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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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ashline coaches will help you develop a plan which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. good afternoon, thanks for joining us here at noon. breaking news, a stand off in the east valley put a high school in lock down this afternoon. let's go straight out to donna at galveston and gilbert,
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0. >> reporter: a very active scene here. police trying to get their hands on an armed robbery suspect. this is important because the high school is right across the street and they had an early let out today so the kids were getting out of school even though they were on lock down earlier during the half way mark and walking down the this way. if you come is see where the action is taking place in this neighborhood behind me. police believe there's a man held up in one of these homes. both of the armed robberies took place in chandler. we saw some flash bangs go off earlier and the swat team is out there. we know there's a robot out there. we did see some smoke grenades go off. we're not sure if they made
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but we do know they are trying to get their hands on what they believe is an armed robbery suspect. they are allegedly to have held up two circle k's in the chandler area. they're also looking at the suspect being associated with an armed robbery in tempe. they believe the suspect is in the home by himself. they do not believe there are any hostages. right now the police are actively working this scene. we saw usually means they're on the move. we're going to stay out here and keep you updated as we learn the information. reporting live in gilbert, donna rossey, abc15 news. this is the biggest travel time of the year. today is when things get hairy at sky harbor. kiley is there checking out the crowd. it looks like it's slow but it's picked up big time.
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i will tell you the crowds are not too bad right now. i think you can handle it. you don't see any lines. you're able to come up here and drop off your bags. like you mentioned, one of the busiest travel days of the year and in all 180,000 people will fly in and out of sky harbor airport. we're here at terminal four. always southwest and american are here. this is the hub of activity as we take you up the escalator. there are important things that you need to know. first off, get here early, a couple hours before they recommend it. if you're picking people up at the airport, maybe you're not flying yourself but loved ones are coming in, they recommend using the 44th street sky train. have your guest take the sky train there which is very easy to get around.
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congested. here's a look at the lines now. this is the longest they have been. we're talking to travellers about what they are seeing. >> we're going to seattle to visit their daughter and family. >> tell me why you like traveling the day before thanksgiving. >> we don't. >> this is the last year we're doing this. >> this is the busiest travel day of the week -- the season. >> we had found a perfect parking place. >> it's not bad. >> no, they turned out already. >> reporter: you got to love all the people that come into the airport. that's probably one of the best but here's a look at the departures. as you can see, a lot of them are on time. seeing a couple delays so definitely check with your airline before you leave .
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is handy and any time you fly out of terminal four you have the security wait time so 13 minutes and 16 minutes -- you can see where the busiest check points are avoid them when you come to the airport because you're able to get through the check points if you're flying in terminal four. got to bring patience to the airport and bring an open mind. it will be extra busy and will get busier as the afternoon progresses. keep that in mind la it will be packed here you got your bags -- are you leaving after this? or what is going on? >> you know, let me tell you a funny story. [ laughter ] >> we want to be creative on the show and move around to show you and i have asked several security members to hold my bags -- that's a violation here at the airport because you never know -- but it's been an adventure this morning.
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couch for me -- yes that i tried to pawn this off so many times because i look silly with it. the bag in the shot -- i've gone over my time. we'll send it back to you. kiley, thanks for the explaining. holiday travel got off to a rough start for people driving to the valley from california this morning. a semi rolled over and down the eastbound lanes of interstate ten, about 60 miles west of phoenix morning. the news chopper flew over it. drivers were forced to take a slow detour until highway workers started reopening lanes an hour later. the good news is a driver was not hurt. but it did create a snarl there. >> it wasn't weather related. we have snow on the mountains. if you have been thinking about snow boarding or skiing you can do that tomorrow.
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actually melting on the side of the building -- some of it is man made and some is from the storm. clear skies over the white mountains and same story for flagstaff, prescott, kingman and winslow. let's drop it down 5,000 feet or so. clear skies, not a lot of wind and the trees down below are not moving. clear in phoenix as well. high thin clouds but that's it. temperatures picture perfect. 46 around the valley, not bad. 60s on the board. 66 in queen creek and chandler. 70 now at sky harbor airport. taking it up to 74 and 61 at 8:00 p.m. we're going to look at big popular travel destinations and what kind of weather you can expect if you're flying out today or tomorrow. police in mesa searching for a hit-and-run driver. a car slammed into a bicyclist
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at last check with life threatening injuries. police helicopters lit this area up with search lights after spotting the car. it was damaged. they found it right around 105th street. 0 that's you are university and mesa. the win shield is caved in. ti you if you know anything. a south phoenix neighborhood is shut down as police search for crooks that broke in a home. officers tried to stop and that red car, the man inside ditched the car and then just ran off. police were never able to catch up to him and he's still on the run this afternoon. . the former i-ten shooting suspect is defending himself again this time over a court order that he violated.
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with merit junior who was arrested for breaking a domestic violence order protection. >> why would she say you were over there. >> i don't know. >> you guys aren't together anymore? is that correct. >> yeah. >> you know more than i do. >> so he was arrested last month at an apartment complex in glendale. his ex-girlfriend who you heard him talking about who is said to be pregn called police and he denied being on her property. he was released from jail the next day and scheduled to be back in court next month. silent witness is now offering a $21,000 reward in the death of farmer. back in september somebody shot this mother of three while she was driving near state route 51. investigators belief she was followed by the suspect for several miles.
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has talked to somebody or put something on social media that concerns someone. we would rather have you give us that information anonymously. >> the suspect's vehicle is described as az white work truck with a ladder rack. call silent witness if you know anything at all. p exclusively this week with our sister station, 3tv. it's their first joint interview since an election loss ended his 24-year run. some said 60 years old is too old to be the top county's law man. >> i went republican luck and told everybody my age,
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because there's discrimination against senior citizens and i want ed to do what i could as example. >> he's the longest serving sheriff in our county's history. what he plans to do next, coming up. a mysterious fire ball falls from the sky in florida. more of this video come ugh up create a fire ball of your own if you're not careful. what to do and how to keep you and your family safe. also grab your phones. we're giving away a four pack
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check out these individual yeses out of western florida. hundreds of people reported
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the sky late monday night. it was seen from key west all the way up to the panhandle in georgia and alabama too. the american meet rolg society says there's thousands of these every day but not a lot of people see them because they happen in daylight. cool video -- -- meterology. politics might be off limit tomorrow as you but you need to avoid one thing for sure. >> reporter: there's more than three times the average cooking fires on thanksgiving than any other day of the year. >> this is my skin graph. it's in the process of healing right now. >> it's a lesson she learned the hard way when she left a combustible can between her stove burners while making dinner for her family.
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explode. then i felt the flames hit my face. >> after multiple surgeries and a month in the hospital evelyn says she is still dealing with physical and emotional scars that will last a lifetime. . >> reporter: so let's talk turkey safety. when in the kitchen always pay attention. unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires. >> if you have to leave the and assign somebody to keep an eye on the cooking at all times. >> this firefighter placed a pan on top of the fire to extinguish the flames. if you like to deep fry your turkey, make sure it's away from your house and don't put it on a porch or in a garage. the turkey should be defrosted and patted dry. make sure to check the
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the golden rule is never walk away while you're cooking. henna daniels, cbs news. back out to the breaking news. live shots out of gilbert. this is the story we brought you earlier in the newscast. police were on the scene of a man held up in a home in gilbert. the shot is wide but we do see him being halled off in handcuffs -- -- hauled. they believe he has a connection to the robberies this morning at the circle c. k. if you're familiar with this area hearing 405 makes you shutter. there was not an accident here. this is just the evening commute. unbelievable. this is also people hitting the road for thanksgiving trying to get out of town.
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las vegas is getting an nhl hockey team and they unveiled the name and logo last night. . >> the vegas golden knights. >> they're not the las vegas golden knights -- just the vegas golden nooips. the owner thought is too much. -- -- knights. they open section season in a new arena on the strip right behind the monte carlo. it's closer to the strip, a little bit off i thought it was nights like you're partying at night. . clear skies outside, a nice day.
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and most of your weekend. family in town showing off with this weather. take a look at the radar and satellite picture. clear in phoenix and clear pretty much staid wide. if you're hitting the road today or tomorrow, not a lot of problems or any problems as far as the weather goes. if you're flying, we're great. no issues and not seeing any delays according to the faa. that's a new thing i just made up. let's talk about big cities re 60 degrees in san francisco and chicago in the 40s. new york in the 40s and atlanta in the 60s with a chance of rain as well. no major storms around the nation but some cold weather on the east coast. how about 70 now in phoenix? the wind is calm and under a ridge of high pressure keeping us dry for the next few days. we will have a weak system clip the northern part of the state but that's not bringing rain or snow. it all stays to the north and
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we're seeing lot s of sunshine out there. tomorrow morning it will be pretty breezy in the mountains around prescott and sedona along the colorado river. these oranges you see, that's the 35 miles per hour range. in fountain hills apache junction, noticing breezes as well but not a whole lot in the valley. this is thursday afternoon, maybe you're sitting down at dinner and still seng conditions and relaxing a bit going into friday. friday morning wind on the east side of the valley and foothills but that's about it. as we look at high temperatures for today, 74 your high in phoenix. 53 in sholo. warming into thursday and friday. 77 on thanksgiving. 79 on friday and 74 on saturday and we see temperatures dropping ten degrees from saturday into sunday.
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cover on sunday and a slight chance for rain sunday into monday. looks like they waited just in time till the holiday was over. >> it was something big. worth the wait. >> thank you. if you have been to disneyland's haunted mansion, you remember this -- the room that seems to stretch. somebody owns a piece of it and it wasn't cheap. a reminder later in the
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breaking news, a stand off is over in gilbert. police have taken a man into custody suspected of two armed robberies today.
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school into lock down and now all the students have been released and gone home. they got out a little bit earlier. more on this on cbs five news at 5:00. start dialling, we're giving away a four pack of ticket to see zoo life that runs from today to january 8th at the phoenix zoo. the fifth caller s, the paintings that seem to stretch in the entrance room of disneyland's haunted mansion? they may be more valuable than you know. one of the original stretching portraits on the ride just sold for $172,000. it was owned by a disney memorabilia collector in florida and it only expected to fetch 30 $30,000. there are only 15 to 20 of
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existence. strange video out of wisconsin. a guy called police asking for assistance because he just hit a deer with his car. when the officer got there, the man loaded the animal's body into the back of his vehicle. turns out the door wasn't exactly dead. it hopped out and hopefully you will see it here -- here it comes -- and and runs off into the woods. guess it's a good story? i don't know. he might be hurt.
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79 friday and tomor for sunday, 65. >> has anybody given you a hug for this forecast? >> all right, see you back here at 5:00. . greatest thanksgiving day hacks ever. >> put that right on top. >> make this holiday one to
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? the house looks wonderful! thank you for hosting. >> eric: hi. >> quinn: ohh! mmm! [ chuckles ] well, and thank you for organizing. you're the one bringing everyone together -- not just the forresters, but you convinced wyatt to come, and that made me so happy. >> steffy: i wasn't gonna let wyatt be alone. >> liam: steffy and i are doing our part to make it as painless as possible for wyatt. >> wyatt: make what painless?


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