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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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marriage equality, abortion rights, obamacare and immigration. those were some of the topics president-elect donald trump touched on during his 60 minutes interview tonight on cbs. >> the first one on one interview trump has done since the election. he wants the priorities for the oval office to be appoint pro-life judges to the supreme court. leslie stahl also asked him if he wants the court to repeal roe versus wade. >> if it ever were overturned it would go back to the states. so it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> no. it would go back to the states. >> do you want -- >> perhaps they'll go to to another state. perok trump told protesters not to fear his presidency.
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was a main focus and is always a hot button issue here in arizona. lee on him because joins us with what he said that has some people cheering and others worrying. >> president-elect donald trump stance on immigration has been a controversial one. he repeatedly says he wanted to build a wall on the us-mexico border. a plan he is sticking by, to an extent. >> reporter: recent protests in -- and high school walkouts over our new president-elect. one of the hot button issues in the center of the controversy, immigration. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. defense could be -- there could be some fencing. >> reporter: also hard-line position on illegal immigrants, immigration and deportation.
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and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of the -- probably 2 million, could be 3 million. we are getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. but we're getting them out of our country. >> reporter: he also alluded to president obama's executive actions which allowed dreamers, people brought across the border as kids and some of their parents, to stay in the u.s. without fear of deportation. trump gave no hard or concrete >> after the board is secured and after everything gets normalized we're going to make a determination on the people that you're talking about, who are terrific people. they are terrific people. but we're going to make a determination, but before we make that determination, leslie, it's very important we want to secure our border. >> reporter: immigration along with healthcare and lowering taxes are some of the items trump says he plans on working on right away. jared? >> thank you so much.
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arizona is here in the studio with us. i know you watched this interview. what stood out for your group? >> the same hateful language that he used during the campaign. it's also language that here in arizona we've been living with since sb 1070. and i just think that divisive language is not good for our country. >> he said 2 million to 3 million people undocumented immigrants who he called criminals. do those n what you think and how is that any different from what the obama administration has already done? >> it needs to go back and try to do some more homework as to who those three or four or 11 million people are. secondly it wasn't right. either under the obama administration to separate families through deportation. i think we need to fix the broken immigration system and have comprehensive reform. >> the other issue which had families locally, dreamers were
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the country i didn't get a solid answer from the president- elect tonight in this interview. >> no. that's what's disturbing, about 40 families this evening having a conversation and that was repeated about young people who had the opportunity to go to school, get a work permit, drivers license, that's all unclear right now. >> and for some of their parents as well. >> it's frightening. >> we will talk to you more as his policies develop. petra falcone from promise arizona, thank you very much. over to you. trump administration. president-elect named the chair of the republican national party reince priebus has his new white house chief of staff. priebus is also seen as a practical choice who can work well with republicans in congress. trump also named steve bannon to be his chief strategist. bannon ran the trump campaign after leaving the -- after leaving the breitbart news
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recorder's office spent the whole weekend working on them. as of tonight, 112,000 early ballots have not been processed. those plus another 55,000 provisional ballots. a few races are still too close to call because of this delay. they will continue to work tomorrow morning. a tragic story in chandler. a mother crossing an intersection with her two kids, her children are in critical condition. it happened last night at the intersection of ray and ponderosa. tonight a memorial is growing in that spot. jeff van sant joins us live from the scene with more. jeff? >> reporter: such a tragic story but what's really amazing is that the community, people that didn't even know this family are coming together for their thoughts and prayers. >> very young. children. all they were doing is spending time with their mom.
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blooming flower. and our family's name. and that they would be in our prayers. >> reporter: a memorial grows. >> we are here all of us, they have a ton of support. those that don't know them, they are in our hearts and prayers. >> reporter: shortly before 6:00 this matter must -- this man allegedly ran the red light and hit a mother and her two kids crossing the street. the mother dies at the hospital. the two kids ages two and three are recovering. >> i don't ve only imagine the family is going through right now. >> reporter: now thoughts and prayers, are with the two children. >> the children are going to grow up with not having their mother. it's horrible. >> reporter: the suspect is arrested at the scene. he was driving on a suspended license. >> be thoughtful. you know? take the extra two minutes. two seconds. to think about what your actions
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>> reporter: again, the two kids are in critical condition. chandler police are still investigating. back to you. >> jeff van sant, live on the border of tempe and chandler, thank you very much. new information on a rollover which ejected two people early this morning, it sent for in total to the hospital. it happened near the loop 202 san tan and arizona avenue. of the four people who went to the hospital, teenagers. one of them remains in the hospital tonight with life- threatening injuries. dps is still investigating but they believe impairment was a factor here. right now murder investigators are trying to piece together what led to a deadly shooting in glendale. this happened near 51st and northern this morning. a man was found shot to death in a parking lot at an apartment complex. we spoke to a few people who live there and they say the neighborhood is typically quiet. one person claims they heard
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tv. i heard one gunshot. and then after that, maybe 10 seconds later, you hear the car pull off. >> so far, no word on a suspect description or a motive. tomorrow, a show low police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest. there will be a viewing for officer darren reed, at 9:00 in the morninth mortuary. a funeral service will follow that. at 1:00. both are open to the public. officer read was shot and killed last week. he served 10 years with the show low police department. and leaves behind a wife and two children. three homes went up in flames today and fire investigators are now trying to figure out why. it happened near 48th and van buren. two of the three homes were occupied when the fires broke out but luckily no one was home
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more on the investigation as it comes to us. this afternoon was warmer than we were yesterday afternoon. by just about one degree. still kept us ate above the seasonal average for this time of year. we've got a temperature of 74 in phoenix right now. we've got 30 in flagstaff. 36 in show low. 29 at the grand canyon. 59 in sedona. 72 right now in bullhead city. tomorrow morning, 7:00 will be at 60, 8:62 degrees. so it will be a cool start to our day. things are nice and dry in the valley as we take a look at the cbs 5 pinpoint doppler for you. no clouds here, storms are staying far to the north. low pressure and cold fronts will continue to move through the pacific northwest as this area of high pressure takes control. this will be the dominant weather factor for the start of the week through wednesday
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to break down and we get cooler air to mix in. as we head through the day tomorrow, we are going to remain under clear skies with winds coming out of the west southwest for us. it will be a little breezy heading into tuesday morning but the stronger wind gusts will move in on wednesday. as the cold front moves through. for tonight, overnight lows 60 in phoenix, 23 at the grand canyon, 47 payson, 61 in bullhead city. temperatures tomorrow 86 in phoenix, 63 in flagstaff 76 in se bullhead city. seven-day forecast, record on tuesday is 90. force -- high of 88 so we'll get close to that but many cities in the valley will be sitting at the 90-degree mark. temperatures will cool to 70. 72 on friday. as the colder air settles in. hour overnight as well. some spots the valley could be in the upper 40s.
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need to know on this sunday night. still to come, single ladies turns out you might be the key to boosting the economy. why a new study says you were becoming the dominant demographic among first-time homebuyers. and the flames keep spreading in north carolina.
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single women are now outpacing single men when it comes to being first-time homebuyers. that's according to a recent study. we have some answers on why single ladies are dominating some client lists. >> now, i'm home. >> reporter: this is the three bed two bath house. the single mother of four says this christmas will be one year she has been in her tolison home after getting a divorce, she says she was sure of one thing. >> the education, school for the kids, i didn't want to have to go from one apartment and moving them from school to school.
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time homebuyers are single women. >> reporter: alejandra's realtor says the reason for the trend is due to a combination of things. interest rates along with higher-paying jobs and of course a mentality change in today's woman. >> some of the priorities were women now is not so much getting married. as getting their education, and getting the home. >> reporter: the trend seen not only here in arizona but nationwide. adriana said an added plus is the affordable housing that still exists. >> women, we are more stable. we em afraid to make that job. you have to pay to live somewhere. wine and beer in your own home? >> reporter: listen to just how happy she is when we mention the word american dream. >> at the end of the day the american dream. >> exactly. you are living it. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: in tolison, carla never attack, cbs 5 news. jobseekers take note.
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the east valley. adp is setting up shop in tempe. the payroll and age -- outsourcing committee will take over the u.s. airways building. and create 1500 new jobs. adp is planning six job fairs in the coming months, the first one scheduled for this friday at arizona state university. it's not always easy to land a job. applicants are often up against hundreds of people which is why having a standout resume is more important than ever. builder found 43% of hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at a resume. that's why job coaches say it's critical to get right to the point. >> you have to grab their attention very quickly. you cannot have a long paragraph, a long essay. bullet points, to the point. powerful action verbs. >> and in that same survey, 75% of hr managers also reported
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they found plenty of mistakes as well which can kill an applicant's chances. they are the jobs of the future. so-called stem careers focusing on science, technology engineering and math. but many talented students are being left out. women fall far behind men in following those career paths. tonight, answers on how one valley school is working to change that. >> bring that formula and substitute it there. >> math is super fun. i love of math and a desire to make things -- >> i can develop technologies for the medical industry. >> reporter: and the practical side of finding a stable career -- >> the pay was great. definitely another reason why i wanted to pursue engineering as well. >> reporter: all added up to a decision to study biomedical engineering. she is also helping break the stereotype of what girls in stem fields look like. because while women make up
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they account for only 39% of chemists and material scientists. 28% of environmental and geoscientists, 16% of chemical engineers, and just 12% of civil engineers. gcu president brian mueller says that has to change. >> the country is now producing -- and not nearly enough engineers, scientists, biologists, chemists. that's probably the biggest barrier we have to next generation economic growth. >> reporter: gcu has made a big push to draw in more young women and girls. starting well before they are ready to start college. >> you have to start working with elementary schools and middle school and junior high and high school. so you get kids thinking about stem careers. >> reporter: that works for romero, she fell in love with science. >> my physics teacher, we would do projects, i figured out i was great at making things.
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engineering specifically. >> reporter: she is now president of the women in tech club. >> we are a sisterhood that pushes each other towards doing our best. >> reporter: from recruitment to support, it is an equation that is working. nearly three quarters of gcu stem students are women and there's room for plenty more. >> women and girls who are interested in s.t.e.m. fields should definitely pursue it. >> science. you will never stop learning. >> reporter: on the wildfire watch, tonight cruise in california this brushfire. it was parked around 60 miles south of los angeles today. at this point, 50 homes are threatened by these flames, but no evacuation orders have been given. north carolina the wildfires continue to spread tonight. the governor already declared a state of emergency in several counties. many families have been forced to leave their homes. crews are afraid even more countries could be in danger of catching fire.
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priority and second priority is structure protection. >> so far the fire -- so far the fire has burned 3000 acres and is only 15% contained. right now. he a fire on their way to north carolina to battle the massive wildfire. >> about to join 5000 other firefighters from all over the united states. two crew members just left today and we got a chance to talk to them before they hit the road. they trained for fires like this all year long. and their captain calls trips like this rewarding. >> to go there, year it's going to be a holiday. if we can save a house, that would be rewarding. >> absolutely. this crew should get to the fires in north carolina sometime on wednesday. on new at 10:00, orlando's gay pride parade this weekend was not just a fun celebration. it was also an emotional tribute to the people killed earlier this year in the attack at the pulse nightclub. matt granite reports. >> reporter: on the five month
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came to send a message. >> love is love. >> reporter: orlando's 12th annual come out with pride parade which had been postponed due to hurricane matthew celebrates the lgbtq community. >> it's a chance to feel represented and equal. >> reporter: for many, emotions were tempered by lingering grief. the parade paying tribute to the first responders, and at the history center the iconic 49 crosses honoring those killed were on display. alex smith came to see the one bearing her friends name, the valencia college student who wanted to be a firefighter. died helping his girlfriend escape. >> they were young and they were innocent. they died for having love. and love should not be killed for. >> reporter: before the parade the city's first openly gay elected official held a prayer
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unity. >> we're going to show that america is one and strong just like we have shown that our orlando is one and strong. >> and of course we will always come together and cry. when we think of our loss. but we also need to be enormously proud of who we are as a people. >> reporter: incredible that 150,000 people came out for that. still to come tonight, new zealand earthquake. we'll take you to where the powerful quake hit and show you what's left behind tonight.
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trending now a special treat in the sky tonight it has in most of our lifetimes. brook silva-braga takes a look at this supermoon. >> sky watchers across the globe looked up as earth's closest neighbor leaned a bit closer. >> that's big. pretty and shiny. >> reporter: a supermoon happens whenever the elliptical orbit reaches perigee, its closest point, at the same time there's a full moon. but this one is especially
10:25 pm
right? >> 68. >> 68 years. the closest the moon has been to the earth since january of 1948. unique opportunity to get out. the supermoon averages 14% larger than the smallest full moon, 7% larger than average full moon. >> reporter: the difference can be hard to see. if that globe is the earth, this is what the smallest full moon looks like. and this is a supermoon. >> honestly someone had not have really known that. >> reporter: it will also be not only larger but brighter in the sky. 30% brighter, you might notice that sunday night monday morning monday night, that it's a little bit brighter outside. that was good news for zachary, -- >> lost in central park with my phone. dead. so i have the moon to guide me tonight. so i'm very thankful for that. >> reporter: help like that from a moon this close won't be back until 2034.
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wisconsin, one of two dozen zoos that snowy owls call home. this pair was rescued from the wild. so their injuries could be treated. they will also be used for educational purposes. >> these birds are pretty well recognizable because of harry potter, snowy owl. so it's something that little kids can identify with. >> i knew it had to do with >> arctic species common in alaska and canada. still to come here tonight, standing i just hate. event organized by teachers aims to spread a positive message to our students.
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time...
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all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay. ? i've been feeling upset but i didn't want to be angry or sad or even worry. i just wanted to come out and support positivity and inclusion. >> the state of our union is still pretty divided postelection. we've seen several days of protests both here and all of the country. today a different kind of march in tempe, lee any -- we have
10:29 pm
>> we'll never be divided. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: they describe best what today's event is meant to symbolize. >> it's just not all hate. in the world. and not bad. >> reporter: it's called stand against hate. and it was sort of like a protest against protests. >> anger is everywhere in our world. anger is the thing that we we need to make love more visible. >> organizers and participants say today's event was put on in hopes of promoting a different message than the ones we've been seeing in recent protests. >> to spread the message of love and unity. there's so much hate and negative rhetoric out there right now. we understand people are upset and they are angry. but at the same time, we're not going to get anything done until we can come together. and work on the issues that we
10:30 pm
>> i want to come out and support positivity and inclusion. and make my daughter a part of it. starter out young. >> reporter: this message of love and unity seems to be one that kids are hearing loud and clear. >> my mom says it's good to stand up for what's right. >> i think it's showing other people who the right president should be and have a kind and loving heart. >> reporter: leon every guess, cbs 5. 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook new zealand. it didn't go without causing some damage, roads cracked down the middle, also buildings rattled leaving behind a ton of debris and hundreds of scared tourists. even at the grocery store, items fell from shelves and store owners are left cleaning up the mess. people are also preparing for what's next. >> this is not necessarily the
10:31 pm
series of hours where we will continue to see waves of affecting the total -- affidavit coastline. we urge people to stay in high ground, away from the coastland. away from the coast or any land in order to make sure themselves and the families remain safe. >> authorities are not yet declaring a national emergency since the areas hit our quote coping well. still hard to watch. today marks one year since more th a coordinated gun and bomb attacks in paris. isis claims responsibility for what was the worst extremist violence ever to hit france. a father of one of the victims has found some comfort in writing a book. >> i hope she didn't suffer or even -- she didn't maybe see death coming. my book starts with the word
10:32 pm
profoundly unjust. >> hundreds of survivors are still recovering today from the physical and psychological trauma. pope francis gave vip seats to homeless people at a special mass in st. peter's basilica today. he invited them to one of his last masses during the holy year of mercy which ends november 20. more than 6000 people in europe have lived on the streets. a historical church went up in flames in kansas city, missouri today. take a look at this video. the building partially collapsed causing a wall to fall on a fire truck. witnesses reported hearing an explosion. that explosion believed to have been caused by a ruptured gas line. thankfully no one was hurt but the cause of the fire under investigation tonight. many homeowners are stepping up their security game by changing their lawns. you might get some good ideas from this. chris martinez shows us how defensive gardening works. >> reporter: marion goldsmith
10:33 pm
>> security and safety. >> reporter: this was the home before, overgrown trees gave would-be burglars hiding spots near the front door. she hired landscaping expert marilee goldman who cut the trees back. >> no one could hide down in here and you could see them if they were. >> reporter: defensive gardening use landscaping to help keep intruders away from your home. the bad guys have nowhere to hide. >> it's just which one of these houses am i going to choose? it's going to be the one that gives you the most coverage to get into the house. >> reporter: this would definitely deter people. tim phillips of the botanical garden says plants and trees can be used to create natural barriers. from dense plants like these. >> you're not going to make your way through this. to >> reporter: to thorny trees and bushes. >> these thorns, quite formidable. >> reporter: clustering prickly plans together like cacti our rosebushes could help keep intruders from getting close to
10:34 pm
>> they are not going to go through it. >> reporter: at marion's home the new landscaping makes it easier to spot anyone outside. >> by trimming all of the azaleas that were in front of the house, it also cleared the way so that you could see the house more. every time i drive in, i smile. >> reporter: happy with the peace of mind that comes with it. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. time to talk to the weather. what we're going to be waking up tomorrow morning. if you are sending the kids out to the bus stop, send them with a jacket. it is going to be chili. 60 at 7:00, 62 at 8:00 and 64 at 9:00 a.m. a gorgeous day and evening for us with clear skies out there. 70 is our current temperature with humidity at 38%. dew point is at 43, winds out of the east at six. up in flagstaff, 30 degrees right now, 29 at the grand canyon.
10:35 pm
city. nice and dry, cbs 5 pinpoint doppler showing you know clouds over our area and that's really what we're going to continue to see as we have this area of high pressure right over the four corners. really kind of driving this dry warm weather. nothing coming our way. we'll keep the weather makers to the pacific northwest heading into monday night, even it to the start of the day on tuesday. very little change. tuesday is going to be the warmest day of the week for us. traveling across the united at river valley, under an area of high pressure. showers going up and along the mid-atlantic throughout the day. heading up towards new york. and then we also have a cold front dropping through the northern plains. no moisture just yet. but you are definitely going to cool your temperatures down in the northern plains and parts of the midwest. bringing it back home, temperatures for tomorrow 86 is where we will mainly be sitting in the valley. 63 for flagstaff, 61 show low,
10:36 pm
bullhead city and 76 for sedona. it will be the cool spot. tuesday, 88 expected high. 90 is the record that day. we keep an eye on our temperatures. cold front moves through starting on wednesday. gusty to breezy conditions with a -- wednesday, thursday, friday. cold air associated with that system really settles in. overnight in the 50s and temperatures in the afternoon on thursday and friday. de warm back up into the 80s for next weekend. >> that's a good looking for cat. >> i know. we can deal with 88. >> that's nothing. >> we have 70 to look forward. >> yes, we do. thank you for watching cbs 5 news tonight. be sure to stick around. tim ring is up next with tonight's instant replay. as for us, we will see you
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$6.99 each. anytime. at red robin. with bottomless steak fries, of course. red robin! yummm! now on instant replay, evening, everybody. welcome to instant replay. cardinals come off the bye week and get a win. much closer than it should have been. they are back to .500 and they are in the middle of the playoff race. but, is there a butt? are they healthy enough? good enough to get in? five of their last seven games are on the road. let's get to the game, start with the story of today's 49ers game in glendale. cards looking to sweep the season series.
10:40 pm
early in the first quarter, michael floyd, hello, michael floyd. welcome to the 2016 season. the diving grab. larry fitzgerald, i can dive too. and then ultimately the cardinals get the rare first- quarter touchdown, david johnson in the end zone. moved to the second quarter, 18- yard line, johnson gets the ball, he gets the corner, on the dive, he gets the pipeline. touchdown arizona. 14-0. larry fitzgerald, upended, left the game back to the the locker room. he told a member of the 49ers he thought he tore something. he did come back and play although an mri coming up tomorrow. second half, colin kaepernick is sacked by sect -- chandler jones. the cardinal chance to go up 27- 10. carson palmer on second and goal is hit, eli harold got
10:41 pm
just like that seven-point. 3:19 to play on first down, the cardinals could have run some clock. arians calls for a pass. my fault. palmer gets it picked off. and then kaepernick engineers a last-minute touchdown drive. we're tied up at 20 apiece. you thought, all right. the cardinals have plenty of time to get something done here. and they do. carson palmer, nifty here. out of the pocket, michael floyd again. part of the big day for florida. more from him in a bit. palmer on third and eight, they were kind of in field goal range but a big conversion there to david johnson, ultimately with the clock hitting zero, chandler catanzaro, knocks down the 34- yard field goal. the cardinals win it 23-20. crucial win as they hit the road for two straight in minnesota and atlanta. obviously extremely happy with the win. it was a game where i thought
10:42 pm
back. and then weathered the storm and won it. had no questions cat would make the cake. there was never a doubt in my mind. never a doubt in my mind we would take the two-minute drill and score. >> just one of those games where it's a division opponent, they come in here nothing to lose. they are going to play hard. you expect them to play hard. sometimes those division games are ugly. we'll take the win and get out. >> a win is in this league, that's all that matters is getting the "w." does not have to be pretty. very satisfied. a lot of mistakes were made. we could play whole lot better but a win is a win. >> nice to be able to get a win. great to see field goal go through those uprights. we've got to do a better job when you get a decisive lead in the national football league, 14 points, he would like to be able to put teams away.
10:43 pm
get a win which is always great. >> it's over. it's over if you don't win at home. it really is. now it's where it needs to be. >> i'll ask for that cardinal patch for -- the 49ers came in with the worst rushing defense in the lead. 100-yard rusher in seven straight games. but the cards could not run much at all today. 80 total yards, 55 from david johnson. good news, the nfl all-time reception list. let's talk about chandler catanzaro. he said he was not thinking about the misses before the game when he kicked. but i don't think it's crazy to think had he missed that kick today, they may have had to maybe make a move. moot point. he drove the game-winner 34 yards out. you better believe this was a relief. for the embattled kicker. >> definitely a little relief. and i was just like i told
10:44 pm
fought so hard. and they did it against seattle and the patriots. and that's what killed me the most. the guys deserved to win. just really happy that this case went through for him. >> how about the drive engineered by palmer? after the niners tied this game, the stadium was stunned but you never really got the feeling the cardinals were going to lose the game. palmer picks up a key third and eight. we showed you earlier collective group, said no, we're not losing this game today. >> coach talks about it, we watch highlight reel, every week. on thursday. it's about teams that run a really good two-minute drill. not only for the offense but the defense to see what situations teams are in. and you see how many games are won and lost by stopping somebody from scoring or stopping from scoring at the end of the game. really pride ourselves on
10:45 pm
being sound in those scenarios. >> and they were today. we have to touch on michael floyd. talk about embattled but apparently the bye week did him a world of good. the old michael floyd was back on sunday. five catches, 101 yards. some of them of the spectacular variety. the offense needs floyd to be great and today he was. huge confidence boost last week from carson palmer who told everybody who would listen including floyd, that number 15 was in for a monster second half. started after we lost to carolina. we had the wide receiver meeting. and cook said that second half his mind. and you know, obviously in the first half, i didn't make the plays that i'm capable of making. but this team is close and they had all the confidence in me and i came out here and made
10:46 pm
john brown i too. an eye on the tight ends. they've been invisible but jermaine gresham, four big catches today. what did today's win do for the playoff hopes after another crazy day in the nfc?
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
there's one more look at, chandler catanzaro. game-winning field goal as they eke out a three-point win over the 49ers. today in glendale. we are back on the field, tim ring, our good buddy craig morgan. playoff picture in the nfc, i mean it's like a 10 car pileup. >> that's a great discussion.
10:49 pm
lost, the panthers lost, the saints lost. when you come out of this game you're not feeling so great about the cardinals but then realize they got a win. so that only a game back in the wild card now. it's amazing what's happening in this conference. >> you look at the layout, seven more games, the cardinals have the opportunity but i for one am wondering if they have the personnel to capitalize on the opportunity. i'm talking about the injuries now especially jared veldheer. >> carson palmer just ti it is a concern. he has been sacked more times than he got sacked all of last year. so you have to worry about the production. they have to modify their game plans a little bit, maybe we saw a little bit of that today with the quick strike offense. there were times it looked effective but obviously not quite there yet. >> the rushing defense came in pretty bad. cardinals could not run the football today. decision-making of the head coach 3:15 to go, seven-point
10:50 pm
it gets picked and almost cost them the game. >> those are things that people love about bruce arians but no risk it, no biscuit mentality, he said he didn't feel the lead was safe. wants to get more points but the way the 49ers plug points on the board, it might've been safe. you might have gone conservative there. >> what concerns me is a cardinal follower. eke out a three-point win against a team like the 49ers at home. road against teams like the vikings and falcons? >> i hesitate to compare week to week in this league the way it's going right now. it's so unpredictable. but i think you're right. when you look at what the cardinals have done on the road this year, they've been a real -- you mentioned the 10 car pileup. that describes them on the road. that's it. they need to establish much more but you are coming out of the second half out of the bye week so you hope they figured some things out and we're going to find out real soon with
10:51 pm
>> let's get to the suns now. 3-8, 1-fight on the road but that does not tell the entire story. boy did they give the warriors a game tonight at oracle. they don't have the firepower yet to finish a game like this but last year they may have lost this game by 30. off the miss, here comes marquese chriss. that is a follow-up jam. fourth quarter, crisp offense. p.j. tucker down low. 104-103. the game tied at 106, the old man chipping in. leandro barbosa. suns up by three. and then this, jared dudley berries another three. the suns had a five-point lead. but then we know the drill. kevin durant, clay thompson, bombs away. down the stretch, the warriors pulled away. for the 133-120 win. >> our team bounced back
10:52 pm
chance to win every night. winning is important, players being in position to finish games is important. amazing job, he had his time, devon had his time. we saw the support for that, it is fickle but it is what it is. we love our guys. we understand getting better, our guys play hard and play with their heart and you can only respect that. college hoops, asu at it again. devils g tray holder doing his part. there, 24 in the game to lead asu scores. the guards are pretty darn good. maybe the big man can be good too. the jam there. asu up by one. second half release the taurean graham, one dunk. how about another one? thank you, sir. may i have another? 51-50. the tide was turning.
10:53 pm
asu up 53-51. they never looked back. now 2-0 after a 96-74 romp. >> sharing the ball on offense. going with the flow. 40 minute game. we knew we had the second half to play. we just relaxed and calm down and play hard. >> got to hit the nascar today. right on it. the ken ham 500 fresh off the win last night in the xfinity series, kyle busch looking to advance matt kenseth trying to punch his ticket to the finals. goes low and collides with alex bowman, tough break, championship hopes are over. off the restart, defending champs joey logano jumps into the lead. strong showing to advance to the championship round and he gets it, taking the checkered flag. joey logano, jim johnson, carl edwards and kyle busch battling for the title at homestead. logano ecstatic today.
10:54 pm
i never felt this good about a win before. so much on the line. everyone brings their a game when it comes to winning championships. and this team did it. so man, i'm speechless right now. i feel like i won the daytona 500 again. >> all right. finally tonight we bring you the story of a group of young women from right here in the valley, paradise valley community college who was, the best in the country at what they do and they are closing in on their championship desty. >> i think we're all pretty competitive. we all work hard. we like to kick each other's but in practice. >> a kick everybody else's but as well. >> yeah. >> reporter: poobah pride at paradise valley community college where the women's soccer team is undefeated and ranked number 1 in the country.
10:55 pm
reason. >> reporter: it's a big week on campus. saturday the team departs for florida to compete in the national tournament. four wins away from a national title. >> that's what i came here for. if you come here, you have a chance at a national championship. i could have gone to other schools that would have a chance but here it's actually happening. >> reporter: the top player, a 21-year-old center from mesa who showed up on campus this year ready to rewrite the record boo be tremendously happy. she broke that record halfway through the season. >> reporter: she began her career at oklahoma. but left in 2013 to embark on an 18 month lds mission in australia. she returned in 2015 with an identity and an accent. >> it's been a really good stint. that's for sure. there was parts where i was like this is a bummer. i really wanted to be all great and good right now. but i decided i needed to put
10:56 pm
else. >> reporter: now she and her mates are four wins away from the third national title in the last seven seasons. >> i think it would mean everything to us. >> it will be a dream. >> almost like a fantasy. fairyland that comes into. but it's not because it's reality. >> the national junior college tournament begins tomorrow in melbourne, florida. they need to win four games to capture the national championship and theyf course the prohibitive favorites being the number 1 team in the country. once again, the cardinals good news today, they get a win, michael floyd finally showed signs of being the big-time performer that he can be. john brown played better today. looks like he's getting healthy after the sickle cell trait deal and the hamstring. jermaine gresham made an appearance today with four catches. the offensive line still all kinds of problems, patchwork
10:57 pm
the defense need to get tyrann mathieu back. he is the difference maker of course. that can help you beat teams like the falcons and the vikings on the road beginning next week. have a great sunday everybody. we'll see you back here
10:58 pm
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. proudly serving the
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