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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 26, 2016 12:37am-1:13am MST

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( cheers and applause ) >> james: thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow! reggie, take us home! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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? julia we have a heart for you.
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up. save lives. register now at witneses tell us the man was acting eratically
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several people who were inside the theater... went to social media... to talk about the incident.. one tweet reads.. .. "we were in the theater. a man was threatening to kill people in the theater. we ran out of the theater."we are now waiting for police to release more detials about the suspect. an update tonight on a deadly wrong way crash on i-10.... near the loop 303 overnight. d-p-s says "sarah cornejo" crashed head-on greyhound bus.they suspect she may have ben impaired. new at 10 - her family and friends held a vigil for her in glendale.. to remember the mother of two. says, "i wouldve been there in a heartbeat had i known the situation i was in and i didnt and now i lost practically my daughter" and her family has a message tonight for people watching. they spoke with cbs5's lindsey reiser.. who joins us live in the newsroom, lindsey?
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kids.and now that investigators suspect she may have been impaired.. her family has a message for people watching. 3 3 says, "she had a lot going for ray of sunshine, when she comes in the room, everyone knows. you never see her sad, shesoo spent the thanksgiving holiday with family.her cousin says when everyone went home.. she got a text. 3 says, "she texted me. my last goodbye was, ok, i love you, and i was thankful to say i love you back before everything happened. that was the last message i got from her"it's unclear whether sarah went straight home.but d-p-s says before 2:30 in the morning.. after getting calls of a wrong-way driver on the i-10 .. east of the loop 303... her car hits a bus.. carrying
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hospital. investigators say sarah died at the scene.. and may have been impaired. 3 says, "call someone when you're drinking. my cousin, this was a mistake. she had fun, too too fun. i just wish she asked someone to pick her up instead of driving" 3 says, "i would've done anything to go and pick her up that night. doesn't matter what i was doing, i would have gone there annd picked her up so if there's anyone thinking about driving while you're drinking it's not a good idea and please call for help" the family has set up a go fund me - we have that info on our app. we're live lr cbs 5 news. and with the holiday season here... police... deputies... and dsp troopers are on the highways... and city streets... looking for drunk 5's jeff van sant is live in chandler with that
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according to adot.. 295 people lost their lives in alcohol related accidents in 2015.. the thanksgiving holiday does see a spike in dui cases.. and thats why cops are out in force.. trying to keep the public safe.. nat 14:46 its black friday.. its the day after thanksgiving.. and there is a lot more parting going on.. salt river officer stuart williams is gearing up for what could be a busy night. 11:08 basically erratic behavior something that seems out normal.. stopping way shy of an intersection.. officer williams call a saturation patrol.. they want to get drunks off the road.. 11:36 there is a whole manner of behavior that we're looking for several agencies are involved.. tonights focus.. the east valley.. nat: (meeting) if a driver is suspected to be under the influence.. their arrested and brought here to a task forces headquarters.. 4:20 this our command post area.. we have 70 vans from throughout the valleythe driver is then put through a
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van is equipped with a holding area afrer processing.. some will be released.. to later face a court date.. 1:56 we want to make sure we're out there in force.. and make sure our roadways are safe for our communities 3 tag:: arizona does have one of the most strict dui laws in the country.. if you're caught.. get ready to heft jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. pause for animation (tracking tomorrw cold) paul at chroma key with a big
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a lot of people have the the phoenix fire department in thier thoughts tonight.. the department is veteran fire captain.chris fitzmaurice was killed in an a-t-v accident today in northern arizona.he was with the department for more than 20 years.phoenix fire released a statement saying they're doing everything they can to help his family during this difficult time.chris is survived by his wife and 4- young daughters.a go-fund me account has been set-up to help his family. a maricopa county deputy
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lives. his friends and family have now set up a go-fund-me account to help with medical expenses.deputy "nick schrey " and his wife "elizabeth" were
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says, "it wasn't steal it was more like take because he wasn't sneaky with it hes like im hungry im like man you already fat you can live off that" after five minutes ... the fight was over with no one walking away with the food. it ended up getting knocked onto the far, the video's been viewed over 50- thousand times.
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may be the target of vandals and theives?a valley man makes it his mission.. to plant american flags along popular hiking trails. but someone is taking them.not once... about a dozen times. lauren reimer shows us what's been going on. tony escamillo - flag runner tony escamillo might just be the most patriotic maintaining these american flags at the peak of thunderbird park in glendale. 7:52 "it's for god that's it." his flags.. are a favorite photo opportunity for countless hikers who make it to the top3:34 "when i see the flag it's such a wonderful thing to see."but in the last 5 weeks or soa someone has been taking them down. 6:51 "pole and all. pole and all. and im thinking 'wow you really don't like this flag.'" 13 times they've been removed.
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top. 14:20 "just doing it out of my own heart. i accept no money, except now i do because i need to get them up." escamillo's not sure who's taking them down. but he recalls one encounter with another hiker.. who was less than happy about his mission. 11:15 "and he says to me 'you're not going to litter are you?"escamillio's not giving up that easy. 13:13 "and i'm going to beat them. im going to beat them," ocakc%hvn?f%swv?? 8;i' #af?
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of them. the average american took in almost 45 hundred calories yesterday and chances are there are still a lot of left-overs.... and with all that food... sitting in your refidgerator... the risk of contamination increases.. tonight... to keep your family from getting sick. reheat. 3 if you have leftovers from thanksgiving dinner beware: not all your favorite dishes may be safe to reheat and eat. clinical dietitian lindsey malone of the cleveland clinic says don't save the rice. when it cools at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. (sot lindsay malone/advanced practice clinical dietitian, cleveland clinic) that bacteria is resistant to heat so even if you are heating to the normal temperature it doesn't matter that bacteria is still going to be there (track) another staple to toss: potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. (sot lindsay malone/advanced practice clinical dietitian, cleveland clinic) letting it cool into that temperature danger zone and also keeping the foil on it you have created this bacteria bre
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to kill the bacteria (track) foods with a high moisture content like stuffing should also be thrown away. when it comes to poultry malone says reheat it to the proper internal temperature to avoid bacteria... and don't store the whole bird. (sot lindsay malone/advanced practice clinical dietitian, cleveland clinic) again setting up the situation for bacterial growth// cut it up in smaller portions, cool it quickly, store it within 2 hours 3 the very young, o a systems are more vulnerable to food borne illnesses, so it's best to avoid having a refrigerator full of left overs. (sot lindsay malone/advanced practice clinical dietitian, cleveland
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some customers experienced delays because of high online volume---but says its working to fix the issue. and it looks like shoppers aren't waiting for cyber monday. overall - online retail sales tipp billion on thanksgiving day according to numbers from adobe. that's up almost 14 percent from a year ago. it
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to increase its late fee - charging customers 38 dollars if they're late on more than one payment in a 6 month period. black friday is a great day for deals... but we have ways to save you cash.... on everday items like groceries. technology is helping shoppers find deals on food. checkout 51 and i-botta (eye- ta on hundreds of items... and savings from 25 cents to a couple dollars. technology is helping people shop for food. >> i'm into app and spend a little time you might want to buy and if you buy the product and try it out, well share our advertising revenue back with you in the form of a cash reward. so after check out, users claim the rewards and upload a
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proof. if you still need to cross people off the holiday shopping list and want something, look for deals in mom and pop shops in afrz airs -- because tomorrow is small business saturday and while the start of the holiday season is focusing on door busters and the department stores, it keeps money
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electric ton in this case hip hop, a little bit of everything. turn tables are expected to be a really big gift. and another chance for you to cash in on lp craze. national record store day takes place april 22nd. that's when independent record stores open doors with great deals. beloved member of the tv florence henderson passed away from heart failure. the indiana native's career spanned 6 decades. she was 82 years old. and we have a -- i guess you can call it a rather bizarre story coming in from rush rush -- russia.
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he gal. he has been his guest for several martial arts event and this is just the latest sign of easing the tension between russia and the u.s. oh yes, flash back friday and wlo doesn't remember the classic clip vacation of clark griz woeld finally gets more than 25 thousand twing ling lights to work. that only happens for a second in that scene but the surgery of electricity eventually causes an outage in the neighborhood. and some of you might have that same scene play out sometime this holiday week understand. we really hope not and especially the big outage part of t. how many americans deck the halts, 73% of the americans
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102 million saying it's one of their favorite things to do all year and half of them would rather decorate their hopeless than host a holiday party. you heard the cheer there. there are an i lot of twing ling lights in the west valley. glendale glit terz kicks off tonight. the celebration was a lot of fun. things are go glendale. we have a crew down there and our sear sear mc' d tonight. we have more from glendale over
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it's that day of the year that splits us right down the middle. the sun devils or wildcats and bragging rights on the line for the next calendar year. we go to tu two teams disappointing season. u had a losers 8 straight. hope for the wildcats. second play of the game. 71 yards, the quarterbacks starts the scoring. a fumble recovered. dau kins runs for another. phillips scores on 64-yard hook up. u of a rolling. miss arizona is taken out on
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the second half bubble up on this. luckily the miss arizona was okay. timber woefls, early on a facial from will he convenient. he is the defending slam dunk champ. the suns get outscored 31-10 in the fourth quarter. wiggins have 25. suns fall we love the jerseys. win over the oilers. they overcome 2-0 deficit. over time in an over time in the shoot out after the oilers had a goal waived off. mike smith with a save. the game winner and the same two teams play sunday. cats couldn't watch the
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play butler. it was butler with time winding down in the first half.
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we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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for the first time since august, no high school football on a friday. saturday games all day to decide state champ yornz. here are the plays of the year. start with maybe our play of the year. pin cal facing broed. end of the reflection for the hail mary and touchdown. tj green had a huge year. he will leave the wolves for a state title. in the air and over. touchdown against hamilton showing why he's going places. pin cal perry and hamilton in over time. rock party, shaking tacklers. get it in the end zone and
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what a fun season! ! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. here we g. christmas light show shout shout. tree lighting play of the night right there (laughing). that was the count down at the arizona bill more. the human snow gloefbs fantastic this evening. we were trying to kid you in (laughing). >> it was fun stuff. a high today me tell you what. was that tree lighting free this week? busy biz yes. have a great and safe weekend this weekend, everyone. see you.
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