifier loss and they have to go to costa rica. mexico goes to let's talk about college basketball, the final four will be in the valley this spring and for arizona to get there they will need alonzo, but he didn't make the opener as question swirl about his eligibility. arizona and michigan state. miles bridges put on the dunking display.
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we're tied. u of a had one more shot. allen needs to go to length of the floor and he does. u of a starts off the season in thrilling faction. asu. bobby hurley and crew opening against portland state. holder untouched for two of his 23. evans sat out last year, he had 19. and fellow buffalo transfer graham, it could be a fun year. he will go coast to coast and the devils win 88-70. nascar is in town and we have a arizona native the pole, bowman has 140 1/2 miles an hour and
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place. >> i'm not quite sure, hendrick motorsports. help from dale jr., and thankful to be here and to get a pole in phoenix. that means a lot.
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. welcome back, usually we do the high school football plays of the game perry and hamilton played what many believe the high school game of the year. in the 4th quarter after on side quick. perry quarte one hand grab. perry up 57-50. hamilton not going away. wide open, going in for six. tied at 57. in overtime the huskies go up three. perry's time. takes off directing traffic. and he's going to get in for the pumas, the pumas win in overtime.
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12450 that's incredible. >> that's a classic. >> carlos!
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hello, america. if you're watching this, then s you've put the bottle down and regained consciousness. now, you may remember that on tuesday there was an election. we did a live special on showtime, and we're bringi the best moments of the worst moments. and guess what? it's free. shhh! don't tell showtime. we went on the air at 11 p.m. that night when the results were first coming in. if i seemed confused at times, it's because the sun had set six hours earlier, so i couldn't understand why the world was rapidly plunging into darkness. so sit back, relax, and enjoy,


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