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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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there was a huge announcement today from governor ducey. thousands ofb created in arizona. >> a $17 million plan will be opened in casa grande. the now -- we now hear about how the community is reacting to the news. >> reporter: this is big news for the city and the surrounding communities as well as the state. the plant will be built in this area which among other things, already has a large box stored is to be sent center.
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governor doug ducey made the announcement at the state capital along with representatives from lucid which is in california. the plan is to build a $700 million manufacturing plant to pump out luxury electric vehicles. 2000 jobs are expected to be created by the expansion. construction is set to start next year along with [ indiscernible - low volume ] the company's plan is to train and hire veterans, --. those who may casa grande -- are thrilled with >> >> hopefully we can have a job in town. >> absolutely! our little time -- town needed. we need it. -- town needs it. we need it. >> reporter: casa grande was chosen over 60 different marketplaces in 13 different
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an excellent workforce, forward thinking institutions and a strong regional supply chain and that's why they chose it. donna rossi cbs5 news. tonight there is a new $680 million plan to improve the state's education system. this is all part of arizona kids can't wait. that the plan by diane douglas, the state superintendent of public instruction. it includes several new proposals such as increased support for the state's rule schools -- buses. the top priority in her proposal is raising teacher's -- teachers' salary. cynic i would like to see the raising their salaries. we know the issues that they struggle with with bordering states that pay more than we can. over maddeningly -- overwhelmingly, that is what i heard from arizona. they want their teachers paid better. cynic in order for this to become a reality, she needs to work with governor ducey and other lawmakers to find the funding.
5:33 pm across the country tonight thousands marched in hopes of raising the minimum wage to $50 per hour. this is a live look -- $15 per hour. this is a live look in downtown phoenix. the protests here are being sponsored by the service employees international union. that group says it wants to send a very strong message to the donald trump administration that it won't back down from its movement to raise wages. while you are keeping an eye out for your holiday packages, feeds as you can see from this video -- thieves, as you can see from this video, might be doing it as well. this was all caught on security video. >> reporter: she was out of town, her truck still parked in an ideal -- in the driveway and her video doorbell ready to
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this didn't stop this criminal from coming up to the front door and stealing her package. >> he picked it up and he read it and took it. >> reporter: she thought she had done everything right. >> this is the camera system i have as far as this doorbell. >> reporter: she knew exactly when her package was delivered by the post office accident when a ring my doorbell, i see them in the camera and then i see that they are dropping off a package. >> reporter: at the time her daughter came by to pick up a box full of holiday gifts it was gone. doorstep for two hours. ups, fedex and the post office say they train their delivery drivers to report suspicious activity, potential package thieves. three offer different drop-off locations and ways to customize your delivery. for delano, the crook was too quick to get caught. because he didn't ring the doorbell, she didn't get the lurching needed to try and stop him. >> is a disruption that you don't expect. a lot of people don't have
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that's the problem with this world anymore. state law enforcement officials got together down of the capital to drive this home again. they kick off the holiday dui task force. arizona has some of the strictest dui laws in the country. it can cost you thousands of dollars plus jail time if you got caught thinking and driving. statewide dui checkpoints will be up and running through you new year d time to think about how to get more cash in your pocket for next year. >> are cbs5 advocate is here with smart tax moves that you have to make before the end of the year. >> reporter: if you take these steps, you will likely have less cash going to texas in april. the first smart move is to manage her ira. if your income declined, consider whether you should convert some or all of the
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roth ira before the year ends. if you are in the lower tax bracket is a declining income, this can really pay off. future earnings are tax-free as long as you own the roth for five years. you can also donate strachey charity and that goes toward your required this tradition. it doesn't count against your adjusted gross income so it may eliminate or reduce taxes you have to pay on your social security benefits. am you can deduct up to $2500 in college tuition and books he's. tried to do this in december -- book fees. tried to do this in december if you haven't already. if you need to make purchases, do so before december 31. unless congress renews it, this year will be her last chance to claim a tax credit for installing new energy and fishman -- energy-efficient home improvements. the credit applies to 10% of
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doors, skylight. you can only take this credit once so if you have already taken it, you are out of luck. is also the last year you can deduct private mortgage insurance. if you can take any one of these tax breaks, it will be a
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drug busts like this when that happened in texas will become more common as drug
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is used to mimic heroin but it is a lot stronger and more deadly to users. it's also deadly to the police canines. we're going to have answers on this deadly epidemic next. cyber monday was record- breaking. >> they hit $3.5 billion in sales, up 2% from a year ago and the biggest online sales day ever in us history. it topped black friday sales by you probably got a lot of emails because today is getting tuesday which is the annual kickoff for the charity susan -- charity season. 71,000 people across the globe donated $116 million to their favorite charities. [ indiscernible ] are getting another option, directv has a new streaming service starting tomorrow. it's called direct now --
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channels for $35 a month. nintendo is joining forces with universal studios to create a new set of attraction that will create worlds design for fans to walk into their favorite video games. there will also be shops and restaurants. epcot and is the world is about to get a major transformation. an official with the company says there is no timeline for when this work will begin. for details of what exactly is in is in store.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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[ shouting ] >> check that out, a youtube prankster found himself on the other side of the joke. he stopped to take photos with that expensive car when a random guy walks up and smashes the windshield. again, he's a youtube prankster so it could have been set up.
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stopped or was that part of the prank? >> no answers on that one. the phoenix mercury has unveiled its schedule, may 14 is the opening of the season. home games will take place on the weekend than we will have two nationally televised games this year. tickets go on sale this friday. the sons are back in action tomorrow against the hawks. >> mark -- the back in action tomorrow against the hawks. >> right now he is giving away free tickets for the december right now he is giving away free tickets for the december 3 game against the philadelphia 76ers. the tickets are going to be given out starting at 6:00. they are going to hawks the -- the phoenix suns are going to host the hawks. they are trying to get back on the winning track after dropping the last few. the majority of the games in
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half of the country. that the chance to make up some ground. >> our dream is still big. [ indiscernible - low volume ] every game is a chance for us to grow. [ indiscernible - low volume ] it's a development for us. >> the unveiling of the new playground is where that was. when louisville comes to campus, they are already without three starters. josh brown pain as well. he's going to try to give it a go on saturday and put on a show with the 15 -- 15th ranked louisville cardinals. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] he was worried about it. [ indiscernible - low volume ] he doesn't have a whole lot to worry about. >> rick pitino was always scheming. in case you missed it, washington and clemson, ohio
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top four top 4 and the outside looking in would be penn state and colorado. it's going to look crazy if there's an upset or 2 this weekend. tiger woods is going to be back. heat is noticeably thinner after a back injury and he seems to have gained perspective. >>to get back out here at this challenge -- at this level has been a challean hard work. and has caused me to have an internet -- an inordinate amount of patience which is not one of my hallmarks. >> the mets have re-signed [ name indiscernible ] for four years and $110 million. the deal is an average of 27.5 is an average of $27.5 million -- the deal is an average of $27.5
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cabrera. a lot of money in baseball. here is a layup with only a few seconds left to go. down 1 and plenty of time. there's only one problem. he thinks he's ahead by one and dribbles out the clock and then throws the ball and starts to celebrate with his teammates who are now livid saying, the scoreboard. he will remember that when the rest of his life. sports. >>that was really focused. >> that's one of those plays you remember for a long time. >>poor guy. coming up at 6: 30, valley mother is under arrest after police say she left her three kids all under the age of six
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here we are at 5:51. sunset alert, high thin clouds. that looks so nice. it was a nice day today. temperatures only hit a high of 62 degrees. i say only because the average is about 70 degrees.
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clear skies. we have winds out of the south with that i miles an hour -- is southwest at about 9 miles an hour. we have temperatures well below freezing out to the east. we will see conditions drop to the upper 30s, mostly clear skies expected, not only throughout the day tomorrow, but it looks like on wednesday and thursday. friday has another disturbance of paying us a visit bringing is a slight chance of showers and snowfall in the high country. speaking of the high country, look at flagstaff, single digits is how they are going to start off the day tomorrow. on the 8 sedona, 41 phoenix, temperatures in the upper 30s in areas of gila bend. 36 a high tomorrow on wednesday up in flagstaff, 39 on thursday. there's a chance of star -- snow showers, a slight chance
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temperatures staying below average throughout the weekend. breezy conditions and a slight chance of showers on friday afternoon and then temperature start to warm up near average, close to 70 by sunday with mostly sunny skies. as we told you earlier, cyber monday sales did a record yesterday. >>but keeping all of those records from cyber criminals can be a challenge. we now have more on how to protect your personal information. >> reporter: this is the command center wp and around the clock. it's cyber monday and the team is monitoring a ton of financial activity. this is in 200 different under seat -- different countries with 100 different currencies. and jay austin is a technology executive at paypal. >>a human staring at a screen gets a notice that you need to check up on this.
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the actual monitoring. through that monitoring, we are able to highlight only those things that seem unusual. >> reporter: the sheer volume of transactions makes combating cybercrime a daunting task. on cyber monday 2015, paypal processed $25,000 per second, so much traffic your website crashed. >> -- their website crashed. >> we had a couple of small outages but the reality is that most impacted. >> reporter: paypal was also one of the companies that shut down last month after hackers struck a company that server rerouted traffic. they also have webcams, smart clocks and digital recorders i can get hacked into. >> this is basically like the hacker knocking at the door of the bank. and not actually getting in that they are preventing anyone
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of data being exposed or customers being at risk were the data being at risk. that service is being shut down. >> reporter: paypal says no customer information was stolen but stevens wonders about the future. >> as more and more smart devices are moving forward, they are going to be compromised in new ways. here's a look at your top stories before the "cbs evening news". we just learned the identity of the wrong way driver was lended to another car and i 17. this was 51-year-old fermin cervantes who was driving in the opposite lane when he crashed head-on into a the capital -- the couple inside of the car and the wrong way driver were all rusted the hospital. they are all in fair condition to my. he is facing multiple charges including dui. more jobs can be coming to arizona. governor ducey just announced today that lucid motors will be opening up a planting casa grande . the manufacturing center is expected to bring as many as 2000 jobs with the first hires and that could take
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sheriff joe arpaio's contempt of court trial. his lawyer said he needed more time to prepare. the contempt of court charge stems from his decision to prolong the signature immigration patrols after a judge ordered them stopped. be sure to connect with us -- be sure to check in with us on facebook, twitter and instagram and share your story by using the hashtag that will do it for us here at 5:00. don't forget, rudolph
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>> o'donnell: a race against the flames. >> go, go, go, go! >> o'donnell: wildfires turn deadly in the great smoky mointins. thousands run, hotel hotels ands burn. >> this is a fire for the history books. >> o'donnell: also tonight-- a soccer team's cinderella story ends in tragedy. dozens were killed when thijet went down, but there were survivors. donald trump makes more cabinet picks, including the man who intends to blow up obamacare. and why would they put a mop bucket in a museum? >> the proverbial drop in the bucket to do it once, but when


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