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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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gibson. rescue crews found survivor survivors from a man that crashed. from gat lunburg, tennessee, they escape the
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fire. there is another fire here at home. . good afternoon, i am yetta gibson. thank you for joining us at noon. it is more than three years since 19 members of the granite hot shot members lost their lives in the fire. >> lina deflorias was there. and they were walking the trail. memorial park trail. this is dedicated to the 19 hot shots that were killed 3 miles from here more than three years ago. less than two hours ago, the dedication ceremony happened here. opening up with governor ducey and said it is something you have to see this to under. he met with the families. that is a three quarter of mile journey trail and follows the last steps of the hot shots
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they were killed. >> at the top, it would be a site. an observation site where you can look down and see the fatality site. >> every 600 yards. >> there are granite members and they have the name of the hot shots. but they have a picture and story of each one of them and get to know who they were as individuals. >> then at the top you will be able to look down and see the final resting spot where they were killed and they will be stationed with their name on it is a well. >> there will be a tribute where you can leave stickers and messages and notes. >> if you want to take party. it opens officially to the public. and we have all the information at at the memorial state park. lina deflorias. >> back to you. this fire has burned dozens
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danger zone assist there. hotel and several cabins were among the buildings destroyed as they whipped up the flames near gatlinburg. >> the video of people escaping the fire unbelievable. we are there with the latest. >> hit the gas. >> cellphone video shows flames surrounding a driver evacuating the area of gatlinburg ""t,#%x"> >> fire threatent the only road to safety. and one point sparks flew over the windshield. every cabin is bushed to the ground. >> reporter: it is unclear if everyone was as lucky. he was able to escape. >> this is the hotel in downtown gatlinburg and people record this on their cellphones. lights flickered on and off
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wear masks. >> logan baker was inside. >> the smoke is like really bad in here. >> at one point, at least 30 structures in gatlinburg were bushing. >> a roadside restaurant was destroyed. >> my god, it is so hot. >> high winds caused the fire. which began in the smokey mountains last week to descend on surrounding towns. >> they captured the fires they were forced to evacuate. >> earlier in the day. it blanketed gatlinburg in a cloud. >> we are dealing with different situations here in gatlinburg and if you are a person who prays, we can use your prayers. >> this is many locations where they stayed the night. and this is the fast-moving fires here in gatlinburg. >> 600 residents are registered and they don't know what they
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>> this is gatlinburg, tennessee. >> that is incredible. thank you for that. >> if you seeing smoke in the in the flagstaff area. the flagstaff fire department is doing pile burning in the area today. now, developing a story out of colombua, they found six survivors that killed 76 people in the mountains. the charter plane was a first division brazilian soccer team and reporters headed to the major soccer competition. they shared video of themselves. shortly before takeoff: the survivors include three of the players. the plane was five minutes away when the crew declared an electrical emergency and the plane disappeared from radar. back here in the valley, three people were in the hospital after a crash involving a wrong-way driver near anthem.
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got on the interstate going the wrong way and crashed into a car. the couple in the car and the driver of the truck all have serious injuries this morning. >> right now. they are looking into whether or not the driver was drunk. >> firefighters in the west valley are preparing for the unexpected for now. >> it it was a simulated emergency response involving a pilot rescue and pesticide leak and how to chemical. >> we want to train for the things that never happen and if they do. they won't be ready. last thing thank you want to do. it is not prepared and not ready for what ever. >> glendale fire department said these types of drill it is help develop relationships with the agency throughout the valley. >> if you going to the block party. you will find a smaller celebration this year. >> crowds started thinning out
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is no sponsor and they decided to scale back and used to bring in. more than 100,000 people and in the past few years. >> there was 17 to 25,000 people. which is simply not big enough to sustain the event. >> last year is great. and i think they might not have made money. they can't operate at a loss. the business is fine. >> it is not going to be as good as >> major scale back. >> people are encouraged to head downtown to celebrate at the many restaurants and pubs. that they have to offer. temperatures are dropping and snow continues to fall in the high country. they issued a snow day for all schools in the flagstaff unified school district. >> >> it is for the kids. >> we have a snow day tomorrow.
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>> i tried. >> it is one below at the grand cab i don't know. >> -- grand canyon. very, very cold. >> there is sunrise and they have seen some snow. >> look at all the fresh powder and low clouds hanging out and it is on the trees. and yes. >> ski lifts are roling. >> i think i saw a snowmobile as well. >> fresh snow. >> not just snow bowl but at sunrise. >> camelback mountain. but clear skies. >> don't look for any rain today. we had our shot yesterday evening and it didn't amount to much. >> look at the big picture. we are seeing a lot of clearing out there. snow showers. hanging on, on the east sued of the state and it is moved over to new mexico. >> albuquerque and we are dry. >> but we are cold in the high
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grand kenyon. >> 39 in payson and 56 in gila bend. around the valley, it is quite nice. still crisp. 54 in queen creek and 53 in apache junction and 53 in litchfield park. >> sunny downtown phoenix. it looks like this. 58. little bit of a wind breeze out there. take it up to 61 for the high. pretty chilly night ahead. hoe low will we are not talking limbo. we are talking about temperatures in just a bit. >> we will check back in. >> people who live in buckeye. why the water bills doubled or tripled without any explanation. >> someone had one as high as six hunt a month. they showed up to get some answers. only to leave disappointed. the wild flawk tuitions in water bills have stopped for now and they don't have answers
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>> some people got refunds and credits and many did not and they fair there is another huge bill coming their way. >> my bill was $150. >> mine was ewasn't drastic. but now my bill is $40. >> where is the problem. we don't know what the problem is. and obviously they don't know what the problem is. with them crediting the account, they acknowledge they have a problem. >> well the city of buckeye has a special phone e-mail address dedicated to addressing the cases one by one. we have the information on the cbs five free mobile app. >> this is the assault on students at ohio state university. >> it look tion more and more like a terror attack by a fellow stud department. plus a plane landed at a texas airport. one of the passengers couldn't wait long enough to get to the gate. we will explain. >> grab your phones.
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tickets to the nutcracker.
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. the school bus driver causing the crash in chattanooga made his first appearance in court on tuesday. jonathy walker was led in shackles and handcuffs. and his attorney asked for a delay in the hearing. ?g2mj?%5(")jr?ri?[??th crash st is accused of causing this crash intentionally. he faces vehicular homicide and reckless driving as well. >> this is ohio state university. just yesterday, they say a somali born student attacked a group on campus and then with the butcher knife. four of the 11 people hurt
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brook was at the scene. >> reporter: this is a sense of normal ski. >> it is a you meaner day. >> mixed with recognition of what happened here yesterday. >> i didn't feel safe. >> this is where abdul razak ali artan drove his car into people on campus. >> i saw three or four people being hit. >> the somali born student got looking. >> they shot and killed artan and were not sure if he was working allen. dozens of students barricaded themselves in classrooms. >> law enforcement vehicles lined the streets outside the apartment complex. >> reporter: they said it is a possible terror attack. >> they saw statements he made on line critical of how muslims are treated. he posted i am sick and fired
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brothers and sisters being killed and tortured everywhere. >> artan was in high spirits as he accepted his associate's degree at a nearby community college. >> he was very kinden very well received around here by people for the most part. >> when he came to ohio state. he told the student newspaper he was afraid to pray in public on campus. >> cbs cabinet. >> he has picked a transportation secretary. following his meeting with her. >> she served under president bush and the trump team announced tom price. georgia senator to leads the department of health and human services. >> price assist a vocal critic of obamacare. >> this. >> this is line nazi. this is what happens when you
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romney as he narrows down his choices for secretary of state. >> they will have a rally in havana. it is in revolution plaza, the where the former president dliferred his thunder russ speeches. >> they came streaming in before sunrise. >> tonight, they will join the crowds. and a representative from the u.s. plans to be there but not out why a woman opened up the emergency door at her plane at the houston airport. >> got on the wing and jumped 15 feat down onto the tarmac. >> this happened as an united flight landed in useston on a flight there new orleans. >> the woman didn't say a word before sleigh jumped out and security crews had to chase her
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a baggage handler was hit by a ground service vehicle. this happened in new engineers survivor at newark airport. an internal review the incident will be done to determine what went wrong here and to ensure the safety of its employees in the future. we will take a look at the wall street. the dow is up 36 points. sitting at 19,135. it looks way better than yesterday. monday. you may have helped break a record. sales from yesterday are on track right now to top 3 billion-dollars. >> that would mike it the most lake contractive on shine shopping day. >> between midnight and 10:00 in the morning. alone. shoppers had already spent $540 million. that is up by more than 9% of last year.
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work. >> came straight into work. >> to shop. >> i went on there early in the morning. i was showing people the deals. i didn't see a lot of stuff. >> some deals out there and a lot of it is in your head. >> i really need this. arethere is a lawn mower that is bedazzled. chilly start like queen creek. mesa. yo this morning. that's because we have had clear skies. we have a clear night overnight and expect a really cool morning. all the heat we get during the day escapes into the atmosphere: clouds act as a good insulator. >> we don't have a whole lot of them today. we were kind of gloomy and lots of overcast skies. much more sunshine for today.
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not going to bring any rain. we are clear. not just in phoenix but for most of the southern and northern arizona. there is a big storsystem. the center of it with counterclockwise spin. it is broadwaying snow to the upstate. and minneapolis and wisconsin getting in on the action and rain along the east coast. all the storms are out of our hair. we will see another cool night ahead. boy, we will see really drop. look at the overnight lows. we are looking at sile digits in flagstaff. >> we are talking about 11 digs in show low and in the valley and low 40s and even 30s on the board and places like globe and superior. you guys might slip into the 20s. >> there goes the storm system. cool air continues to filter in from the northwest. we are clear. we get going into wednesday
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>> wednesday afternoon. nothing but sunshine. we will see little bit of warming for wednesday and thursday. then we start to see the jet stream dip a little bit. >> this is a weather maker that has a slight chance of rain and all in all. it is not going to do much for us. >> if you are stepping out the door. we will take you up to 61 in phoenix. and 42 for the high in payson and chilly 33 for the high in flagstaff. >> i mention a li warming. we go from 61 up to 63. and 65 thursday. little bit of cloud cover i think for friday and saturday. and we stick with the pattern of the mid-60s and we will take it up to 69 for the sunday. if you don't like the cooler weather and normal this time of year is 70. >> way below that. >> get out of the kitchen. cook something else. >> icebox. >> there we go. >> sunday sunday is looking good.
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the marathon except maybe a few penguins. >> a race at the bottom of the world. >> that is coming up next. >> here is th switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year
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speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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. start dialing. hall. 1-877-# 75-cbs 5. >> the fifth caller wins. good luck to you. >> they competed in a marathon and not just any race. >> this is the first annual antarctic ice marathon. they had to battle snow and ice dipping 4 degrees below zero. there is a bright side.
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perfect there. and the winning time is three hours. 37 minutes. slower than the best time in a regular marathon. all right. willie nelson is coming to the valley even though the measure to legalize marijuana failed. >> sorry. >> celebrity theater. april 25th. >> tickets go on sale on monday. >> more on oipg. and we will have a last look of
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. here is a live picture of havana, cuba. where it is warm 84 degrees there. >> it is 57 or so here. >> it will be to 61 today. bundle up tomorrow morning. it is going to be down right chilly. we will be in the low 40s. and saturday. >> get your bigger jacket out. even bigger than today. >> thank you. ian and thank you for choosing cbs five. we will see you back here at five. >> mystery swirling around the
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? >> bill: [ grunting ] >> steffy: oops! i, uh, i'm -- i'm sorry. i'll just -- i'll -- i'll come back. >> bill: w-what? it's okay. it's not like you've never seen me with my shirt off, is it? [ breathing heavily ] ? [ seagulls calling ] >> ridge: you can't do this. you can't marry the guy. he's a joke. just like this ring is a joke. come on. for once, just put me out of my misery. say it one time. say, "i am not marrying bill spencer." >> bill: no, no, you can't use my -- my office while i'm gone. what you can do is keep alison


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