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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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some retailers are moving it back but not all. >> reporter: shoppers have been coming in for the last 40 minutes, a lot walking out with some great items. continuics are always pop -- electronics are always popular during the holiday season. everyone waiting in line, some for days, are now inside this the 400 people in line were funneled calmly into the store in increments. everyone was well behaved and ready to spend some money. some told us thanksgiving dinner was ready and waiting for them at home. others were on a shopping marathon after this stop. and eating, it could wait.
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for dvd's, cd's, blurays, flash drive if i can get it. hope to get a big tv! already ate my thanksgiving dinner, it was good good. >> reporter: within gentleman showed -- one gentleman spent about $2,600 here. at the bottom of the r much savings he had for the purchases. he saved about $2,700. so best buy is not the only store that's having these thanksgiving sales, and black friday sales. if you want a
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the salvation army has been whipping up meals all day. several volunteers even made some house calls, delivering 2,500 meals straight to the front door. >> a lot of people that are shut in have almost no human contact. they get not only a wonderful home cooked meal but a touch of friendly greeting, and somebody wishing them a happy thanksgiving and feeling like they're a part offing is bigger unit. >> this program has grown so much. 6,000 american service members celebrating thanksgiving in iraq right now. they're still getting a taste of home. >> reporter: fresh faced, many not long out of high school.
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against isis. >> i came out of basic, a couple months, then straight here. >> reporter: private bean and many others were children when the and told us they don't know very much about america's recent history here. part of the security detail for the senior
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the idea is that you could give your life to protect senior officers. >> yes, ma'am. >> is that scary? >> no, ma'am. not really. >> reporter: big jobs resting on very young shoulders. specialist monique from north carolina is thankful to her grandfather who also served as a military cook inspiring her to enlist -- a passion to serve their country has led them halfway across the world. a man under arrest. 24-year-old osvaldo rolled up
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it did not cause a spark. he was detained and later admitted to attempting to set that unit on fire. another man is fighting for his life after he was hit by a car in glendale. that driver fled the scene. police don't have a description of the suspect's car at this point. there is tension among the loyalists of president elect donald trump about appointed secretary of state. >> reporter: mr. trump released a prethanksgiving video asking americans to set aside their differences. >> we just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions
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advisor is also weighing in on 2012 gop nominee mitt romney who is on the short list to be secretary of state despite his fierce criticism of trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: she tweeted thursday the potential pick has led to a deluge of messages warning against romney. she posted a check list of attributes she believes makes a good secretary of state, being loyal as one of them. to tap billionaire investor wilber ross for commerce secretary who splits his time between here in new york and his home in florida down the street from well trump. a lawyer for the green party candidate jill stein says she will formally request a recount for raising nearly $4 million for the recount costs. she is looking into requesting recounts
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the mountains are pink, it's time to drink. [ laughter ] >> thank you for that phrase out there. camelback in the distance there, temperatures hit a high of around 77. mostly clear skies. that covered our wake-up tomorrow morning. temperatures 50s to start out your friday. we're gonna see some areas get very close to 80 degrees. 76 currently, winds out of the west and southwest. lower 60s by 11:00. there's a chance of rain rolling in here. we'll tell you when that rain will arrive coming up. it may be the must-have
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all new after pure genius at 10:00. volunteer s boxed up thanksgiving meals for families of victims in the terrible
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those families are not alone. president obama took the time to make phone calls to deployed service members to wish them a happy thanksgiving and thanked them for their service. lambeau field morphed into a massive dining room today for the 14th year. check out the hipster nativity set! a latte drinking mary and a man-bun sporting joseph. is donald trump trying to make a few bucks on his election? he is selling gold-plated christmas ornaments that look like his iconi cap.
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and president elect trump of course wants to build that wall, but who owns all that
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president elect donald trump has promised one big barrier along our border. to do it, he'll have to overcome some legal battles over land rights. the majority of land is owned by the feds or the state. but a reservation spans about 20 wall would divide relatives south of the boarder and disrupt the movement of animals. critics say there is even more important movement on that land. >> it is one of the busiest sections when it comes to struggling drugs and people. the type of fencing in those areas is limited. >> 40% of the migrants found dead crossing the border over
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act of congress to take back that land. cardinals feasting on this thanksgiving, and that means plenty of turkey and football. >> all the trimmings, all the extra pieces of pumpkin pie. good to see bruce aryans back at practice -- bruce arians back at practice. they head to atlanta sunday to face matt ryan falcons. patrick peterson faces the league's top receiver in julio jones. >> it's important to me as well to go out there and have a good game. i believe he probe a season record -- broke a season record. >> it's matty ryan and our pressure on him and the front four getting there. and the great one-on-one match-ups are
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would it be thanksgiving without the lions hosting the vikings? opening session, matthew stafford to the ageless. anquan bolden.. dropping back and finds the wrong jersey. >> all the calls we do on the feed-out, and perfect position to make that play. >> our guys on the outside made some plays.
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one game left for the sun devils. and it's the one that matters the most. friday it's asu versus u of a in tucson. i give you the duel in the desert, 2016. a arc circumstance u knows how -- asu knows how big this game is. >> any rivalry energy spikes up. everybody wants to win this game. so you look forward. >> a lot of emotion. so guin there, execute, make plays.
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down, huge line, great deals. 76 degrees. mostly clear skies. winds out of the west southwest at 5 miles per hour. messy areas across the country, around the east coast, new york still seeing some leftover rain showers, pacific northwest getting hammered. a lot of across the pacific northwest. and the satellite radar here showing mostly clear skies. looking like a very nice friday. average high this time of year, 73 degrees. above average temperatures through the afternoon. then around the clouds in the forecast starting saturday and a chance of showers
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prescott, speaking of flagstaff, 7-day planner, road trip up north, temperatures will stay in the lower 50s friday to saturday. then some huge changes, a lot of snowfall. sunday evening, high of 37. dropping below freezing monday. staying around freekz monday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. mid-70s saturday. best chance of rain sunday afternoon into monday morning. with black friday hours away, some stores are offering some big savings. behind the scenes, how to get in and get out and get what you want. >> reporter: it is go time for
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target. >> very specific details like who's gonna be here when. who's gonna move there when. >> reporter: these are two of the stores that will open up on thursday probably before you're even done with your turkey. and they have rock-solid plans in place to handle the crowd. >> we get all our own employees to basically rush a department. >> so they pretend like they're >> correct. to get them prepped prepped. >> we hand out 50 tickets to everybody, you get a ticket, you're gonna get a product.
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super target. >> we'll have tickets as well, and maps. >> really! >> as far as which product is gonna be where. and when the guests in line, we hand the maps out, ask them what they're shopping for so they know specifically, and when the doors open, what their store gonna look like. >> reporter: here's the best advice. >> everyone just needs to be calm. [ laughter ] >> stay safe. and we'll instruct you, when you have your ticket, you're gonna go area. and we go all the way down the line to let everybody know. >> i usually get here about three or four hour before the store opens, there's already people in line. >> avoid the crowd all together by shopping online. black friday deals for most stores are available right now.
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peeves. "if one more person tells me to smile, i'm gonna lose it." [ laughter ] >> she does have 10 million facebook fans. the blog is on you know these guys. >> right here in the valley from whitman. upgraded to a home in fountain hills. rs cbs5. >> is there gonna be a second movie? >> there is. >> that's it for us here at
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>> quijano: police under fire. officers are ambushed during routine traffic stops in several states. >> this incident shows that can happen right in our backyard. >> quijano: also tonight, the long shot of long shots-- who's leading the battle for a recount of a simple program is making life on the streets more bearable. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. >> quijano: and a family reunion-- the women and their guardian angel. >> reporter: do you have any daughters of your own? >> no. those are my kids. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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