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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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reports of a possible stargazer on the side of the road lead toss a suspicious death investigation in surprise. officers fire on a driver that was ramming cars at stalking stick resort. the first two police officers
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tucson .scbs5 news-d this is cbs5 news. good afternoon, i am yetta gibson. two tucson police officers were shot this morning while trying to arrest and a man on a warrant. one of the officers is in critical condition, but is stable, we are told. the other is in good condition. the suspect was killed in the shootout. this happened at an apartment complex in south tucson. police have not released the names of the officers or the suspect. both officers have been with the department for less than ten years. back?in the valley, two people are in custody after an officer involved shooting at talking stick resort. >> reporter: really, just a wild scene here at talking stick resort. it happened in this parking garage, the east parking garage here, this happened just after mid fight. officers responding to a call regarding two suspicious people in a car.
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driver made a run for it, hit a squad car, and nearly hit several people. a second officer tried to stop the driver, but then the driver rammed his car, too. a detective says that the officer feared for his life and fired a hot at the car. >> the vehicle drove directly at one of the officers, forcing him to discharge his weapon, and then struck a second patrol car before exit exiting the area--before fit exiting the- -before exiting the area. >> to hoop 101 and the car broke down as it tried to exit. so the man and woman then busted out of the car and tried to take off on foot. police did catch up with them, and took them into custody. a man and woman are both now in custody. the man first went to the hospital for precautionary reasons. back to you. >> jamie, thank you. and now the roadway is reopened at buckeye an 4th street. a woman was struck by a car
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mid block when she was struck. she was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the drive--where she was pronounced dead. the driver stayed at the scene. police are investigating a report of a drug activity at this west phoenix home. they say that they mare have also--that they may have also uncovered a human smuggling investigation. one of the men involved was in illegal in possession of a gun. found 22 people inside. homeland security has been brought in to investigate the case. police in surprise are investigating a suspicious death this afternoon. someone found a body next to a road late last night. here is more. >> reporter: yes, good afternoon, the investigation still in its very early stages out here in surprise. we are around 163rd avenue, so it is a rural residential area, and owens is joaning us now to
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that they can. and right now there is not a lot. >> well, we got a call shortly after 11:00 p.m. about a man that was lying on the side of the roadway and ten the us aers found the man that was deceased alongside the roadway, still very early on in the investigation. the investigation's team is on the ground, and the medical examiner's office just arrived shortly. and they are pouring through the evidence and that we will be able to discover what caused the deaths of the male. >> reporter: yes, unfortunates i will e not a lot of everyday. you said there is no obvious signs of trauma or anything that is a big telltale as to how this person died. >> well, at this time, i do not have anything that i can share at this point. but i am hoping to know more soon. as the investigations team discovers more, we will able to share that information. we will be contacting people who live in the area.
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anything, or seen, or heard anything, please contact us. >> reporter: all right, thank you. so still a lot of questions to answered out here--questions to be answered out here. back to you guys. >> heidi, thank you. and more news, an attempted bank robbery has now ended peacefully in jacksonville, florida. the suspect took # 1 hostages- -took 11 hostages inside demanded that police give him money and bring his family that bank. well, he did release the hostages and then he surrendered. there was a big police presence near the asu west campus this morning. this is a look from the penguin air and plumbing news chopper at 51st avenue and thunder bird. someone saw a man trying to break into a car there. an a would be thief ran off on foot. there was a big police system
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for him, because the witness believed that the man may have been armed? i am asking them if they picked up mike. and no one knows where he is. and i am calling the day care. a valley mother in panic after a call from her son's school saying he never showed up for class. well, it turns out that that little boy was on the bus, left on the bus, alone, for hours. now the mom wants the bus driverd. the seats when dropping the studentings off, leading the woman's son aseep on the bus for almost four hours. that little boy was found still in his seat, back in the parking lot of the preschool. >> my son has not had an easy life, so for me not to know where he was and whether or not i am going to see him again, i mean, he is my only son. >> the vice president of sunrise precool says that the
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for getting kids on and off the buses. police say that a valley man may have recorded dozens people using public restrooms. last week brandon was arrested after a coworker caught him recording him in their work's bathroom. police say that found 40 more videos just like these if his phone. they appear to have been taken in late september and early october at talking stick resort, and othlo >> i am a single parent, so that stuff is very touching for me. i have a 2-year-old daughter. but other than hearing about this here, it is the only time i have ever heard ant it close home. >> he has been charged and he is out on bond and being monitored by an ankle bracelet. and now james arthur ray spoke out on cnn about the deadly sweat lodge problem that
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2009. three people died and 18 people were sent to the hospital with various injuries. >> it broke my heart, if you look at the documentary, or you look at even, you know, cnn's piers morgan, i was broken. and i was upset about this. i have repented and at some point in time, we as a country, we as a world, we as an individual, have to pick up and move on. >> well, this interview is on documentary, enlighting up, ray, by the way, served prison time of being convicted negligent homicide. and dozens were inside of a hut where temperatures reached 200- degrees. it looks at what atracks people to the types of programs and why so many are willing to take the risks. it is going air this saturday on c, this n.
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camelback will continue to live on. park rangers, as we told you earlier this week, removed a tree last week. ty parks workers said this the tree and the decorations on it could be litter. so in the spirit of the holiday season, they have decided to let the tree back up, a non decorated tree, until new year's eve. >> oh, people are going to decorate it. maybe a couple of things. >> garlands and >> oh, yes, and breezy this weekend. so hopefully they stay on the tree. and now stepping outside, as we look at the time lapse of arizona science center, we will get the clock rolling, a brief, beautiful sunrise right there. a little cool pink color there. now you are seeing clouds, but do not get excited, so rain today, just clouds passing. and there they are right now, a live look, almost casting a
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and you can see them on the satellite view, you can see that gray skipping over the valley. no rain, toe, these clouds are aaide of a system--ahead of a system ha is really--system that is really going kick up the wind tomorrow. but we are dry for the most part. the storm system is starting to roll down the california coast and bring snow to nevada and places like utah and in oregon and washington. it is not a big system for us, as far as the rain and snow is above freezing right now. 35 there. 39 in show low. this morning, it was 10-degrees in flagstaff. yes, 57 in show low bend. around the valley, it is pretty nice. temperatures below normal right now. 54, a lot overteem on the board in deer valley, good year, and queen creek, 53 in chandler. and 55-degrees in scottsdale. and now a look at the day ahead, overlooking downtown phoenix, we will take it up to about, oh, 62, 64-degrees.
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ahead. and when i say windy tomorrow, i really mean it. >> oh, man, we are going be- -going be holding onto our small dogs? >> yes, where it is the worst coming up. all right, the cockpit tapes from the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team may explain why it crashed in columbia. >> plus, president elect donald trump goes to indiana to celebrate a deal to keep a carrier plant open and now we have a better idea of what he >> plus, grab your phones, because laterent fuzz cast, we are giving away a four-pack of tickets to see "the nutcracker."
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more than 22,000 people gathered in brazil to pay
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team. the team's charter flight crashed, as you know n columbia, killing 71 of the 77 people on board. there was a catholic mass in the stadium to honor those who were lost. new cockpit awed yea owe is raising troubling questions about the the crash of the jet carrying the soccer team. the pilot radioed that the plane was in total failure and was out of fuel. he asked how far they were away from the runway and it was more than eight miles. a brazil i don't know foreign minister says at this point they do not want to speculite on what happened. --speculated on what happened. a man suspected of killing a tacoma, washington police officer has been shot and killed by the police. he shot and killed an officer who came to the home to investigate a domestic dispute call. and he used two kids as a human shield an officers shot him
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they were unharmed. carrier is going keep roughly 1000 jobs in indiana after president elect donald trump got a deal with the ceo. it is the first big win for trump and he is celebrating by visiting the plant that is now going to stay open. kenneth craig has more details. >> reporter: president elect delivered on one of his campaign promises, to save man knackturing jobs at this >> he is not yet president and he was able to get this done, it was a big issue the campaign. >> reporter: fortune magazine is starting that he personally called the ceo of united technologies and promised corporate tax rate reductions to exceed the $65 million the company would have saved through outsourcing it starts with an--outsourcing.
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okay, they are going have open communications. >> reporter: and deal with carrier also covers head quarters and engineering staff and the company says it is going to make new investments here in the facility. >> just lack week, we were- -just last week we were wondering. >> reporter: this woman's husband has worked here for 15 years and she is hoping this helps them make to retirement. >> i didn't vote for him, but i do support what right now. >> reporter: and they e getting 10% of the revenue from federal contracts. we don't know if that play add roll to keep the decision in the--to keep the jobs in america. kenneth craig, cbs news. well, sere weather hit in the carolinas overnight, it is the latest in--well, severe weather put hitt in the carolinas overnight, it is the latest in a series of storms
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mississippi, tennessee, and alabama. , this of structures were- -hundreds of structures were leveled of the the mayor of one county in tennessee shared the story of a family who escaped the very worst. >> one of our hardest hit areas, a new child came into the world. that famili's house had been destroyed and they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. we had 20 injured and one brand new life. >> boy, wow. across much of the southeast today. >> yes, fall and spring are kind of the prime time for main tornadoes, because you have a lot of cold air meeting still kind of warm air and when they clash, not good. and that is when we kind of see, sometimes severe weather. >> the monsoons. yes, we are not seeing severe weather, but we are going to see really strong winds in lake halvasue city a bowl sunrise there and a--a beautiful sunrise there and a
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tomorrow when the winds are really going. the satellite and radar view is showing the clouds streaming over the state. really not looking for a lot of rain out of these. that is not going to be the focus of the storm. you can see the clouds over phoenix. 55-degrees right now, the wind is calm here. we do also see the winds pick up as we get going into saturday. so, here is our storm, kind of carved out a little bit, you are going to see it dip down in the southern part of the state. there it is right there, bringing clouds for tomorrow and you ar rain or snow on the map we could see snow in flagstaff. but a lot of the moisture is in texas and new mexico, going to saturday, maybe showers and snow in the white mountains. but do not look for much in phoenix. i think the bigger story is the wind. and boy does it get going. into friday morning, you will really see them start ripping
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per hour range. so along the colorado river, it is very gusty. so if you are heading west yuma, blithe, southeastern california, blowing dust is going to be a concern. bull head city, it is gusty for friday. friday night, and continuing into saturday. we will see the winds spread to the east going into saturday. so maybe you are mowing that winter lawn on saturday morning, it is breezy valley and very breezy to windy in places like apache junction, globe, and superior. busy saturday afternoon. also, the winds in the southeastern part of the state, another chilly one tonight, we are in the mid-40s. low 40s, maybe some 30s in places like gilbert and mesa. for the highs today, 64-degrees in phoenix. 67 in payson. --47 in payson. 44 in winslow. uniterms start to climb--and
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but all in all narcotics bad forecast,---in all, not a bad forecast. and normal for this time of the year is around 67-degrees. >> oh, i like it. ian, thank you. we are going to recap the top stories after the break, including the latest on the police officers shot down in tucson.
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all right, start dialing because we are giving away a four-pack of tickets to see "the nutcracker," the runs december 9th through the 24th. the number is 877755cbs5, the fifth call erwins it all. good--caller wins it all. good luck to you. two tucson police officers were shot this morning.
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condition. he was in surgery late this morning. the other one, we are told, is in good condition. the suspect was killed in a shootout. salt river police have taken two people into custody after they tried to run from the police and rammed several patrol cars at talk talking stick resort. an officer fired a shot at that car and the driver actually try today make a run for it, making it to the loop 20 1-0 1. and- -loop 101. and police in surprise are investigating a suspicious someone reported seeing a man on the side of the road late last knight and called 911. they thought the man was maybe star gazing but the officers found that the man was dead. they are still trying to figure out what happened to him. and this is a live picture from indianapolis, where president elect donald trump is going be walking out of his plane to speak shortly to the employees of the carrier plant, as we told you earlier in the newscast, it is going to stay open thanks to him, because he
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the company. and 23 f you want to see---and if you want to see more of this, we will stream it live. oh, there is pence, oh, that is trump. his hair is blown back. well, there they both are, going straight to the carrier planted. all right, still to come on cbs5 news, ian has a last look at the forecast.
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all right, here is a live look outside and it actually feels perfect. >> yes, it is not bad. we will make it up to 62 to 64. we hit 62 yesterday. tomorrow, on the west side of the state, very, very windy .e friday, we will see a--windy. friday, we will see a little bit of cloud cover, but we are dry. >> well, it is friday, so whatever. >> who cares. >> oh, yes. >> ian, thank you. thank you for 5:00 p.m. enjoy your thursday. next "inside edition." she says she was is he dawesed by her divorce lawyer.
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? it won't be long before we're in st. bart's. we'll be married by tomorrow. i have to believe that you want that. look at me. tell me you still want to be my wife. >> r.j.: well, if she wasn't into you before, she is now. >> ridge: i don't know about that, r.j. >> r.j.: you drew a giant heart in the sand, re-created one of her favorite memories, and you showed that you love and care


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