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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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figure out exactly why this man fell. we're told the 61-year-old apparently lives in the neighborhood and knows these trails. we're told he went for a hike by himself this afternoon. and those same wents say he stray -- witnesses say he strayed from the path and fell off of some kind of a drop. they did call 911 and by the time crews were able to reach him, he had passed away. phoenix fire is using its helicopter to fly where this man fell. they're trying to get him off the mountain before the sun goes down. and we're told that phoenix police homicide is taking over this investigation. developing tonight, one person was killed in this wreck on i-17. it happened near pin kem peak road around 1:00 this afternoon. the truck that was pulling the trailer that you see
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and caused a crash. police have not released details on the person killed. things got off to a rough start this morning. a semi truck read shutting down the eastbound lanes of interstate 10. drivers were forced to take a slow detour until highway workers started reopening lanes. that happened around 7:00 this morning. the driver was not injured in this crash. before thanksgiving. this is the same system you can see right now on our cbs5 mobile apsxp share that with your friends. i fired up the statewide view to show that you it's actually some good news right now, 4:00 pm on wednesday. the bad news remains northbound lanes, still about a 30-minute delay. it's not too bad showing up here. but it's still a 30-minute delay as you
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accident zone. transition into the 51, normal backups on a holiday, out west, not bad. heading to california, some tip tal slow and go through the buckeye area, west and eastbound lane really slow and go, especially around sky harbor. take the 143 and pop over to the light rail drop-off. that would probably be a good example of getting your visitors in early to start celebrating the holiday. and down south, heading to tucson for the big game tomorrow. it's just a little show sloe as
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and good news if you're hitting the radioed this weekend, there are no road cloishs. existing work zone restrictions will remain in place, that includes the i19 in tucson and the i-40 near the arizona/california border. and beginning tomorrow, police officers and deputies will be out there on the dui patrols. typical of this time of year for the holiday. their campaign won't stop enemy new year's day. if i want we have a list on our website. the huvent for an armed robbery suspect -- hunt for an armed robbery suspect caused a commotion in the east valley this morning and forced a high school to go on lockdown. donna rossi watched as the whole thing unfolded. she joins us live from the chandler police department. >> reporter: that suspect was eventually caught. he is being processed by the chandler police
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two counts of armed robbery. >> a lot of the trucks, a lot of the police vehicles were over here, and they were firing smoke bombs into the house there, and then finally you could hear them saying okay, we got 'em. >> reporter: james watched as an unusual scene played out in his normally quiet gilbert neighborhood. >> only a couple time, hi here and there, never seen the family, just him. >> reporter: his neighbor is the man police were looking for in connection with two he has been identified as tracy yuj eugene mccoy. he is suspected of holding this circle-k and a second shortly after in chandler. >> based off the fact these were armed robberies, the threat of a firearm, we decided to utilize our s.w.a.t. team >> reporter: police north saying what information led them to mccoy's gilbert home. when they went to serve a search
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himself inside. the neighborhood was blocked off and everyone at the high school was alerted. >> students and teacher, we're now in lockdown. we could tell just by that it wasn't a drill >> reporter: you could see where officers deployed tear gas canisters into the house to smoke mccoy out. >> i'm glad everything worked out the way it did. >> police are also looking at mccoy an armed robbery that took place in tempe. phoenix police are trying to figure out why this car smashed into a wall bordering a playground at whittier elementary school this morning near 16th and palm lane. the man driving the car was taken to the hospital in serious condition. luckily the school was out on fall break this week so no one else was hurt. sheriff arpaio is now
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years, he's about to go on trial for criminal contempt of court. a charge that could land him some jail time. >> speaking of that charge, are you correspond at all? >> not really. not really. i think the truth will come out one day. if i have to goou >> what about you? >> i'm concerned about it. but if he -- he's not concerned, then okay. >> still the man you love -- >> yes. >> is going through something that is difficult. and how. >> we'll get through it. together. >> i shouldn't joke but i always say at least it's federal so i'll have good food. >> sick months in jail.
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me. >> well, yeah. that's if you're found guilty. >> i understand that >> that's why i don't think it's gonna happen. >> so we'll see what happens. getting up there is costing me money too. the county won't cover it. the truth will set you free. >> do you have any regrets abou when the judge said don't do it and it -- >> i'm not going to get into that. few mistakes. it was nothing ever intentional. i've been a federal official for 30 years. department of justice and it's sad in a way what's going on. these were state laws, federal laws, i was just doing my job. and my people were doing
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that's the way it is. and one day we'll get truth out. tomorrow may be thanksgiving but tonight at the phoenix zoo, they're getting set up for christmas. >> for the 25th year, they'll flip the switch for their annual zoo lights. paul horton is out there tonight hosting. this is their biggest finned raising event all year. >> with snow! >> not bad . >> wow! >> reporter: and i dissected the discussion from the national he mentioned snowfall. [ laughter ] >> reporter: look at this. we've got some snow phoenix zoo. always nice. let's show what you we're expecting today,
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into the mid-70s. satellite and radar, mostly clear conditions. we'll continue to see clear conditions through the rest of the evening. and we're sitting around the mid-cities, 72 degrees, winds light out of the west eight miles per hour. we'll have more from the wonderful phoenix zoo coming up. good thing i grabbed my scarf. and they're hoping to hit t at 5:45 this evening. and the asu marching band will be part of the festivities as well. i'm not on the injury report. i'm full go. there's. >> he's all in on sunday for the first time since he was hospitalized. hearing from bruce arians. >> and donald trump continues to fill his cabinet.
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president elect donald trump is spending. >> the two met over the weekend, trump called the michigan republican a passionate education advocate. >> elton john says he will not perform during trump's inauguration despite a claim by the inaugural committee. he was a strong supporter of hillary clinton and a trump critic during the 2016 campaign. a police officer shot on the wayne state university campus last night has die.
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police do not believe the officer was ambushed. the f.b.i. closed its investigation into child abuse claims against brad pitted. it will not file any charges. the complaint was made just a day before angelina jolie file forwarded for divorce.
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for developmentally disabled children sometimes it is hard to do the same things as other children. >> a new park is opening the door to everyone when it comes to play, exercise, and learning. ian schwarzenegger neighborhood - schwartz stop by. >> reporter: you're more likely to hear construction hard at work than kids laughing on the swings. the park's playground is getting a major makeover. >> it's really exciting. my kids keep waiting, when is it ready! >> reporter: this will be what the city calls a universally accessible playground. >> ensuring that people regardless of ability have the opportunity to get out,
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friends, it's truly important and a central part of building a great community. >> reporter: the park's director says the park will have hands-on play areas, encouraging kids to interact with large panels to sharpen their motor skill development. >> slide, push, trace with your finger, outline, move, musical instrument, all starts of stuff. >> reporter: this parkville some cool features including this zip line which will accommodate all kid, including wheelchair. parents are thrill would about the updates for all children. and about a new feature everyone can enjoy in the summer. a large canopy to block out that hot sun. >> yes! oh, it'll be great! [ laughter ] >> the park opens december 3rd, paid for by voter-approved bonds. to see what all of the
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out our app. today is the beginning of one of the busiest weekends for sky harbor. the airports expecting to see as many as 180,000 people travel in and out of sky harbor today. >> do you like travelling the day before thanksgiving? >> no. [ laughter ] >> but it's been really easy so far. yes, just seamless. >> if you're planning pick anyone up tonight, everyone is street and washington sky train station. that should help you avoid all of the airport traffic and the terminal curve congestion. and across the country, things haven't been too bad for people who are flying tonight. but with millions expected to cram into the airports this evening, the t.s.a. says to get to the airports early. the three busiest airports will be lax, atlanta, and chicago's o'hare. the f.b.i.
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attack. there's no specific or credible threat. transportation hubs across the u.s. are still on high alert. >> we're always concerned in large travel periods. >> security is tight in new york city for the thanksgiving parade. for the first time in 90 years, police banning vehicles from crossing the parade route along the entire 2.5 mile stretch. as you cooking safety should be front and center. >> there are more cook fires on thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. >> reporter: this is one of the many turkey mishaps fire safety experts. you to avoid this thanksgiving. firefighters respond to as many as 1,400 cooking fires on thanksgiving.
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it's in the process of healing. >> reporter: it's a lesson evelyn fernandez learned the hard way when she left a combustible can between her burners while making dinners for her family. >> the pam spray exploded which caused the stove to explode. then i felt the flames hit my face. >> reporter: let's talk turkey safety. no matter how distracted you are this holiday, experts say when in thei pay attention. unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires. never douse it with water or flour. this firefighter placed another pan on top of the fire to extinguish the flame. if you like to deep-fry your turkey, make sure it's away from your house. don't put it on a porch or in a garage. the turkey should be defrosted and dry. do not overfill the oil and check
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golden rule, never walk away while you're cooking. >> good reminders. so thanksgiving is tomorrow. but we are already on the countdown for christmas! >> we are? [ laughter ] >> tonight at the phoenix zoo, they're set to light up the holidays. paul horton is there live. last time you had a lot of flakes on your shoulders! has ended hereof at zoo. yes -- here at zoo. do you recognize this guy? bumble! they've got a 4d movie, can't miss it. limited engagement here. and that's one of the highest rated shows on cbs. you can see that on our network on tuesday night. so plan on that with the kids here
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rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. we're getting in the holiday spirit. and terrific weather this evening. if you're heading out and about for the upcoming holiday weekend, it's look pretty nice, especially for thanksgiving tomorrow. we're sitting in the lower 70s. 72 degrees. winds out of the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. the national satellite and radar, big travel day today, and a big travel evening. you can see some rain in the midwest, snow in rainfall in the pacific northwest. our forecast, yeah, high pressure hold strong. we've got clouds, snowfall north of us. and we're gonna see a series of disturbances pass us by to the north. plenty of sunshine expected for thanksgiving. futurecast, you can see warmer temperatures expected, and mostly clear skies throughout the morning, and again into the evening hours for thanksgiving. temperature-wise tomorrow, we're gonna see highs up to around 77 degrees. awesome! here's your
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morning around 57 in phoenix, 41 in globe, 30 in prescott. and the 7-day planner, 77 with mostly clear skies on thanksgiving. 79 on friday. mid-70s saturday. and there's your changes. there's a few showers in the forecast on sunday, and temperatures into the mid-60s. they started decorating this in july. you other expert when it comes to the lights at the phoenix zoo. what's the can't-miss thing to see? you gotta 30-story holiday tree. >> reporter: a brand-new holiday tree. we've got the asu band practicing in the distance, and they're planning on flipping the switch in about a half hour. so we'll wait and see. >> very excited >> reporter: come on out! back to you guys. it is rivalry week in college football. oh, boy. especially here in arizona. but there's controversy tonight
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there's no questions about that. i'm full go, brother. i'm fine.
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>> that's between me and my wife. >> looked great today, looked great yesterday morning. >> i got an absolute clean bill of health. >> arians will be back on the sidelines sunday in atlanta. and he expects the honeyad play. he's gonna come off injured reserve. that means chris johnson's season is over. >> cbs5 is your home for thanksgiving tradition. it all begins at 7:00 am where you can see the macy's thanksgiving day
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battle for 1st place in the nfc north. vikings versus the lions
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the maricopa county medical examine serasking for an extra -- examiner is asking for an extra $300,000 for his office. >> the reason? to handle a spike in unexplained violent deaths. >> every year about 354 bodies are examined by the county but that number is rising sharply. national heroin epidemic is playing a part. a grim reality at the medical examiner's office, more bodies filling you want morgue. >> we've seen a 19% increase in the number of cases over the same time period the previous year. >> reporter: jeff johnson is the chief medical examiner for the county. he can't say for sure, but he has a theory about what's driving this bleak trend. >> certainly it's on our radar, looking at if they're drug-related deaths.


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