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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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breaking news. we have new information tonight about breaking news that we first brought to you at 6:30. police say they have shot and killed a man that was armed with a machete. >> let's get right out to the amanda goodman. were any officers injured? >> reporter: yeah. we're told that no officers were injured in all of this. they have identified that man old gabriel parker. it began with a call from a family member saying parker was threaten to harm himself with a knife. they say parker was armed with the machete and he charged them. we're told officers use the leslie -- lessless lethal
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>> parker's family friends tell me, that this was a kind man and they claim that this did not need to happen. officers, though, say parker left them no choice. >> i don't think they handled it well. they could have had some other ways. >> i know he posed a significant throat the officers causing them to try to use lethal force and then continued that threat which caused them to use lethal over this investigation. we're told the three officer; now on standard leave. reporting live, amanda goodman. cbs5 news. and breaking out of pioria tonight. two motorcyclist in the hospital. officers say neither rider was wearing a helmet. this crash is under investigation. >> border patrol agents they're
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tucson busted another smugging rung. they were arrested along with the driver. and there has now been a spike in immigrants trying to cross the border. >> and some expert says donald trump is part of the reason. derrick stall traveled to the board they are week and has answers. >> along the i-10 grande. we watched as deputies unloaded men off a truck. they say all of this is common. >> whether it be smuggling individual, market ins, it comes through this interstate. so we deal with it every day.
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homeland scorn 40,000 were arrested since october. santa cruise county -- cruz county sheriff says could be similar to what happened in arizona in 2010. >> when senator bill 1070 came out. that was the thing for the cartels. now is your time to come over. because once that kicks in, you're going to have problems. >> reporter: he says cartels could be trying to profit from trump's advantage. going to try to bring as many people across as they can between this time before something is definitely put in place. they'll do that and encourage people to do that and people will believe that. >> reporter: cbs5 news. and the border patrol has to improve conditions at its holding facilities in arizona. that's the order tonight from a federal judge. he says they must provide thin
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hours. opponents argued that basic human needs were not being met. and settled three multimillion dollars lawsuits. he has agreed to pay out $25 million as a settlement as a result of his now defunct trump university. they allege the school failed to deliver the education that it promised. some plaintiffs will get half of their money back. others will get all of their money back. meanwhile, new yorkers are getting terrorred with the grow -- frustrated with the growing tower. the entrance now surrounded by metal and concrete barriers. along with several check points as well as police officers. the secret service says not us can will be on the 26th floor. that's where trump's office and the penthouse he lives is located. less than an hour ago, we got regard that recorder, finalize the results of last week's election. this comes after more than a week of playing catch up with thousands of ballots that
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racist flier posted recently on campus. which told students to "get white and save the white race" asu police looking into who put them up. phoenix police say a man tried to bite one of their officers. there was a scuffle when the suspect tried to bite the officer. he is now facing some pretty serious charges. the officer did not suffer any serious injuries. a valley civil rights leader is now joining the after flag staff police officer punched a woman in the face. the video, made national headlines. officer jeff bonart tried to arrest mariss a morris. she was resisting. saying her warrants had already been taken care of. she kicked him in the groin before he hit her. civil rights leaders want to know why the officer turned off his body camera before punching
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rights, we know, that her civil rights have been extremely violated in this case and she's a victim of police brutality. >> they want the police department to fire officer bonar. he remains on paid leave. with thanksgiving less than a week ago, the migration -- away, the migration has begun. and it's just the beginning. dps and adot says the i-17 fryway will one of the most highly traveled corridors in both directions. starting as early as tonight. troopers will also be stepping up their enforcement to help keep the roads safe. back in 2014 they investigated four deadly crashes in the thanksgiving travel period. and california's drought has done a lot of damage to the state's trees. look at that. the u.s. forest service says more than 1.2 million trees were killed in the state. it's not just the drought. there's an infestation of
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which is also killing the trees. >> back here in arizona, when word of a winter storm, that -- at this storm was on its way, arizona stobel started making snow. >> they got very excited. it was supposed to open today but that didn't happen. martino here withens as how weather was getting it very difficult. basically set in opening day. >> it is. and in the weather department, we always say things like if we actual controlled the weather, no problems at all. but a overhe past couple of days, is this -- they have been making winter happen. >> this is the scene up at arizona snow bowl near flag staff since late wednesday night. the snow making machines have been going full blast. >> monitoring everything. since then, so we can, you know, react as soon as we can with low humidity and cool enough temperatures. >> mother nature, has not been
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>> we are just waiting for the weather to corporate. >> reporter: 2015 saw one o of the strongest el nino's on record. they opened on november 20th. earliest opening in 40 years. >> we closed middle of april last spring. and had a wonderful season. >> but this year, la nina arrived and this has led to a warmer and much drier weather pattern. to put it in per 2015, more than 20 feet have already fallen. november 18th, 2016, zero. nothing. so the only way to open is to make snow themselves. >> we hope to up lower ridge to lower north star runs. >> reporter: in the past and before they got snow making machine, they did not open until january and sometimes only opened for a few days. now, according to their
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chance of opening by tomorrow morning. if it doesn't, keep check their website to find out when they'll open. paul? >> all right. there is a chance of snowfall. snow levels dropping down to about 8000 feet over the weekend. in fact on sunday n snowball just above 10,000 feet. so another chance of snow in the forecast. late day sunday. that's all of the pictures on social media. just one more day. folks are getting excited out there and some pictures o this snow making may sheens. started off the -- machines. started off the morning. it was definitely chilly. hit a low this morning. got down to 47 degrees. and a high this afternoon. right now sitting a the 63. winds are nice and calm. ridge of high pressure. holding in place. again for tomorrow, and then we're going to start to see that ridge weaken and we're going to see some clouds push in on sunday. here's future cast. a few, high, thin clouds in the forecast.
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sunday. sunday evening. around 7:30. start to see a chance of rainfall as the front passes on by. and it will quickly move on through. in fact, we're going to see showers throughout the morning hour. that morning rush hour on monday and showers tapering off in the afternoon monday into monday evening. overnight lows tonight, not as cool. we'll drop down to 55 degrees. 46 in sedona and that seven day chance of showers late day on sunday. there's a chance of rain about a quarter inch of rainfall and improving condition, there's thanksgiving, folks. temperatures above average. and a high of 77 with clear skies. >> all right. thank you. it's 10-10 and you have your answers for the weekend. but still to come, it's a sign of the season. people pushing and shoving at each other just to get a deal.
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this? the science of black friday mania coming up. >> and we have some answers for parents. on a dangerous new drug cooked up in a lab twice as strong as heroin and it's deadly. we're asking parents to pay attention to this stuff. help us keep a lid on the problem. help us stop. before the tragedy comes to
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair.
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guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. mars is closer than you think. >> mission to mars had may be years away but some students in texas are getting a sneak peak. transforms just a regular school into a virtual mars transport. that's the schools but there. using screens on the windows. allowing these young explorers
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>> very cool. >> great way for education to further the issue. speaking of education, there's a new synthetic drug out there. twice as powerful as heroin. >> it's called pink. as preston phillip reports even the dea just banned it in all 50 states. there's nothing stopping kids from buying it online for cheap. >> this thing will kill you and it will kip -- kill you fast. >> is oidioid. it's called pink but it's no joke. >> 7 times powerful than morphine and 10 times more than heroin. >> in counties that small. -- quantities that small, it can end your life.
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because kids often snort it off of their pinkies. >> they take the amount they would think they need for heroin, but it's stronger it'll actually kill them. >> this one here has a warning for buyers. notice it again. not for human use. >> we're asking parents. pay attention to this stuff. help us keep a lid on this problem. help us stop it before the tragedy comes to your family. >> the dea says pink has including two kids in utah just a few weeks ago. new york has seen 31 deaths. north carolina, 10. >> there's no question that it's going to move into arizona at some point. >> speaking a as parent himself, coleman says it's important to get out in front of this potential killer before it starts claiming lives here. >> if pants are paying attention the kids will be able to get it. it'll end the life of a child, it'll end the life on adult.
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>> reporter: cbs5 news. >> before the dea put a 2 year band. it was legal in 46 states. including right here. it seems like this. which has some wondering why do we go crazy for black friday. >> what turns people into maniacs over a deal? >> asu researchers looked into the season craze and cbs5 lauren ramier has moreens as for us. >> we are a week out and there are already that the best buy getting ready for the big sales. researchers say the advertisements that people are exposed to on black friday, might be the cause of some of those fights that we see getting them all excited before they even head into the stores. fistfights, staple feed and in some rare cases, death. black friday has earn and violent reputation because of
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sort of violence on black friday, which is essentially a shopping holiday for ten years. more than that. we -- every year. it seems there's more and more of these examples. >> reporter: asu researchers wanted to figure out just what is setting off these shoppers. >> this would be easier to understand if this was the disaster situation and we are fighting for the last loaf of bred. of -- bread. but that's not case. >> reporter: his people different advertisement. one showed a sale of limited quantity. and then rigged a vending machine. >> it jammed. they are females, put their feet like this and shook it you have a. >> reporter: it aalso found test it's tore roan levels spiked after expore sure to
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>> we weren't necessarily surprised but it was interesting to us to see how strong the effects were. >> and they also found that people are less aggressive when sales are from a set time period. say from 6:00 a.m. to noon. opposed to a set number of items available for sale and these researchers say if more stores did this, we might see less fights on black friday. lauren r, why mer, cbs5 disappointing all in one. consumer report, apple started purging thousands of apps from their app store. there that's because some are fake. scamming online shoppers while others just don't follow app -- apple guidelines. more than 47,000 apps will be day care -- will be taken offline over the next few weeks. >> i couldn't see anything. in the middle, it's probably like 10 10 feet fall. i tried to -- feet tall. i tried to stand up.
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>> kind of an impromtu foam party. look at that foam seeping out of nearby business. you can see is the winds swirling it around. the company was testing their firefighterring systems. and that them to creating this blob. it's similar to the kind the phoenix fire department uses for house and oil fires. >> mostly made of water and soap. but compressed air as well. which phoenix trucks it makes that foam much more billowy. and the fire department says they still used come pressed air on their trucks base at the airport. >> that's probably unfortunate. that's very expensive. that's a lot of foam. but it shows you right there it does work when you need it. >> all right. so lindsey was on scene for tonight's foam party here in phoenix. so what happens to the stuff now? phoenix fire say they'll just wash it off and the
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the environment environment. well, flash back friday and check out what we found. rare color. video, of phoenix shot 60 years ago back in 1956. this clip shows a parade, full of cowboys, coaches and marchs bands. and lot of people taking trips and a trip back in time. this is what sky harbor a far cry from the airport. passengers waiting outside and using a staircase to
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an amazing find here. two men in alaska, a of they discovered two moose frozen in the ice. you can see the antlers sticking out of a frozen lake. the man who found them said the moose were in the middle of a battle, took them hours to get the moose out of the ice. is that incredible or what. what a find. t' forecast. temperatures dropping down into the upper 40s this morning. we're going to see overnight lows tonight. not as cool. we'll get it down to about 55, 46sedona. and 24 chilly up in flag staff. highs tomorrow, a little bit warmer. pleasant. plenty of sunshine. we'll see temperatures around 82 degrees. enjoy. let's talk sports. baby steps this season for the phoenix suns and a tough lesson
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effort earlier this week. coach early watson took his team to local high school and put them through a defense comes first seminary. there was some busted lips and the suns, hit the floor tonight hopefully a different type. any play without pall george and the sun's devin booker rolled his ankle. in fact, early watson sat all of his starters. and the sun's bench wo throw. and the bet, getting it. -- three big threes. the suns bench scored 78 points. most sunt 1995. the hard practice works. they win by 20. let's go to orlando after loosing last night to northern iowa. bob buy hurley sun devils take on tulane. and have you heard of buffalo transfer toran graham. he can jam. and physical low buffalo transfer from the parking lot,
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hurle why to tempe. asu is going to play on sunday again against dayton. brad richardson under going surgery today after suffering a broken tibia. you feel for him. he scored his fifth goal. the coy -- coy owecoyotes lost in had a shoot and glammed off waivers by the atlanta braves. along with others. those three going to other teams. did protect 6 prospects. and just when you think the cardinals can't possibly stomach another injury, special teams star, joining the long list on injured reserve. a bad knee will likely end his season. gooden has been activates -- activated on sunday.
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welcome back.
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football. dreams of playing for it all. on the line tonight. all over the valley. here they are. your high school football plays of the night. we start mountain point in the red mountain. here's running back delan, salgat. looking lying david johnson. he hits the jets. he takes it all of the way. and mountain point wins it 21- 14. how about catalina. finding brian beckham. a little drag route and e' they beat higley. and it was blow out city. chandler won 62-30. how about tj green. he scored 6. 6 touchdowns tonight. this one of the 90-yard variety. and chandler rolls, that sets up chandlers and mountain point next week and it's going to be a fun week because williams field and centennial moved on. so got a couple games tomorrow as well. >> i'm pick ing chandler to win
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love chandler. look at this. high tomorrow 82 degrees. we'll start off in the mid-50s. gorgeous shot right there from our news chopper. nice little sunrise. >> nice. >> steven colbert is up next. enjoy your weekend. >> have a good weekend, everyone. we'll see you back here monday. you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity. denny's all-new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes william h. macy colin quinn and musical guest drive-by truckers. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: wooo!


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