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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 16, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is nda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. an easy band-aid for apple. three million iphone 4 usingers will get a new case, not a new phone. that's the big announcement
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from steve jobs today. anne makovec in palo alto with reaction from apple users about what's being called the death grip fix. >> reporter: customers are standing by steve jobs who held a press conference in cupertino even through antenna-gate. jobs said that this is not a serious problem, but he is willing to try to fix it for his customers to keep them happy. >> we know that, you know that, and, uhm....... phones aren't perfect. >> reporter: steve jobs announced that apple is offering some concessions. a free bumper case for every iphone 4. if you already bought one of these cases, you can get your money back. they cost $29 and apple is coming out with a software update to fix how the bars on the screen report reception. now, jobs showed where the problem was coming from on the iphone 4 explaining how people putting their bare hands over
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the black strip on the side in some cases leads to signal droppage. the so-called death grip, the case should fix that. he said this is a problem with many brands of smart phones and white he admits there have been some difficulties, jobs downplayed the issue saying only half a percent of iphone 4 owners have even called the company to report problems with their reception. >> but we want to make it -- make all of our users happy. now, if you don't know that about apple, you don't know apple. we love-making our users happy. that's what drives to us make these products in the first place. >> reporter: and we talked to some apple users here at the store in palo alto for their reaction on steve jobs' announcement. >> it's still way better than all the other smart phones out there so i'll be okay with it, yeah. >> if bumper is going to fix it, it's perfect. but i would rather, you know,
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the phone function itself without any, you know, obstacles. the simplest thing to do because it will get the press off his back. not the customers. go ahead and try to buy one, right? buy one. >> reporter: they are sold out. >> completely. >> i'm sure that it will be 600 -- whatever -- and i love the way... [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and here at the apple store, they do have a handful of these bumper cases. but they say you can't come into the store and get one for free. you have to go online first. they are waiting for more information from apple. >> maybe duct tape until we get the case. anne makovec in palo alto, thank you. despite the problems, plenty of people will still have to have that iphone as we heard. molly wood is with me. rubber cases seems like a cheap fix for apple. >> reporter: if it works it will definitely be kind of the easiest remedy i history. people wanted to hear
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acknowledgement that there was a problem and that apple was maybe going to do something about it. >> free cases up until september. after that, if you buy the phone you're on your own? are they going to fix it? that's the bottom line. are they going to address this problem and really fix it other than a rubber case? >> in the q & a afterwards he was going to ask are you going to try it fix this hardware problem? he said we don't think it's a serious problem and we are not sure it can be fixed. it's an industry-wide problem. >> serious enough to call a press conference which they ever, ever really do. so the bottom line here is, is it still a good product? that's what people are going to want to know if they haven't bought one yet. >> reporter: all the reviews say this is a really good device, easy to use, iffy as a phone. the recommendation stays the same. >> steve jobs says is this story is blown out of proportion? >> it is and it isn't. a small number of people are going to experience this but it's enough that it is a serious flaw in a very major
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product and obviously, like you said it's a big enough deal to call a press conference over. so it's not nothing. >> last question, damage control. did he do it? is this controlled now? >> the polls of our users were running about 50/50. i think that he did -- you know, i think he did the bare minimum. i think apple did the bare minimum they needed to do and it will make some people perfectly happy. >> apple it apple. thank you, molly wood. computer giant hewlett- packard is planning to close its campus in cupertino. several thousand employees will be transferred to ph's palo alto headquarters. the move will happen over the next two years. cupertino's mayor says this announcement is a blow to the city which gets tax revenue of course from hp's operations. a rally is planned monday in walnut creek in support of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. he of course is waiting sentencing on an involuntary manslaughter charge for last year's death of passenger oscar grant. mehserle said he accidently pulled his gun instead of his taser.
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the main organizer of the event promoted it on facebook. the rally will take place from 2:00 to 5:00 outside the superior court building. there is a suit against the menlo park fire district. it says firefighters should get overtime for work related tasks before their shift begins. those tasks include going to other fire stations to pick up uniforms and equipment. this is your last day to pay cash for the carpool toll at the golden gate bridge. carpoolers must use fastrak starting monday. the new $3 toll went into effect july 1. carpoolers have to travel through staffed toll lanes with a valid fastrak account to get their discount. otherwise, you are going to be charge the full amount which is of for cash users, $5 if you have the fastrak transponder. awesome day to drive with the top down if you have a convertible but for some, it's plain too hot. tracy with some triple-digit
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temperatures out there. >> it is pretty hot. yesterday we flirted with triple-digit highs. today we are outright going for it. here's a live look outside from our mount vaca cam and plenty of sunshine. much of the bay area especially well inland has been looking at clear skies since this morning. here's a look at our satellite and radar. put it up because you don't see much in the form of clouds even though we do have some lower clouds along the immediate coast but take a look at those showers coming in from southern california. that may actually give us a chance of an isolated shower down in monterey or maybe a possible thunderstorm. you mentioned triple digits. there it is. 100 in fair every fairfield and livermore. 99 in concord, 75 in oakland, 87 fremont, 69 in san francisco, 100 in fairfield and livermore. that's a small piece of the bay area. we'll look at more temperatures, today's highs as well as the weekend. could cooler weather be on the way? stick around for that. back to you. >> thank you.
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try tea if you're die dehydrated. research on that coming up. so far, so good on the gulf of mexico cap. why the next 36 hours are critical to what happens after the test. how pure is the olive oil that you're using? tests casting doubt on olive oil's virginity. ,,,, announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses.
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region... as a 75- ton containment cap continues to cautious optimism is the phrase for the day along the gulf coast as a 75-ton containment cap seems to be walking to stop the oil leak. manuel gallegus shows us this is only a temporary fix. he says there is a lot of work ahead. >> reporter: bp's containment cap is holding fast.
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the company says pressure in the well continues to rise and there are no signs of any new leaks. but bp is not celebrating yet. they say the next 36 hours are critical. cameras are trained on the cap and surrounding ocean floor watching for any potential problems. once the testing ends, bp says it may funnel some of the oil to surface ships to relieve pressure on the capped well. but officials stress this is only a temporary fix until a relief well is finished next month. >> well, i think it's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here. you know? one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everybody feels like we're done. and we're not. >> reporter: even though the oil has stopped flowing, gulf coast residents know the damage is done both to the economy and the environment. the focus now is on the massive clean-up. >> i think it's going to be years before it's ever cleaned
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up. >> reporter: about 184 million gallons of oil have spewed into the gulf since april making it the biggest environmental disaster in this nation's history. manuel gallegus, cbs news, long beach, mississippi. bp stock has lost about half its value since april when that deadly explosion first caused the oil leak. shares of bp jumped in the last hour trading yesterday right after the oil stopped flowing. but those shares are back down in price again today. they are being called the toughest restrictions on the u.s. financial industry since the great depression. now it is up to the president to sign the financial reform measure into law because yesterday the senate passed the bill which would give the government new powers to break up companies that threaten the economy. it also aims to give consumers more protection in their financial transactions. the president, by the way, is expected to sign that into law on wednesday. had a shake-up in the nation's capital this morning. nothing to do with politics, though. a rare earthquake woke people up in the d.c. area. that quake was 3.6, centered
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between germantown and gaithersburg, maryland. here at northern california, we had two quakes magnitudes 4.0 the other 3.9, shaking the geysers area of sonoma county yesterday. we are told neither of them caused significant problems. heads up if you have bagged lettuce in your refrigerator. some of that bagged lettuce being recalled because it could make you sick. salinas-based fresh express says hundreds of thousands of bags may be tainted with e. coli. the recall involves fresh express romaine salads. those bags have an expired-use by date july 8 through 12. and there is an s as in sam in the product code. so far, no illnesses have been reported as a result of that lettuce. when we come back, how pure is the olive oil that you are using? the popular oils that have failed the virgin or extra virgin test. dying of thirst you? grab a big bottle of water, right? coming up next why british researchers say you would be
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better off sipping tea. and we have a lot of sunshine out there today but it will not be a complete slam- dunk. parts of the coastline still looking at clouds. we'll take a look at coastal highs, those triple-digit temperatures and the weekend forecast. it is friday, isn't it? oh, thank god! that's all coming up. ,,,, our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers.
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free admission
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there is a certain buzz in the air. i don't know in tony tantillo is in studio with us or it's friday or it's warmer. all of the above. >> tony is going to have a great recipe for us. it's hot outside. we have a mix of sun and clouds in the bay area and speaking of clouds, let's take a look at them. there you go, golden gate bridge is not cleared out all day. and that's why those clouds are essentially settled in right in between marin county, san francisco county. that's what we got going on. all the clouds just stuck along the immediate coastline right there flirting with the golden gate bridge. otherwise, clear conditions, warm temperatures, inland hot. lunchtime forecast, warm weather around midday for today. but hot temperatures around 4:00 in the afternoon. that's when we typically reach our daytime highs. mid-60s to 70s around lunchtime. partly sunny around the bay and for the coast breaks of
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sunshine with patchy fog. you saw that. here's a look at some of our highs today. lower 60s at the coastline again with that bank of clouds out there. a few breaks of sunshine but not as much as what you enjoyed yesterday. and then you move inland and temperatures are moving all right, they're moving up. 89 sunnyvale and cupertino. 90 in san jose, 91 campbell, 100 degrees in morgan hill. and you move up, up just along the bay, 86 in union city, 87 fremont, 89 degrees in milpitas. we'll continue to see hot temperatures well out in the east bay with 99 in pittsburg, 98 in antioch, 100 degrees in brentwood, 99 in danville, 97 in dublin, 100 in pleasanton and livermore and cooler at the bay with 70 in richmond, 70 in berkeley, 75 in oakland and 76 in alameda. again continued just along the coast 70 in sausalito, 69 in san francisco. that ain't bad. mid-80s in kentfield. 84 in san anselmo. 90s from sonoma to napa with 100 in fairfield. speaking of 100, how about 105?
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yeah, that's hot. 104 in sacramento. 109 in redding. 79 degrees in lake tahoe. 97 in yosemite. small chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm in monterey because of a storm system in southern california. today's highs in the lower 70s. 103 in ukiah and 61 in eureka. so you know, today's hot but we do not have any heat advisories issued by the national weather service because we are going to start to cool down tomorrow gradually. it is a slight cooldown. but it's a cooldown and we'll continue to see that monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. speaking of cool, are you looking for someplace to go? we have 7 bay area museums that are offering free admission over the course of today and that's also going to be saturday and sunday. so if you are looking for a way to beat the heat, you can head to the museum free air- conditioning, free admission and it's for all ages. if you want to know which ones are participating, go to and we have a link. isn't that great? we love it when it's free.
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>> great idea. >> back to you. >> thank you. as things heat up there is a risk for dehydration. you probably think to drink water. some researchers are recommending a hot drink. charlie d'agata reports from london. reporter: so you're in the gym, feeling the burn. you're hot and dying of thirst. the first thing you would want to grab is a big bottle of water, right? >> just want something cold and refreshing i would think, yeah. >> reporter: but british researchers say you would be better off sipping a nice cup of tea. doctors say they want to bag the common myth that tea is dehydrating. >> i think because tea contains caffeine, there is a thought that caffeine might cause the body to lose fluids but when you drink in moderate amounts of tea that appears not to be the case. >> reporter: researchers to two groups of men, they served one tea over 12 hours, the other the same amount of water.
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they ran tests and found tea drinkers were even more hydrated than those who drank water. doctors aren't sure why. but in a nation of total tea junkies, they are proud their beloved brew beat out plain old h2o. >> he is english. so it's a british thing. so i'm not going to knock it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so next time you're feeling a bit parched, go on, and put the kettle on. doctors say a little spot of tea can do a whole lot of good. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. the extra virgin olive oils that most us are buying may not be what they claim. researchers at uc-davis tested dozens of supermarket brands finding that 69% of the imported olive oils and 10% of domestics don't deserve that extra virgin olive oil label. some that failed the test, two or three samples of whole foods 365 extra virgin olive oil, bertolli, star, "newman's own,"
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even two samples of rachael ray's evoo didn't make the grade. that's a shame. poor quality oils can be blamed on olives that are too ripe or damaged. whole foods says it stands by its 365 brand. one brand that did make the cut, costco's kirkland brand. the complete list is on our website, how about the summer's freshest fruit? tony tantillo next with the best picks for us. ,,,, [ female announcer ] mission presents well-rounded family meals for $10. just a few simple ingredients and great-tasting mission flour tortillas make fabulous chicken fajitas,
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summer's best picks.. hav sumner time is great for fresh fruit. tony tantillo -- summertime is great for fresh fruit. tony tantillo in with us live. >> california is known for apricots throughout the world, two varieties. this is the paterson. the blend time variety comes out of santa clara. they are very, very fragile the blend time variety. the retailers don't like them because they break down so fast because there is so much sugar but these are just as good. >> grab them in the store because -- >> very short window on apricots. the more orange the better they will be, nice and soft. when you want to eat them, just open them up. very simple. >> perfect >> you know what? super food. loaded with nutritional value. loaded. >> give me the half without the pit. >> there you go. then grapes, you can take the
12:26 pm
pit out. no big deal. >> that's a lot of work. >> when it comes to the grapes, it's grape time now especially to thompson seedless. the more amber they have like these, you see they are not really green amber with a green stem? these are loaded with sugar, so sweet you will have cavities. we are in the best produce in the world right here in the bay area. >> my kids like to put them in the freezer. >> the red ones you can put in the freezer better than the green because green ones discolor. red ones won't. >> these are the red flame grapes. tracy, want some grapes? come over here. >> i have never had an apricot. [ pronunciation ] >> apricot, apricot, tomato tomato... coming up at 5:00 a lifetime of happiness guaranteed or your money back. that's the claim one group is making and we'll tell you about their interesting solution to well-being coming up at 5:00. so with that, we are going
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to enjoy our fruit. the weekend -- >> lunchtime. >> summertime! it's always good because you bring food in. stay cool. see you at 5:00. ,,,, [ indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] this is not a burger.
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