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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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right now at 6:00, much of izona is bracing for a major cool down. winter weather set to make things pretty chilly. >> tracking the radar right now. she'll have answers on what's coming our way. >> but first, here are some of tonight's top stories on this saturday. right now police looking for mesa police say the suspects pointed a shotgun and while others stole grocery items. a deadly offer involved shooting and surprise is under investigation. police say they got a call of a suspicious car in a neighborhood. when they arrived, they say the driver got into a confrontation with an officer. that's when he was shot and killed.
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hospital, but tonight, he's doing okay. >> and fidel castro has died in havana. the former president and revolutionary leader was 90 years old. for years he been out of the public eye. his brother, current president, made that announcement on cuban television. >> castro's death has sent a ripple effect across the world. >> but in miami tonight, many are celebrating, cbs news don champion has the latest tonight from streets in miami's little havana saturday as word of fidel castro's death spread. the neighborhood sad culture epicenter for cuban americans. >> this is a very meaningful day at this dictator is dead. >> reporter: he her father was a political prison prisoner for years. >> i was suffering as small
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to be here. i'm very hopeful for cuba. >> reporter: throughout the day the crowd behind me has thrown. many have shown stories for oppression and hope for the future. >> because he is the devil. >> reporter: castro ruled cuba for nearly 50 years but failing health forced him to step down in 2006. known as a tyrant, others looked at him revolutionary. a fact, that jose, who fled in the 70s. recognized. glove willed around the world because he's -- >> loved around the world because he's standing up to the american power. but people living there know the true story. >> reporter: broke the news of his brother's death to the cuban people on state run television friday night. flags are flying at half staff as the communist nation observes nine days of mourning. don champion, cbs news, miami. and developing here in the
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drunk driver goes right through the front yard of several homes. >> and it was all caught on home surveillance. it happened out in buckeye. in the west park neighborhood. neighbors say around 1:30 this morning. the driver ran his truck through front yards. he destroyed trees, signs, and christmas decorations. amaze english he did not hit -- amazingly, he did not hit any homes or parked >> you don't think it's going to happen your neighborhood so it's kind of like -- oh, i don't know. you have a loss for words. it's scary. you know. he could have gone inside a house. >> we're hearing the man was arrested and now facing multiple charges. including criminal damage. we'll have the full story tonight at 10. >> right now she has been through a very traumatic event. and needs time with her family. >> the female of a -- family of a missing california man
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earlier this month, sheri papini went for a jog but never came back home. for three weeks volunteers and investigators searched for her. she was found about 100 miles away from her house on thanksgiving morning. she told police her alleged captors released her. they're now looking for suspects. today one of the children who died in that bus crash was lead to rest. she was just 9 another five children also died on monday when police say the driver lost control and flipped the school bus. 24-year-old walker is behind bars facing at least six charges of homicide. we just learned the dakota access pipeline protesters only have ten days to leave the federal land or get arrested. there's so leeway. the 3000 people can still protest a few miles away.
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the navajo nation said they're disappointed but vow to continue to protecting their water. tracked a massive march in central phoenix protesting the pipeline. >> water is life. >> reporter: hundred the marched through downtown phoenix. >> if they're in north dakota and i'm in arizona, i will stand here and protect them. >> to protect historic relic, to protect water even as protesters, hundreds of miles away at pipeline site, face a deadline. to move out of the way or else. >> our voices cannot be attacked by rubber bullets, by water, by whatever the government has thrown at the us. >> gives me hope that, you know, a lot of our youth and young are out here that we're all standing in solidarity. >> the group rallied at talking stick arena. holding science and taking pick -- signs and taking pictures.
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protest and help with my voice, then that's what i can do. >> reporter: cbs5 news. and taking a look at your forecast, we've got changes over the next couple of days. today we already felt it in the drop in our temperatures. our high today was 70 degrees. 63 is where we're currently sitting outside right now. 42 in flag staff. and 59 for bull head city. the rest of the evening will be under cloudy skies. with temperatures dropping into is the lower 60s. ey 9:00. then they'll start to cool right back down as they head into the 10:00 hour. we do have the winter weather advisories beginning a the noon tomorrow until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is for the high country because you are expected to see a lot of snow, strong winds and of course rain as well. here's what we're going to be experiencing. that chance of showers for the valley begins tomorrow night. and goes through monday morning. we could get some areas about a quarter of an inch of rain. other areas might just get a
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3-6 inches of snow and temperatures are continuing to drop. they'll drop another 5-10 degrees here in the valley in the next couple of days. we'll take a look at that coming up in your full forecast. >> all right. thank you. police, sheriff's deputies and dps troopers are on the streets and highways. answers on the start of the holiday dui task force. >> and do you have any out of town guests? sitting at home with you right now? road trips you can take this weekend show them the best our
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here's a live look outside this saturday evening from one of ou the dui task force on patrol tonight involving several agencies across the valley. in chandler alone, several command vehicles are set up, that is where the suspects are brought in for processing. according to adot. 295 people died in alcohol related crashes last year. arizona does have one of the strictist dui laws in the country. it could cost thousands of dollars in court fees. plus jail time. phoenix outdoor ice rink is
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city skate just opened up downtown. the popular skating surface takes over city skate near central and washington. as a result central avenue will be closed through january 8th. and if you want to try something new. west gate just opened their scout door skate rink. there's a different event every night and there's a small fee to get on the ice. >> you might have some family or friendsdowndown. if you want to show here are some captions. >> -- options. >> will have you want to stay in the valley or head a little out of town, arizona has the sights and beauty. up in sed o, na tinseltown lights up. the art and crafts village transforms into a truly wonderful winter wonderland. the valley, just hours away from one of the 7 natural
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the grand canyon railway can take you there on the a scenic ride that gives you an incredible view without the hassle of driving. departs every day from 9:30 in the morning. if you want to keep close to home, the debit botanical garden comes alive at night. in the glow of hand lit luminary rethe. holiday cocktails and live music will warm your hands and heart. cbs5 news. >> a lot of good s and for a lot of families, it's a tradition to head out to the woods to find that perfect tree. but you better hurry if you plan on chopping down your own tree here in arizona. about half of this year's tree permits are gone. coconino and prescott sold out within days. that leaves about 7500 permits left for the other forest around the peb?state.
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the shopping season is here. >> it is indeed. if you still need to cross some people off your list, why not support local businesses.
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we ended up here at best buy and saw the tvs and oh, i want one. >> i had to come on black friday. all of stuff i'm buying, so >> my husband is somewhere out there. he's going to get everything and we're just waiting for him right here. it's a little crazy out there. >> so clearly a lot of americans went shopping at stores. but more people crossed items off their wish list and shopping lists online. >> smart thinking. according to adobe thanksgiving day shoppers spent more than $1 billion online on friday. so that's about 14% more than last year. the company estimates thanksgiving, black friday and
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generate more than $8 billion in online sales. >> all right. black friday's over. today it's all about shopping local and local for small business saturday. it's an idea which sprung up seven years ago as an alternative, of course, to black friday and cyber monday. it encouraging holiday shoppers to get out and support our local businesses. governor tweeting today reinvests in arizona small businesses which make our character of r communities. #shop small. >> why would we want to go to the box stores when we have people hand making items and working hard and yeah. good to support them. >> lastlast year, 95 million people shopped on small business saturday. spending around $16 billion. experts say that number should go up this year.
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all of those shoppers out there. today we had that blanket of mid-and high level cloudsthat were out there for us. and of course, we also had the cooler temperatures. our temperatures this afternoon sitting at 70 degrees. that puts us one degree above average for this time of year. and it dropped our temperatures 11 degrees in the past 24 hours. as that storm system system moving in. -- system is moving in. doppler shows you no moisture moving in just yet. we're keeping that in southern california now. but as we head into the next 24 hour, it will be way. winter weather advisories begins tomorrow at noon. snow levels are expected to drop to about 5500 feet. and we could get anywhere from 1-6 inches of snow. we'll take a look at future cast for the snow in just a moment. but i wanted to show you how this is all going to shape up for us. i started at 10:00 this evening. you could see not a lot happening. but as we head into the
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continue for us into the overnight hours in the start of the day tomorrow. flag staff, you're definitely going to be waking up for us. warm moisture coming in. but it really kicks you have u up for us on sunday evening. as we'll expect to start to see some showers moving into the valley right around 7:00 and then it moving into southern arizona as we head into 10:00 tomorrow night. warm moisture will be moving in as we head into the start of the day on monday and possibly into mo afternoon as well. here's the snow to show you how much we're expecting to get as the system moves through. 2-4 inches. flag staff could get 4-6 inches as the mountain will get 6-10 inches of snow. 2-3 inches is expected. 55 for phoenix. 31 for flag staff. 49 for bull head city and. 33 for shilo. temperatures tomorrow, these are afternoon highs. 32 for flag staff. 65 for phoenix. and we will see 60 for bull head city. take a look at your seven day
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tuesday. gradually warm to the upper to mid-60s. and dry things out by the end of the week. thank you, the arizona cardinal's defense getting set to face the 1-2 punch of the the matt ryan. and asu todd graham very honest about his team's defensive effort. mercy against the wildcats.
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??? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting. always on.
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the sun devil season started with such promise. a 5-1 start. then it became painfully apparent the defenses had more holes than swiss cheese. a combination of injuries and poor coaching led to a meltdown. sun devils in another shoot out. asu rallies from 21 down.
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16-yard touchdown. devils down 7. but the problem that will be addressed very soon, asu can't stop anyone. zach green had a one yard touchdown. makes it a 14 point game. mid-way through the fourth, the back breaker. grant, rips off a 63-yard touchdown run. kells give up 589 yards. 512 on the ground. sun devils lose big and fin wish six straight losses and finish 5-7. >> that was performance we had since we have been here. and that was embarrassing. and no excuses but that was very, very difficult to watch. >> i told the guys, make sure you hug all of the seniors. because they really hung together in a very difficult time and played really hard tonight. >> let our university down. let our program down. and that was very, very difficult.
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how state and number 3 michigan. in overtime, buckeyes quarterback jt barrett takes off. yard touchdown, 24-17 ohio state. need a touchdown. amara darbo. great catch for the touchdown. jim harbaugh all fired up. buckeyes, curtis samuel, 15 yards for the win. buckeyes alive and more bitter arrivals. number one alabama. number 13 auburn. yes, the iron bowl. crimson tide knocking on the oq door. harris, he's really fast. alabama up 10-# 3. only a third -- our touch down pass goes to 12-0 and faces florida next
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arizona cardinals up and down is the defense. the unit is ranked number one overall. allowing 287 yards a game. sunday they faced their toughest test of the season. facing top ranked scoring offense. putting up 30 points a game. falcons quarterback having an nvp season. five of those to receiver julio jones. pro bowl corner. patrick peterson has the task of slowing jones down sunday the georgia jc/?[do >> me. no pressure. just got to be great athlete. great receiver. just -- in [ inaudible ] been doing all week for practice. >> months of hard work, sweat, and determination. the season comes down to one game. today it's championship saturday for high school football teams from across the state. the squad is in the final,
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facing catalina. short touchdown runs. grab the lead and never look back. wildcats coach watching his son -- next possession, more of the same. matthews, makes it 14-0. and he's rocking the cool moe hawk. gene jacob kirsstofes. rolling 24-14. and win the 2 a. title game. knockif williams field wins its first state title knocking off centennial on the friday title game. we'll be right back. all right. thank you. up next, the news at 6:30. you're looking outside right now from our studios in central phoenix and it's sure going to feel a lot like af#??the holida soon. as winter weather moves in to our state. >> tensions and travel restrictions between the u.s. and cuba. have ease the in the past few
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all right. get ready for a major cool down. >> we are in for a winter weather advisories. >> we had a very for us. and we have been watching this storm system develop the past couple of days and move closer and closer toward us. here's what we are seeing right now. we definitely have the cloud cover out there. we knew we would have that southerly flow for today. but the moisture and the bulk of this system is mainly in california right now. stretching from northern california into southern california. the mountains there getting some snow as well. and all of this is going to start to move into arizona. in our overnight hours. so here's what we're expecting.


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