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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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downed at the 16 by brandon williams. >> phil: the wide receivers struggle for philadelphia. that last drive, we got a couple guys missing. kam chancellor, he gets the interception. then later in the game, watch richard sherman, looking through the second receiver, reads the quarterback, breaks off of it. knocks the football down. something they're very good at. watching the quarterback, reading him. but now, two defensive backs down, they have to find a way to start first and win. wright tossing it down. >> referee: illegal shift, offense, all players kid not get
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down. >> jim: weens dropping back, across the middle for a first down to the 33. green-beckham. >> phil: pass protection, getting that extra second to throw it down the field. smallwood, he's out to the 50. some of you just joining us now,
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san francisco, jim nantz, phil simms, tracy wolfson in seattle. as we've got a philadelphia player down. he had a number of injuries in the game, including ryan mathews and darren sproles, from the eagles, couple of running backs for seattle as well, and c.j. prosise and troy main-pope had a couple of defenders for the seahawks go out. shead and earl thomas. patriots winning that game 30-17. the ankle here. >> phil: backup tackle, taking
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>> jim: those of you expecting to see 60 minutes, you're watching the nfl on cbs, the eagles and the seahawks. our score here is 26-15, seattle. 60 minutes will be seen in its entirety except on the west coast there's the patriot final. tom brady in his first game ever in his hometown. throws for 280 and four
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near the 40. >> phil: green-beckham, nice job of sealing off lane using that big size. jth something weenlts is going off-season. those type of throws. >> jim: eagles have to close out four of the last six at home. dallas last week of the season. running it for about 10 with the
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we're going to be at the two-minute warning after we learn about the flag. >> referee: pass interference, number 18 offense, 10-yard penalty, repeat third down. this is a two-minute warning. >> jim: green-beckham blocking before the football was thrown. the running back, pass interference. hurry in to lowe's today for great black friday deals
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>> jim: tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and bruno mars, and why the u.s. women's soccer team is so upset. null all new episodes of ncis:los angeles and madam secretary. eagles out of time-outs, third and ten at midfield. chased, got it away, but the
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>> phil: you take the penalty or go for it on fourth down? pete carroll trying to decide. >> jim: third and 20 or fourth -- >> holding number 71 offense, that penalty declined, result of the play fourth down. >> phil: i saw pete carroll go fourth down. he wants to give them one shot instead of two. >> jim: doug peterson, raised north of seattle, used to atind all the seahawk games as a kid in the kingdome days. that building would rock, too.
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>> phil: yes, they weren't going to wait any longer. that time, both linebackers, wright, bobby wagner, both putting pressure. then quickly off the corner, hit wentz' arm. >> jim: look at him here, reaches out casually and hits the elbow. that impacted the pass and seattle takes over. and the seahawks are on their way to a 7-2-1 record and wentz who threw for 136 in the fourth quarter, ends up with a 218 total, 2-2. >> phil: wentz is grabbing his right arm on the sideline. >> jim: in the booth, right next to us, the great merril reiss calling this game. has been the voice for them for some 40 years, for the eagles. he's going into their hall of fame in a week. >> phil: yeah.
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>> jim: along with mike quick. >> phil: yes. >> jim: incredible play by play announcer. >> phil: i'll tell you, they fought it off today. doug peter son has to be proud of this team, the injuries. a touchdown call back on the screen play. change the makeup of the game. >> jim: 578-5 would be good enough for second plagues if you were in the nfc west. but in the nfc east that puts you at the bottom. dallas 9-1, giants 7-3, redskins going against the packers. and a big three-game lead, now, for seattle out west. with six games to go. it will be interesting to see what happens with all of these
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will the seahawks be in the market for another running back. >> phil: we'll find out. we'll see the severity of those injuries. but the good thing, they have a lot of weapons on the offensive side they can turn to. forsythe. >> jim: eagles going to have to address the running back concerns as well. matthews hurt, sproles hurt. seattle 439 total yards. that's their best of the season. tops on the year, too, in rushing yards with 1:52. baldwin, over 100 and throw as touchdown pass. wilson deferred again. 272 touchdown throw a touchdown catch. 26-15, seahawks win it tonight.
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see you then. enjoy the game. right now at 5:30 we are tracking the storm that has look at those dark skies this is live look at loop 110 in the west valley. we have team coverage. jeff van zant has been talking to hikers. leon enriquez talking to athletes compete flood the ironman. but let's get started with ashli difficult martino. >>reporter: we started to see those showers in the west side of the valley around 2:00 this afternoon. they have let up a little at
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that's falling. as you can see where the rain isis moving through the whitman area through up through wickerburg. a we put radar into motion you can see the moisture coming up from the southwest moving ford the north. so we are seeing it all along the i-17 with some very light showers that are just starting to fall right now in the flagstaff area. it's been steady for us as they have been falling and it's been very light out there. this is the first wave that's going to be moving through the area as we head into our overnight hours and into the start we can expect even more. if you look at what we've seen so far anywhere from a trace to just over a tenth of an inch of rain on the west side of the valley. here's what we're expecting. snow levels to drop to about 7,000 feet by tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon in the valley we can get up to half an inch of rain, some isolated thunderstorms expected in the morning and much cooler temperatures. we'll take a look at the full forecast coming up. >> all right ashli. thank you.
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jeff vanzant is in the middle of it. how are things looking where you are? >>reporter: we haven't seen too much rain over the last couple of hours, but as i said earlier it's kind of coming and going but right now we're seeing very dark clouds and it is a bit chilly which i have to admit feels very good. a nice relief from the usual sun and hot weather we've seen of course here in the valley. so not much in the way of talking about traffic jams or anything like that. the rain comes and goes. really nothing heavy at all. but again it does we decided to check out camelback mountain to see how hikers are enjoying all this. >> i enjoy it got a sweat coming drizzle helps cool you down. >> whenever it started raining i actually went outside when it started raining out there. sat out there a little bit laid and looked at the sky take it in. >>reporter: obvious willly the forecast showing we might see rain tonight and into tomorrow. so i think we should all sit back and enjoy this before the sunny skies and hot weather come back.
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thank you very much. the ironman triathlon is underway in tempe. rain or shine these athletes are determined to finish the race. that's where we finds leanne a enriquez. >>reporter: i'm here at mile marker 25. athletes have one more mile left or halfway through their two loop run. the run is the last events of the competition. competitors kicked off their journey at with cloudy skies. they got light sprinkles throughout the afternoon. the weather seems just about perfect with cloud coverage for these athletes who started off with a 2.4-mile swim. they then jumped on their bikes for 112-mile ride. they ends their day running with full marathon, 26.2 miles. it's a competition that's a battle from start to finish. you add some chilly rainy weather it can be an added mental hurdle to these
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are actually hoping for a little rain right about now. >> rain or no rain. >> rain. >> hoping for rain or no rain? >> rain. >> we say three quarters of it is upstairs. most i would hope these athletes have done their job athletically and have trained now today is the mental challenge. this is the fun part. this is what they train for. >>reporter: and these competitors have 17 hours to finish this race. they have to be done by midnight. we'll be competition and the weather. we'll see if we get think more rain. live in tempe leanne a enriquez back to you. >> thank you. and count on cbs 5 to track these storms. you can check the forecast and zero in on your neighborhood with our valley pinpoint doppler radar. you can do this 24 hours a day no matter what time, no what's where you are. this is only on our free cbs 5 mobile app. new tonight a man is in jail
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on fire. pinal county sheriff's deputies arrested steven sain after a circle k employee in santan valley said he was making those threats. deputies say he admitted to setting several vacant homes on fire in the bay area. that has launched an investigation. he has been booked into jail on charges of making threats as well as drug possession. >> a sierra visits take man is in jail being multiple felony drug and weapons charges. michael ramirez was arrested after police served a search warrant on a motel room. they found evidence that raps was selling heroin and meth out of the hotel. getting a break right now from those showers this afternoon was cool. 74 was our high today. you can see the whitman you're still getting said he rain. sank out to show you we've got the moisture coming up from the southwest moving towards the
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light steady rain that is falling for them. buckets of heavier rain headed their way. continues the west side of the valley as we jump ahead to 9:00 you can see it spreads into the east part of the valley with some light showers continuing through midnight off and on scattered around the valley with heaviest rain to the north and to the east of us. we'll continue as we head into monday morning again with off and on showers more moisture widespread around the state for us little bit of snow will continue through the noon hour and even off and on throughout the day. but most of it moving out moisture wise as we head into 10:00 on monday night. how much rain are we going to be seeing? we'll guilty here in the valley about half an inch of rain. but you can see to the north and to the east of us could get an inch to inch and-a-half. as far as snowfall goes. the snow level starting at 10,000 feet but dropping around to 7,000 feet. we'll see 2 to 3 inches in show
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the flagstaff area. so, as we take a look at the forecast here's what's happening with our temperatures. they drop again another 10 degrees as we head into the start of the week. 64 is what we're expecting afternoon high for tomorrow. we'll stay with temperatures in the upper 60s but dry out as that storm system is long gone by tuesday afternoon. then sunny skies coming our way for the rest of the week. heading into the holiday we will see a temperature of 75
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. starting tomorrow aaa projects about 48.7 million americans are going to start traveling to their thanksgiving destinations. that's a million more people than last year and highest number since 2007. the top destination las vegas. if you're flying here's a little treat for you. there's now valley parking at terminal 4 in sky harbor. you can either drop the in front of the garage or reserve valet right at the curb. going to cost you about $30 a day. both offer additional services like getting your car washed or serviced. move over thanksgiving christmas taking over. governor don'ts he tweeting these photos the capital tree is already in the investment you can watch the lighting ceremony on monday. thank you so much for joining us. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you back here at
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: you seem very frustrated with the united states. >> i am disillusioned. >> kroft: president erdogan is not the only one in turkey disillusioned with america right now. so are many of his country men. most of the tension can be traced back to july when a faction of the turkish military tried to overthrow erdogan and his government. >> kroft: do you believe that there was any u.s. involvement? >> i'm not going to blame the united states. but that's what my people will think. >> carli lloyd: we feel like we're treated like second class citizens because they don't care as much about us as they do the men. >> o'donnell: carli lloyd is the
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number one team in the world, the u.s. women's. but despite their achievement, the players say they've been discriminated against, paid less and treated worse next to the u.s. men's team. >> o'donnell: do you think you should be paid more than the men's team? >> lloyd: yeah, absolutely. >> o'donnell: why? >> lloyd: we win. we're successful. we should get what we deserve. >> logan: brma hardest working man in show business. and when you hear how he grew up you'll understand why this throwback never takes anything for granted. your house. >> i just really care about what people see. i want them to know that i'm-- i'm working hard for this. the artists that i look up to, like, you know, michael, prince, james brown. they're not phoning it in. they're going up there to murder anybody that performs after them


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