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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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shoppers are in full swing making sure to get those black friday door buster deals. here's more about what we found in central phoenix. for david rodriguez, this is been a good one.>> we bought three tds for less than $700. it was a good deal. >> reporter: we caught up with him and other shoppers at this together 70 inch tv greg is fine. >> we looked online for black friday deals. the fund is to come here and do it in person. i like works at 4 am social come home to a big new shiny tv. >> reporter: according to the store's manager, tds and laptops were sold within the first hour of opening doors. >> we prepare weeks in advance
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members to handle the crowds. that's the big thing is safety. shoppers we spoke with say they didn't feel the black friday madness. >> this woman woke up early to get a gift for her sister and now she is shopping for herself. >> back at it again. round two. >> aside from the tvs and laptops, another dc area at this best buy store was th phone and a $400 free gift cards to the store. as you see, black friday, shopping and craze is in all swing. that's happening around the country. the national retail federation predicts a bar around with it -- 137 million people will do their shopping this thanksgiving weekend.
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i got up early to go shopping. the malls are crazy, they give out good deals. >> it's instant gratification signees right now. my sister will do the cyber monday. hears trivia for you. a record 41% of all sales predicted to come from our phone. black friday could be going to the dogs. a new survey outs tonight found 30% of black friday shoppers are planning to buy something for their pets this year. that's up from 17% last year. is beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house, first lady michelle obama kicked off her final taking of the house today. its annual tradition since 1966. the first lady watched as the sears official white house christmas tree for the blue room was delivered. they brought the tree to the front white house drive as a four piece military band played o
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will be on full display. is a chance you may put up your christmas tree tonight. go to the biltmore in phoenix and they will light up the holidays. paul horton is there in the beautiful setting to be a part of it. we'll show you folks are living the dream. cheers. happy holidays. look at you. loving life at the biltmore. there's forks -- there are people out there waving. temperature, you can't beat it. the sun is starting to set. it temperatures cooling down. we had high today, up to 80 degrees which is amazing. their big changes ahead. you can see clouds moving in from the west. with the increasing clouds starting late tomorrow. sunday, a good chance of rain
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country. the main detail this evening, temperatures drop to 70 the main detail this evening, temperatures drop to 73 degrees by 7 o'clock. lower 70s at around nine. 60s around 11. if you had out and about, come to the biltmore and be a part of the holiday headquarters. there's the tree in the distance. camelback mountain, you cannot beat the atmosphere. happy friday. in the cbs show pure genius, surgeon uses a 3-d printed heart to practice a propagated procedure. this is not hollywood magic. it's happening right now and have full hospitals across the country. including at phoenix children's. as derek staahl reports, it's thanks in part to students at asu.
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images, you go through a process of computer modeling and physical replica of an enemy. justin ryan prince to her the week.>> even the state -- same type of defects can present drastically different from patient to patient. that's why having these are so critical. >> these are helped guide life or death surgeries at phoenix children's hospital. >> i know exactly the distance, i know exactly how the encounter on the way. if taking the surprise element away and the guesswork away what used to be done 40 years ago. jurco ryan small slab prince of more than just visual aids. to put the blue catheter through that hole. we are pretty mild second you mock operations on. jurco from a computer designed to the printing it takes nine hours to make a finished model.
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be implanted in patients. >> the next step is to start printing to tissue and organs. we are a couple years away from having full-fledged organs but we're moving well into the tissue range. >> and high-tech medical science mckay who a few years ago was asu animation major. a very bright professor talked about his vision of br a all these 3-d modeling processes that were so innate to me as an artist, i was able to repurpose for biomedical engineering. >> now he mentors more art students in the 3-d science of saving lives. still to come. a lot of people throughout today looking to score black friday deals. coming up, how you can save big
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a valley man tired of vandals stealing flags met tops of the valley speaks is reaching into his own pocket to replace them. answers y in tonight's, breakfast could be getting more expensive. crennel and although prices will go higher because of an oat harvest problem in canada. bloomberg reports that means no delayed the harvest and could cut it by 20%. a lot of people are looking for holiday shopping deals but what about those everyday items
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jurco finding good deals at the grocery store is a must. >> do everything to try to save money. i cut coupons. a print them out. i shop sales. >> reporter: and she uses apps that offer cash rewards on hundreds of popular products. >> has everything from serial, alcohol. >> reporter: discounts range from $.25 to a couple dollars each but the savings over one year can add up quickly. just ask gates. >> $200 is nothing to seize it.>> reporter: this is what they plan to buy. after checkout users use the foot of the receipt as proof. they unlock rewards, users
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or answer one question survey. come in and spend time worrying about a product you might want to buy and if you buy the products and try it out, we will share our advertising revenue back with you in the form of a casual. >> reporter: they upload product barcodes and receipt the entire purchase will be reviewed. this summary offers we want to put front of each different consumer based on what they like. for these carrots, kate saved $.50 by doubling up on both apps. it was a great deal. >> time well spent for this busy mom. ohno, takes a five minutes out of your day. effort he has five minutes. >> the least $20 to cash out. customers receive online payments, a gift card or a simple check in the mail.
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new christmas is coming early for star wars fans. and disney announced tickets for rogue one will go on sale monday. news of the advance ticket sales came in a tweet from the official star wars account today. the fans have been waiting for details about rogue one because it's both a spinoff of star wars and it's a prequel. the new film starts flucie jones and his theaters december 16. it on the first day? >> know. i will see it after. i love star wars. i love things as much as possible, luke, i am your father.>> no! >> they are retreading the whole does?plot. i'm hoping it will be great. >> our producer wants us to move on to sports. the state
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arizona in the duel in the desert happening in tucson. >> both teams are struggling. this was all about bragging rights. >> before we get to this, shove your own facebook like to discuss the star wars. just want to throw that out there. we have birds eye view of the tailgate. what a great scene and a fun place to be. >> it's all about the walk outside. >> you great scene and people. >> it's 730, it's a tailgate. >> all in good fun. let's talk about the ballgame. we'll be able to see the whole scene. the sun devils and try to keep the territory cup, they won it last year in tempe. this season, if they win, they don't have a losing season,
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ballgame and will have to get by with a passing defense. it's one of the worst in america. todd graham team knows this game is big and would mean everything to beat the wildcats tonight. >> even if you don't play, you understand the intensity of the game. alumni come through and explain the history and university and what it means to the community. >> you grow a hate for them over the years. >> reporter: let's talk about the wildcats with the passing defense. they lost eight straight. that pales in comparison to what happened in tucson. it's been a long season. they would make the team happier to finish the season on a sweet note. they can bring the cap back on the tucson. this is the biggest game of the calendar.
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there seeking to go and if we don't go they can go. >> reporter: this is basically simple game. they took a couple years off. uribe leads the all-time series. the right another tonight at 730 between the sun devils and wildcats. as a great scene a great celebration tonight in tucson for the territorial cup. cardinals quarterback has taken a lot of criticism. he's thrown only 13 touchdowns with 10 pics and sacked three times. the second most in the league a cop needs time to throw sunday against the beatable falcons defense. we've been ranked up in
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whoever's in there, be ready to roll. we can't wait until sunday. we are strong and powerful. whoever's in there is looking for the opportunity. >> there are six games left. there is no room for error. they have to win out to have a chance. asu and uribe, both teams struggling, we'll see what happens. coming up at 6:30 pm holiday weekend but not all valley restaurants are keeping
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light up the holidays. their ceremony begins in a few minutes at and palm partners out their life for all the fun. paul, i will admit i would like a change -- to change places with you right now. >> it's a tough assignments. what a beautiful night tonight. with a general manager with us. the big man and mrs. clause
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there's going to be a lot of neat events. there's a lot of history at this wonderful resort and a beautiful night in phoenix. let's talk about that weather. temperature wise, you can't beat it. into the upper 70s, high today right 83. city's 70 degrees. to shoyou this, satellite and radar. we're changes ahead with the cloud cover. this the big system will bring rain and lots of snowfall in the high coun the winter storm watch issued. keep that in mind. >> would show the futurecast. wishing clear skies tomorrow, temperatures warming up into the lower 80s tomorrow afternoon. clausen showers filter and sunday morning. will see that chance throughout the day sunday. our forecast, temperature dropped to 54 degrees. 22 of them flex them. 45 n. around sedona the low 55
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the slice the ball down south. let's hope for a good game. mid to upper 70s for saturday. sunday, chance of rain go hoping to put up the christmas lights tomorrow is the day to do it. it's a chance of rain. 6070% chance sunday. the winds pick up and temperatures will stay cool monday into wednesday with clear skies to start out the work week next we. thanks again for inviting us. >> it's always our pleasure to have you and have you back here. it's a fabulous night. we couldn't ask for better weather. there's great activities we could be a part of. >> we're very fortunate this year that santa and mrs. clause have taken time out of their busy schedule to do great events for us. mrs. clause will do some cookie decorating with the little
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the biltmore. please come out and enjoy the festivities for them. >> if you want more information they have it on their website. that date with santa is on the 18th on a sunday. make your plans to come out and check out beatable decorations here at the arizona more ukah >> you have to put that on the calendar. >> can't wait to see the tree coming up at stories four the cbs evening news. >> woman is dead after driving the wrong direction before slamming head-on into a greyhound bus. this happened overnight alone i tend east of the loop. the bus had 13 people on board but all of them are doing okay. to presley sarah castillo may have been impaired. another wrong way driving incidents. this happened on thanksgiving ukah scottsdale police say ashley fraser was going the
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6 miles to catch up with her. she was arrested for extreme dui. a maricopa county deputy and his wife are in the hospital fighting for their lives after they were hit by a ban on thanksgiving. now, friends and family have set up a gofundme page to help with their medical expenses. deputy nick shore in his wife elizabeth for leaving a bar in cave creek. they are in a crosswalk when they were hit by cbs evening news is up next. good to see you back here at 630, have a great and safe evening.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: black friday sets a record. not at the stores but through mobile apps. >> any store that has an app, i use it. >> quijano: also tonight, will it be rudy or romney? the public squabbleon secretary of state. up in flames-- arson arrests are made as wildfires rage across israel. a $1 fix could save lives in a car crash. our investigation has prompted congress to demand action. and-- >> look at all this space? >> quijano: steve hartman and the story of a woman's dream come to life. >> reporter: they call her mama shu, and they say she'll


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