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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 22, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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depending on where you were today you saw one of these two, rain or snow. wet weather storm den. the high country got much needed snowfall.>> ashley d martino is life -- it looks like showers have moved out of the area. valley pinpoint doppler show quiet conditions.
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left over showers. the area of low pressure is bringing rainfall. temperature-wise, it's cool. temperatures in the upper 50s in phoenix and getting close to that freezing mark in the flagstaff. skiers and snowboarders headed up to the high country to take advantage of the fresh powder. what does it look life in flagstaff? our correspondent, ashlee in hey ashley.>>reporter: you know, the cold cuts through you like a knife. we have a little bit of drizzle left. and the wind and the roads are wet, which could make for icy conditions. there is no snow on the ground in downtown flagstaff. look at the video, this was the
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it dropped overnight and this morning thanks to mother nature. the chairlifts were full and the ski season has begun and arizona.>> it's super exciting. i got into school but i still have to go on a field trip. i came and started skiing. it's awesome.>> i'm pretty excited. i'm used a long boarding, this the snow.>>reporter: that it is. as i mentioned, the roads are wet. i want to tell you we have seen a dot driving on the interstate in the streets laying down salt, so hopefully the roads will not ice over. ashlee demartino, cbs5 news. you can always get the
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free cbs5 mobile app through the app store or google play. justin, cardinals head coach bruce aarons has been released from a local hospital. he started experiencing chest pains. the cardinals were in atlanta, no word at this point on whether he will be back on the sidelines. we are hearing the arizona diamondbacks side of the story fell through. the private group backed out because the diamondbacks refused to meet with out what they call the number of unreasonable and dubious preconditions. the team fired back with a statement saying, they are deeply offended by those claims. here's the rest of the statement, the team is basically under contract to
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donald trump is heating up the focus on border security and there are some people in southern arizona who are hoping the border wall could snuff out certain wildfires. derek stall reports.>>reporter: his cattle ranch is right near the spot where the tall border fence in no gallus and in the barbed wire begins.'s makes a hotbed for illegal border crossers and fires. >> some of them were started as warming fires for groups coming through. they did not wasting wish the fire and we had a few that were diversionary, border patrol would make an apprehension and fires were lit. >>reporter: there have been five fires on his ranch this year, the most since 2011 when the devastating murphy complex
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happening right now.>>reporter: there is a lot of dry brush at the border. one study found arizona's border region averages more than one fire per day and 86% are caused by human activity. the study said it's hard to gauge how many were started by illegal border crossers. in this border town, people are split over whether a wall would help. >> it's a huge deterrent.>> it's not going to make that cities in favor of fencing where appropriate, but security that he must like to see are more roads. >> that's key, deploying them closer to the border. >>reporter: until then, fires come with the territory. derek stall, cbs five news. coming up tomorrow night, we continue our special reports from the border with the answers about how much of arizona's border is covered by fencing and whether local think
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agenda will be based on a simple corporate statement. putting america first. >> trumps pledge to repeal the act were missing from his plan. the president elite -- elect released a video. he did speak about infrastructure, security and work lisa abuse. jodi has had her attorney disbarred. >> it's all over a tell-all book that he wrote after the trial.>>reporter: law offices are effectively closed for business he defended jodi arias for years even though he has to be removed and jodi arias asked for different representation. he got in trouble over a book he wrote after the trial. it was a book called trapped
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of writing it without permission of jodi arias and it contained confidential information. it's an ethics violation. he is not alone, the jodi arias prosecutor, juan martinez faces probation over accusations of unprofessional behavior. while martinez appeals the case against him, nurmi is moving on two different things in life. he was diagnosed health and nutrition and wrote a book on nutrition. he declined to talk to us but we did get a statement from jodi arias new attorneys are pleased that kirk nurmi can no longer practiced law. live in phoenix, jared dillingham him cbs5 news. a cruel twist of fate, he spent his nights making sure
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life after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. friends of daniel conway held a fundraiser benefiting his family at pranksters in scottsdale. phoenix police say he was hit head-on near 35th and van buren in october. the driver, shaun davis was arrested for dui.>> it so avoidable. it's not just about the person driving. it's the people you could affect. it could've been avoided.>> conway was a cab driver, he leaves behind a wife and two kids. the traffic nightmare is over in the east valley. a series of crashes on the loop 101 left one dead and part of the freeway closed. more than 20 cars were involved in separate accidents. wet weather and slick roads may
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thought today, northern california skiers and snowboarders on the left hitting the slopes and on the right is upstate new york. drivers dealing with some tricky roads. the snow continues to fall along the east coast, dwright conditions in california. look at the snowfall, two feet of snow and more expected tonight. definitely a mess in upstate new york. the dakotas are seeing snow that's we showed you snowball earlier, look at the sunrise. sunlight ski resort in greer, arizona. they are planning to open on thursday. if you have plans, maybe want to hit greer. look at the rainfall totals, close to an inch in whitman. half an inch and surprise.
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59 degrees, temperatures are cooling quickly. wins are nice and calm. the culprit of the moisture, the low that's moving east and we will wake up with clear skies come a temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s to start. we will see the temperature warm up as the work week moves on into the holiday weekend. we turn back to our average high in the mid-70s by thanksgiving. high tomorrow 70 degrees by 4:00 p.m. that will turn back to our average high in the mid-70s by thanksgiving. high tomorrow 70 degrees by 4:00 p.m. 70 tuesday, lower 70s wednesday, looking good for thanksgiving, a high of 76 degrees with mostly sunny skies.>> thank you, paul. it's 1010>> thank you, paul. it's 10:10 pm. we have you caught up. stick around we will show you why parking lots, yes parking lots are one of the most dangerous places to be
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a better looking selfie. the new procedure that allows you to skip going under the knife and get rid of unwanted fat. check your pantry, a thanksgiving staple was
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police cruiser spins out of control and almost hits the kids in pennsylvania. the patrol unit missed the children, thankfully. here it is again, look at how close it comes. right there. the unit involved was chasing a suspect and the suspect got away.>> that makes your heart skip a beat.
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in the parking lot.>> jeff van sant has more information.>>reporter: this survey is shocking. 66% of people say they are comfortable making calls while driving in a parking lot. even worse, 42% say they are willing to make a video chat call while driving. this gets worse during the holidays, like most of us we are busy shopping or wondering what we will get someone christmas. police say it seems like all the rules of the road go out the window once you enter a parking lot. that might explain white so many accidents happen in parking lots. say you get into an accident in the shopping center, that's a private lot. good luck trying to get the cops to come investigate.>> we will help you investigate, there will need to be $5000 worth of damage.>>reporter: they say put the phone down, it's that simple and pay
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i'm jeff van sant, cbs5 news. one of the biggest shopping days of the year is days away. we don't want to to miss any great deals. we've made it easy with a list of valley store hours for this weekend. you will find it on our free mobile app. like it or not, selfies are part of life know for millions of americans. not everyone likes the way they look. >> wake up arizona preston phillips procedure that's meant to make your face look thinner for those close-ups.>>reporter: this valley woman is having numbing cream applied for more than a dozen injections of acid known as [ indiscernible ] jennifer is one of millions who take selfies every day. they are obsessed.>> appearance
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every day.>>reporter: she hasn't been happy with her double chin, she has been getting injected with a product designed to dissolve the fat, without having to go under the knife. >> when you have your phone up, you won't see your bulge in your neck.>>reporter: she is a three treatments. this is her before her first on before and on the right after two treatments.>> we are seeing more patients who have never had other cosmetic procedures. they didn't realize they could get rid of it.>>reporter: there are side effects, swelling could persist. doctor tony stockton says results are permanent adding that it's worth the downtime
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it's a good procedure. it will give them a better profile. it will be fast with very few risks.>> it gives me confidence.>>reporter: preston phillips, cbs5 news . >> each treatment is $1000 and doctor stockton says it takes most people two or three treatments to a team desired results. you can catch the whole wake up arizona gang every weekday right starting at 4:30 am . there's more trouble for chipotle. their burritos have to many calories, the restaurant chain like about how a count. to be late -- they pushed it as a healthy menu item, the lawsuit contends the chicken and pork wrap may have as many
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climbing with a renewed confidence. an experimental surgery is giving amputees hope that they may use all of their limbs as normally as possible. the operation allows patients to control a robotic test thesis restoring natural movement. doctor say the technology should be able to restore normal function to arms and fingers. pet owners and peoria are shielding their furry friend from a houdini birdcage and that's one of the pet parakeets that are usually inside. family put their cage on the backyard table, this morning they heard loud noise to find that the hawk had climbed inside to kill one of their pets.>> i'm very sad. now he's in heaven.
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one bird and set the hawk free. it came back later looking for the other bird. we have new video of a menacing bear, some hiker spotted him in the derek canyon. game and wildlife managers jacket down and killed it because it no longer feared people. bear approached people several times in september. heads up for those shopping for thanksgiving. hundreds of cases of heinz sport gravy are being recalled. some jars may have been mislabeled and are the homestyle beef as you. that contains milk and soy while the other product is not. you can return it for refund or exchange. if you are planning to buy a tonka dump truck you are out of luck. toys "r" us pulled them from the shelves after one burst
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to be isolated but is still investigating. thousands of people will get a hot meal this thanksgiving, thanks to st. mary's food bank. the charity is still a need. >> what better gift to give them and herself than it tax credit. governor ducey signed a lot that's designed to boost donations to food banks. it increases dollar for dollar tax credits from $200 to foreign to dollars for singles and $500-$800 fo st. mary's food drive ends wednesday, you have until april 15 st. mary's food drive ends wednesday, you have until april 15, 2017 to donate money and it will still count for this tax year. it was 35 years ago, news legend walter cronkite signed up for his final time as anchor of the cbs evening news.>> the man who now sits in was honored with an award for excellence in journalism. scott kelly made a stop here to talk with our news staff.
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listen from fake news. he continued that famous he expected the 2016 walter cronkite award for excellence in journalism.>> there is no democracy, without journalism. the folks at home, or wherever they are, need to have quality unbiased clear information to make decisions in their own lives and the lives of their family and in the life of country.>> it was an inspiring speech. scott pelley the 33rd recipient, he joined cbs in 1989 becoming anchor of cbs evening news in 2011. >> cronkite school of journalism did a great job today. still to come, another check of your weather. people in the high country weren't the only ones enjoying
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check out the animals. if the snow was intrigued enough, they also matching pumpkins. great band. let's look at the forecast and show you the satellite. temperatures with the clear conditions in the low moving east temperatures will drop into the lower 50s. 26 in flagstaff. it will get up to 50 tomorrow, 70 here. life is delicate.
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after being released from the hospital. these upper chest pains, his wife took him to the hospital. he was admitted in august while the team was in san diego i -- michael bidwell was in touch with the coach.>> i saw him today, he looked good. we been texting back and forth and he seems spirits. i think everything has checked out well. he is anxious to get out and get back to work. i'm sure we will see him at the facility soon.>> the texans and the raiders, derek carr is on his way to being the best in the nfl. three touchdowns on the night. raters are the real deal winning 27-20. sun devils and wildcats will clash in tucson at the annual
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>> to our guys and our fans, we understand how important this game is. we are excited to get prepared to compete this week. >> in the nation's capital, devontae booker puts on a show. eight ties it at 99. next possession these stops, pops and with 30 points. from the outside or on the inside, he goes in for ahead basket. that was in one and makes it a dagger as the chances are down the stretch losing 106-101 nor zone at taking on colorado. cody simmons with the triple. wildcats have a freshman started, david johnson a
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thanksgiving dinner at the rescue mission. look at michael doing his part. a great gesture from the cards for those in needs.>> it lets me know how thankful i am, to have the opportunities that i have to play football. it really lets me know, there's a lot of people that aren't
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we are learning the huge quite that hit japan was in after shock. coastal residents were rushing inland, there was a tsunami warning but it has been lifted. at some point waves have reached up to 10 feet. we will bring you the latest updates. >> and aftershock, five years later?
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